Yufuin_(1) by Vincent X


by Vincent

Part 1

Yufuin has a special place in Reina’s heart. It is where she spent her honeymoon, not her real honeymoon, that was Italy, but the Italian trip was so busy with sightseeing and shopping and eating everything in sight, by the time they returned to their hotel room each night she and Brad were too exhausted for any real sexual intimacy, definitely not the type of sex that brings a couple deeper erotic synergy. That all happened the following month when they stayed for two nights at an old fashioned Japanese inn in the quiet village of Yufuin, on the island of Kyushu, Southern Japan.

Yufuin is nestled in the shadow of long dormant Mount Yufu. The volcano is both a source of magnificent scenery and a barrier that keeps the town isolated from the rest of Japan. The residual heat provides an abundance of natural hot water for the dozens of little hot spring resorts, famous for their traditional ambiance and excellent hospitality, attracting visitor from all over Japan willing to make the journey. These “ryokans” consist of just a few rooms each, all in traditional Japanese style, a number of baths, mostly outdoors, of various sizes and temperatures. Most of the onsens are segregated by gender, but there is usually one or more where couples can be together. Of course, sex in any of the baths would be strictly forbidden, but that didn’t stop Reina and Brad from breaking the rules, many times.

Their marriage hadn’t lasted long, and wiser observers might have said it was doomed from the start. Reina was only 18 and still a virgin when she met Brad, and only 20 years old when she married him. He was 26 and no direction in his life. She thought she was in love, and perhaps by the standards of a twenty year old she was, but as she grew to discover herself they grew apart. The divorce was amicable.

Now at 24 years old she was still a young and desirable Japanese woman, she had kept her hair long and married life had not affected her curvaceous figure at all. Neither was she at all sour on ideas of men and dating. In fact, Reina jumped back into the dating game almost right away. She dating Asian guys, white guys, black guys. She thought they were all nice, but she realized the one attribute of Brad’s that had really gotten her excited and made her cum like crazy. It was his big pink circumcised gaijin cock. He had been her first, and she hadn’t known that men could be so different. It turned out for her, nothing else could satisfy in the same way. She even kept pictures she had taken of his cock when fully erect, and looked at them when she masturbated. It was then she decided any guy who wanted to date her would have to measure up, both literally and figuratively. She was not shy about asking the men who wanted to take her out to whip out the package for her inspection, and for the most part, the guys were very willing to comply. If they didn’t pass muster she was very complimentary of the tool, but would manage to be unavailable until they gave up on her. However, if his cock made the grade she would sleep with the guy soon and often.

She became a voracious sex partner. Reina loved the sensation of a large cock pushing against her cervix, and she rode her guys pretty hard. She kept pushing her lovers to last longer, fuck her harder, make her cum more often. It became an addiction. It got to the point where she wasn’t being satisfied anymore, and most guys gave up on her in frustration. They ended up blowing their loads too soon and she would chastise them. Their egos couldn’t take it and they left. She was beginning to feel that sex was never going to be as earth shattering again, but then she met Alex.

Reina met Alex at a Democrats Abroad meeting. Alex went because he was a bit of a social justice warrior. Reina went because of all the white cock that hung out there. They went for a drink after the meeting. When he asked her to go out again she took him into the ladies room and told him to drop his drawers. He looked into her eyes for a moment trying to judge if this girl was nuts, but he thought she was too beautiful to refuse and could tolerate a bit of nuttiness. Her serious expression and bold intention ignited a desire in him and he felt himself getting hard. He took her hand and slid it down his pants as a sort of compromise. It was more than she could get her fingers around. The look on her face told him that this girl was impressed. He took her home that night, and by the break of day they had fucked in every position either of them could think of. Reina woke up with an aching pussy, but satisfied. She knew she had found her guy.

Three months later when they thought they had reached a place in their romance when they wanted to go away together the logical choice for Reina was Yufuin. A plane, a train, and a taxi later they arrived at the very inn where Reina had spent her sexual honeymoon with the only other cock she had been in love with.

As soon as the taxi pulled up to the beautifully landscaped entrance an attractive young woman dressed in a cute smile and a flowered yukata emerged from the sliding door to greet them. Reina guessed she couldn’t have been over twenty years old, and she was just a bit shorter than her. She had black, shoulder length hair that curled inward at the base of her long neck; she had a dark complexion as if she had spent her youth under the sun. She noticed the girl wasn’t wearing any make-up at all, and it suited her natural beauty well.

“Good morning,” she said in polite Japanese, and made a small bow. “My name is Aiko. I’ll be taking care of you while you stay with us. Please follow me.” She turned and headed back inside. Alex couldn’t help noticing her very lovely round ass stretching the back of her yukata. It was much more prominent than the typical Japanese female posterior. He looked at Reina and noticed she was also charmed by the shapeliness of their hostess.

“She’s going to take care of us,” Alex said to Reina with a naughty smile on his face.

“Is your mind constantly focused on sex?” Reina chided him.

“Only when I’m inspired, sweetheart, so anytime I’m around you.”

“Oh cut the bull. I saw you ogling her ass.”

“I was inspired.”

“Just get the bags, pervert, and let’s go.”

“I am so going to fuck you when we get to our room.”

“You are such a child.” She turned and left him standing there.

“With a big cock,” he added, pretending to be offended.

Alex picked up their bags where the taxi driver had left them and followed Reina into the lobby. They removed their shoes. Aiko brought them slippers and instructed them to sit down in the armchairs by the large window that overlooked the Japanese garden. She served them tea silently and gracefully. Reina observed their hostess was not only quite pretty, but had a very athletic physique under her yukata. For a moment Reina tried to imagine how she looked naked and thought her strong young body must be very charming. Alex had been doing that since she had come out to greet them.

“I’d like to go over your reservation and show you around the grounds if that is ok,” Aiko said, “I’m sure you are tired, but this will only take a minute.”

“That’s quite alright. We’re very excited to be here,” Reina said.

“Thank you. You are staying for two nights?” the hostess asked

“That’s right.”

“Breakfast is in the dining hall, but you can have dinner in the dining hall or served in your room.”

“I think in our room tonight. We’ll decide about tomorrow later. Is that ok?” turning to Alex.

“That fits with my plans perfectly,” he replied, agreeing just to be agreeable.

“Very good. What time would you like me to bring dinner?”

“Eight o’clock.”

“Eight o’clock.”

“Eight o’clock.” they each said in turn.

“Very good. Now let me show you around the grounds.” The all stood up. “Leave your bags here and the boy will take them to your room.” Just then Reina notice a handsome young Japanese, somewhere between a man and a boy, standing motionless next to the passageway, watching them patiently. As they passed by him Reina heard him say quietly to Aiko in playful voice, “the boy?” and they exchanged a cute smile. It was obvious to Reina there was something going on between these two and she made a mental note to find out all about it.

Aiko led them out the big glass doors and into the garden. The path of stones wound through thick, well manicured bushes, providing a sense of privacy at every turn. Alex thought it was like a maze, and wondered if a Minotaur might be lurking about. After a few more turns Reina thought she might never be able to find her way back without a trail of bread crumbs. Finally, the path ended in a small clearing with an entryway tucked between large stones and trees.

“These are the outdoor onsens, men’s and women’s,” she gestured with her hands, “There are towels available here, so you don’t need to bring anything from your room.”

“So we can just come here naked,” Alex remarked in English, counting on not being understood by their hostess. Reina had gotten used to ignoring Alex’s sarcasm, but she did notice a little smile come across Aiko’s face.

