Zeke the ex-con and Bethie the Waitress – Chapter 2

“Gentlemen…” He said with a smile. They turned to look at him. “I think it’s time to leave like the girl suggested. I certainly don’t want to see any cops around here….do you?” He raised an eyebrow.

Zeke stood calmly with his hands clasped in front of him. Trying to remain neutral. The less you telegraphed about yourself the better in situations like these. The less information you give to an opponent the better.

“Listen old man…why don’t you go back to your fucking lunch and sit the fuck down and shut up.” Said the guy who was still rubbing his cheek.

Zeke nodded slowly and took inventory of the 4 guys.

The four guys were each a useful size. The shortest was probably an inch under six feet and the lightest was maybe an ounce over two hundred pounds. They all had walnut knuckles and thick wrists and knotted forearms. Two of them had broken noses and none of them had all their teeth. They all looked pale and vaguely unhealthy. They were grimy, with ingrained gray dirty in the folds of their skin that glittered and shone like metal. There were all dressed in canvas work shirts with their sleeves rolled to their elbows. They were all somewhere between thirty and forty. And they all looked like trouble.

“You guys are done. Put your money on the table. Put on your jackets. And get the fuck out. End of story.” He really didn’t want this to escalate, he hoped they just got the hell out while the getting was good. Unfortunately though, their numbers were giving them a false sense of security. They had no idea who they were dealing with. His past. His capabilities. His military training. Or the fact he’d literally just spent 15 years fighting for his life against groups of 3-4 guys on a weekly basis. They were outgunned and didn’t even know it yet. One of the biggest downfalls for a group of guys was the fact they all fed off one another and helped to build up their bravado. What they didn’t realize however, is though Zeke was older, and looked like he had let himself go to a degree, he was a no nonsense guy when it came to fighting. The only answer to being out numbered was an explosive force of violence. Something most men couldn’t bring themselves to do on a good day. And although Zeke didn’t meet the clinical definition of a psychopath, he had no issues curb stomping these mother fuckers and going back to his meal with out batting an eye.

Three of the guys pushed back their chairs and stood up. The fourth Mr SlappyFace sat in his chair swivelled to the side to eye Zeke. He said quietly “You know what old man…we think you need to leave actually. We’re regulars here and we don’t much like assholes coming in and running their fucking mouths off. So go get your jacket on…and get the fuck out.”

Zeke looked over his shoulder at his booth and motioned at it with his right hand. “But I have to finish my lunch….”

“Your done eating old man.”

“If I don’t finish my lunch, I’m going to be all wasted and skinny…like you four fucks.” said Zeke.

“Oh funny man eh?”

Zeke sighed and undid the cuff buttons on his flannel shirt and rolled his sleeves up past his forearms. “Ok boys. I think we’d best take this outside.”

“Naw we’re good. We want to finish this right here…right now.”

Zeke said “You’re confusing me with someone who gives a shit what you want.” He motioned over his shoulder towards the front door and said “Let’s go.”

Mr Slappyface piped up. “Why the hell would we go outside?”

Zeke didn’t notice, but by this time the Cook and Bethie had come back out of the kitchen and were watching what was going on.

“We’re going outside because I don’t want that poor girl spending her afternoon cleaning all the blood off the floors and tallying up the tables and chairs they’re going to have to replace before they open.”

He looked over and spotted Bethie and his face remained stone cold neutral. She looked at him with concern and he just gave her a quick nod before turning back to the group of construction workers.

“Come on outside pussies…let’s get this thing started.” He turned and walked out the front door with the bell sounding as he did. The air was cool but the sun was out shining. He realized it was further off into the west…so he took a few strides to the west and turned around to face the front of the diner as the 4 bozo’s stumbled out into the fresh air. They faced off against him with the sun in their faces as they squinted.

Zeke could see Bethie kneeling up on one of the benches of a booth by the window watching what was going on. The Cook had locked the door behind the 4 guys after they exited the diner. Not wanting them to come back in and trash the place once they’d kicked the old mans ass.

The guy on the outside left pushed his cuffs up over his elbows and took a step forward. Broken nose, missing teeth. Zeke glanced at the guys wrists. The width of a persons wrists was the only failsafe indicator of a person’s raw strength. This guy’s were wider than a long stemmed rose, narrower than a two-by-four. Closer to the two-by-four than the rose.

Zeke said “Your picking on the wrong man”

The guy who had been doing all the talking said, “You think?”

