Witch Hex by WildUntammedFluffy

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Coughing and eyes stinging the small boy tried to wave the blue smoke away.

“Taro? What are you doing?” came the suspicious voice of his master.

Kendra walked in and with a click of her fingers her gold bracelets jingled while at the same time cleared the noxious clouds. A quick survey of the scene told her all she needed. A table with an assortment of strange vials shimmered under the dim light of the candles. Next to these a strange amulet with a sold blue spherical crystal orb and a tiny glass cage occupied by a large green lizard. The poor lizard scurried and desperately clawed at the sides for a an escape but did so in vain. The small boy backed away from the table wearing his sparking purple wizard robes and tall pointy hat.

Taro held his hands behind his back and looked sheepishly down at his feet. He shuffled his feet awkwardly as he answered his master. “Just a little magic…”

The witch Kendra crossed her arms and looked sternly at the boy. The candle light flickered in her black eyes and shone on her long black hair and earrings. The naughty boy would certainly need a lesson for this.

Making up her mind she walked to a shelf with many more strange devices. Any of which would most likely be unpleasant if she want it to be. She reached her hand out and flicked the light switch. With the lights on the room light up losing its gloom.

“My dear boy,” said Kendra as she approached the small boy.

Taro continued to look at his feet and Kendra snapped her fingers for his attention. “Look at my nose,” she said pointing to her slender nose. Her way of getting him to make eye contact. He looked into the kind eyes of his mother. His eyes were a warm brown unlike his mothers dark black eyes. She was not old but no longer young either. The eyes had just the hint of wrinkles appearing around the edges and her smile had permanent laugh lines.

Now that she had his attention Kendra continued, “what have I told you about magic?”

He started to look away again and she snapped her fingers for his attention. “I ain’t suppose to do magic without adut supvison.”

“You are not suppose to do magic without adult supervision,” she corrected him. “Pronunciation is important too. Also the candles and wizard robes are not needed.”

“But I am a wizard,” protested the little boy puffing up his chest with pride.

“Not yet you’re not and even so wizards do not need robes. Now off with that hat,” she said.

“Ok,” he said a little sad. He took off his hat revealing his short messy red hair and gold studded earrings. Unlike her son Kendra did not wear fancy robes when doing magic unless she had a customer. She was perfectly content in a blouse and a knee length skirt. She liked her jewelry but dressing up, there were occasions to dress up, but certainly not for the casual every day wear.

“Well since you are so eager for magic right now, show me what you were doing,” waving her hand.

Taro beamed with delight only too happy to show her. He rushed to the lizard in the cage again and furrowed his brow in concentration. He then clapped once.


Another blue cloud swallowed the boy and the lizard.

Now coughing with her son Kendra snapped her fingers and cleared the smoke again.

“Well,” she choked. “You are getting closer. It is still a lizard but it has changed color at least.”

The once green lizard scurried frantically in it’s new blue scales. “It is more than knowing what you want to change it into. You must also consider what needs to change in order to make any sort of transformation.”

She snapped her fingers and a small puff of pink smoke appeared where the lizard once stood. Now replaced by a turtle. She snapped again and with another puff of pink smoke emerged a skink. Another snap a gecko and with one final snap the green lizard returned.

Taro watched the transformations with his mouth hanging open and eyes wide. He loved watching his mother’s transformations. However, when the lizard returned his shoulders sagged and he let out a sigh.

“I’ll never get it,” he said.

“Oh you will. It just takes practice. You have only been doing it for few months. I have been doing it for years,” said Kendra. “Besides a lizard is a bit too intelligent for you at this point. The smarter the subject the harder they are to change. If too smart you may even need their essence and even their permission if too intelligent.”

“Esensnse?” wrinkling his face at the strange word.

“Essence. We will speak more of this later. Why don’t you take a break. Come with me I will make us some lunch and tell you a story about it.”

“A magic story?” eyes lighting up again.

“Yes,” she put the lizard back in it’s proper cage.

“A real one?” with more excitement.

“Yes,” she put out the candles with another snap.

“One of yours?” he jumped around.

“Yes,” smiling at the child’s delight then turning out the lights she led the child out.

“What it be bout?” the questions seemed endless.

“Hmmm, how about you?” they entered the kitchen.

“Bout me? Wow, I didn’t know any magic stories bout me,” he stopped his jumping to ponder the idea.

Kendra laughed. “Well I have one. I am going to leave out some of the details for now but this one is about you.” She reconsidered for a moment, “kind of at any rate.” She opened the fridge for some vegetables to start lunch and began her tale.


Cale had missed the bus so, he walked home however, this did not bother him in the slightest. With the sun shining and the birds chirping, he could not have asked for a better day for a walk. Not to mention the bus did not really save him much time any way. About half way home he passed the purple and gold shop sign ‘Magic for all Occasions’. Cale had passed the place many times but never gone in. Not because he did not believe in magic but mainly on account when he passed the place he had always been in a car or a bus. Except for today. He had not planned on going in at all and had just passed the shop when he remembered something. Months back he had won a small prize for an art contest for Halloween. A one time redeemable fortune telling at ‘Magic for all Occasions’. Not sure if he even still had it, he opened his wallet searching for the ticket. After a moment he found the pink card. A bit wrinkly but legible and it did not appear to have an expiration date. He turned around and headed back to the shop. Why not? It could be worth a laugh, he thought. Not like he had anything else going on today.

He opened the shop door and a small bell jangled as he entered. Dimly lit and shelves full of oddities he entered. Among the shelves he saw decks of cards, some normal some not, beginners magic trick kits and so on. The further in the more interesting the items became. Crystal balls, magic wands, strange vials, and ingredients claiming to be all kinds of things ranging from bore bristles to barnacle slime. Then there were the books. ‘Improve your luck in five easy steps’, ‘Potions 101’, ‘Anti-Magic, Prevent Hexes and Curses’, and the last one he read, ‘A Magic Guide to True Love’. Hard to believe people were gullible enough to buy any of this. He would have kept going but he heard a pleasant voice call to him.

“Can I help you?” asked what he guessed to be the shop keeper.

He turned to see a lady in a long black dress and a purple shawl. She had large hoop earrings, many gold bracelets, and a strange amulet with a sold blue spherical crystal orb. She kept her long and black and tied back with a purple and yellow scarf. Her eyes were dark like her hair but they appeared friendly like her smile.

“Um, yes,” said Cale as he fiddled with his fingers. “I have this one time redeemable fortune ticket.”

She frowned as she thought, “really? I did not think there were any left. Where did you get it?”

“An art contest,” he said.

“Awe yes, I remember. There were several prizes awarded for that. Which was yours?” said Kendra as she looked up recalling the contest.

“I did the Cerberus one,” Cale replied.

“Oh, I did like that one,” she said with a smile. “Well let’s see that ticket.”

As he fumbled for the ticket he dropped his ID. His ears turned pink as he bent down to retrieve his ID. The shop keeper was quicker. She picked up the ID and handed it over but not before reading the name Cale Wiccan.

“Sorry,” he said trying to avoid letting his voice squeak.

“No, problem,” she said pleasantly as they exchanged ID and ticket.

Although worn and wrinkled it was legible and she recognized it as one of hers. She looked up from the ticket to study the boy more closely. He was young for sure, simple attire blue jeans and T-shirt, dark hair not quite black but close, warm brown eyes, nervous, and an aura of skepticism. Nothing she had not seen before.

“What is your name boy?” the lady asked. Though she already knew it was polite to ask.

“Cale,” he said after clearing his throat.

She held out her hand, “nice to met you Cale. I am Kendra the Witch. Would you like to redeem this now?”

Cale shook Kendra’s hand gingerly. “Sure, if you do not mind,” he said softly. He briefly wondered if she always introduced herself as a witch.

“Alright, let me just lock up real quick,” Kendra said as she walked to the front and to lock the door.

“Why would you need to lock up?” asked Cale. He did not like the idea of being locked up with a girl even an older one.

She put up a ‘will return’ sign up for thirty minutes before she replied. “I am the only one here and do not want to be interrupted when I am doing a reading.”

It made sense so he followed her to the back of the shop threw a curtain door way to a small room. Kendra lit a match and went about lighting the many candles. Even with the many candles the room still seemed eerie or perhaps he thought that was the whole idea. In the center of the room stood a single small circular table with a black table cloth that went to the floor. Two red chairs sat across from each other on opposite ends of the table. On the far wall from the curtain door set a small shelf with a faintly glowing crystal ball, some cards, Cale guessed taro cards, some pouches, and an assortment of jewelry.

“Take a seat,” said Kendra.

Once seated she took his hand examined the sweaty palm. Cale could not believe she could really see anything in the dim light and hoped she would realize this and give him his hand back. After a moment she seemed satisfied with what she saw.

“Hmmm.” she said as she studied his hand. “A long life line, good fortune, and you will marry some day. If you ever get over your trepidation around girls that is.”

“Oh,” he said. He rubbed his hand on his pants trying to dry it and after a pause asked, “is that it?”

“Pretty much I am afraid,” said Kendra. “Palm reading normally does not indicate a whole lot.” She stood up and went to the shelf. After looking it over a moment she gently lifted the crystal ball.

Placing the crystal ball in the center of the table she continued.

“Tell me Cale, what do you see?” she asked.

He did not expect much but looked as instructed. Probably part of the show but he assumed that may have been pretty much all fortune telling was any way. He stared into the orb for a while and squinted his eyes. Just swirling clouds.

“I don’t see anything,” he said.

“Perfect,” she said smiling. “It is far easier to read when people are being honest. Now let me have a look.”

She peered at the orb turning her head from side to side as she stared. “Hmm, she is pretty but, you don’t have a girl friend do you?”

“No,” he said slightly blushing, hopefully not visible in the dim light.

