Working At The Book Store

I (F20) was 18 at that time and working for a bookstore. It was in the local mall. I was a senior in high school at the time.

A guy I worked with there was 19 and went to college. Kinda nerdy but also good looking.

I was a virgin except for BJs. I had given my ex boyfriend many BJs over the 2 years we dated. So I wasn’t too bad at giving head

At work I’d jokingly flirt with the 19 year old guy I worked with. Till one night it was just both of us there.

We were in the backroom. I was in my knees and he unbuttoned his pants. I held his tighty whities down just far enough to get his dick out. A really sat hard dick he had!

I gave him head in the backroom as customers were shopping in the store! And then he bended me over and slide it in my hole gently, but as he keeps on banging me like a jack hammer it didn’t take long for him to cum inside of me.

He positioned himself in his tighty whities then pulled his pants back up. As I made sure my hair was fine and no cum was on me he went to wait on a few customers

When I came out of the back I felt so naughty and slutty.

I gave him head pretty regularly for 5 months. I worked 3 or 4 days a week and every day I worked I blew him in the back. Or in his car after we closed.

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