Zeke nodded. “ I have to warn you. I promised my mother, a long time ago. She said I had to give folks a chance to walk away.”

“You’re a momma’s boy?’

“She liked to see fair play” Zeke replied

“There are four of us. One of you.”

Zeke’s hands were down by his sides, relaxed, gently curled. His feet were apart, securely planted. He could feel the hard concrete through the soles of his boots. It was textured. It had been brushed with a yard broom just before it dried, ten years eaerlier. He folded his fingers of his left hand flat against his palm. Raised the hand, very slowly. Brought it level with his shoulder, palm out. The four guys stared at it. The way his fingers were folded made them think he was hiding something. But what? He snapped his fingers open. Nothing there. In the same split second he moved sideways and heaved his right fist up like a convulsion and caught the guy who had stepped forward with a colossal uppercut to the jaw. The guy had been breathing through his mouth because of his broken nose and the massive impact snapped his jaw shut and lifted him up off the ground and dumped him back down in a vertical heap on the sidewalk. Like a puppet with his strings cut. Unconcious before he got halfway there.

“Now there are only three of you” Zeke said. “Still one of me.”

They weren’t total amateurs. They reacted pretty well and pretty fast. They sprang back and apart into a wide defensive semicircle and crouched, fists ready.

Zeke said “You can still walk away.”

Mr Slappyface piped up, “You got lucky!”

“Only suckers get sucker punched” Zeke retorted.

“Won’t happen twice”

Zeke said nothing.

The guy said “Get out of here while you can old man, you can’t take us three-on-one.”

Zeke stared at him…cold faced and said “Try me.”

“Can’t be done. Not now.”

Zeke nodded. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe one of you will stay on your feet long enough to get to me.”

“You can count on it.”

“But the question you need to ask is, which one of you will it be? Right now you’ve got no way of knowing. One of you will be driving the other three to the hospital for a six month stay. You want me to leave bad enough to take those odds?”

Nobody spoke. Stalemate. Zeke rehearsed his next moves. A right-footed kick to the groin of the guy on the left, spin back with an elbow to the head for the guy in the middle, duck under the inevitable round house swing incoming from the guy on the right, let him follow through, put an elbow in his kidney. One, two, three, no fundamental problem. Maybe a little clean up afterward, more feet and elbows Main difficulty would be limiting the damage. Careful restraint would be required. It was always wiser to stay on the right side of the line, closer to brawling than homicide.

Mr Slappy stepped forward and eyed up Zeke. “Listen old man…it’s best you just fucking move on….”

Zeke stared at him and said “I’m going to give you guys the count of three to get the fuck out of my face….after that….i hope you have medical insurance.”

They stared at each other silently and then Zeke said “One…..”


Zeke said “Two….” But as it was trailing off he exploded off his back heel and tucked his chin into his chest and slammed Mr Slappyface in the bridge of the nose with the top of his skull. Which was technically cheating really. A gentleman would have counted to three, but Zeke was one who had learned it was best to get your revenge in early. If you played by the rules you got played.

Mr Slappy crumbled in a heap. Dropping like a wet bag of cement all wrapped up in one of those stupid reflective vests construction workers wore.

Zeke stepped back onto his heel again and re-assessed his surroundings. “Now we’re talking. Two on one! This shit is getting fun!” He smiled as a trickle of blood slid down his forehead. He wasn’t sure if it was his or Mr Slappy’s but he wasn’t going to waste time trying to sort it out at the moment.

The guy on the left actually took off running down the block and turned into an alleyway. Zeke just watched him go shaking his head. Fucking pussy….he turned back to the last guy standing and smiled.

It was at this moment that things changed. Last man standing pulled out a knife. Zeke clocked the knife immediately as it snicked open with a snap of the guys thumb. Ok. Now we were entering new territory he thought. It was all fun and games until some fucker wants to up the ante.

Normally, when people are faced with dangerous situations they turn around and retreat. Running to put distance between themselves and the danger. Zeke had never been like that. Even as a child. When others would get into fights and get upset…they would run. When Zeke felt threatened however something in his lizard brain like structure pushed him to lunge at danger. To embrace it instead of fear it.

A man holding a knife open at a man who was unarmed NEVER expected that course of action. And this case wasn’t any different than the other times Zeke had reacted with out thinking.

