Work Friends

Alex and Samantha were more similar than they realised. Both were fresh out of university, eager to impress their superiors and both, new to city living.
It was a warm Tuesday evening in late spring, one of the first of the year where bars and pubs would be full of city workers, keen to forget the pressures of their lives, drinking late into the night.
Normally Alex and Samantha would have no reason to work together, working under separate teams on different projects.
This day was different, a particularly notorious client had requested an update on a project overdue and over budget that affected them both. Their respective managers had both informed them individually that they were needed to work late with each other, to achieve the update. With both of them eager to please, they agreed almost instantly, knowing completing the update effectively would earn much needed brownie points with each of their superiors.
The day rolled on as normal until 5pm, as people began to filter out Alex and Samantha made their way to the conference room that had been booked on their behalf to complete the work.
When Alex strolled in carrying his laptop and notebook along with a fresh cup of coffee Samantha was already there, sat in the middle of the conference table that dominated the room. Alex immediately recognised Samantha as someone he had noticed in the office as unassuming and quiet, but with the confidence of a woman that knew she would achieve.
As Alex walked into the room Samantha was oblivious to his presence, engrossed in gathering the data necessary to complete the report quickly so she could still see some friends at a favourite bar just down the road. It wasn’t until Alex put his laptop and notebook down that Samantha looked up, immediately noticing his piercing blue eyes and blonde hair, with a dashing smile to match.
Attraction was almost immediate for both of them, but there were more pressing matters at hand, neither wanted to stay late and both wanted the brownie points. They exchanged pleasantries with each other and quickly began to share the workload, both typing up parts of the report individually while making occasional small talk, mainly related to it being such a shame they couldn’t enjoy the warm evening.
Well over an hour had passed by this point, with the building clearly largely deserted by this point, most of the motion sensor activated lights now dark, leaving their one conference room as a beacon of light in an otherwise barren office block.
Whilst making progress with his part of the report Alex was also partially distracted by Samantha. Every few minutes he had dared to glance in her direction, this was the first time he had been near her for any length of time and he was increasingly seeing the attraction he felt towards extended further than admiring how she carried herself.
Below black rimmed glasses sat emerald green eyes that contrasted perfectly with her dyed red hair, further captivating anyone that spoke to her for any length of time. Samantha was attractive in the way that an English rose was a beautiful flower, elegant, soft, proud. Alex was utterly captivated and keen to discover whether the attraction was mutual.
Unbeknown to Alex, it was. Samantha had quickly caught on to his gaze, quietly enjoying his eyes on her, admiring her. She had been attempting to think of small talk for a lot of the time they had spent in the room together, wanting to tread the line between professional and flirty without over stepping her mark. Not being able to think of anything suitably witty, Samantha continued her work, hoping Alex would be braver than she was.
It didn’t take much longer for Alex to decide that he should engage in small talk, wanting to make the environment comfortable for them both to work in as well as steer the conversation in a way which he hoped he might benefit from.
“It’s a bit shit we’re stuck in here on the first nice evening of the year, were you meant to be anywhere?” Alex said, attempting to keep his voice as casual as was possible.
“Well I was hoping to drink more than I should for a Tuesday and make a fool of myself trying to sing Celine Dion” Samantha quipped back in an instant, catching Alex off guard and causing a hearty laugh to escape him, immediately dispelling any awkwardness left in the room.
Their small talk continued as the work rate began to slow, the conversation between them taking precedence over the need to finish the report.
By this point it was becoming more personal than professional as they shared stories about how they came to work in the building, their university degrees as well as where they liked to go to unwind.
As conversation flowed it became quickly apparent they had a lot in common, sharing interests in music and film among other things. The conversation began to slow slightly as they both realised they had a job to do, soon becoming engrossed in the report that really needed completing if either of them were to get any amount of time at home that evening.
“Fucking hell, this is boring” Alex exclaimed a short time later, fed up of the now 12 hours he had spent in the office.
Samantha leant back from her screen and stretched, giving Alex an unintended glimpse at her red lace bra beneath her blouse. Noticing Alex’s gaze she smiled slightly, holding the stretch a little longer than needed.
“I’ve got an idea, do you want to play a game rather than do this shitty report?” Alex was feeling brazen by now, spurred on by the glimpse of Samantha’s underwear.
“Yeah why not, what do you have in mind?” Samantha asked, wondering what exactly could be fun to play in a conference room on the 15th floor of an office block
“How about a classic game of truth or dare, always a winner” Alex said, his heart thumping as he took a risk asking a colleague to play truth or dare alone with him
“Sure, why not” Samantha purposefully smirked as she answered, knowing she was letting her professional guard down slightly
“Ok then, Truth or dare” Alex asked swiftly not to lose the moment
“Truth” Sam answered, not wanting to push the boundaries too much
“Damn, I was definitely hoping for dare” Alex said almost in a whisper, noticing Samantha had relaxed more.