She guided them a little farther through the grounds, “These are the indoor baths. All the hot springs are open from 5 am to midnight. You are free to use them as you like. I have one more to show you, then I will take you to your room.” She led them through a few more twists and turns. “These are the family baths. You can use them if they are free. You can see it’s blue, that means it’s available. Turn the lock on the inside and you can see it’s red. That means it is being used. Now I will show you to your room.”

They were walking away, Alex asked Reina, “Do we qualify as family?”

“Do you mean like humans and apes are family?”

“Thank you for thinking so highly of me.”

Aiko led them back to the main building and to their room. She opened the door and let them in. The room was in the minimalist Japanese style typical of onsen resorts. It was one large room with lots of exposed wood, tatami flooring and not much furniture. The one room serves as living, dining and bedrooms with a quick alteration by the staff, like a stage crew changing scenery between acts in a play. In the middle of the room was a low table with zabuton chairs on either side. On the table there was a tea service. On the balcony there were two arm chairs and a small table between them. Apart from some art work, that was it. Their bags had been placed near the closet.

“Please sit down,” Their hostess guided them. The young couple complied. She poured their tea and placed some small Japanese sweets next to the cups. Reina and Alex watched silently as Aiko went through these well rehearsed motions. As she leaned over the table to place Alex’s tea the top of her yukata drooped down just enough to give Alex a quick view of the top her breasts. Reina noticed his gaze and the naughty smile that came over his face. Aiko finished serving the tea and then took two yukatas, exactly like hers from the closet and placed them on the floor.

“You are welcome to wear these anywhere on the property,” she said.

“Yours is very lovely, and you wear it so well,” Alex said, “could you show me how to put it on?”

Both girls, taken aback, looked at Alex. Aiko gave a little smile and Reina gave a little scowl.

“I’m sure your wife can show you how to put it on,” Aiko said, finally understand he was just being playful.

When Alex replied, “Oh, she’s not my wife,” it earned him a hard slap on the shoulder from Reina.

“I will leave you two to get comfortable. If there is anything else you need please don’t hesitate to call. I’ll come back before eight to prepare your room for dinner.” With that Aiko left the room.

As soon as the door shut behind her Reina jumped over the table, pinned her boyfriend’s shoulders to the tatami mat and sat on his chest. Before he could react Alex was trapped under her weight, his arms pinned under her knees.

“You pervert!” she said playfully, “I saw you.”

“Whaaaat?!” Alex tried to feign denial, but knew he had no defense.

“You were looking down her top.”

“Well, yes. Yes, I was, but I couldn’t help it. How could I look away when such an opportunity presents itself?”

“Uh-huh. Well, did you like what you saw?”

“I didn’t see much, but she does have a very distinct tan line across the top of breasts. Her original color is very pale. It was actually very provocative,” emphasizing “very.”

“You pig. You definitely need to be punished.” Reina slid forward on his chest until her crotch covered his face. She lifted her skirt hem over his head and pressed her panty covered crotch onto his mouth and nose, and began to grind her hips. Alex couldn’t breath and had to take a drastic step to rescue himself. He opened his mouth as wide as he could under the circumstances and bit her pussy causing her to yelp and pull back. This gave Alex the opening he needed to turn the tables. He freed his arms and flipped Reina onto her back and assumed the dominant position, holding her wrists above her head.

“A-ha, you shouldn’t start fights you can’t finish, young lady. You will just get into trouble.”

“Am I in trouble?” She asked, pretending to be sweet and innocent.

“Oh yeah, you are in big big trouble,” he said softly. Alex slid his hips down until he was lying flat on Reina. She pretended to struggle. Alex planted his lips on hers and forced her mouth open with his tongue. He released her wrists, their arms wrapped around each other in a passionate embrace. Their hands began to roam over each others’ bodies. After a minute they came up for air.

“That really hurt when you bit me, you know,” Reina said.

“Poor baby, I’m so sorry, but you were trying to kill me.”

“Just a little.”

“Should I kiss it and make it better.”

“I think that’s the only way we are going to get past this.”

Alex slid his body down to her waist and lifted her skirt. He could see a couple of teeth marks in her panties. He hadn’t realized that in his desperation to breath he had bitten her so hard. He kissed her panties several times and then pulled them down to her knees. Alex worshiped Reina’s pussy. It was the prettiest pussy he had ever seen in real life. She kept herself completely shaved, there wasn’t even any sign of stubble. Her vulva was puffy and slightly pink, and deepened to a pinkish brown around the folds of her labia. Inside her hole it was pure pink and yummy, and she always seemed to be wet. Alex loved licking between her legs, and would often spend too much time on his hobby when Reina, getting impatient, was clearly ready for his cock to be inside her.

As he moved his tongue and lips all around and inside her pussy he felt his cock straining against the confines of his khakis. It had been a long day of travel and her natural perfume was driving Alex into a fit of arousal. He was dying to be free from the constraints of his pants.

“What do you say we try on our yukatas?” he suggested. He let Reina off the floor and instinctively she grabbed onto his cock. His condition was very evident even through the thick fabric; when a cock that large gets hard it’s impossible to hide. While she kissed his mouth she unfastened his pants and pushed them to the floor. His cock was projecting out the bottom of his underwear. Reina couldn’t resist the urge to take him into her mouth. She got down on her knees and struggled to pull his underwear past the erect barrier. She placed one hand on his shaft and the other under his scrotum. She gently squeezed his balls as she licked up and down his magnificent pole. Alex could hardly contain his pleasure, he let out a big moan that surprised himself as much as Reina, and thought he would cum if she kept this up for long.

“Let’s continue this at the family onsen,” Alex proposed, hoping to delay the inevitable.

Reina saw through his veiled attempt to preserve himself, but also knew it was in her best interest for him not to spill the beans yet. “You had better not cum, young man. I have big plans for you tonight.”

They removed the rest of their clothes and stood face to face. They both had the same thought; that they were made to fuck each other. Alex thought Reina’s body was a work of art, her pale, smooth skin curved around her body like a marble sculpture. Reina thought her guy was a model of manliness. They were each like a drug to the other. Their sex was always intoxicating.

“So you are going to show me how to put this thing on, or should I call Aiko?” Alex asked, picking up his yukata.

“I thought you wanted to walk around naked.”

“Sure, but not in this condition,” gesturing to his erect penis.

Alex put on the robe and tried to wrap it around himself. His erection created a tent in the thin cotton fabric that would have been obvious to anyone in fifty meter radius. Reina began to laugh at his predicament.

“Here, let me help you.” She took the long obi and tied one end around the base of his cock. Then pushed his cock flat against his leg and wrapped the fabric belt around his leg, strapping his cock against his leg. She led the obi between his legs, up the crack of his ass and tied it back around his cock.

“There you go. Nobody will ever notice,” she said, feeling proud of her ingenuity. She took out her phone and took a picture.

“Great, but how do I keep my yukata closed.”

“Just hold it with your hand.”

“I feel ridiculous.”

“You are ridiculous. Come on, let’s go. I need to get fucked.” Reina put on her yukata and the led the way out of the room. To Alex’s relief they found their way to the family onsen encountering no one, and to Reina’s relief Alex was still hard when they arrived. The one on the right was occupied but the other was free. They locked the door and Reina freed Alex from his bondage. They hung their garments in the dressing area and went into the pool enclosure.