“Well you two would certainly be happy if you got together and what is this?” she continued. “The two of you have a…” she stopped and her eyes widened.

How unexpected. It is not possible to see one’s own future but Kendra’s seemed to be strongly connected to this boy. She did not know how so but if it meant she could peer into her own future it would be worth investigating. This would require some real magic though.

She looked up at Cale for a moment and pursed her lips as she examined him again this time more closely. Though she would consider herself one of the most powerful witch she knew of, she rarely used real magic around others. This however was a special occasion.

“You have a very interesting future with this girl, Cale. However it is obscured,” Kendra said.

“What does that mean?” leaning forward to examine the meaningless swirling clouds. Him with a girl? He could not even imagine it. The closest thing he ever had to a girl friend had been a secret love letter he left in a girl’s locker back in middle school and that had turned out horrible when everyone found out he did it.

“It means I cannot tell you any more without a little extra help.”

He sat up. This was not a trick to get money was it? A promise about a future with a pretty girl but you have to pay to see what that future is? Seemed a bit dodgy. “What kind?” asked Cale backing away a bit more.

She rubbed her chin looking back into the crystal. She came to a decision and grabbed something off the shelf from the jewelry and another small black box. Cale did not get a good look at what she pulled out of the box but he smelled it when she opened it and it smelled familiar. She then showed him the long silver needle adorned with a blue gem on the head. The smell he reveled as well, alcohol. She had opened a small hand sanitizer packet and proceeded to clean the needle. Certainly did not look like magic he thought.

“What is with the needle and the alcohol wipes?” lifting an open palmed hand with the question.

“Even with magic there are times when modern conventions are more than adequate. I just want to make sure the needle is clean first,” she said as she finished disinfecting the needle. “Your future is very interesting but we will need something a little more powerful to see it more clearly. I would need some blood. A single drop will do.”

Well that changes things. She sure put on a good show. “This does not cost extra or anything?”

She smiled and shook her head, “no, you had a voucher remember?”

Why not he thought. She was not asking for money after all. Even if nothing came of this story about a possible girl friend he was too curious not to continue. He held out his hand for the witch and braced him self for the needle. She took his hand and quickly pricked his wrist, much less painful than he had expected.

Expecting her to prick his finger he asked, “Why the wrist?”

She raised an eyebrow. “I need blood not pain. Finger tips hurt.”

“Oh.” That actually made sense.

With the tiniest drop of blood on the end of the needle, more than enough for what she wanted, she touched the blood droplet to the top of the crystal ball. When it touched the whole room lit up bright red as the crystal flared the same color. The previously slow moving clouds of the crystal churned violently. Cale jumped back at the sudden activity from the crystal. The witch however appeared unconcerned and leaned in for a closer look.

“Amazing,” Kendra said after a moment more to her self than to Cale. “I didn’t think I would ever see this.”

“What? What do you see? Is it the girl? Who is she?” asked Cale forgetting he did not believe in magic and caught up in the theatrics.

They were not theatrics though. She looked up and pursed her lips again while she took a moment to chose her words carefully, “You…you have the chance to have a very special love life but you are going to need my help and the help of your dog?”

“Really? I don’t even have a dog,” he said starting to return to Earth. Too good to be true he thought.

She did not know what the dog meant but she needed this to work. How could she ask this without scaring him off? Maybe she could down play it or maybe… She bit her lip while raising her eyebrows. Fluttering her eye lashes Kendra spoke softly, “you know, it is too bad you are so shy around women.”

“What?” asked Cale with a slight jump. Something had changed as he looked at the witch.

Kendra leaned forward planting her elbows on the table. She then intertwined her fingers and rested her head on her hands before continuing. “You could miss… a great opportunity,” she said with a smile.

Cale’s eyes lit up and his palms started sweating again though for different reasons this time. Kendra extended her slender leg letting the dress fall to the side reveling her smooth skin and Cale could not help but follow the movement as she slowly stood. Kendra continued as she did so, “a hansom man like you could have any girl you wanted.”

Gently tracing her fingers along the table, Kendra walked to her pray swaying her hips as she went. “If only you had a bit more…confidence.”

Cale tensed as the seductress approached. She was defiantly coming on to him and he did not know what to do. It was so sudden. He could feel his heart pounding and a fire in his skin he did not know. This could not be part of the show could it?

Kendra leaned over so close Cale could feel her warm breath as she whispered right in his ear, “I could help you.”

Cales finger nails dug holes into his palms as his white knuckled fists clenched, he did not notice it though. His entire focus on Kendra as she gently turned his head with her delicate fingers on his chin.

With his eyes glued to hers Kendra had him right where she wanted him. “I just need one little thing from you,” she said with a tiny smile.

He fell into the untold depths of her dark eyes. Unable to think at all he would have done anything she asked. “Give me your first born and I will give you the girl of your dreams,” Kendra whispered.

Cale tilted his head in agreement. The primal part of his brain, the only part still functioning, could guess what these words meant. If she wanted his baby she could have it.

She put her fingers through his hair and slowly started pulling him to her warm embrace. As their lips approached she said one last thing, “I need you to say, yes.”

Cale could not feel his body any more as if suspended in air. Without realizing it he answered while under her spell. “Yes,” he said. She could have all the babies she wanted. His nerves were so fried he did not feel the second prick in his wrist as the witch acquired her second drop of blood.

Cale closed his eyes expecting his first kiss. Instead he felt her soft finger touch his lips. “Its time,” said the witch.

He blinked his eyes, “time for what?” he breathed heavily.

“It is time to go. You cannot keep a girl waiting,” she answered as she helped the dazed boy out of his chair.

Cale allowed Kendra to lead him out through the curtains to the front of the shop his mind slowly clearing as he walked. Once they reached the front the witch turned and smiled at him.

“You will met her very soon. Try not to be nervous,” she said again with a smile. She opened the door and let Cale walk out still dazed.

“Well, Cale Wiccan, it has been a pleasure. We will met again I am certain,” she said with a wink.

Once he left she shut and locked the door and put up the closed sign. ‘Wow, what was that?’ thought Cale as he slowly walked off. Was that a spell or something? He had never felt like that before. He could have swore the witch had asked to make a baby with him. It all happened so fast.


The blind and sharp street corner blocked his view so he did not see them and lost in thought he did not hear them either. After rounding the corner and found himself flat on his back. Luckily he landed without hitting his head. Someone laying on top of him pinned him to the ground. He reached up to push them off and instead felt the soft breasts of a girl. Too late he realized he had copped a feel without intending too and instantly turned red.

New to the area Trixie had no idea about the blind and sharp corner and missed it entirely. Noticing too late while running she slammed straight into him. She fell flat on top of him effectively pinning him. She rose as quickly as she could but not before the boy had unintentionally grabbed her breast which only made her move faster. Once on her feet again she apologized and extended her hand to the boy.

“Oh, I am so sorry!” said Trxie as she helped the boy to his feet.

“I am sorry, I am sorry, I didn’t mean too,” repeated the boy quickly as he began to blush.

“What are you sorry for? It was my fault.” replied Trixie.

“I didn’t mean to grab you.” pulling his hands away as if afraid he might touch her by mistake again.

“Grab me?” realization struck. He was embarrassed about touching her breast even thought it was her fault. “Awe, that’s cute,” she sighed as she smiled and tilted her head. “Don’t worry about it. More importantly are you ok?”

“Ya, I am fine,” said Cale quickly. Relieved the girl would not be slapping him for sexual assault. He then had a chance to look at this girl. She looked to be about the same age as himself with red hair tied back in a long pony tail reveling her the many piercing in her ears. She wore tight fitting little black running shorts and a matching black top. The top although not short did reveal her pierced belly button and toned abbes. Something he had not seen before.

“I’m Trixie by the way. What’s your name?” she said.

“Um, Cale,” he replied.

Something about this shy boy resonated with her. The longer she observed him the more she liked him. “Well Cale, where are you from?” she asked.

“Here, I guess,” he replied vaguely waving his hand.

“Do you have time to show me around than? I have only been here about a week, still learning my way around,” she said hoping he would and unintentionally leaning closer.

“Sure, I guess,” he said with an awkward shrug. How did this happen? It seemed like this girl came out of nowhere and now wanted to hang out. He would not complain though and hoped he would not make a fool of himself.

From there the two set off down the road. Cale did not know what to show her first, he had never been a tour guild. He soon learned it did not mater. There was no end to Trixie’s constant chatter. Despite the chitchat he found himself enjoying her company and even liked hearing her talk. This suited Cale fine as most of the time he was too self conscious to say anything any way.

Trixie did not like gossip or mindless prattle if she could help it but she did enjoy talking and this boy seemed content to listen so she did a lot of it whether she meant to or not. About an hour later she apologized yet again for her non-stop chatter.

“Sorry Cale, I must be boring you. I don’t mean to talk so much. I can’t help myself some times,” said Trixie.

“I’ve noticed,” said Cale with a smile. A dog barked near by.

“What was that? I have been hearing dogs a lot the last few minutes.”

“Probably the pound. It’s just across the street,” Cale pointed out the building about a block away.

Trixie looked sad, “awe, the poor things. I would take one home if I could. Always wanted a dog.”

“Really? Would have guessed you more of a cat person,” raising an eyebrow.

“A cat would be nice too but you can’t really go jogging with a cat.”

“I suppose not.”

“Listen it’s getting late. Let’s see the doggies and then head home.” said Trixie as they waited at the cross walk.

A black truck with a couple inside stopped and let them cross. After waving their thanks to the couple, they went to the pound. The door chimed followed by many dog barks. A door chime seemed a poor choice for an animal shelter but they had it none the less. The two were there a good twenty minutes petting the dogs and speaking with Norman the current care taker. Not surprising Trixie did most of the talking. Another twenty minutes later and the two stood outside Trixie’s house exchanging phone numbers on paper.