“Right, nice and easy, what’s your favourite colour?” Alex asked it calmly, not wanting to offend
“Oh come on, at least make it juicy, purple” Samantha’s professionalism was beginning to disappear as she realised she was madly attracted to Alex, the heat she could now feel between her legs further giving it away.
“Ok then little miss big bollocks, your turn”
“Truth or dare” Samantha held eye contact with Alex as she said it, letting her eyes entice him further
“Truth” Alex didn’t break eye contact, his voice slightly husky as he replied.
Not wanting to push too hard Samantha pondered for a few seconds before settling on her question;
“What colour is your underwear?”
Alex pondered the question for a few seconds, debating in his head whether it was appropriate to answer completely honestly. He decided he didn’t have much to lose, “I’m not wearing any, too warm”
Alex’s response caught Samantha off guard, her face blushing slightly as a grin spread across his face, knowing his response had sent a shiver down her spine.
Composing herself in her head Samantha wanted to play it cool, simply responding “fair play, it’s a hot day. Your turn”
Alex could see clearly now that Samantha was attracted to him, an opportunity he didn’t want to miss.
“Truth or dare”
Alex’s response this time was definitely loud enough to be heard, booing in a jovial way toward Samantha with a smile, pushing her to risk more. He took a moment to pick his question, not wanting to ruin the sexual tension that had been building steadily.
“When was the last time you had sex?” Alex was attempting to assess his chances with Samantha, hoping they wouldn’t be dashed.
“Is too long ago a good enough answer?” They both laughed as Samantha answered yet their eye contact remained, leading Alex to believe this was something Samantha wanted to change, hopefully soon.
“Hope you live up to your booing now Alex, truth or dare”
Alex’s response was almost too quick as his heart began to race and his trousers began to tighten, the sexual tension leading to arousal, “dare”
Samantha had to think, it was obvious they wanted each other at this point, it was just about who would cave first.
“Come on Samantha, I haven’t got all day” Alex said with a smirk, goading her.
Samantha rose to her feet, walking round the table to where Alex was sitting as he span in his chair to face her. It was the first time Alex had seen her full form, he was enthralled. Her legs were smooth and shapely, the skirt she wore clinging to her figure like a glove, the black pointed heels further accentuating her figure.
Samantha leaned next to him on the table, pondering for a moment before saying two words, “show me”
“What?” Alex exclaimed not knowing what she meant.
“Your underwear, or lack of, prove it” Samantha’s stare felt as though it was going into his soul thought Alex as he felt himself blush before quickly composing himself, not wanting to seem nervous.
In reality, he was. He knew how risky it was to expose himself at work, to a woman he barely knew, all of the potential consequences swirling in his head like a tornado. He was quickly bought back to reality by Samantha, her equally jovial booing now filling his ears.
Without a word, he stood up in front of her, now realising he was 4-5 inches taller than she was and nearly twice as broad. Samantha noticed it too, trying to contain the adrenaline shooting through her body, surely making her cheeks and face turn scarlet.
Alex hesitated momentarily before pulling his shirt from his trousers, fumbling with his belt slightly before removing it from the loops on his trousers and placing it on the table next to him. He began to undo the button on his trousers and slowly undid the zip, watching for Samantha’s gaze to slip south, hoping that it would.
Samantha’s entire body felt on fire, the pure lust she was feeling like nothing that she had experienced before, a mixture of the setting, person and time since she’d last felt the sensation of being manhandled.
Any nerves that Alex had felt before were well and truly gone, the red hue to Samantha’s face being a clear indicator of her arousal, his cock growing increasingly hard being a clear indicator of his. He pulled his trousers down slowly, allowing his cock to spring free, immediately standing at attention inches from Samantha’s left leg.
They both stood there, holding their eye contact, Alex’s long and thick cock free from the confines of his trousers, his desire to feel her touch almost overwhelming him.
Samantha pondered her next move, wondering whether to take the lead or let Alex be the first to break rank.
She could no longer resist and broke his eye contact, staring down at his cock, neat trimmed pubic hair at the base of his shaft, his thickness and length immediately making her realise it was the biggest she had seen, compared to the two other men she had slept with previously. She instinctively bit her lip with excitement as she stared at him, his gaze still firmly on her face.
She reached her hand out, desperate to touch him, to have him fuck her like she was the last person on Earth. Alex gasped as her fingers wrapped round his shaft, tugging slightly as he felt primal desire begin to surge through his body like a tidal wave.
Before Samantha could realise what was happening Alex was against her, his hands gripping her hips and pulling her toward him, their lips meeting for the first time.
The kiss that followed was raw, passionate, unashamedly sexual. Samantha was tugging at Alex’s hair, biting his bottom lip and clawing at his back, desperate for more, desperate for every inch of his body.
Alex pulled back and began to undress as quickly as he could manage, removing his shoes and partially pulled down trousers, quickly followed by his shirt and tie. Samantha was following suit, pulling down her skirt revealing nude stockings, her blouse revealing her lacy red bra, perfectly framing her breasts, the part of her body she was particularly fond of.