The area was the size of a small back yard, completely open to the sky, encircled by a 2 meter high bamboo fence and some landscaping that provided complete privacy. The hot spring itself was an oval, about four meters in diameter, with large black stones projecting through concrete and tile, some strategically placed for sitting and larger ones to create an effect of being in a Japanese rock garden. The depth of the pool was about 60 centimeters, so that while sitting one’s head was well above the surface. It was early March and the air was still quite cool, even this far south; steam was rising from the surface and quickly dissipating into the air. They got goose bumps traversing the short distance nude. They both eased into the hot spring water with little oohs and aahs as it sent waves of cozy warmth through their bodies. Alex felt his erection stiffen under the comforting sensation.

They glided towards each other through the water and embraced. Instantly Alex’s hand found its way between Reina’s thighs. He gently caressed her pussy, his fingers finding easy access into her deeper places. They kissed passionately as Alex rubbed her clit and labia, moving his hand down to her ass, his fingers exploring both holes. Reina willingly allowed him admission to go as deep he wanted, and he took full advantage. She took pleasure in the full trust she gave her lover. She began grinding on his fingers, softly moaning, she worked herself into a fervor, eager for something more substantial inside her.

“Come over here,” Alex said, “lean back on this rock.”

Alex guided her to a tall black stone built into the edge of the pool. He splashed it down with water so it wouldn’t be a cold shock on Reina’s back. He laid her onto the stone. Her spine was bent back along the curve of the stone with her hips forced out, as if she were lying on a giant ball. Her legs were forced apart by the width of the stone, exposing her pussy very nicely. Alex couldn’t resist this fabulously sexy pose. He dropped to his knees and tongue first, pressed his face firmly into her snatch and began licking her pussy with impulsive delight.

“Don’t spend too much time down there, baby, you know I want that thing inside me,” she said.

“Your satisfaction means the world to me, you know that.”

“It had better.”

Alex stood up; his cock emerged from the water shiny and wet. The sight sent a tingle of anticipation through Reina’s body, knowing she was going to feel it inside her very soon. He rubbed his cock up and down her labia, he was rock hard and she was dying to be pierced. He tried to enter her, but the spring water had made their tender skin rubbery. Alex spit into his hand and rubbed in over his purple helmet. He pressed his tool against her pussy, her vulva and labia parted. Inside her hole was naturally lubricated, so once the initial barrier was breached his cock slid in without resistance. In one slow stroke he buried his cock inside her up to his balls. Her position against the stone allowed him deep access. The feeling was so intense Reina let out a scream as she thought she would cum instantly. After a few strokes she was near climax. She lost herself to her passion and began to moan wildly as her lover’s powerful thrusts worked her into a frenzy of pleasure. She came once and wanted more, she came again and her hips were bucking violently against his cock. After her third orgasm she began to regain some self control.

“What’s that?” she said, they suddenly stopped all motion, his cock inside her. They both heard it at the same time, giggling laughter from the onsen next door. The realization they were being far too noisy and the people in the other family onsen obviously knew what they were doing dawned on them. They looked at each other in shocked silence for a moment, mouths wide open, and then burst out laughing. They wrapped their arms around each other in a mutually sympathetic hug.

Reina called over the fence, “Sorry, we’ll keep it down.”

“No problem, enjoy yourselves,” was heard back.

They spent the next 45 minutes alternately fucking, sucking and relaxing quietly in the hot water until it started getting dark and they were getting hungry. However, it was still only 7 o’clock and they had an hour before dinner, so they decided to take a walk around the grounds. They found the dining hall where they would have breakfast, and a little pavilion among some trees with a table and chairs that looked ideal for having a drink. And they would have had one if they had noticed any way of getting one.

The heat from their bath was wearing off and they were feeling cold again. They were heading back to their room when they passed the large outdoor onsens.

“This one is for boys and this one is for girls,’ Reina said, “Shall we go in to warm up?”

“Can I go in the girls’?” Alex asked.

“You can, but I’ll pretend I don’t know you.”

“Ok then, you come into the boys’. I’ll be very friendly”

“Right. Just come back out in 15 minutes, ok?”

“You’re the boss.’

“Damn straight.”

They both went into their own gender’s areas. They found these pools were much more elaborately decorated than the family onsen. There were lockers, with stacks of fluffy towels, sinks with many types of toiletries and lounge chairs. There were large tile mosaics on the walls, one was a scene of Edo period city life, the other was Mount Yufu with local wildlife. In the outdoor area it was like the family onsen, but bigger. The stones and landscaping were on a much larger scale and the pool itself was the size of two tennis courts.

There were only three other guests using the pool on the men’s side at that time. Alex sat in the water and watched the sky fill with stars as the last light of day faded. After 15 minutes he went back out front to meet Reina, but had to wait another 10 minutes before she emerged.

“Hey, what’s the big deal making me wait,” he said.

“How do you know if you appreciate me if I don’t make you wait? That was really nice in there. Was your side nice?” Alex affirmed it was.

“There were only 3 or 4 women in there. You know, I bet you could fuck me in there when it gets late and nobody would come in.”

“What if it’s really dark and I accidentally fuck the wrong girl?”

“Try not to let that happen.”

As they were walking back to their room they passed the family onsens again. Reina stopped him, “Wait, listen,” she said. The both turned an ear towards the pool. They could hear the quiet but distinct sound of a young woman in the throws of passion. They smiled at each other, kissed and walked back to their room hand in hand. They barely had a chance to sit down before Aiko came to the room to prepare the table for dinner.

Room service Japanese style is an experience. It consists of several courses served slowly, to be savored and enjoyed over hours. Each course is accompanied by its own side dishes and sauces. Everything comes in its own small plate or bowl, and the presentation of the dish is just as important as the flavor. The dishes are beautiful as well as delicious, colorful and delicate. Aiko entered the room with a large tray. She cleared the tea service from the table and laid out chopsticks, bowls of rice, long compartmented trays with several types of Japanese pickles and sauces, glasses, and a decanter of warm roasted barley tea.

“Did you have a nice day?” Aiko asked casually, as she laid out the dishes.

“Yes we did, as a matter of fact. We have been enjoying the onsens all afternoon,” Reina answered.

“They are very relaxing, aren’t they,” she said, “I can honestly say this Ryokan has the best hot springs in town.”

“So you have been to many of them?” asked Alex.

“Quite a few. We used to sneak in when we were kids”

“So you grew up in Yufuin? You look too young to be from anyplace else,” Reina added.

“Yes, born and raised right here, and I’m 19.” Alex choked on his tea. Both girls turned to look at him. He felt the need to cover for himself by blurting something out.

“Besides sneaking into hot springs and gorgeous views, this town must not hold a lot of interest for a young person such as yourself.” He felt very clever.

“It’s not so bad. There are some nice beaches not too far from here. I spent a lot of time surfing and swimming.”

“That would explain a lot,” Alex said, recalling those delightful tan lines.

“What would it explain?” Aiko asked. Alex suddenly felt uncomfortable under the girls’ stare, and wished he had kept his mouth shut. Reina knew exactly what he was referring to, but wasn’t about to come to his rescue.

“Umm, you have such strong looking shoulders, from all the paddling I guess,” he hoped that would get him off the hook for his stupidity.

“That’s mostly from swimming. I was on the swim team in high school. I’m going to Kindai University in Osaka in April on a swimming scholarship. I’m trying to a save a little money working here over the season”

“Kindai,” Reina said, being impressed, “that’s a good school. And not too far from where we live. We are from Sakai.”

“Cool. I’d better go get your first course. It’s sashimi and miso.” She rocked back on her heals and stood up in one graceful motion, turned and left the room.

“What a sweet girl,” Alex said.

“Stop it. You just want to fuck her brains out,” Reina replied, and threw a little pickle at him.

“Hey! Those thoughts are not mutually exclusive.”

