Zeke the ex-con and Bethie the Waitress – Chapter 1

Zeke Patterson stepped off the greyhound bus in downtown Philadelphia. He exited out the door onto Filbert Street and stopped at the corner of Filbert and North 10th Street. Dropping his duffel bag on the curb he slowly zipped up his coat. The cold wind was cutting through him. He looked around quietly for a moment trying to get some sort of bearings but he’d been inside the joint for so long, the world had changed.

Zeke eyeballed everyone around him. Out of habit more than anything. Knowing your surroundings was just a part of keeping yourself alive as far as he was concerned. He was a rugged and imposing figure, standing 6’2” and tipping the scales at 260lbs. He had broad shoulders and thick forearms, and biceps that looked like they were chiselled from stone. His forearms were covered in tattoos. His right forearm held a depiction of his family crest, and his left forearm had a knife with snakes entwined around it’s length. He sported a prison tattoo as well on the webbing of his right hand between his thumb and forefinger.

He had spent most of his life in and out of prison. This last stint though was the soul crusher. 15 years for a statutory rape beef. Though the girl was 16, she wasn’t old enough to consent to the video and pictures he’d taken of her choking on his fat cockmeat and struggling to take it up the ass. Despite the fact she was the one that initiated the contact, none of that mattered when it came down to standing in a court of law. He hoped that he had learned his lesson well enough that he wouldn’t be chasing teenage chicks around. At least ones who were yet 18 and legal enough to take a good cock sucking pic with! His fetish for tiny short petite slim women was going to be the fucking death of him at this rate.

As part of the trial process Zeke had to go through a battery of tests and examinations. Including a full forensic psychiatric assessment by two Doctors. Being locked in a room alone with a shrink for 8 hours once was bad enough. Twice made him want to claw his own fucking eyeballs out. In the end it was determined that he didn’t even come close to the baseline score for psychopathy. Zeke was calm cool and collected. And despite his gruff exterior, both psychiatrists were able to determine he had a strong line of empathy running through him that was likely a direct cause of being raised by his mother and her 4 sisters as a child. The fact that he could be stone cold and calculating with that empathy didn’t seem to register on any of the “instruments” they’d used to diagnose him.

He also managed to avoid the full on diagnosis of narc ism. One of the Psychiatrist said he projected Narcissistic traits but did not meet the requirements for a full on narcissism diagnosis. Unfortunately the thing that really bit him in the ass was the Sexual Sadism Disorder diagnosis. That was one the Judge hadn’t looked to fucking kindly on. One Doctor had called it a disorder the other had actually gone a step further and diagnosed him as a sexual sadist. The brand of sadism tended to be more along the lines of psychological sadism more so than physical, but the fact that he could get a raging hardon at the thought of a crying slut choking on his cockmeat certainly put the nail in the coffin come sentencing.

In prison, Zeke had to constantly stand up for himself as he was on a skin beef which put him on the outs with most guys in prison. He lost count of the number of skulls he had to crack over the years, but he was thankful that they’d eventually moved him to a lower security tier. It meant he didn’t have to put up with all that shit and he could finally relax. For the first 10 years of his bid he had focused on working out and staying in shape because he had to constantly knock fuckers out. But in the last 5 years he’d let himself go and carried around a noticeable paunch that he wasn’t too concerned about. Fuck it. I’m old enough in life to be able to let some things go he told himself.

Despite the change in his physique, Zeke still exuded a strong presence, and his salt and pepper receding hairline and goatee give him a rugged and distinguished look, reminiscent of Deniro. His eyes were a striking green-grey, and his voice is deep and gravelly. He stomped his boots to warm his feet and brushing off his faded blue jeans he shouldered the duffel again and decided to head south on 10th street and crossed over to the east side of the street dodging traffic as he did. When he reached Market Street he looked east and west and thought for a moment…He was pretty sure the best god damn place to get a Philly Cheese Steak was just East of here at Bank Street and Market….he hoped the place hadn’t closed down and he set off to the east. The walk would do him good….after the long bus ride his knees were aching.