By this time Alex was fully naked, stood in front of her, watching, engrossed in her now nearly naked form. She held eye contact with him again as she reached behind her back and undid the bra, allowing it to fall to the ground revealing her breasts, giving away one of her best kept secrets, the nipple piercings she’d had since the second week of turning 18.
Alex grinned like a Cheshire Cat, in awe of Samantha, her supple breasts calling to him as if he was being called by a siren. She had chosen to keep her stockings and heels on, only furthering the burning desire within Alex to take this woman, to fuck her like he’d never fuck again.
As he pulled her back in he grabbed at her left breast with enough force for it to send a jolt of pleasure through Samantha, her body writhing in pleasure at his touch. Her hand returned to his cock hungrily, eager to reciprocate the pleasure she was feeling.
The next few minutes were a blur of kissing, groping, moaning. Samantha was keen to take it to the next level and pushed Alex away into the wall of the conference room. He looked flustered as she walked towards him, dropping to her knees in front of him with a wink.
She was eye level with his cock now and could fully appreciate his size, the head of his cock already covered in a thin film of precum. She couldn’t tease herself anymore, she was craving his taste.
Samantha’s first lick of his cock caused every muscle in Alex’s body to tense, every part of him reacting to her touch. Within seconds she was sucking him fully, alternating between dragging her tongue up the full length of his smooth shaft and filling her mouth with his cock. You could see her desire to please as she greedily sucked him, grabbing at his hips and pulling him deeper, desperate to take as much of him as she could manage.
Alex could feel his pleasure building rapidly, building to a crescendo. Alex was keen to make the experience last longer than a blowjob, whilst being as equally keen to reciprocate the pleasure he had been feeling.
He lightly nudged Samantha off of his cock, a trail of her saliva being left on the end of his cock. She stood and he kissed her deeply, grabbing at her pert arse as he pushed her back into the table, allowing her to sit fully. Alex began to kiss down her neck and across her collar bones. He paid close attention to her breasts, sucking and pulling at her pierced nipples, her hands scratching at his shoulders leaving deep pink marks that she knew would last for days.
Alex kissed her stomach before changing tact and kissing her calves, slowly upwards towards her now visibly soaked pussy. Samantha craved his tongue, the feeling of his stubble against her inner thighs as he tasted her wetness.
She removed her panties as best she could with his help and exposed her bald pussy to him, the wetness shining in the fluorescent lights of the conference room. Alex wasted no time in tasting her, lifting his tongue the full length of her pussy, feeling her hips buck from his touch. He licked tentatively at first, wanting to build her pleasure, to push her to the edge of orgasm before allowing it to flow over her, to envelope her fully.
He didn’t need to wait long until she was on the edge of orgasm, her thighs gripping tightly around his head, pushing him deeper, forcing his tongue deep in her throbbing pussy. He felt her pussy contract around his tongue, her moans filling the otherwise quiet building, the vice like grip of her thighs not wanting the pleasure to stop. Her moans turned to heavy breathing as she lay back on the table, the cool wood helping to bring her back to the real world as he stood, savouring the taste of her pussy on his lips.
She looked at him with her emerald eyes, full of desire, desperate for me.
“Fuck me” Samantha uttered between deep panting breaths as Alex came close to her again, his still wet cock lining up perfectly with her opening, like it was always meant to be.
Without hesitation he slowly guided himself into her, the sensation causing them both to moan in unison. Slowly Alex began to thrust, easing Samantha into taking the full length of his throbbing cock. She lifted her legs to rest them on his hips as he began to quicken his thrusts, slow sensual sex slowly turning into an animalistic fucking that neither would ever forget.
Alex grabbed her hips, desperate to fuck harder as Samantha writhed and moaned in pleasure, her orgasms beginning to merge into one continual feeling of ecstasy.
She wanted his cum, covering her, marking her and she made sure to tell him.
“Cum for me Alex, cover me in cum”
Alex could not manage a response other than a gutteral groan, his own orgasm now close to being fulfilled. Their moans got louder and quicker, his cock beginning to throb uncontrollably. He pulled out seconds before the first string of hot cum shot up her stomach, before several more followed covering her stomach and chest in his load, Alex’s entire body tensing as he came.
Minutes passed as they both struggled to regain control of their breathing, Samantha still laying on the table whilst Alex leant against the wall.
They locked eyes as Samantha sat up before they both uttered “wow” at almost the same time, both suddenly aware that they were in a conference room after fucking at work.
Despite this the smiles didn’t leave their faces for the rest of their time in the room, the sudden realisation that the project update still needed completing and the warm spring evening had now become night, the clock reading 8:30pm.
They worked almost in silence to finish the report, hitting send on the email to their respective bosses within 30 minutes before gathering their belongings and walking out of the building hand in hand, into the warm night.

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