“Now don’t feel shy to call, ok,” said Trixie with a smile and a wink.

“I’ll try,” said Cale.

“Try?” she raised an eyebrow. “If you don’t call then I’ll call.”

“No, no, I’ll call,” said Cale quickly.

Trixie squinted and smiled. “Hmm, we’ll see.” She surprised him as she leaned forward and stole a quick kiss on the lips. She giggled as his whole face went bright red.

“I’ll see you tomorrow than,” with a wave and turned to leave.

Cale put a finger to his lips, his first kiss. It had happened so fast but he could not help but smile as he watched the girl who stole it prance up the steps to her house.

Once the door shut Trixie turned her back to the door and jumped while squealing with delight. ‘I cannot believe I kissed him,’ she thought. She did not enjoy the moment much longer as her mother called to her soon after hearing the door shut.

Trixie explained where she had been for the past few hours leaving out no details.

“And so you kissed him. Just like that?” said Wendy.

“But he is so cute mom,” said Trixie with doe eyes.

Wendy let out a sigh. She had known it would happen sooner or later. She had always been very open with her daughter and let her express herself. She had even let her pierce her navel despite the objections of others. This was a bit different though. Up until now she had shown no interest in boys. If her Trixie would be anything like herself she knew what would happen whether she liked it or not.

“Do you have condoms Trixie?” said Wendy flatly.

Trixie’s eyes went wide and her jaw dropped. It took her a moment to recover and reply. “MOM! It was just a kiss! I am not having sex!”

Wendy smiled at the reaction. ‘There is some hope,’ she thought. “Good, and it better stay that way. If it were my choice you would never have sex.” She let out another sigh and tilted her head as she looked down, “however, that is an impossible expectation.”

Trixie bit her lip and remained silent. She had of course spoken to her mother about the birds and the bees but never anything like this. It had not even been on her mind.

The unusual silence of her daughter prompted Wendy to look up again and continue. “I don’t like the idea of my precious little girl dating and I certainly don’t like the idea of her having…” she stopped and could not bring herself to say it. The implication clear enough.

“I told you mom. I just met him. He is not trying to get in my pants,” said Trixie indignantly folding her arms.

“Even so it would be neglectful to not have precautions, just incase,” said Wendy as she looked up at the ceiling pondering a moment.

“Well what do you want me to do about it?” she rolled her eyes.

Wendy smiled widely as the idea came. She looked at her daughter, “Tomorrow, you and I are doing some shopping.”

Cale on the other hand had not told his parents anything. The idea of a girl friend too surreal. He told his parents he had missed the bus and had decided to hang out with a friend before walking home. Which was true of course. He just happened to omit the fact this friend was a girl.

‘Let’s see…third house on the right…around the back next to the AC. This must be it,’ thought Trixie as she surveyed the window.

*Tap Tap*

Cale rolled over trying to ignore the sound but it came again.

*Tap Tap*

He covered his ears but the sound persisted.

*Tap Tap*

Finally accepting he could no longer ignore it he rolled out of bed. Still sleep drunk he stumbled to the window. Trixie beamed at him as he opened the window.

“Wake up Cale!” though she whispered Cale could hear her excitement.

“What are you doing here?” rubbing his eyes.

“Running, you silly.”

“Oh, ya,” remembering from yesterday. He had called her and by the end of the call had agreed to go running with her this morning. As his memory came back he answered his next question of how she made it there. She had asked some specific questions about where he lived including which room was his. She had shared the same information of hers.

Cale looked at the clock, “it is not even 5:30”.

“So I am a bit early. I couldn’t wait,” still smiling.

“Alright, I will be out in a few minutes,” he closed the window and got dressed. And here he figured he had been planning ahead by setting the alarm for 5:30. ‘So much for that,’ he mused.

The dark sky gave no indication the sun would be rising any time soon. Cale shivered in his sweater and sweat pants. If he knew it was going to be this cold he would have grabbed his jacket. Trixie on the other hand wore the same tiny shorts and shirt from yesterday. She did however have an additional windbreaker.

“Ready?” said Trixie.

“How are you not freezing?” said Cale as he attempted to keep his teeth from chatting. Looking at her bare legs made him feel colder.

“I am use to it,” she said with a dismissive wave of her hand. “You will warm up soon enough any way.”

She was right of course. As the two ran Cale began warming up and Trixie took off her jacket. They had been running for about ten minutes before Cale needed a break as he the running took its toll, not use to running like Trixie. It did not seem to bother Trixie and she encouraged him the whole time.

They walked along a long straight path. At the half way point there stood a tall willow tree Cale knew well. On the other side there could be found a small sand pit. While Cale caught his breathe he pointed this out to Trixie. She saw it as a nice little place for a picnic and the like. Just off to the side of the willow tree, it could be seen from the path but only if you knew where to look. Once Cale caught his breathe the two started off again.

The sun, though not yet visible, lit the sky by the time they made it back to Cale’s home. After agreeing do this tomorrow the two parted but not before another kiss. This time Cale was not surprised by it although, it had been short his lips tingled long afterward. Trixie waved goodbye and as Cale watched her run home he could not help but think how lucky he had been to run into her or rather for her to run into him.

Wendy waited for her daughter after school and as soon as she came in she whisked her back out for her special shopping. She drove her clear across town to a pharmacy neither recognized which was exactly what Wendy wanted. She parked the car and pulled out a shopping list. Trixie had been asking many questions through out the trip but Wendy had refused to answer until they arrived.

“Ok Trixie here we are,” said Wendy smiling.

“Uh, I thought you said we were shopping. Why are we here?” said Trixie puzzled.

“We are shopping. No, actually you are shopping,” as she handed the shopping list and small wad of cash to her daughter. “Now I want you to go in and purchase everything on the list.”

Trixie hesitated a moment before she took the list. Then her eyes grew wider as her jaw dropped further with every item on the list.





Pregnancy Test

Morning After Pill

Birth Control Pill

“Mom! What the hell is this?” she turned red and faced her mother but could not met her eyes.

Wendy laughed, “If you are going to have sex you better be prepared.”

“I already told you I am not having sex!” turning redder as she spoke.

“That is great. You are still buying these,” said her mother with another laugh.

“Why me?” she looked back at the list.

“If you think it is embracing to purchase these when you do not need them imagine how hard it will be to do so when you do need them. Now get in there. We are not going home until you do,” turning off the car with a finality to her voice.

Trixie bared her teeth and kept her jaw shut, “Fine.” With that she left the car and went in.

As Trixe went in her mother called to her, “if you cannot find them do not feel shy to ask.” She had to keep from laughing at the outrage from her daughter.

Trixie clenched the list tightly as she made a few rounds in the store trying to discreetly locate the items. She found the condoms and pregnancy test rather easily the rest of the list eluded her. She though she found the lubricant but her nerves betrayed her every time she attempted to look closeler and never long enough to tell.

After ten minutes of wandering around and making little progress she finally decided to go through with it. She went to the lubricant and reached out to inspected it properly. Before her hand touched it she heard a young man.

“Find what you are looking for?” said the clerk.

She turned to the clerk who looked probably in his early thirties. She opened her moth to speak but no sound came out and she instead turned red. Frustrated she shoved the list at him and could not look at him as he took the list and read it.

The clerk’s eyes lit up for a moment and he stifled a short laugh before he regained his composure. He then reached for the same bottle of lubricant Trixie had been about to inspect and handed it over.

“This will work,” he said as she took the bottle still blushing. “And these two,” pointing to the condoms and pregnancy test, “are at the end of the aisle. These however you will need to ask for at the counter,” he said and handed back the list.

Trixie nodded her head and quickly scurried away unable to even say thank you. She quickly grabbed a random box of condoms and a pregnancy test and tried to hide them under her arms. Then she headed to the pick up counter where another man in a white lab coat about forty she guessed asked how he could help.

“What can I get for you?” said the man.

Still unable to speak she let out her breath and handed him the list.

He inspected it quickly before replying, “I can get you spermicide but the rest of this will require a pre***********ion or doctor’s note.”

“K,” was all she could say.

“One moment,” he said as he walked off. He soon returned with a bottle. “Anything else for you today?”

She shook her head and walked off with the bottle to the cash register where another man worked. This one the youngest yet probably not even old enough to drink. ‘Why the hell were they all men?’ she thought.

As he rang up the items he could not help but smile at the pretty girl. She blushed redder if that were possible. Trixie paid for her items and ran out of the building ignoring the wink the cashier gave her as she left. Her mother was no help at all.

“Did you get everything on the list?”

“No, I need a pre***********ion,” replied Trixie.

“Of course you do but you did get a few items,” as she looked in the bag her daughter brought out.

Embarrassed Trixie pulled the bag away, “why did you send me in for things you knew I couldn’t get then?”

“So you know how difficult it can be to get birth control. Better to know how to get it now rather than trying to figure it out when you need it.”

Once home Trixie tried to forget the special shopping she had with her mother and enjoyed her time with Cale as they ran. It soon became a routine for the two. They would run in the early morning meeting at either Trixie’s or Cale’s house and often times after school. This continued for almost a week before Cale’s father intervened. That morning as Cale headed out to met Trixie his father waited for him.

“Where do you think you are going?” asked Douglas.

Cale froze as the hair on the back of his neck stood up. He turned to his father who sat in the shadows across the room. No wonder he had not noticed him with the lights out and before sunrise.

His father turned on a lamp and beckoned his son over. With a single light source most of the room remained shrouded in darkness as Cale approached.

“Well?” said his father never taking his eyes off his son.

“Running,” said Cale as he fidgeted.

Douglas stroked his black beard, “I kind of guessed that. I want to know why?”

“Um, a friend wanted me to start running with them?” he lifted and shrugged his shoulders hoping his dad would not ask for details.

“Really? Then why so secretive about it? Tell me about this friend,” narrowing his eyes in the darkness.