He was starving. The only meal he’d had was the slop they served for breakfast earlier and he wanted to sit down and have some food that was actually cooked fresh as he waited. Not like the steam tray carts they’d feed the inmates from back in the penn.

Zeke wandered down the sidewalk looking all around him…people moved out of his way with out him even realizing it. It was just a part of his thing. Being the size he was and perfecting that 1000 yard stare, certainly made people shuffle to the side quick enough. Zeke had always had a bit of a swagger to his walk. Part of it had to do with his height and weight, and in the back of his mind he knew another part of it came from being a real man. Showering in the pen people talked, and it was well known that Zeke was not only packing a wicked punch, but he had a wicked thick package that put nearly everyone on the cell block to shame Even the black gang bangers from D-wing called Zeke “The Dick” behind his back.

To some degree Zeke would chalk being well endowed up as a blessing in life. But when he tried to balance that against the fact somehow having a huge cock…didn’t deter him from being so fucking aroused by tiny/short/petite chicks. Some how it just didn’t come out in the wash. The ones who struggled with it were the ones he was most attracted too. The look on a tiny chicks face when she undid his jeans and fished out his hog for the first time, always gave him a shiver of pride and enjoyment. Even more so when the terrifying realization that “ANAL” was NOT off the table when it came to Zekes desires. They were always so cute trying to scramble away as he was playfully trying to stab fuck his meat into a tight tiny ass.

Just the thought of it now was making him thicken and growl softly. Fuck..he needed to get it off his mind….15 years was a long fucking time to be with out the gentle attentions of a tiny sluts mouth on his fat thick cock.

He crossed the street to the south side just past North 3rd smiling to himself at the red bricked crosswalk. It was funny how such small things could trigger memories and emotions. He was happy to be back in Philly, he just hoped he could figure out where to spend the night.

He passed the 7-11 on the South side of the street and Sto’s Bar and old stomping ground of his. He crossed the mouth of Bank street and stood in front of “Sonny’s Famous Steaks” 228 Market Street. “Now we’re talking!” He stopped to admire the sign in the left hand window. “You can’t beat our meat!” And he chuckled to himself as he pushed through the front door with his shoulder.

Immediately he smelt the grill cooking in the back and his stomach let him know he’d made a wise decision. As he looked about stopped dead in his tracks. The bell to the door hadn’t stopped ringing yet and his jaw nearly hit the floor.

Fuck sakes. He thought to himself, You have to be kidding me….first fucking place he enters and the chick behind the counter was maybe 4’10” and slim as a pixie. The huge tits weren’t a bad bonus either he figured…but god that tiny frame… and as she turned he saw her cute little ass and nearly just walked right the fuck back out the door. Jesus Christ. All this happened in a split second and he seriously almost made a motion to leave…but she turned and smiled at him and he knew there was no going back now.

She looked up and said “I’ll be right with you!” And he nodded and thought “If i have my fucking way you will…that tiny thing can BEAT MY MEAT any day….” he bit his tongue though and shuffled on his feet. She offered him a table in the middle of the room and he balked at that. After spending 15 years watching his back there was no fucking way he was going to sit with his back to the room. “Can i use that booth in the back corner over there?” She nodded and led him over and placed down a menu.

Zeke stood beside her for a moment and swore he could smell body lotion or hair conditioner on her that he hadn’t smelt in EONS…Christ she smelled fucking delicious….if she didn’t bring his food fast enough she’d be spread out on the table getting eaten herself at this rate. He dropped his duffel on the bench and looked down at her as he shuffled around her and sat down. How is it he’s sitting on a fucking bench seat and she’s standing beside the table and he’s still looking down at her. Zeke felt his cock thickening further and he groaned.

Having Zero filter he looked at her and said “How fucking old are you?”

She looked at him confused and in shock and blurted out “I’m 19…..Sir…” Zeke felt his cock jerk when she said “Sir” and stared at her in disbelief. Well at least he knew he couldn’t go to jail for talking to her, fucking parole conditions.