“I have an idea. Why don’t you come over here and fuck me a little before she gets back.”

“Now I have three thoughts in my head.” Alex crawled around the table and pushed Reina onto her back, untied her obi and pushed her legs apart. Without untying his own he pushed his robe around to the back. He used his fingers to spread her natural lubricant over her labia and spread her vulva apart with his fingers. She put her hands on her lover’s hips ready to receive his shaft, Alex entered her with short easy strokes. After a few minutes Alex had lost his situational awareness when a rap at the door brought him back.

“Come in,” Reina shouted while Alex was still inside her. He tried to pull out, but Reina wrapped her legs around his hips to hold him inside her. The sound of the sliding door made Alex panic and he forced his escape, pulled his yukata around his body, and darted back to his side of the table. Aiko only caught the last bit of his chaotic movements. When Alex looked across the table Reina had somehow managed to retie her yukata perfectly, and was sitting upright at the table looking very calm. Alex was visibly flustered. Aiko felt an awkward silence filling the room.

“Is something going on here?” Aiko asked with a suspecting smile. Reina looked across at the sheepish expression on Alex’s face and burst out laughing. He followed suit. “Were you two being naughty?” the moment she said this she noticed that Alex had failed to wrap the yukata around his cock. It was exposed, hard and shiny from Reina’s wet pussy. Aiko’s mouth hung open, she had never seen anything that extraordinary, having only experienced the boys from her town, ones much smaller and uncircumcised. Aiko’s stare alerted Alex to his situation and he quickly covered himself and offered his apology.

Aiko didn’t know how to react, but whatever she felt she hid it well. “Oh, not at all,” she stammered out, “would you like me to come back later?”

“No please, we are very hungry,” Reina said. Aiko served the first course silently and left the room.

“You jerk,” Reina said when they were alone, “did you do that on purpose?”

“Are you kidding!? That was completely your fault. Anyway, do you think she was impressed?”

“I think she was terrified. She was about to run out of the room, the poor girl.”


“Now we have to figure out how to dispel this awkwardness between us.”

“Between you and me?”

“No, idiot, between her and us.”

“We’ll just be nice. Let’s ask her about her life in Yufuin.”

Aiko took a long time to return with the second course, which was tempura and tofu. As she laid out the dishes while Reina and Alex asked her about the pros and cons of growing up in such a rural environment. She seemed to relax and any tension they had felt before had dissipated.

“Would you like to stay and eat with us? This is more food than we could possibly eat,” Reina offered.

“I would, but I have three other rooms I need to serve. Don’t feel like you have to eat everything. The guys in the kitchen are like human garbage disposals. They’ll wolf down anything you don’t eat.”

The rest of the dinner past pleasantly and Aiko cleared away the dishes. She returned a bit later to lay out the futons. She asked if they wanted them set out separately or next to each other purely out of habit. She realized the absurdity of her question and without an answer laid them out together. When she wished them a good night Alex and Reina both thought they would like to invite her to spend the night with them, but couldn’t figure out how to make that invitation not seem perverted before Aiko left the room. They spent the next hour or so enjoying quiet intimate sex. Reina finally gave Alex permission to cum, and he let loose inside her vagina with throbbing waves of ecstatic release and a load of semen built up over a long day of fucking. They were both exhausted and fell into deep sleep immediately after.

Part 2

Reina woke to a strange sensation between her legs. Her pussy was sore, which was not unusual, but the large dose of Alex’s cum had oozed out of her pussy and smeared all over her hips and upper thighs. There was quite a large wet spot on the sheets. Her phone showed it was a little past 1 am. She needed to clean herself up, and rather than just do it in the bathroom in their room she thought she would be adventurous and sneak into one of the onsens for a midnight soak.

She put on her yukata. She thought about waking up Alex, but he was out cold and she didn’t want to be responsible for disturbing his sleep. She left the room quietly. Despite the dark night and winding paths she had no trouble finding the large outdoor baths. She was delighted to find them unlocked, in fact the door didn’t have any lock at all. Walking through the pitch black dressing area was slow going, but her eyes adjusted to the dark and to her relief she made it to the outdoor pool without banging into anything. Outside was just as dark as inside, except the night sky was full of stars. Reina could see the moon was backlighting Mount Yufu and was about to makes its appearance over the summit. She untied her yukata and let in silently drop to the ground at the edge of the pool. She slowly eased herself into the warm water and felt soothing comfort all over her body. She was about to let of a small sigh when she froze. There was a black silhouette of a man sitting on the far edge of the pool. It was unmistakable. Her first thought was to run away, but it seems he hadn’t seen her, so she kept still and watched.

He was moving slightly and making some ripples in the water. She heard his quiet moaning and thought he might be masturbating. As she tried to assess the situation she noticed there was a second body, kneeling between his legs. Reina realized he was getting a blow job. At first she felt tremendous relief her life wasn’t in danger, but her curiosity had been peaked. The amorous couple was unaware of her presence, so she continued to watch, remaining quiet and still. The provider stood up and they embraced. Between their kisses Reina could hear them whisper and giggle, but couldn’t make out what they were saying.

Reina felt herself mesmerized and aroused by the lovers. She used her fingers to seek out her own pleasure spot. At the same time she wanted to join them, but didn’t want to spoil this chance encounter, she found this voyeuristic experience deliciously salacious. She chose to remain hidden rather than risk them running away. After a few minutes she realized she risked exposure as the moon, rising over the crest of the volcano, would cast light down into the pool. She saw it would be easy enough to slide into the shadow created by a large stone. Slowly she moved, inch by inch, remaining low in the water, not making a ripple. Her new position actually brought her a little closer to the lovers, and the light of the moon cast onto the lovers made her dark concealment deeper.

The pale purple moonlight cast upon the couple revealed they were definitely a boy and girl. The girl had her back to Reina. She had a very shapely ass and a lean body, her short hair was wet and flat against her neck. Then Reina saw what both shocked and thrilled her. Across the girls back was a very distinct tan line. Was this Aiko, this passionate creature entwined with her lover? Reina was thrilled. Her mind raced, and she was filled desire and admiration for this vision of beauty, her strong body and gorgeous round ass produced a yearning in Reina she had never felt before. She wanted to make sweet passionate love with this girl. She needed to know for sure if it was Aiko. She watched and waited and rubbed her clitoris.

The couple turned. Now the moon, fully risen above the peak of Mount Yufu, cast their intertwined bodies in bright light that reflected off of their wet shimmering skin. The girl sat up on a rock and spread her legs wide apart. Reina had a perfect view of her face and body. It was indeed Aiko. She put her feet up on the edge of the pool, her pussy very exposed. It seemed tiny from Reina’s perspective; she had a small patch of black pubic hair. Her stomach was slim and smooth, her breast weren’t large but they were high on her chest and had a lovely petite round shape, the nipples were very small. Reina thought she would like to put them in her mouth. The boy stooped down in the water and began licking her pussy. Aiko threw her head back in pleasure, one hand in his hair, the other she used to support her body against the rock. Reina could hear Aiko’s soft moans, and she found herself wishing she could be the one kissing her pussy and making her moan. Reina made herself cum, and cum again.

The boy stood up, exposing to Reina his cock at full attention. Aiko reached out her hand and gave it a few strokes and then pulled it in towards her. She aimed his cock right at the opening her pussy and held it there while he pushed it inside of her. He began to pump it in and out of her body. Aiko wrapped her arms and legs around her lover and held him tightly inside her. He lifted her up by putting his hands under her ass, moved back a step and they slowly sank into the water. After another 20 minutes and Reina cumming two more times the lovers separated and got out of the pool. They were wet and glistening in the light, the contours of their bodies revealed by the reflected moonlight. They started to walk back to the changing room and Reina was sure she would be discovered. She became completely still and wondered how she was going to explain her presence. To her relief the lovers walked right past her, no more than two meters away and didn’t notice her. Reina waited another 15 minutes before going back to her room and masturbated herself to sleep with images of Aiko’s beautiful nude body.