As soon as he her the “SNICK” of the blade falling into place he launched himself at the guy like a fucking rottweiler. He growled and snagged the guy by the throat. Ignoring the knife as he took his right fist and pushed it through the guys left cheek with an explosive connection. The guy flailed at him with the knife and actually managed to stab zeke in the right arm. The blade sunk into his flesh and struck bone. But Zeke and his body weren’t exactly on speaking terms at the moment. His frontal lobe knew only one thing. “KILL KILL KILL” He punched the guy in the face repeatedly as they both fell to the pavement. The knife was stuck in Zekes arm and he didn’t pay any attention to it until he was certain the fucker was out cold.

Then he stood up and looked about. Bethie and the Cook were staring at him with wide eyes. He pulled the knife out of his arm and dropped it on the pavement beside the unconcious fourth guy and then stepped to the front door. The cook unlocked the door immediately and Zeke stepped into the diner.

“Lock that fucking door again….before the guy who jack rabbited comes back with friends.”

Zeke shook his head and clamped a napkin over the wound on his arm. It would bleed a bit but the guy hadn’t hit any arteries and the bone had stopped it from going clean through.

“Sorry about that you two….i didn’t mean for things to go off the rails so quickly…I’ll just clean up in the bathroom if that’s ok, and then maybe you can let me out the back door before the cops show up.”

The cook nodded over and over and Bethie scampered off the bench seat by the window and said “I’ll go get the first aid kit from the kitchen.”

Zeke headed for the mens room and pushed his way in. He ran his arm under the cold water. He peeled off his shirt and ripped off the bottom 2 inches of it and wrapped it around his arm to staunch the blood flow. Using his teeth he tied it off tight and then put the rest of his shirt back on.

Suddenly he realized how badly he had to take a piss. The adrenaline had kicked in and he didn’t even think about it. But now he had to piss like a fucking race horse. He kind of struggled to get his zipper down and then fished out his cock and balls…letting them dangle outside his jeans he stood in front of the urinal and he unleashed a torrent of piss into the urinal. His cock was fat enough that he didn’t really need to hold it when pissing as long as he stood in front of the urinal things worked out. So he was focused on tightening the rag around his arm when the door kicked open and Bethie rushed in with the first aid kit…she managed to get all the way into the mens room and the door slammed behind her before she realized Zeke had his cock out and was taking a leak. She stopped dead in her tracks and her jaw slackened as her eyes locked onto the girthy cock dangling from his jeans pissing into the urinal. She shook her head a bit and stammered as she spied his full thick nutsack also bared for the world too see…..

Zeke turned his head and looked at her and said “Good…you got any large bandages in there? He continued to piss with out even realizing she was staring at his cock and not saying anything.

He realized what the fuck was going on and he laughed. “Christ girl…you act like you’ve never seen a cock….come over here with that kit.” She walked over slowly and motioned to hand him the kit.

Zeke laughed “Listen…I’m kinda busy right now…you think you could find me a fucking bandage stupid and stop oggling my cock like that? I’m feeling objectified!”

She snapped out of it slightly and fumbled the kit open as she continued to watch the thick stream of piss flowing from his cock…..how the fuck was it so thick she thought as she finally looked down and tried to find a bandage….she looked up a few times to make sure she had seen what she’d seen, figuring he would finish and put it away but he was still going!”

Finally she found a bandage and some antiseptic cream and held it up. “Here! I got it!” She said proudly.

Zeke shook his cock off and turned to her. “Excellent. I’m going to need your help…It’s hard working on your arm when you can only use one hand.” He moved across to the toilet stall and sat down on one of the toilets with his fat cock still dangling from his lap.

“Come here and fucking help me out would you….I need to stop this bleeding”

She scurried over and moved her weight from foot to foot kind of bouncing in place. He looked at her and smiled. “Calm the fuck down. Kneel down and I’ll lay my arm on my knee and you can clean up the mess for me and bandage it.”

He laid his arm on his right knee next to his fat cock and turned it over so she could get at the wound in his arm.

Elizabeth did as he told her and knelt down and wiped at his cut with a disinfectant pad…she had to do it three times to make sure it was clean because she kept getting distracted by the cock in his lap…the vein on top was so fucking thick….nearly as thick as her pinky finger….and it was pulsing…like with his heartbeat or something….she tried to pay attention to what she was doing but she was totally at a loss for self composure with Zeke being so non-nonchalant about his fat fuckstick throbbing just inches from her face as she worked on his arm.