Elizabeth looked at him confused and said “I’ll be right back with some water….” And she motored off to the kitchen with out looking back. He raised an eyebrow and shrugged. Looking around the place he saw a group of business men at one booth and 4 construction workers at another booth. Other than that the place was empty.

Leaning back he reached into his duffel and took out a bit of his paper work. Letters from his mother that he’d held on to. Sadly she had passed away while he was in custody and he hadn’t been able to be there for her in the end. It broke his fucking heart to think of. He sighed and lowered his head to his chest and suddenly realized he had nothing. No one. He had a 240.00 in cash and that was it. No friends. No family. What the fuck was he going to do next?

He placed the letters back in the bag and stared out the window absentmindedly.

Elizabeth burst through the kitchen doors after the odd encounter with that HUGE older guy that just came in. She stood up on her tippy toes and peered at him through the tiny round window in the kitchen door. God she was so stupid! Some random stranger asks her how old she is and she just BLURTS out the answer. Not only that…she called the guy SIR! What the fuck! Stupid stupid stupid. Why didn’t she say “None of your business” or “That’s rude!” He stared at her and asked her a blunt to the point question and she didn’t even think before answering. 19 SIR! She sighed and shook her head. Dropping from her tippy toes she couldn’t see out the window anymore and she filled up a pitcher of water…then checked her hair in the mirror by the doorway and slipped back into the dining room.

Rushing over to his table she smiled and poured him some water and said “Can I take your order Si….uhm..I mean….Dude?” She immediately started to blush….what the hell was wrong with her today!?

Zeke stared at her evenly. “Did I insult you or something?” He furrowed his brow and glared at her.

“No..I mean well…no no..not at all….” She couldn’t believe the words coming out of her damn mouth today!

“Well let’s get something straight from the hop darlin…I’m not a DUDE….I find that disrespectful. You aren’t trying to disrespect me are you?” She shook her head and kept her fucking mouth shut for the moment…stunned that this guy was talking to her like she was a kid.

“Now…you just called me Sir two seconds ago….which I happen to like….and then you come back out here and call me Dude? What the fuck did I do wrong?” He stared at her evenly. Not blinking. Not moving. She just stared back and didn’t know what to do now.

“So let’s try and start over. Hello. My names Zeke. What’s your name?” He offered his large hand in a formal handshake. She just stared into his eyes lost and shook his hand in her tiny hand. “Elizabeth….they call me Elizabeth…” Zeke smiled from ear to ear. “Well hun..I’m not “they” anymore than I’m “dude” So I’m going to call you bethie….Nice to meet you bethie…”

Her neck flushed immediately. No one called her Beth or Bethie……and here she was nodding…what was she doing. “Hello….” She stammered. “You mean Hello Sir don’t you bethie?” She nodded slowly and looked down for a second catching her breath. Why was her heart pounding….who was this guy!? “I”m sorry Sir….” Zeke let her small hand go and sat back. “I’ll have the Philly steak special. I know it’s been a long spell since I”ve had me a philly steak. I used to come here back when your father was probably trying to get into your mothers pants still.

Blinking at him stunned that someone would say such a thing to a stranger she nodded and jotted down his order. Elizabeth stood there quietly not moving. Just staring at this hulk sized old man…there was something about him that tugged at her for some reason…she had been working here for 2 years now and she’d never once felt like this in regards to a customer walking in off the street.

“Is something wrong Bethie?” Zeke said.