“Um, they just moved in and they like running is all,” he started to sweat.

“They? So you are running with a group of friends than?” asked Douglas.

“No, just the one. They are really nice and they just like to run. They asked me to run with them is all,” said Cale.

They, again why the plural and why was Cale so nervous? He had only seen him act like this around… girls. Douglas smiled as the thought came to him. “So what is her name?” he asked with a toothy grin.

Cale’s voice went up a few notes and his eyes bulged in shock. How could his father always read him so well? “Um, um, Trixie,” he replied dumbly unable to think up a lie.

Douglas let out a bellowing laugh as he raised from his chair. Slapping his son on the back, “Well done Cale. You finally managed to get a girl. I didn’t think you had it in you.”

Cale scowled. It was not that unbelievable. It was not like he was petrified around women at least not so much now. He opened his mouth to protest when his father interrupted him.

“So tell me, is she pretty? Is she nice?”


Douglas waited and after a moment rolled his hand and said, “Oh come on you have to tell me a little more than that.”

“Um, well she is pretty and nice…” said Cale shrugging.

Douglas stared at his son. It was his own fault for expecting him to elaborate further. Letting out a sigh he said, “fine just go run off with your girl friend than.”

That had been easier than he expected he thought. “Thanks dad,” said Cale as he went to the door. As he reached it he heard his dad again like he thought he would. So much for being easy.

“One thing, see if you can bring her over tonight. We would love to me her.” again with the toothy grin.

“Fine dad,” he started to open the door.

“I mean it Cale or I might just go running with you,” driving the point in.

“Ok, ok, I will ask,” he shut the door behind him.

Minutes later he met up with Trixie.

“Your late,” but she still had a smile when Cale arrived.

“Sorry, my dad held me up,” he also smiled when he met Trixie.

“Oh, your dad? Do you think I could met him?”

“Wait what? Really?” Maybe it would be easy.

“Ya, it would be fun to met your family and then you can come over and met mine,” she certainly liked the idea more than Cale.

“Sure,” said Cale frowning. “I suppose we could today after school.”

“Its a deal,” partially jumping with joy.

Cale smile, “you could try to contain your enthusiasm.”

Trixie smiled in turn, “and you could try to show some enthusiasm.”

Once they had met one another’s parents they become inseparable. It became common to find them either hanging out at Cale’s or Trixie’s house if they not out running. One day hanging out in Cale’s room and talking, mainly Trixie, she noticed Cale acting a bit weird.

“What is on your mind?” said Trixie.

“Nothing,” said Cale more defensively than he meant to.

Trixie put her hands on the bed and leaned in and in a sweet voice said, “reeeaaalllyyy?”

Was he really that transparent? He let out a sigh. “I have been wanting to give you something for a while but just didn’t know how.”

“Awe that is sweet. What is it?”

After a moment of hesitation he went to the closet and pulled out a large poster board. Slightly red around the ears he turned the poster board over revealing the picture he had been working on for the last week or so. The picture depicted two people crashing into each other. One a red headed girl with short black running shorts and top running head long into a very surprised dark haired boy as the two fell to the ground.

“Awe,” her eyes softened and she rose from the bed to look at the picture. “It is how we first met.”

“Do you like it?” said Cale expectantly.

She took the picture and hugged Cale, “I love it. I think I have just the place for this.”

Soon after the two were walking back to Trixie’s house but she decided to take a slight detour on the way.

“It was right here,” she said as she held up the picture comparing it to the blind and sharp corner they had run into each other at a month prior.

The two were not alone though. At that moment a woman with long black hair and many gold bracelets exited her shop and spotted the two lovers. She waved and smiled pleasantly to the two. Trixie, who had no idea who the woman was, waved back enthusiastically as she always did. Cale on the other hand swallowed nervously. He had had forgotten the deal he had made with the witch and how he had met his current girl friend because of it. Up until then at any rate. Cale hurried Trixie home trying to get away from the witch.

The two entered Trixie’s room and Cale shut the door. Moments later the door creaked open as Trixie went to her bed looking for a place to hang the poster. Cale about to walk back to the door and shut it again when Trixie called him over.

“Forget the door. You know that door never shuts properly,” leaving the door open he went over to Trixie. “It looks nice,” she commented going back to the picture.

Later that night after Cale had gone home, she came to a decision as she studied his art work. She would make her move the next morning. She knew she would need to do it since Cale never would.

The two kissed when they meet as usual in the cool morning air. Today however Trixie embraced Cale more closely than normal making sure to press her soft breasts into his chest as her body warmed up in his arms. ‘This is different,’ thought Cale but he did not mind and eagerly returned the affection. The two had not started running yet but when they broke off they felt like they had already run around the block at least once.

“Wow,” said Cale when they finished.

“Wow, yourself,” said Trixie. “You are getting pretty good with that tongue.”

Cale smiled sheepishly and turned slightly red but said nothing.

“How would you like to try it out on the rest of me?” Trixie said with a wink.

“Well I would be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it,” he could not believe he had said something so lewd. Turning redder he looked away.

“Oh, you are getting bold,” after which she started running down the street leaving Cale to catch up.

After the run however she surprised him again, “you know I wasn’t joking when I asked you to use your tongue on me right?”

“Wait what? You weren’t just teasing?” Cale took a step back.

That was the reaction she had expected earlier. She suppressed a laugh, “oh I was defiantly teasing but I was not lying either. How about tonight?”

Cale took another step back, “t-t-tonight?”

“You are so cute,” she stepped closer. “My place tonight. Out back in the shed we have a spare bed that we have yet to move into the house. It will be perfect.”

Before Cale could further protest she gave him another quick kiss and pranced off.

Cale could think of nothing else all day and would have been unable to provide even the most remote of details from school by the end. Once the final bell rang he ran home but not before making a detour. Cale bought some condoms at a truck stop before heading home. ‘Thank god for restroom condom dispensers,’ he thought. He would have been too shy too purchase at the store. Once home he spent a long time in the shower getting ready and shaving. Something he had not done before. It was in porno right? So it must make things better. Swallowing and thinking of nothing else to postpone it any longer he dressed to leave. His heart pounded with anticipation and he had not left the house yet. After telling his dad he would be going to Trixie’s to ‘study’ and not be back until late he headed out. Unfortunately his heart stopped when he opened the door.

The witch Kendra stood there with her hand poised to knock. They looked at each other in surprise. Kendra was surprised at least Cale however was frozen.

“Oh, hello Cale, just the one I was looking for,” smiled Kendra.

Cale however could not bring himself to say anything so Kendra continued, “I am here because of the deal we made. Honestly I had not expected to collect so soon.”

After regaining some of his faculties Cale replied, “look that was just part of your magic show and has nothing to do with me, what do you want?” The crack in his voice made it obvious he did not believe his own lie.

Kendra bit her lip and furred her eyebrows, “I am here about the baby, have you…”

Cale cut her off, “look if you want a baby there are sperm banks for that. I can’t just…give you one.” He finished with his face blushing at the thought of impregnating this cougar. A month ago under her strange spell he might have done it but not now. Not with Trixie in his life.

Kendra sighed. It was her own fault it had come to this but she could not think of any other way for him to enter the blood pack. “I don’t want a baby. I want yours.”

Cale staggered a step back as if he had been slapped. “Wh..why? Why mine?”

Kendra crossed her wrists near her pelvis while lowering her head and shifting her gaze to the side, “Because yours will be special.”

At that moment Kendra looked so incredibly venerable Cale almost agreed. Before he did though he recalled how easily he had been swayed last time they met. “No, I can’t. I won’t.”

Kendra met his gaze and gave him a sad smile, “I tried but, I am afraid you don’t have much choice.”

She slowly raised her hand with fingers poised. Before Cale knew what was happening the witch snapped her fingers and Cale’s world disappeared in a pink cloud of smoke. Cale tripped then fell but did not really fall. Instead it felt like he caught himself at the last moment and got tangled in something around his legs while something constricted his chest. He kicked with his legs as he tried to grapple the constricting thing on his chest but he could not reach it. His arms moved awkwardly as he attempted yet again to remove the thing from his chest. What ever it was as he struggled it obscured his vision and he began to panic and thrash about wildly. Cale cried for help as he struggled but no words came. His panic increased as he heard an angry dog approaching. He shouted louder as the dog approached. Still unable to see he finally managed to kick the thing, what ever it was, on his legs off and bolted. Cale hit his head and heard something rip. Now also in pain he rolled over and saw what looked like the coffee table and the couch above him. He could see again, he twisted about as he tried to find the angry dog but saw no sign of it despite the loud barking right in his ears.

“What the hell is the meaning of this?” shouted Douglas running into the room.

Cale turned and had to look up to see his very angry father charging him with a broom. Cale yelled for his father to hold up and help this however seemed to have an opposite effect. Douglas slapped Cale across the face shouting, “GET OUT OF HERE.”

Cale froze, his father had hit him. He had never hit him before. Then he hit him again. Cale jumped up and ran for the still open door before his dad could hit him a third time. Douglas continued to chase him to the edge of the yard and as Cale continued to run he heard his dad shout, “DON’T COME BACK HERE AGAIN YOU STUPID DOG!”

Trixie waited in vain. An hour passed, then a second, and finally a third. She lost her patience. She stormed from the house telling her mother she was going running when asked. Figuring Cale had been to nervous to go through with it, her anger had subsided a little by the time she banged on Cale’s house.

Douglas greeted her at the door with a big grin, “Hello, Trixie.”

She returned a thin smile Douglas had learned to recognized with women long ago, “What did he do?”

“Where is he?” maintaining the dangerous look in her eye.

“He is not here,” Douglas paused as he stroked his beard, “in fact I thought he was with you. Left about…three hour ago?”