“Good morning, my sweetness. Did you sleep well, like me?” Alex asked, rolling over with a smile, sliding under Reina’s comforter and caressing her ass. “I was down for the count.”

“Well, I woke up in the middle of the night in a pool of your sperm.”

“Really? So sorry, but you only have yourself to blame. You shouldn’t let boys cum inside you.”

“I’ll try to remember that. Anyway, I got up to wash off, but then I decided I would go out and sit in the onsen for a while.”

Really? All alone, in the middle of the night?”

“Yeah, all alone in the middle of the night.”

“The big one or the small one.”

“The big one.”

“Weren’t you scared?”

“Do you want to hear my story or not?”

“Sorry, go ahead, just, you are very brave.”

“Thank you. Anyway, it was about one o’clock and I found my way into the outdoor bath. The one we went to before, so I kind of knew the way. I got into the water very quietly I guess, then I noticed there was a couple in there having sex.”

“Really?! Didn’t they see you?” Alex released her ass and started paying closer attention.

“No, it was dark and they were preoccupied, so I guess they didn’t notice.”

“So what did you do?” Alex had a big grin on his face.

“I watched them.”


“And I touched myself,”

“I’ll bet you did. So then what?”

“Well, I couldn’t see very well, because it was so dark, but then the moon came out and lit up the whole pool.”

“Did they see you?”

“No, I was hidden in shadow, but I could see them perfectly well. Alex, I saw who it was.”

His face froze. All expression dropped from his face. “No! There is only one person we know here.”

“Exactly. It was Aiko, and that boy who carried our bags to the room. At least I think it was him.”

“You’re kidding! I’m insanely jealous. I want to see it. How was she?”

“She has the most beautiful body, she looks so soft and smooth, petite, but she is firm and athletic, like some kind of magnificent fairy leopardess.”

“Wow that must have been something. So they never saw you?”

“No, they were doing all kinds of sex things for about an hour after I got there, and then they walked out right past me. Didn’t see me at all.”

“So she doesn’t know you saw her fucking? Are you going to tell her?”

“I don’t know. It would be awkward, but I’m dying to tell what I think.”

“So what do you think?”

Reina paused to reflect on her feelings. “I have to think about that. Let’s go to breakfast. I’m starving.”

The dining hall was fairly small, comprised of separate booths with bench seating in dark polished wood, and walls between each booth for more privacy. Alex and Reina were shown to a table. A woman they’d never met before set the table for them with chopsticks, napkins and tea. Owing to their enthusiasm to greet the star of last night’s performance they were a little disappointed when Aiko wasn’t there to serve them, btu they both knew it was unreasonable to expect she would show up at breakfast glowing and vivacious. They wondered aloud if Aiko was going to be at work that day at all.

“Is Aiko working today?” Reina asked the unknown woman.

“I’m not sure. She usually works late, so she wouldn’t be coming in until later,” was her reply. They spent the rest of breakfast slightly dispirited, but it didn’t stop Alex from interrogating Reina on every detail he could glean. Reina couldn’t shake her feelings of infatuation for the girl and decided to herself that she would have to tell Aiko what she saw and how she felt. If she didn’t she might regret it for the rest of her life. She had no idea how she would say it, but she knew she would have to act boldly, and hoped Aiko would take it in the right way. She just hoped she would have the chance.

They returned to their room. All the bedding had been cleared and put back in the closet. They wondered out loud if Aiko had done it. Their plan was to spend the day in town visiting some of the shops and galleries, stopping to rest at any café they thought interesting. They went to the big onsen for a quick soak. Alex suggested the family onsen, but Reina wanted to return to the scene of the encounter to remind herself it was real, and she wasn’t feeling like getting fucked anyway. She wanted to preserve her sexual energy. They went back to the room, got dressed and headed out. They turned a corner and ran into Aiko, dressed in her yukata, on their way through the garden. Alex and Reina were visibly startled.

“Good morning, did I surprise you,” she greeted them cheerfully, “I hope you slept well?”

“We’ve already gone over that thoroughly,” was Alex’s reply. Aiko had no idea what he was talking about.

“Don’t worry, I never have any idea what he’s talking about either. We slept very well, thank you,” Reina said, “Alex, could you go wait for me in the lobby? I want to talk to Aiko.”

What he really wanted to say was “No way, this is going to be one the most prurient and awkward conversations ever, and I’m damn sure not going to miss it,” but the only part he could manage to say was, “Sure.” He left the two girls to their privacy, knowing if anything was ever going to develop he needed to leave it to Reina.

“Aiko,” Reina said, looking squarely into her soft brown eyes, “first I want to apologize. I invaded your privacy and I’m sorry.”

“What do you mean?” Aiko was clearly confused.

“I saw you last night, in the onsen.” Aiko was still at a loss. “You were making love with a boy. I had come for a late night bath and I watched you. I know I shouldn’t have, I should have just left, but I didn’t.”

It took Aiko several seconds to digest the words. At first she was in disbelief, then a chain of thoughts went through her head; she said those words, the things she said are correct, so it must be true. A wave of panic shot through her body. She stammered for words, “You saw me. I…I…it,” was all she could manage to get out before her face flushed with embarrassment. She was starting to cry.

Reina instinctive took Aiko in her arms. “Oh no, no, sweetheart, don’t cry, it’s not like that. You didn’t do anything wrong, I’m the one who did something wrong. I just wanted to tell you how beautiful I thought you were, how beautiful you are. I thought you were magnificent. You have a gorgeous body and the way you moved was so sensuous.” Reina could feel tears through her blouse. “Hey, look at me,” she continued, “sex is natural, sex is wonderful. You caught me and Alex being a little naughty at dinner last night, didn’t you?” Reina wiped her tears. Aiko looked up at her with big moist eyes and Reina felt her desire for this girl growing.

“It’s not such a rare thing in this place.” Aiko said. They exchanged a smile, “So you saw me and Kenta in the onsen? How long were you watching?”

“I’m not sure. Long enough. About from when the moon came up. I have to confess, I was touching myself. Alex came inside me and I thought the spring water might be the best way to get it out.” She thought the frank honestly might put the girl at ease.

“So your boyfriend saw me, too?”

“No, he went to sleep, but I told him about it.”

“Typical guy. Kenta went to sleep after, too.” Aiko began to relax.

“Is he your boyfriend?”

“Not really. He likes me and I let him fuck sometimes, but we’re just friends.”

“I want to ask you something. Last night, watching you, you were so radiant, you were so passionate and graceful. It stirred something in me, you were sensuousness in motion. Aiko, I want you, I want make love with you.”

Aiko was taken aback by the request. She knew she wasn’t a lesbian, but she could also admire a woman’s body and she did think Reina was a beautiful woman. She felt ashamed when Reina was telling her she saw her getting fucked, but at the same time it was exciting knowing she had been watched, desired, admired, spied on.

“Would your boyfriend be there?” she asked.

“He doesn’t have to be.”

“The reason I was there, in the onsen last night. When I came in your room his cock was showing. It was so big and hard, all last night I kept thinking about that thing, what it must be like being inside you. I wanted to touch it and kiss it. I wanted to try it inside me. I had to get Kenta to come fuck me or I would have gone crazy.”