She shook her head. “No…i mean…I….can i have your menu back please?” He handed it over and she tucked it under her arm and bee lined it for the kitchen again. She placed his order then went into the back change room and screamed “GAAAAHHHH!” What the hell was wrong with her. He made her call him Sir….he literally TOLD HER to call him Sir…who the fuck was this guy…the first time she said it..it was a mistake…is slipped out….and the minute she said it she knew she said it as “Sir.” Not “sir….” but fucking “SIR” And her cunt fucking knew the difference too! God damn it! Where was her mind these days…she had been reading online stories lately about BDSM and shit and now she was calling men Sir in a way she didn’t mean to call Men Sir. At least that was until he MADE HER CALL HIM SIR…at which point…she thinks…she actually used it the way she meant to not use it the first time….oh fuck sakes…

She washed her hands in the sink and checked her hair again. What are you doing girl….you literally just checked your hair 2 minutes ago….get your shit together. She wiped her sweaty palms on her apron and walked back to the kitchen door and stood up on her tippy toes agin peaking out at Zeke sitting in his booth in the back corner sipping his water.

The Cook said “Hey Elizabeth…what’s up? You ok?”

She turned startled at the question and nodded. “I’m fine! Fine! Why? I’m fine!” She glared at him and took an order out to the booth of business men…carrying their food out stacked on her arms she placed it down and nodded to them and headed back to the kitchen. She tried not to make eye contact with Zeke but the minute she looked up at him he was staring RIGHT AT HER….ugh!

She stopped and went outside the back door of the kitchen and took a few breaths of fresh air. Pull yourself together….she thought.

Elizabeth was a striking young woman, standing at a petite 4’11” and weighing in at a mere 98lbs. Her dark brown hair fell in soft waves down to the middle of her back, and her clear, pale complexion contrasted sharply with her full, inviting lips. Her dark brown eyes exuded a fiery, intense gaze that can unsettle those who underestimate her. Unfortunately today that didn’t seem to be the case….

Despite her small frame, Elizabeth boasted a generous 30D bust that constantly drew attention to her otherwise skinny figure. Her narrow waist and tiny, skinny bottom highlighted her ribcage, and her protruding pelvis gave her an alluring, almost otherworldly look. Her body was a unique combination of delicate and sensually exotic, with her curvaceous assets set off by her waif-like figure. Her most prominent feature was her 30D-sized breasts, which were much larger than anyone expected for her petite frame, making her appear as what some crass men would call “ribs and tits” when nude, with her ribcage and pelvis clearly eclipsed by her gigantic tits.

Privately Elizabeth was a young woman who would normally embrace her submissive tendencies. Normally though, she wouldn’t hesitate to put up a bit of attitude when dealing with people. Not so much today apparently though. Her selective nature generally meant she would come across as a brat to most people, but she knew she was just careful about who she allowed in past her walls normally. If those construction workers had called her “Hun” or tried calling her “Bethie” She would have LOST HER SHIT. She scowled at herself and shook her head. Something about that guy was completely different.

She scooped up Zekes order from the counter under the heat lamps and headed swiftly across the dinning room area to his booth.

“Here you go….Sir…” She bit her lower lip and looked up at him as she placed his plate down in front of him. She turned to go and before she knew it Zeke’s huge fist was wrapped around her tiny wrist and pulled her back around to face him. He didn’t let go and he just stared at her evenly and quietly. She wondered what was going on and she just looked at him stunned. “….yes…?” She stammered. She thought she could actually feel her pussy dripping into her panties….like the whole world could tell too….fuck me she thought….this guy has no filter…just does whatever the fuck he wants.

“I wanted to order a beer…you make a habit of just dropping shit on peoples table and rushing off again with out a word?” He cocked his head slightly to the side and stared into her eyes.

Elizabeth felt butterflies in her stomach and her chest ached for a moment. “No..I”m sorry..I didn’t mean….to be..uhm….direspectful…..Sir…”

Zeke let her wrist go and said “Bring me a pint of something dark and bitter. And I’ll take the check after that.” He turned and tucked into his sandwich with out paying her anymore mind…she stood there for a quick second feeling like she’d just been dismissed by a grown up or something. She quietly nodded to herself for some reason and finally said “right away…” and she backed away slowly..before turning and heading behind the bar to pour him a beer from the tap.