Trixie clenched her fists, closed her eyes, and took a deep breathe. How dare he chicken out like that. If he was scared of further intimacy he should have at least told her. “Thank you Mr. Wiccan. When you see him let him know we need to talk.”

It was almost midnight when the phone rang, Trixie still awake and seething with anger, heard her mother answer.

“Who would be calling at this hour?” came Wendy’s voice down the hall. Soon followed by her foot steps as she left her room.

“Hello?” she answered the phone.

“Hmmm, Cale? No, I have not seen him all day.” There was a pause, “Really?” Another pause, “Oh my, I hope he is ok.” Another pause, “I will ask and be sure to let you know.”

Trixie did not like the sound of the following silence. She then heard her mother walk to her room. The door, once again, had not shut properly and openrd at the gentle rap from her mother.

Wendy spoke slowly and softly, “Trixie? Are you awake?”

Trixie sat up, “what is it?”

“Have you seen Cale today?”

“Not since school,” a bit huffy with her reply.

Wendy fidgeted her fingers for a moment before continuing, “you should know, he still has not come home.”

Cale’s stomach grumbled painfully. He guessed it had been over two days since he had last eaten. He had managed to find water, a water fountain at the park. Food however turned out to be a different story. Not because of the difficulty in acquiring any, he simply could not bring himself to do it. Cale knew of two options, he could either steal it or scrounge for it in the garbage. His stomach growled again and he knew he had little choice any more.

Walking down the street Cale avoided people as best he could. Too shameful though no one would have known. A car alarm went off near by and Cale made the mistake of looking up. No one was trying to steal the car, the owner, a pregnant women he had just passed fumbled with her keys trying to lock it. No, the real problem were the shop windows. He had seen himself in the mirror like surface of the glass before, which is why he avoided them. In that brief glance he saw himself again. Four legs, a tail, long wet nose, pointy ears, and a white and black long fur coat. He wanted to cry when he first saw it, unfortunately he learned dogs cannot cry.

As he rummaged through the restaurant’s slop in the alley, he wondered how dogs managed this with out getting sick from the smell let alone eating it. He closed his eyes as he moved in to take a bite of what he thought to be the remains of an unfinished burger when he heard it. The barking was the catalyst for him. He took one last look at the revolting dinner in front him before turning away and shuffling down the street to the pound.

As dreary as being a pet would be, it would be better than being a stray. He sat and stared at the front door of the pound a long time. His stomach rumbled once more and he finally made up his mind. As he lifted his paw to open it, he once again lamented his lack of thumbs. Fortunately the door operated with lever instead of a knob. Once the door opened a bell chimed followed by a chores of dogs. Why they had a door chime he still did not understand. He shut the door, sat down, and waited patiently for the care taker.

“Why hello….there” the care taker walked in looking around the empty room. Empty except for the husky. He gave the dog a quizzical smile, “where did you come from?”

Norman? Was that his name? Cale could not recall but unable to speak he supposed it did not mater. Not liking the sound of his own voice, or bark as it was now, he kept quiet and waited for Norman to continue.

Cale did not move other than his eyes which remained fixed on Norman. The care taker stared at Cale until Cale blinked. At which point Norman went around the desk and stooped next to him. Norman outstretched his hand which Cale sniffed after which Cale simply looked back up to the care taker. Standing up and wrinkling his brow, ‘strange dog wonder where he came from’ thought Norman. He opened the door causing another outburst of barking as he looked up and down the street. Murmuring to himself Norman shut the door and looked to Cale once more.

“Well not sure how you got here but looks like you might be here for a while,” said Norman. Cale did not wait for the care taker to continue before he walked around the desk. Norman followed curiously. This strange husky seemed to know what he wanted and his mouth hung open in fascination as the husky lifted his pawn and pulled the lever handle to the door. Norman had heard of dogs smart enough to use lever door knobs before but had not seen one himself. He continued to follow the dog wondering what he would do next.

The kennel resounded with dogs barking at the new guest. Long rows of fenced enclosures lined the large warehouse and Cale did his best to ignore them. Instead he concentrated on the delicious smell of dog food, something he never would have believed could smell so good, trying to find the source. It did not take long for him to pick out the storage room where the scent came the strongest. Again he lifted his paw to open anther lever handle, unfortunately locked. Cale sat down drooping his head as he felt the renewed gnawing at his gut. He turned to see the care taker who had followed closely moth slightly a gab. Cale looked at Norman a moment before shifting his gaze to the door handle and back again. Picking up on the cue Norman unlocked the door however; instead of opening the door he stepped back and watched. Cale stared at him for a moment, ‘why unlock the door if you are not going to open it?’ Cale did not ponder too long before opening the door himself.

Too dark. Even with his new sense of smell Cale did not want to go poking around in the dark if he could help it. He looked along the edge of the door once inside, quickly finding the light switch. He stood on his back paws and flipped the switch with his nose.

“My god, you are a smart one,” said Norman. He looked at the black and white dog with a whole new prospective.

Cale froze. His own thinking had been hampered so much with recent events and gnawing hunger. He had not realized how his actions would be interrupted by a human. Opening a lever door and turning on a light switch was nothing special however for a dog they were remarkable. Would it be a good thing or bad thing if people gained interest in him? Right now that did not mater. Food first, questions later.

The large barrel had a chain wrapped a round it locking it to a pillar and had large latch keeping the lid on. Not a complex system by any means in fact it looked like it could be easily pushed over. Perhaps dogs were kept out of this room so they were not too concerned about it being raided. Cale popped the lever and pushed the lid off easily enough. The dry dog food, more delightful to his nose than he could have imagined, tantalized Cale. Despite how close the source of the smell and his hunger Cale could not bring himself to make a mess by dumping the content onto the floor. He noticed Norman watching closely as if waiting to jump in and stop him should he try it.

Cale surveyed the room and spotted a shelf near by with empty food bowls. He carefully nudged a bowl dropping it to the floor. He had tried to catch it but paws do not do that. Instead he cringed as it clanged loudly on the floor. He looked up to Norman before moving the bowl closer to the food barrel. He once again looked at Norman ‘do I have to spell it out for you or what?’ He stood up on his hind legs and placed his paws on the barrel while watching the care taker. He started to give the barrel a few gentle pushes threatening to knock it over. Finally Norman had seen enough.

Norman knew the dog should not be in this room and likely to make a mess of the place however; watching this dog fascinated him and he wanted to see what the husky would do next. Stunned after the dog not only turned on the light but then proceeded to open the food and find a food bowl. He had to finally stop the dog when he started trying to push the barrel over. “Alright, alright!” he said as he moved forward to prevent the impending mess. “I get it. You are hungry.” He filled the dog bowl but did not set it down. “Not in here. You aren’t even suppose to be in here.”

Cale rolled his eyes and did not care if the care taker saw it or not but he left the room and waited outside none the less.

Norman closed the door behind him before turning to the husky, “right will need a pen for you I guess.”

‘Oh come on’ thought Cale. ‘Just put it down. I am hungry.’ Norman however did not seem to care and started walking down the rows of kennels. Seeing this Cale went ahead of him seeing he would not be fed until he had a pen. Norman once again and not for the last time stood gaping at the intellect of the husky as he watch it open the first empty kennel.

Norman shook his head in amazement but followed all the same. He set the dog bowl down and watched as the dog dived in as if he had never eaten anything so good in his life. “If we get any more like you we will need to change all the locks.” And after pondering a moment added, “the doors too for that mater.”

Cale did not hear his last comments or the cage shutting as Norman left. His entire attention had been seized by the delicious dog food.

“I don’t want a dog,” said Trixie as her and her mother entered the pound sending the inhabitants into a frenzy as the door chimed.

Wendy sighed, “you have wanted a dog since you were a little girl.”

“Well I do not want one any more.” Trixie did not look at her mother as she stared at the ground.

“Look I know it has been hard on you but it has been a month…”

Trixie cut her mother off and glared. “A dog is not a replacement for Cale.”

Norman walked in hearing the chime, “What can I do for you?”

They paid him no attention. “I know it isn’t,” continued Wendy. “I am sorry he is gone, I liked him too but you can’t stay like this.”

More to herself, “I don’t want your damn pity dog,”

“Come on just for a few days honey?” Wendy tried to smile but the effort was lost on her brooding daughter. Giving up on it she turned to the care taker.

“Sorry, I am Wendy and this is my daughter Trixie. We would like to adopt a dog today if we can,” speaking to the care taker.

The care taker smiled widely. He remembered Trixie but she been much happier last time they met, “You will not regret it. There are so many good dogs that just need a loving home. My name is Norman by the way. Come on back and I will introduce you to your new friend.”

Norman beckoned the pair into the back where the dogs renewed their barking as they entered. He walked them around introducing the various dogs, how they got there, and answered questions. Answered Wendy’s questions at any rate as Trixie had remained silent. They reached a black lab who barked and wagged her tale enthusiastically.

“Awe she is a sweet heart. Unfortunately she is here because her master died a week ago. Her name is…” Norman was interrupted by a loud husky next door who had scrambled to his feet and run at the cage before frantically trying to open the pen.

“Well he sure seems eager to get out,” remarked Wendy as they watched the husky fumble at the latch.

It took Norman a moment to recover, “I have never heard him bark before. Nor have I ever seen him so excited. He has always tended to avoid people.”

They moved closer. “What is his name?” asked Wendy.

“Don’t know but I call him Merlin,” said Norman as he wrinkled his brow.

“Merlin?” asked Wendy.

“Ya, he just showed up one day about a month ago. Smartest dog I have ever seen, probably smartest in the world. Had to change the lock on his pen and all the door handles because of him. Even so I doubt he would have done anything even if I hadn’t changed the locks. Well behaved.”

Wendy raised an eye brow at this. Trixie however seemed as disinterested as ever.

“You do not believe me?” Silence answered him. “Talk to him yourself than.”