“I can certainly understand that. I’m a big fan of that cock, too”

“I’ll come if you let him join us, and I want him to fuck me, the way he fucks you. Do you think he would do that?”

“I think I can answer for him right now. He has something of a crush on you. I’m sure he will fuck your brains out. But be careful, that cock is not for the faint of heart.”

“Ask him to be careful. Where should we meet?”

“Can you come to our room?”

“I have to serve your dinner tonight. I get off work at ten and I’ll come to your room. Please don’t say anything at dinner, just pretend like nothing is going to happen, I’d be too embarrassed. I’m already nervous.”

“Well, Alex is a man-child, but I think I can make him behave. Aiko, I can’t wait to see you tonight. You are the sweetest, cutest girl I’ve ever met.” Reina looked up and down the path and saw nobody; she gave Aiko a slow tender kiss on the lips. Aiko thought she liked it and returned her kiss.

Reina considered whether or not to tell Alex about their plans to meet Aiko that night. Ultimately she decided it would be better if he knew. Alex can be goofy and blurt out awkward things, but he also knows how to behave when he should, and she didn’t want him to say anything stupid during dinner that would make Aiko uncomfortable, moreover she just wanted him to shut up with all the questions about her conversation with Aiko in the garden.

Reina and Alex spent the day in the town. Even though Yufuin is a tourist town it is not at all gaudy, it seems more like an artist community. The town is comprised of mostly small wooden structures with lots of greenery between, situated around Lake Kinrin, with galleries featuring local artists, shops and cafes. The town is designed for walking. There are always secret treats and treasures to be found by visitors willing to explore.

They spent the morning strolling through boutiques in “flower town”, and taking silly photos of each other in the Trick Art Museum. When nobody was looking Reina exposed her breasts for a picture in front of “Venus Rising” on a dare from Alex. They had a light lunch on the terrace of a café overhanging the lake. They spent the next few hours roaming about the town, browsing shops and eating all the interesting sweets they could find. Although they were enjoying their excursion very much, both of them felt they were just passing time until that evening.

They returned to the ryokan about four o’clock, took a short nap and went to soak in the onsens for a while. They chose the big ones, as they didn’t want to spoil the anticipation of the evening by fooling around with each other, and Reina felt she would like to be alone with her thoughts for a while. After that they walked through the grounds for a few minutes and then returned to their room. They still had some time before dinner so they sat out on the balcony and tried to read. Neither of them could concentrate very long before their thoughts drifted back to Aiko.

Eight o’clock came and they almost jumped when they heard a knock at the door. Aiko let herself in, and just as the previous evening she set the table.

“Did you have a nice day?” Aiko asked. She was hoping the innocuous question would stifle her anxious feelings. Reina and Alex were glad they had something to talk about besides what they were actually thinking.

“It was very nice. We wandered around the town, shopping and eating. We saw some…,” Reina was cut off by Aiko’s question.

“Can I see it?” she blurted out, feeling instantly embarrassed by her own question. It was apparent to them what “it” meant, but they were surprised by Aiko’s bold disregard for their prior agreement. “I’ve been thinking about it all day.” Reina looked at Alex, then Aiko looked at Alex, both waiting for his response.

“Yeah, I guess so,” he said, “but it’s not hard, it’s not big like before.” But as he spoke the thought of Aiko eager gaze on his cock caused it to swell. The girls could see something growing under his yukata.

“Go ahead, Alex. Take it out for our friend,” Reina said.

Alex pulled his yukata open, exposing his semi-hard cock, and stood there for Aiko’s inspection. Alex was fastidious in his manscaping. His shaft and balls were shaved of any hair, his pubes were tamed into a short patch. The overall effect made his cock look even larger.

“My Goodness, you can take that thing inside you?” She asked Reina, still staring at the treasure.

“Yes, but I’ve had practice,” she replied, “You can touch it if you like.” Aiko and Alex were both thrilled by Reina’s offer.

Aiko walked over to Alex, still holding his yukata open, without stooping, eyes fixed on the prize, she took his shaft in both hands and gripped it tenderly. Alex became fully erect, straining against Aiko’s fingers, but he didn’t move.

“It’s magnificent,” Aiko said looking up into Alex’s eyes.

“Thank you,” he said, trying to remain as gentlemanly as possible under the circumstances. Still holding his cock she stood up on her tip toes and kissed Alex on the lips.

“Do you want to kiss it?” Reina suggested. Alex smiled. Aiko got down on her knees and pressed her lips against the head of his cock, giving it a passionate kiss. She stuck out her tongue and licked the underside of the shaft two or three times. While holding the shaft she tried to insert his cock into her mouth as deep as it would go, but barely got past the head.

“This is too much,” she gasped, removing his member from her mouth, “I’m getting so wet. I have to go. I have a lot of things to do.” She rocked back on her heals and stood up with the same graceful motion she had made before and left the room.

Aiko came back every twenty minutes or so to serve the next course, but none of them made any hint or reference as to what went on, or what was going to go on. Alex and Reina didn’t have much of an appetite, and left most of the repast to the chow hounds in the kitchen. Dinner finished and the dishes were cleared away. After a while Aiko returned to set out the futons. Without a word she laid out three futon from the closet side by side. They all smiled at each other. She told them she would be back after work, kissed them both, and left them to wait.

Ten o’clock passed, then ten-thirty, by eleven they started to worry. About eleven-fifteen a knock on the door gave them tremendous relief. Aiko entered the room dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt.

“Sorry. Kenta wanted to “hang out” with me, which means he wanted to have sex. I told him I had to go home and he insisted on walking me home. Then I had to wait for my parents to go to sleep before I could come out.”

“No problem. What counts is that you are here,” Reina said.

“I have to tell you something,” Aiko said, “I’ve never been with a woman before. I don’t know what to do. I might be bad.”

“Oh, I’m counting on you being bad,” Alex chimed in.

“And I don’t know if I can fit your cock inside me.”

“It’s ok, I’ll go slowly. I won’t hurt you, but you might get sore. Why don’t we have a safe word? If you want things to stop just say “blueberry pie.”

“Why blueberry pie?”

“You could say “fuck me harder,” but I’d get confused.”

“Ok, blueberry pie.”

“Blueberry pie.”

“Blueberry pie.” the each said in turn and laughed.

Reina walked over to Aiko and took her in her arms. She had been imagining this moment all day and now it was finally happening. She began to kiss her, lightly at first, then harder and deeper. Soon their tongues were exploring each others’ mouths. Reina released her and lifted her sweatshirt over her head. Aiko cooperated by lifting her arms. She was wearing a spandex sports bra that flattened her breasts against her chest. Reina tossed the sweatshirt on the floor and the two girls resumed their embrace. Alex moved over to them and put one hand on the back of each girl. They pulled away from their kiss and started kissing Alex in turn, first Aiko, then Reina and then the girls would kiss each other again. Alex took advantage of the girls being occupied to untie Reina’s obi and push her yukata to the floor. Reina was naked except for small pink cotton panties. Aiko stepped back to look at her body.

“You are so beautiful,” Aiko said sweetly. Reina’s body was completely white, she was more shapely and soft than Aiko, and she had well proportioned breasts with large pink nipples. She raised her hands to Reina’s hips and caressed her body, up and down the sides, over her stomach and ass, her hands came to rest with one breast in each hand. Aiko pushed them up to feel the weight and firmness and giggled, “lovely” was all she said and moved her mouth closer to kiss them. She kissed one all over and then the other. Then she began with her tongue, licking all over her nipples. Aiko could feel the nipples getting hard between her lips, “yummy,” she said and Reina kissed the top of her head.