She placed the thick bandage over the wound and nodded to herself. “Ok that should do it.” Zeke just shook his head. She was talking to him and still staring at his prick. Fucking slut. He smiled. And Said “You have a cell phone on you?”

She said “Yeah…here…” She fumbled in her apron and pulled out her phone and unlocked the home screen and handed it to him. Figuring he was going to call someone.

Zeke flipped through the apps and found the camera. “Here, I’ll hook you up and maybe you can stop being such a cockwhore and staring at my fucking meat like your starving. He reached out and grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled her face down so it was pressed against the warm length of his cock….she yelped as he jammed her face into his crotch and her tiny hands pressed to his knees….he twisted his wrist a bit to get her face just right…and he said “SMILE!” and took a picture of her with her lips resting on the pulsing vein that ran the length of his cock on top. Her eyes were wide and she looked stunned and he let her go and handed her phone back to her. “There…you can stop fucking staring at it now…you have a picture you can look at anytime you want.” He stood up and stuffed his cock into his jeans and zipped up. He looked down at her as she stared at the picture on her phone. There was no doubt in the picture of who she was or what she was nuzzling with her cheek as she stared up at the camera lens. What the actual fuck….she thought as she stared at the picture still. This guy took a better picture of her than she could when she tried doing selfies for fuck sakes…. She looked up at him and he was offering her his hand so she took it. And he helped her to her feet.

“Thank you.” Zeke said and he leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips….holding the back of her head so she couldn’t pull away he pulled back and flicked the tip of her nose with his tongue. And he laughed. “I appreciate the help. I’m sorry about those guys…” And then he washed his hands and left the men’s room and went back to his booth to finish his sandwich and beer like nothing happened.

Elizabeth watched the door to the bathroom close behind him and she stood there in the middle of the men’s room with her phone in one hand…and the firstaid kit scattered around the floor….she ignored the mess and looked at the picture again almost not believing it was real. Did that really happen???

She could feel the mess her panties were in and she slid into the bathroom stall and pulled her skirt up and her panties down and wiped her pussy lips clean….fuck she was leaking like a sieve….she thought….she wiped the crotch of her panties too and flushed the toilet paper then pulled them back up and cleaned up the mess on the floor of all the bandage wrapper. She closed up the kit and checked her hair in the mirror. She looked at herself closer in the mirror and realized there was a dab of precum on her cheek and she just stared at it. Stunned again.

She watched herself in the mirror take the tip of a finger and scoop up the cum on her cheek…and with disbelief she watched her reflection slowly push the finger into her tiny mouth and suck it clean. She ran her tongue across her teeth and a soft mmmm purred out of her throat as she groaned…feeling her pussy already betraying her and dribbling into her panties again. Fuck sakes…

Elizabeth exited the mens room and looked to make sure Zeke was still there before going to the kitchen to replace the first-aid kit. The cook was back in the kitchen and said “Listen I’m not sticking around here. Today is officially over. I’m heading home” He tossed his apron into the dirty laundry hamper and headed out the back door leaving Elizabeth to close up for the day. She locked the back door and turned off the lights and went back out to the dinning room. She finished tallying the receipts as Zeke finished his lunch and beer and then she filed the paper work in the office and grabbed her coat from the staff room. She pulled her coat on as she walked into the main dinning room and walked over to Zeke’s table.

“Listen, I’m just going to close up for the day before cops do show up.” She cleaned up his plates and put them in the bus bin under the counter.

“If the police do show up here I should probably know how to get a hold of you.” She said looking at him trying to pretend that this guy hadn’t just had his cock on her face 5 minutes ago.

“Well I don’t have a cell phone….never had one actually…and I don’t have a place to stay…so…not going to be easy to find I”m afraid.” He stood up and put on his coat then shouldered his duffel.

She looked at him curiously…and thought to herself….should I? She acted before she could talk herself out of it.

“Well…I’m worried about that wound….you can’t be sleeping outside over night with an open wound like that…why don’t you stay at my place. It’s small…but I have a comfortable couch at least…and once you’re healed up…and the police haven’t poked around asking any questions….you can head off on your merry way.” She said all this while trying not to make eye contact with him for some reason.

Zeke nodded to himself and made a snap decision. For obvious reasons. “Alright…let’s go.” He put a large hand in the small of her back and herded her through the kitchen and out the backdoor before she could change her mind…the whole way out he was doing nothing but thinking of how he was going to get that little sluts mouth wrapped around his cock.

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