Merlin went quiet when he heard this. Wendy turned to look at the dog. Even Trixie could not help her curiosity and watched. “Sit,” said Wendy. Merlin did so while at the same time took his paw and draped it over his nose.

Norman brought his finger tips to his forehead face palming himself and bowed his head, “No, no, no, no. You need to ask a real question.”

Trixie smirked, “Fine than. Merlin, how many people are here?” As she watched she could have swore the dog seemed to smile but, her jaw dropped at his reply as did her mother’s. Merlin took his paw from his nose and tapped the ground three times.

“Never ceases to amaze me,” said Norman. After a moment and still not hearing a reply from the two girls he turned to them. They were still staring at the dog. “Well I think you should take him.” He then opened the door.

Once open Merlin bounded out and immediately nuzzled up to Trixie’s leg. Startled at first Trixie stepped back defensively however; after she saw the warm brown eyes of the dog her own eyes misted. Merlin’s looked so familiar she could not help herself as she knelt down and hugged the soft husky.

“I guess we are,” said Wendy smiling and watching her daughter for the first time in a month smile as well.

Minutes later Wendy, Trixie and her new dog Merlin where headed out with a collar and leash, the later of which Norman had said they probably would not need. “Oh one more thing,” said Norman before they left. “I would not neuter him.”

Merlin froze and whined when he heard this. The two girls looked at him a moment before Wendy asked, “Why?”

“A dog like that will be worth something,” said Norman.

“Than why didn’t you keep him?” Wendy asked.

Norman shook his head, “He is too smart. He would never have been happy with me.” He looked at Trixie, “with you though it is a different story. I have never seen him so happy. Treat him well.”

Cale waited outside the school or rather Merlin waited outside the school. A hall monitor glared at him but could do nothing more. Merlin smiled back as well as a dog can smile at any rate. The final bell would ring in a few minutes and Trixie would be leaving for home. He had started doing this every day once he had convinced the family he would not be running away without a tether however; not without incident. The first day he relaxed around the house until just before school would be let out. Upon arriving he walked past the indoor pool which had they had started building and waited outside the class room door for Trixie. Although Trixie was delighted to see him the facility were not.

“You cannot bring your dog to school,” said the hall monitor.

“I didn’t. He followed me,” protested Trixie.

“I don’t care. Mary was not allowed to let her lamb follow her and you’re not allowed to let your dog follow you.” said the hall monitor with a slight sneer.

In hindsight Cale should have known better but it was too late by than. Trixie would have exploded with rage if he had not intervened. Before she popped he rubbed up against her leg and nuzzled her with his wet nose. She looked down into his warm brown eyes, calming down.

“Fine, where can he wait than?”

The hall monitor laughed cruelly. “Off school grounds of course.”

“So like what? The corner of the block not past the tree line?” pointing to the end of the block lined with a row of trees.

“Yes, the corner and no closer,” again with the sneer.

“Well you heard him Merlin. Do not cross the tree line.” Merlin gave Trixie a quick glance before walking off. “It will only be a few minutes,” she said sweetly after which she turned to the stunned hall monitored smiling before going to her locker.

So there Merlin waited like he had for the past few weeks with an unhappy hall monitor glaring at him. Merlin looked up at the dark sky as thunder rolled overhead. He felt the first drops once he saw Trixie and in the short time it took her to cross the grounds it had turned into a full downpour.

“Sorry Merlin, I don’t have an umbrella. I didn’t expect this much rain. Let’s hurry home,” and with that she started running with Merlin close behind.

They were about a block away from home when he heard it. The old Cadillac with an equally elderly woman came barreling around the corner. She could hardly see over the steering wheel let alone through the rain. There was no time. Cale jumped colliding into a surprised Trixie. The two fell in the mud puddle. Doused immediately afterward by the speeding Cadillac as it drove through the shallow puddle they had been standing in. It never slowed down as it raced away, completely oblivious to the near fatality.

Trixie flipped the Cadillac off, “YOU MOTHER FUCKING BITCH!”

She had already been soaked by the storm but now she stood up covered in mud and Merlin did not fair any better. “God damn it,” she said. “Well come on. We’re almost home.”

As they reached the front door she turned to Merlin, “thanks for saving me.” She opened the door and the two entered and stood on the tile floor just inside. Once inside it did not take long for them to see the problem. The bathroom was down the hall meaning they would need to cross the living room soaking wet and dripping with mud.

“This is going to be a nightmare to clean up.” They did not move. Neither of them wanted to be responsible for dripping mud on the carpet. As they continued to drip on the tile floor Trixie let out a sigh, “no other choice I guess.”

She began to take off her waterlogged and mud covered shoes. After untying them she moved on to her solid socks. She took the once white now brown dripping socks and discarded them next to her shoes. Then she hesitated a brief moment and glanced down at Merlin. To Cale’s surprise she then placed her hands on the hem of her shirt and slowly pulled it up. As she did so Cale’s eyes went wide as he admired her taunt belly glistening with rain water and her shiny silver navel piercing. Pulling the shirt over her head she shook her hair out, sprinkling tiny droplets below her, at the same time revealing her pink sports bra which had luckily avoid direct contact with mud. Trixie, still holding on to her shirt, went to the zipper on her tight muddy jeans. As she undid the button and slid the zipper down their eyes met for a brief moment before they both broke off awkwardly at the same time. She took a deep breath and in one motion pulled the soggy jeans down her long toned legs. Cale took a deep breath as well when he saw her pink panties. They were soaked clear through making them transparent. He could barley see that Trixie had pubic hair however; he could not tell if it was well trimmed or naturally sparse. None of it poked through or could be seen outside the area of the panties and ran a neat strip straight to her pouty pussy lips which were outlined by the tight wet fabric.

It had been visible for the briefest of moments before Trixie quickly bent over and picked up the socks and bundled the rest of her dripping clothing. Even with his red color blindness Cale could see her blushing although, she did try and pretend not to.

“Wait here,” and with her clothes bundled up in her hands she ran across the house in an attempt to keep them from dripping more than necessary. Cale’s heart pounded as he watched Trixie streak through the house. Before she had left the room his cock swelled to maximum length. He could not help it. It had been a while since he had last been able to get off and even longer since he had seen a naked girl even if it had been in her underwear. As a dog masturbation had become difficult. The lack of visual stimulant, hard to look up porn as a dog, meant he had to be really horny. The other problem with the lack of hands was the act of masturbation itself. He had managed to cum several times by licking himself which at first he found revolting however; after a time the fact he could give himself a blow job started to turn him on like it or not and if he were to be honest felt better than his hand ever had. He would have been licking himself right than and there if he could but, he could hear Trixie on the other end of the house and knew she would be back soon.

Trixie felt exposed as she threw the sodden clothes into the large sink for cleaning later. Had the circumstances been different she would have been exited to be streaking in the house alone however; right now she had a muddy dog in the house she needed to clean up. She rummaged in the drawers for a moment before finding an old towel. It did not take long for her to return to Merlin.

Trixie laid out the towel in front of him, “on you go.” Once Merlin stepped onto the towel she said, “alright, let’s see if this works.”

She bent over and began to pull on the towel dragging it and the muddy husky along the floor. While doing so she glanced up and took a double take. Merlin’s maroon doggy cock stuck out proudly. Merlin noticing her gaze seemed self conscious if that was possible for a dog, because he attempted to hide it. Which proved to be an impossible task much like Trixie’s attempts at averting her eyes. She could not help but stare at it as it pulsed and swayed with Merlin’s movement. She had seen a dog’s penis before. Hell she had even seen them mating but this. This was not just a dog, this was Merlin. A very intelligent one she had no doubt at all would know exactly what to do with his cock if given the chance. Why it even looked like the perfect size. She even briefly imagined how well it would fit inside herself. The longer she stared the more fascinating it became. Though not human this was the first cock she had ever seen up close. She wanted to touch it, to stroke it, to play with it.

Cale had hoped Trixie would not see anything but the moment she looked up he knew she had seen his doggy cock. He was not shy because of his size. He simply felt venerable. As a human if he had an uncomfortable hard on he could always hide it by shifting his clothes not as a dog though. Trixie had stopped pulling the towel and stared open mouthed once she had noticed. Try as he might he could not hide his rage cock. If still a human his face would have been as red as his penis. Frantic for an escape he tried to bring Trixie’s attention back to the fact that they had stopped and still needed to clean up. He whined and jerked his head pointing his nose in the direction Trixie had been pulling him.

This brought Trixie back to her senses as it was unusual for Merlin to make any noise. It was a dog. A dog! Why would she be thinking like that? She made a mental note to make sure to masturbate more often. If the sight of a dog cock was setting her off she clearly had not been masturbating enough lately. When was the last time she had? She shook her head. Apparently she had stopped pulling on the towel whilst she stared. She continued to pull the husky into the bathroom closing her mouth at the same time which, she never noticed had been open the whole time she had been staring.

Once they reached the bathroom Merlin wasted no time and leapt past and into the shower. He then turned to Trixie expectantly. She approached with the intent of washing the husk with the detachable shower head as she always did however; she could not help noticing the pulsing cock and changed her mind mid stride. She locked eyes with Merlin and surprised both of them when she reached up and undid the clasp on the back of her bra and let it fall to the floor. She like wise did the same for her panties. Stepping out of them she blushed excitedly as she step into the shower with the dog. It was not lewd. It was just a dog and she needed a shower too. This was just more efficient she told herself as she turned on the shower.