She held the pint glass at an angle and noticed herself shaking a bit…she put it down and took a deep breath….looking around to make sure no one was paying attention to her…and then she slowly picked up the glass and started over. Christ this guy was going to be the death of her….he’d only been here for 10 minutes and she had acted like a complete goober the entire time.

She carried the pint to his table and set it down. “Here you go Sir…” And she placed his bill on the table beside his plate. He just continued to eat with out even looking at her, and she stood there for a second again wondering if he was going to say something. But she just stood there staring at him eating like some kind of creeper or something and a moment later she snapped out of it and turned back to the kitchen.

She couldn’t see Zekes smirk but the moment she turned he put his sandwich down and continued chewing as his head swivelled and stared at that sexy tiny ass of hers as she wandered back to the kitchen. He knew she was expecting him to say something, especially after he had just berated her for being so disrespectful earlier. He also knew however that dealing with a woman was much like dealing with an opponent. You had to keep her off kilter and confused at times.

Most men thought you had to read “The Art of War” to truly get the upper hand in life. But Zeke had realized, why stop there? And for the past 15 years he had spent the time in the library honing his skills further by devouring many other books about Psychology and Relationships. He followed up the Art of War, with Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” His primary focus being on the “influence” aspect of Carnegie’s teachings. Then he had moved into Robert Greene’s “The art of seduction”. Which was a book that felt like it was specifically written for him. To help him absorb the ideals behind the words and to learn how to control and manipulate women into doing what he wanted.

One of the many points in the book was the idea that you needed to play Hot and Cold. People tend to desire what they can’t have. So showing keen interest one moment and then withdrawing that interest in the next was a strategy meant to foster longing and desire. In regards to that tiny little fuckpuppet whose ass he was watching wiggle away at the moment….he fully intended to use a few other points from the book before he left the diner.

Elizabeth sighed to herself and snuck a peak at Zeke while she was filling out the bill for the construction workers. As she rang things up slowly she watched Zeke eat. He barely fit into the booth he was sitting in. The table could have been a good 6 inches further from him than it was before she could say he looked comfortable. But she took in his size and realize he likely didn’t fit into many booths at restaurants. Not just the ones here. He was a fucking giant compared to her.

She finished ringing up the bill for the three guys and went to deliver it to them. As he placed the bill down one of the guys snatched it up off the table and read it over slowly. “I think you charged us to much there girl. My meal was fucking cold by the time I got it, and my friend here ended up getting a sandwich he didn’t even order…”

Elizabeth immediately snatched the bill out of the guys hand and looked it over. “No..this is what you ordered….you paying with Cash or Debit?” She dropped the bill on the table and stared right back at the guy.

“I just told you…you over charged us….so take the bill back and drop 10.00 off it and then we’ll pay cash.” He pushed the bill across the table at her. And she shook her head. “No. You owe me 47.58 you can pay with cash or plastic. Which will it be?”

The figure head for the group of 3 morons leaned in closer to her and said “Listen cunt…go take 10 fucking dollars off the god damn bill….or we’ll have ourselves a problem”

Elizabeth reacted with out thinking. She leaned right back at him and slapped him hard across the face….”You watch your fucking mouth! No one calls me a fucking CUNT shithead….I’m going to go back into the kitchen right now, you can leave your cash on the table…when I get back…you all better not be here or I’m calling the cops.” With that she spun on her heel and stormed into the kitchen. The 3 of the 4 guys started laughing at their buddy who’d just been slapped.

Zeke had been watching the whole thing calmly. Sipping his beer and smiling to himself as Bethie hauled off and slapped the guy with all she had. Which wasn’t much really..but he had to admire the spunk. Nothing was cuter than a tiny woman who stood up for herself. Or tried to. He watched her storm off her hair flowing over her shoulder and he took a nice long sip of his beer before placing it down neatly on the napkin she’d set it on. He slide it to the centre of the table to keep it well away from the edge and he slowly slid to his side working his way out of the booth. Standing up he wiped his face with another napkin and tossed it on the table before crossing the Dining room area, his combat boots sounding out as he did.

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