While this was happening Alex moved behind Aiko and started kissing her neck and shoulders. He wrapped his hands around her waist, and let them course over her stomach, then he slid his hands down the front of her pants. He ran his fingers through her pubic hair and touched the fold of her pussy, he pulled them out and unfastened her jeans from behind. Bending down he dragged her pants to the floor and he helped her step out of them. At the same time Reina pulled Aiko’s sports bra over her head. Her small shapely breasts fell out, just like the night before Reina thought they were cute and girlish and she couldn’t wait to taste them. She gave each of them kisses.

Aiko was left wearing pink cotton panties almost the same as Reina’s. Alex made the girls stand side by side. “Did you plan this?” he asked, “You girls did this for me, didn’t you?” The girls laughed. “May I?” he asked. He took Reina’s panties and pulled them down just a few inches and kissed the skin as it was exposed. He did the same to Aiko, pulling down her panties slightly and licked, back to Reina, a little farther and licked. He went back and forth until both girls had their panties around their thighs and their pussies well exposed. With one hand holding each girls’ ass he forced his tongue into one pussy and then the other. Even though their legs were held together by their panties he could wedge his tongue fairly deeply into their cracks. He knew he was reaching their clitorides as the girls were responding with sighs and grinding their hips. He looked up and saw the girls kissing passionately.

“Look at this guy,” Reina said, “he thinks he can just enjoy our pussies and keep his clothes on. No way.”

“That hardly seems fair. What should we do about it?” Aiko answered. They pulled Alex to his feet and each gave him a few kisses. Reina pulled his obi and it slid off onto the floor. Both girls put their arms inside his robe and let their hands roam all over his skin, his chest, his ass, down the inner thigh and up between his legs. They squeezed his balls and shaft, they ran their fingers through the crack of his ass and pressed his anus.

“Is nothing off limits to you girls?” he asked.

“Hmmm? We’ll let you know,” Reina responded thoughtfully. They pulled the yukata off his shoulders and it fell to the floor. He was completely naked, with his cock at full attention.

“Where are your pink panties?” Aiko asked Alex, “You didn’t get the memo?”

“Uh, they’re in the wash. Maybe I can borrow yours.”

The girls got onto their knees and put their mouths on either side of Alex’s cock. They ran their lips back and forth along the rigid shaft and kissed each other every time they reached the tip at the same time. A spontaneous contest developed between them on who could take his cock deeper into their mouth. First Reina took it in, then Aiko tried to go a little deeper, then it was Reina’s turn again. This went back and forth a few times between giggles and praise. Reina was the clear winner.

“I don’t know how you expect me to last all night if you keep doing things like this to me,” Alex complained.

“My God, this is so much fun. You are so lucky, Reina, to have such a fun toy” Aiko said, “I want to see this monster in your pussy. I can’t believe you can take it.”

“Oh, I can take it all kinds of ways.”

The girls got up and let their panties slide to the floor. They each took one of Alex’s hands and led him to the futon.

“You’re up, big boy,” Reina said. She laid on the futon on her back and spread her legs. They both looked down at her pretty pink bald pussy. Alex felt the urge to engage in his favorite hobby.

“Have you ever licked a pussy before?” he asked Aiko. She shook her head. “Are you sure?” hoping for a prurient tale of pubescent experimentation from her past.

“No, I think I would remember that.”

“Here, let me show you.”

He pulled Aiko down beside him onto the futon between Reina’s legs. They brought their faces close to her pussy. Alex spread her vulva apart with his fingers.

“This is the best place to lick,” indicating her clitoris. He gave it a few strokes of his tongue. “Here, you try.” Aiko was a bit hesitant, but felt the urge to try. She brought her lips close and took a long lick.

“Oh, not bad. I thought it would be kind of smelly, but it’s nice.” She resumed the task with more enthusiasm.

“Oh, you are good, sweetie,” Reina half moaned.

“What!? Better than me?” Alex pretended to be offended.

“No, baby. Nobody is better than you.”

“That’s nice, but I want to see you fuck her.” Aiko said.

“I’m here to please,” Alex said. Aiko moved from between Reina’s legs and Alex positioned his hips above his girlfriend’s. He supported his weight on his hands and knees, his cock hanging down.

“Would you be kind enough to guide me in?” he asked Aiko. Aiko took his cock in her hand and lined it up with the opening of Reina’s pussy. Alex pressed his cock against her vulva.

“Wiggle it around a bit. Get her juice all over the tip.” Aiko rubbed in up and down her labia until it glistened with her wetness. Alex pressed harder and breached the opening. His cock slid in a bit, then he pulled it out and pushed it in farther, making sure the shaft got well lubricated at each step. Reina was extremely wet. Aiko was mesmerized watching his thick pole disappear into her pussy. He achieved full penetration and pushed harder. Reina let out a big moan.

“Are you cumming?” Aiko asked.

“Soon,” Reina replied.

“Tell me when you do.”

Aiko lay down next to Reina and nestled herself under her arm. She put one hand on Alex’s ass and rubbed it as he stroked Reina, the other hand she used to rub her own pussy. She kissed Reina’s breast. Reina’s moans and sighs got increasing louder.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” she announced after a few minutes, Alex increased his stroke rate. Aiko turned over, planted her lips on Reina’s mouth and kissed her deeply while Reina came. Reina’s hips started bucking upward to meet Alex’s thrusts. Aiko had made herself cum, too. After a few seconds the frenzy died down.

“Wow, that was huge,” Reina exclaimed, laughing in a release of tension.

“It’s my turn. I want to try,” Aiko said, “but please, slowly.”

Reina sat up and motioned to Aiko to come near. She made Aiko lay between her legs with her back on her chest, so Aiko’s head was resting between her breasts. Reina grabbed Aiko’s knees from underneath, pulled them up and apart so her pussy was spread open wide. Reina reached her hand around and rubbed her pussy up and down, sliding her fingers in and around, smearing her wetness all over her pussy, making sure she was well lubricated. Alex, standing by, could see her pussy was too small. He had had some difficult experiences with tiny pussies before, and it usually ended up in frustration and disappointment.

“Ok, I’m ready,” Aiko said. She turned her head and kissed Reina, “That’s for good luck.”

Alex moved between Aiko’s legs so his cock could touch her pussy. He rubbed the head of his cock all around, between her dark vulva and the opening of her pussy. He could feel everything down there was getting very slippery. Alex was terribly excited to be inside this little cutie, he had imagined what she was like from the moment she first introduced herself.

He pressed a little to see how easily the opening would give way, it yielded a little, so he lined up his shaft with her hole and pushed, gently at first then a little harder, then harder. He could see the grimace on Aiko face and wondered if he was hurting her.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

Aiko sucked in air, “Yeah, keep going.” Reina reached around her and with both hands pulled her labia apart. Critical pressure was achieved and the purple helmet slipped in. Aiko gasped and started breathing heavily.

“Are you ok?” Alex repeated. Aiko nodded fervently between gasps. He pushed the shaft farther in, Aiko screamed in a combination of pleasure and pain.

“I have to take it,” she shouted out, “put it all in, it’s so huge.” With short strokes he managed to get his cock buried inside her tiny pussy. He felt the head of his cock pushing against Aiko’s cervix. Her narrow passage squeezed his cock and he felt her pussy contracting around the base of his shaft. She seemed to go crazy at this new sensation. She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around Alex’s torso and held him to her body. “This is so good. Fuck my pussy.”