Cale hardened further if that were possible as he watched Trixie strip naked right in front of him. The first girl he had ever seen naked in person and he got an eye full as she approached. Her breasts were small but perky. Up to that point he always thought he had preferred large breasts but he was quickly changing his mind as he stared at these beauties. They only swayed slightly as Trixie walked and the nipples were cute pink and hard. His gaze wandered down her toned and slender body past the silver navel piercing. He had seen her toned belly plenty as she preferred to jog with a crop top but seeing the rest of her naked body at the same time made it look better. Finally he reached her soft pubes. As a dog color blind to red it seemed unfair he could not fully appreciate her red pubes. He could tell they were at least the same color as her long hair. It did not stop there. Upon closer inspection, unlike the brief glance he had through her transparent panties from earlier, here he could tell her pubes simply grew naturally sparse making a graceful strip which lead to her delicate pink pussy. Just as beautiful as he had imagined. No, more beautiful.

Cale did his best to try relaxing while Trixie first rinsed her body. She soon began scrubbing him down with the special shampoo. This helped calm her down as she started focusing on cleaning the two of them up. For Cale however this did not help. While Trixie may have been distracted with her task Cale’s eyes wandered and his mind raced. There were times Trixie’s bare breasts would rub up against him and other times where her clit would come so close he could have licked her if he had turned his head.

Not long after Trixie began scrubbing him down he remembered her last request before his transformation. He had become too horny not to try. Cale slowly turned his head and extended his tongue. As Trixie moved about her task of scrubbing them her leg brushed up against Cale’s tongue. With the water running she might not have noticed if Cale had done nothing however; when her leg touched him he tested the waters by licking his long tongue up her inner thigh. Startled Trixie pulled back and drew in a sharp breath. Although surprised she had liked the sensation and moved her leg back hoping Merlin would do it again. She was not disappointed.

Cale could not believe his luck. He had initiated and Trixie had reciprocated. Not sure he would have been daring enough had he still been a human but as a dog though he had gotten away with it and eagerly continued. He began bathing Trixie’s inner thigh while she continued to wash. Cale slowly began to work his way up her leg moving closer and closer to her pussy with long deliberate strokes. By the time he was a hand width away Trixie had stopped washing the husky, making a half hearted effort at best. She had begun pressing her leg into the dogs nose trying to encourage him to move up her leg. She let out a sigh of disappointment when Merlin stopped.

She did not lament long. Merlin had merely switched legs and began working his way up the other. Her heart fluttered as he once again drew closer and closer. Trixie spread her legs begging him to continue. She wanted it more than she realized as she started dripping from more than just the shower. Cale finally went for it and took one long pass over Trixie’s delicate pussy.

Trixie gave up all pretense of washing the dog as she threw her hands back against the tile walls to keep her balance. She let out a contented sigh as Merlin took his turn at washing Trixie. She could feel his raspy tongue as it glided along her tender folds. Due to the sheer length it even managed to cover her entire pussy at once. Her whole pussy tingled with each long stroke of the raspy tongue something she had never felt anything like. Before long the tingling began to spread. Soon her legs began shaking and her tummy tightened.

Cale could hardly believe how much he enjoyed pleasuring Trixie’s delicate pussy. The flavor masked at first by water had intensified as she began leaking. A bit musky and salty but he could not get enough of it as he could literally taste her pleasure level as it rose with each lick. Trixie began panting as Cale felt her pussy began to shake. He saw her hands tighten as they spread against the tile wall at the same time dropping her head back and pushing her hips forward.

When it hit she fell. Her already trembling legs could do nothing to support her as the orgasm washed over her like the shower. Her hands faired no better and grasped about aimlessly on the slick wall. Once he noticed her losing her balance as her body began trembling Cale tried to catch her. They both yelped as they hit the ground. As a dog Cale’s efforts only managed to keep Trixie from hitting her head when she went down. After a brief moment of shuddering through her orgasm Trixie managed to sit up under the pouring water with an apologetic dog looking her in the eyes.

Trixie stared back panting. She had let Merlin, a dog, lick her to orgasm and rather than being repulsed like she should have been she had instead been thrilled by it. Trixie calmed the fearful dog by rewarding him with a vigorous neck scratching. “Good boy, good boy,” she breathed heavily as Merlin relaxed.

Cale exhaled in relief when Trixie started petting him. She was unharmed from the fall and more exciting she had enjoyed herself. Trixie continued to wash the two of them down and smiled widely every time their eyes met. Trixie may have been relieved, Cale however could not wait to leave out of the shower. Not because he did not enjoy being with Trixie naked or eating her out but because his throbbing penis had begun to hurt from lack of attention. He intended to lick himself off real good first chance he got which he hoped would be soon.

The maroon colored doggy cock had not gone unnoticed by Trixie and she could hardly believe the lewd thoughts that crept into her mind as she dried off the husky. Careful not to touch his sensitive cock she dried him while she fantasized. Once dry she wrapped a towel around herself and opened the door letting Merlin out. “Wait.”

Cale stopped obediently but hung his head. ‘What is it?’ he thought to himself. He had hoped to run off and get himself off while Trixie dressed and cleaned up the mud but, he could not do so if Trixie still wanted something.

She stepped into the hall feeling more exposed than earlier with only a towel and felt her pussy had begun getting wet again. She had not brought any clothes with her to change into since she had been focused on keeping the two of them off the carpet. “My room.”

Merlin followed Trixie. As much as he wanted to lick his aching cock, if she was going to continue to give him a peep show while she dressed he would not complain.

Why had she brought Merlin she did not know or more accurately she did not want to admit. The tongue job had been one of the most amazing thing she had ever felt. If possible she would have him do it again. He had already eaten her out once what would be the harm in letting him do so again? Once inside Trixie shut the door and turned to Merlin.

Something about her gaze excited Cale. Her eyes were wide making her appear apprehensive, mouth slightly open making her look eager, and her quick breathing, impatient. Cale could tell what she had planned before she moved but, this did not negate any additional arousal when she let the towel fall to the floor.

He watched in slow motion as the towel revealed her small perky breast, toned slender body adorned with the silver navel piercing, and her sparse pubic hair leading to her pink pussy. His cock throb as he marveled. He had already seen her naked but this was different. This was on purpose. This was for him.

Blushing Trixie beckoned the horny husky over who was more than happy to oblige as she sat on the edge of the bed. To her own surprise she then spread her legs for the dog. Before she had asked Merlin began lapping her damp pussy.

She closed her eyes and leaned back while letting out a sigh of content. Petting Merlin on the head she cooed, “good boy, good boy” between her deep breathes. Her orgasm grew rapidly. Perhaps because Merlin had more access to her burning pussy or had gone straight for it instead of the fore play or maybe it was because of how naughty she felt letting a dog please her. Either way she had been unprepared for the rolling orgasm that soon followed when he forced his tongue in her.

Cale had wasted no time in diving in on her sweet pussy. He found himself too horny to stop himself even if he had wanted to. Fortunately he did not want to stop nor did Trixie. He enthusiastically lapped her labia enjoying this new flavor and smell now more vivid outside of the shower. As Trixie pet him and cooed he became bolder forcing his tongue deep down her channel. Perhaps this is what set her off but once he had forced his tongue inside her she began trembling in orgasm while her vaginal walls constricted gushing fluid directly on Cale’s eager tongue.

He drank a few mouthfuls of Trixie juice before he had to stop. His painfully neglected cock demanded his attention. Looking back Cale still finds it hard to believe he had been brave enough to do it but at the time there was no way he could not have.

With Trixie still lost in her orgasm she failed to notice the fluffy husky paws wrap around her waist or what such an action entailed. The maroon doggy cock found its target on the first thrust and thanks to Trixie’s wet orgasm, it went all the way to the hilt in the first thrust. Cale whined with pleasure as he quickly began humping his first vagina.

Trixie may not have noticed when Merlin grabbed her waist but she definitely notice the doggy cock as it rammed its way inside her no longer virgin pussy. It had happened so fast. One moment she had been riding out an intense orgasm, the next she had her virginity robbed from her by a dog. Still trying to comprehend what had happened she attempted to push the massive dog off her but her efforts were futile. Her body was too weak after the intense orgasm to do more than nudge the husky if he noticed at all. At the same time she told Merlin to ‘get off’ however it merely came out as a lewd moan. As she struggled to regain control of the situation she noticed what felt like a hard ball pounding into her pussy along with Merlin’s cock and it had begun working its way in.

Cale did not know what the hard knot was either but he knew he just had to get inside her. With a finally thrust he forced the knot inside Trixie’s tight tunnel. Relief washed over him while his doggy cock erupted sending hot jets of dog cum deep inside Trixie’s womb. Cale continued to pump Trixie full of doggy spunk for what felt like several minutes, which in reality accounted for closer to thirty seconds. Cale regained his senses and he panicked. ‘What had he just done?’ He leapt off horrified. Only than did he realize there would be no escape. He had securely knotted himself to Trixie’s no longer virgin pussy.

Trixie could not tell if it had been the knot forcing its way inside her tunnel or the hot jets of doggy cum that followed flooding her womb, either way she ended up having another orgasm. She had not thought it possible to have so many orgasms back to back like that and despite being defiled by a dog instead of feeling angry, sad, or humiliated she felt hot, naughty, and excited. Right as she felt the last of the hot liquid spray her insides Merlin jumped off the bed followed by a jerking at her pussy. Trixie sat up to figure out what the tugging was. It took just a moment for her to see the tether.

“What have you done?” said Trixie trying to pull herself free too. The two strained as they tugged.

“Owe, stop, stop,” winced Trixie. “It hurts.”

Cale let out an involuntary whine as well under the strain. It did indeed hurt. The two would be stuck together until his doggy cock cooled down. The two might have waited it out if they had not been interrupted by the terrible sound of the front door opening.

“Trixie?” called Wendy. “You will need to clean up your shoes. They are covered in mud.”

Both turned to the sound of the voice and their jaws dropped in horror at the open bedroom door. It had crept open again. To make it worse they heard Wendy approaching. In a flurry of panicked shuffling the two fell on the floor. Still joined at the hip their attempted scramble to the door ended in a loud thud when Trixie fell off the bed. They quickly recovered but had lost precious time. Once on all four and tied to the husky like a bitch Trixie attempted to crawl to the door. The foot steps approaching fast and as Merlin stumbled backward while being dragged by his cock he realized they would not make it in time.

