Withheld sex from my boyfriend so he’d take it from me

Me and my boyfriend have sex almost everyday. He eats me out most mornings. One week i felt like making it more fun so i just told him i didn’t really want it. At first he thought i was mad but i was just playing with him a little. I’d even tease him a little and do foreplay with him but withhold sex.
After a few days, it was a Friday night, which is when we always have sex. He asked me what was up and said how can we miss out on the best night. I told him “i’ve been acting like this hoping you’d force it on me and i’d put on a fight. I want you to take it from me”.. He pinned me down. I told him “not going to happen” and he immediately reached down and just pulled my underwear down, pulled out his cock which was already hard and held me there. I was squirming and giggling, trying to playfully resist. He held me there while i struggled for a few minutes while rubbing his cock on me, getting me wet. By the time he put it in i was so horny I left scratchmarks on his back. The sex was so good and it was like the tension built up over those few days make it 10x better than usual.

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