Alex started stroking her pussy, slowly, straight in and straight out, nothing fancy yet. Without releasing her grip, Aiko pressed her lips firmly on Alex’s mouth. Discovering she could take his whole cock he began to apply some directional thrusts. He angled his cock up and down, side to side, in circles, all his best moves, and she took it all.

“What do you think?” Reina asked.

“This is so good,” was her answer, “You are so lucky. I want him to fuck me all night.”

“You’re going to have to share, sweetheart,” Reina got up and let Aiko lay back. Alex repositioned himself and was able to push his cock in deeper.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum,” Aiko gasped. She redoubled her clinch, moaned loudly and pressed her hips into Alex as she felt waves of pleasure flowing from her pussy through her entire body. Alex felt her pussy pulsing rapidly around the base of his cock and felt he would cum if he didn’t take evasive maneuvers. He tried to pull out.

“No, don’t take it out,” Aiko pleaded, “It feels so nice. Let me squeeze it for a while.”

“If I stay in there I’m going to cum,” was his defense.

“Ok, don’t cum inside me, please. I don’t have any protection,” she said and released Alex from her grip. Alex rolled over and lay next to her. Reina brought them water and lay down on the other side of Aiko.

“Those are some very impressive tan lines,” Alex said, tracing them with his finger.

“Usually they fade over winter, but I went on a surfing trip to Australia over New Years. It was my graduation trip,” she explained, “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” Reina said.

“Last night at dinner when I came in and saw Alex’s cock, you guys were fucking, right?”

“Yes. I mentioned that” Reina said.

“Yes, but did you want me to catch you?”

“I thought it might be fun. What would you have done if you had?”

“Probably run away and never come back.”

“I’m very glad you came back.”

“Me too.”

“Me too,” added Alex.

Reina turned on her side and began kissing Aiko, her hands caressed her breasts and stomach. Aiko was growing more comfortable with the idea of sharing sexual pleasure with another woman. Alex turned and started kissing Aiko’s breasts, his hand moved down to her pussy where his fingers found her clitoris. Aiko, with one hand grabbed Alex’s cock and with the other slid her fingers into Reina’s pussy. They gently touched and kissed each other until the girls came again.

It was well past 1 am when Alex suggested they go to the onsen. Reina’s de***********ion of Aiko’s body in the moonlight was something he wanted to see for himself and was eager to reenact the scenes. They were both surprised when Aiko suggested they walk to the onsen naked. They rolled up their yukatas, put them under their arms and left the room.

They tried to be quiet, but their self imposed exhibitionism made the girls giggle relentlessly as they walked. The cold night air was both chilling and stimulating. The girls clung to each other for warmth as they walked. Alex periodically patted each girl on the ass, his penis flapping back and forth at every step. They made the onsen without discovery or incident. The moon had already risen, casting the pool in pale purple light. They quickly lowered themselves into the water, after a few seconds of feeling relief from the cold they gravitated together like magnets and the three embraced.

“Would you do something for me?” Alex asked Aiko, “Last night when Reina saw you she said you were sitting over there with your legs up. Would you sit like that for me?”

“You are a naughty boy. You think I’m just your sex toy?” Aiko replied and moved to the edge of the pool. “I’ll be your sex toy. Like this?”

“Put one foot here and the other here, so your legs make an “M” shape.” Aiko obliged. Her dark little pussy was exposed and spread apart. The moonlight shining directly between her legs.

“That’s perfect,” Alex lowered himself in the water and moved between Aiko’s thighs. He began giving her pussy long powerful licks, driving his tongue deep into every fold and hole. He was in a frenzy of ecstasy, experiencing this delicious young woman. Aiko had never had a tongue in her asshole before, but she decided she really like it. The sensation tickled her ass and she squealed with pleasure.

Reina nudged Alex out of the way, “It’s my turn,” she said. Reina traced every feature of Aiko’sr pussy with her tongue, down to her asshole and back up again. “You’re pussy is so cute.”

Alex moved behind Reina and entered her pussy from behind. Reina open her mouth and spread her lips around Aiko’s entire vulva, making a seal and applied suction until Aiko’s pussy filled her mouth, her tongue was stroking her clitoris in every direction. Aiko thought the feeling was incredible and involuntarily pumped her hips against Reina’s mouth as she had another orgasm, Reina soon followed.

“Oh my God, this is too good,” Aiko said, “You guys have ruined me for sex. I don’t know if my poor little pussy can take it, but would you fuck me one more time, Alex.”

“It would be my pleasure,” he said. Reina got up and sat on a stone nearby to watch, her hand was already rubbing her own pussy. Alex stood up with his cock fully erect and stepped towards Aiko. She bit her lower lip in anticipation. She was no longer frightened of the huge member, but was only thinking of the pleasure it would provide her. Alex kissed her on the mouth, and she spread her legs a little wider to accommodate his hips. He lined up his shaft with the tiny opening and gently wiggled his way inside.

“My pussy is sore, but this feels so good,” she said. Alex began stroking her pussy, slow and fast and back to slow again. Aiko was in ecstasy. Alex thought she had cum a few times as her pussy was pulsing around his cock incessantly. She was moaning and clung tightly to Alex with her cheek pressed against his chest. After a few minutes of riding up to the edge and backing off, Alex couldn’t take it any longer.

“I’m going to cum, I’m cumming,” he said, surprisingly calmly under the situation.

Aiko clung harder. “Cum inside me, I want your cum inside me,” she said frantically. Alex struggled to break free and managed to extract his tool before he shot his load harmlessly into the water. After he was drained he slid his cock back inside Aiko and stroked gently. Her pussy was making strong contractions around his cock.

“Sorry, I remembered what you said before,” Alex said while giving her tender caresses.

“Thank you,” she said breathlessly, “I was getting carried away.”

Alex’s cock deflated and fell out of her pussy. Reina came over to them and they all shared a group hug with kisses passing between them. They looked at each other, communicating it was time to go with just their eyes. They got out of the water and decided to put on their yukatas for the walk back. They could see the first light of day creeping over Mount Yufu as they walked through the garden. They passed an elderly couple on their way to the onsens. They exchanged “good mornings” with them, and then the three started laughing together.

At their room Aiko changed back to her sweatshirt and jeans.

“I have to go. My parents will be waking up soon. I don’t want to have to explain anything to them. God, my pussy is sore.”

“I still get sore too,” Reina replied, “It goes away in a day or two.”

“Yeah, but then I’ll need to have his cock again,” she said, grabbing Alex’s cock and giving it a little squeeze, “I’m not working tomorrow so I won’t see you again.”

“You are moving to Osaka for school, aren’t you? We can see you then,” Alex said.

“I’m going next month with my mother to find a small apartment for me. Maybe we can meet.”

Reina made sure Aiko had their email and phone numbers, Aiko gave hers. They had one last hug and a few kisses and then she left. They were all thinking that they had had an experience they would cherish forever.

Reina and Alex didn’t see Aiko on her apartment hunting trip to Osaka as the girl couldn’t possibly get away from her mother. After she moved to Osaka they met once and went out to dinner. They tried sleeping together again, but it wasn’t the same. It seems they couldn’t recapture the passion and adventure of that magical night in Yufuin. Aiko became busy with school and swim practice, so she had very little free time. Eventually she found a nice boyfriend of her own. She introduced him to them when she brought him over for Thanksgiving dinner. They didn’t see her for more than a year that. Reina ran into her in town when she was doing some Christmas shopping. Aiko was very pregnant. Reina confessed that she was pregnant, too, but Alex didn’t know yet. They promised they would get their kids together for play dates. As Reina walked away she remembered that she loved her.

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