Taking charge he tugged back and started dragging Trixie. She had come to the same conclusion and let the husky drag her behind the bed. She at least had the state of mind to grab the towel as Merlin dragged her to the other side of the bed. Trixie’s head had barley managed to duck behind the bed as she saw her mother’s feet from under the bed.

“Trixie? What was that loud thud? You…” Lighting flashed throughout the empty room as Wendy walked in. “Where is that girl?”

Wendy stood in the door way for a moment scratching her head. She had been sure she heard something. Thunder rattled the window and she dismissed the loud thud. Maybe a tree branch had fallen on the roof? She turned and left never knowing what she would have seen if she had taken one more step. Her petrified daughter pale with fear knotted to her equally terrified and trembling pet husky laid flat as possible behind the bed.

They both felt it at the same time as Wendy’s foot steps faded away. Merlin’s knot contracted just enough for the two to separate. Wasting no time the two quickly parted with a squishy popping sound followed by a thin sticky stream of doggy cum. Trixie held the towel to her dripping pussy as she quietly scrambled to the door and securely shut it.

Cale watched as Trixie cleaned her pussy with the towel. Once completed she looked up and the two made eye contact before each awkwardly turned away. Trixie dressed as quickly and silently as possible and did not say a word or look at Merlin the whole time.

Trixie exited her room silently leaving the door open for Merlin. Even so she did not look back to see if he would follow. She intended on sneaking out the back and coming back inside making it appear she had been outside when her mother had been looking for her. That did not happen.

“There you are,” said Wendy as Trixie reached for the back door.

“Mom!” Her hand was still on the doorknob as she spun about to face her mother. “You scared me.”

The panic in her daughters eyes and voice did not go unnoticed by Wendy. “Where were you?” she asked lowering her voice and narrowing in her eyes.



Trixie looked at the floor wrinkling her forehead as she raised her eye brows and only responded with a shrug of the shoulders.

Wendy’s eyes lit up with panic, “Oh my god.” She darted from the room to Trixie’s bed room. Trixie followed scared and unsure what her mother suspected but did not like it.

Wendy’s sudden appearance startled Merlin and he stopped licking himself and stood up in a hurry hoping she had not seen what he had been licking. Wendy only glanced at him but Trixie, who had been behind her, noticed the way the husky stood up he had been most likely licking his genitals.

“Where is he?” said Wendy as she pulled open the closet.


“The boy.”

Trixie held out her hands in front of her with the palms up really having no clue what her mother was talking about, “What boy?”

“The boy. The reason you were hiding. The one you were….” she stopped and looked at her confused daughter and the equally confused intelligent husky.

As it dawned on her daughter Trixie closed her eyes and pursed her lips, “Mom, I am not a skank. I am not just going to bring some guy home to bang around with.”

Wendy however was laughing, “of course not. You really should shut your door when you…” She let it linger a moment before saying, “masturbate.” The look on Trixie’s face was all Wendy needed. She burst out laughing.

“MOM!” Trixie’s eyes shot open and her jaw dropped even Merlin jumped little. “I WASN’T.”

After Wendy had stopped laughing she looked at her flustered daughter, “It’s ok Trixie. Every one does it.” She looked at the husky, “I bet even he does it.”

They both looked at him as Cale felt his body flush and he turned his head. For once thankful he was a dog. They would be unable to see how thoroughly embarrassed he was.

Wendy laughed again before leaving. On her way out she said, “sorry about thinking you brought a boy home like that. Besides I am sure Merlin would let us know if you did, right?” She looked at Merlin as he nodded his head several times.

Once her mother left Trixie closed the door leaning back against it letting out her breath, “whew.” Now that they had gotten away with it she looked up meeting Merlin’s eyes and could not help but smile. “Merlin, you naughty dog” she gestured the husky over who approached down cast. Trixie knelt down and vigorously scratched behind his ears to Cale’s surprise. “You popped my cherry.”

It had been a week since the two had knotted and neither had an orgasm since. Not entirely by choice though. Trixie started dripping any time she thought about how her cherry had been taken by Merlin even so she refused to touch herself wanting the fluffy husky to do it instead. She would need to be more careful though to avoid knotting which made the opportunity harder to find.

Cale like wise had been perpetually on edge. He could smell Trixies juices where every they went and knew she had been craving the same thing. While Trixie attended school Cale had more than ample time to lick himself but resisted hoping the two would be able to go at it again.

The two stepped out into the dark and silent morning air. Merlin kept himself warm with his fluffy dog coat while she wore a sweater under her jacket and sweat pants as she had the last few weeks. With the coming of autumn even she found it too cold to go without. She shivered in morning fog. The first fog she had seen since she had moved in months back and she briefly contemplated going back inside. Merlin pushed up against her leg as she stood there. Looking down she saw the husky peering up at her expectantly. She smiled back making up her mind, “lets go”.

The cold fog rolled over the houses as the two ran that morning. Possibly one of the reasons they had not seen a soul since leaving the house. They had reached the half way point down a long straight path when Trixie slowed to a stop. Perplexed Merlin looked up at Trixie. She however paid him no mind, instead focused on surveying their deserted path in the dark. They were alone except for a tall willow tree.

As they ran the familiar path she had been surprised when they almost ran right past the willow tree in the dark fog. The thought came to her as suddenly as the willow tree’s appearance and she came to a stop. She peered into the gloom and the silence convinced her they were alone. This did not stop her from tip toeing least she break the silence as she snuck off to the sand pit she knew would be near by.

Picking up on her stealthy demeanor Cale followed just as silently his curiosity peaked.

“Psst, Merlin,” whispered Trixie as she put her hands to her hips.

Cale stopped in front of Trixie raising his ears listening for something, anything. Trixie must have noticed something and it made him uneasy. Her next statement however caught him off guard.

“You have been a naughty dog,” she smiled at his reaction finding it adorable how he snapped his head back and stared right at her.

Trixie pulled down her sweat pants along with her panties in one smooth movement. She then knelt on all fours in the sand and beckoned Merlin over, “come on boy, we are finally alone and I know you have been wanting this too.”

Cale’s jaw dropped as he watched Trixie present her self. Rushing over he stuck his cold nose between her legs and breathed deeply. That sweet smell had intoxicated him for a week and he could not get enough of it. He rubbed his nose all over her sensitive pubis soaking it all in before diving in with his tongue.

Large clouds of steam rose from Trixie’s lips in the cold air along with a soft moan as Merlin began licking her and she shivered. She knew not whether from the cold or the thrill.

“Merlin, we cannot be that long. Just do it. Just don’t put your….thing all the way in.” She hesitated a moment realizing she still did not know what it was that had bound them together last time.

Cale needed no further prompting. His maroon doggy cock had risen to the occasion almost instantly when Trixie had undressed. Jumping on her back he prodded in the dark a few times before finding his mark. Once found he eagerly pushed his way in. It took a few thrusts to work his way into that tight pussy and he knew it would have been impossible if she had not been so well lubed.

They began rocking their hips together while their breathing synchronized which came out in steamy clouds as they panted in the dark. The knot started beating against Trixie’s pussy and as much as Cale would have liked to push it in, he knew better. Just incase he forgot though Trixie made sure to remind him between her soft panting once she felt it.


While Trixie approached orgasm she began thinking of an exit strategy. She could not have Merlin spraying his doggy cum on her clothes when he pulled out and if he aimed it at the ground it would surly miss and spray her any way. She laughed to herself when the solution presented itself. Why not let him cum in her again? Such an obvious thought she did not know why she had worried about it. He was a dog after all and had done it before. However once the thought occurred to her it must have pushed her over the edge as she began to cum and collapsed pushing her hips back into the pounding husky.

Cale had every intention of keeping his knot out however; once Trixie’s orgasm hit the following hip thrust of hers made it far too easy. For a fraction of a second Cale lost control as he thrust into the beauty beneath him and the knot slipped right in where it belonged. He threw his head back and would have howled if he had not been trying to keep quite as he erupted into Trixie’s waiting womb. It did not take long before they recognized the familiar predicament once the euphoria wore off.

“Damn it, Merlin,” said Trixie as she shivered in the cold. Her pants were still pulled down after all. “I said…”

They both heard it. Foot steps.

They froze and not just from the cold. The foot steps grew closer. Someone was walking on the path and by the sound of it they were not alone. The two pulled silently in the dark but to no avail as they heard foot steps grow louder. Cale recognized it first. Not only was this person not alone but their companion was a dog.

*Bark bark*

“What is it boy?” as they came to a stop next to the willow tree.

The two still tied at the hips dared not move as they saw the man and his dog stop a few paces away. The dog strained at the leash in an attempt to reach the strangers in the dark.

“Oh no you don’t,” said the man as he hauled on the leash. “Last thing I am going to have you do is start digging holes for rodents again. Come on.”

The man started pulling the eager dog away and continued down the path never noticing the girl screwing her dog in the dark.

Once they were out of sight they let out a long pent up breath in a cloud. It took another minute or so before Merlin’s knot shrank enough for the two to separate by which point they could not longer hear the dog’s barks.

Steam billowed off of Merlin’s doggy cock as he with drew and Trixie shivered as steam vented from her dripping pussy. Seeing her pussy literally steaming with his own cum had to be one of the hottest things he had ever seen. Trixie had a similar opinion as she stood up and witnessed her steaming pussy. The two marveled at it for a moment before Trixie once again shivered. She pulled up her pants sealing the remaining doggy cum within and catching the rest in her panties.

“Naughty Merlin.”

Cale turned his head sheepishly but, Trixie pet his head and smiled anyway before continuing with their morning run, enjoying the slipperiness between her legs with every step.

The two continued with regular sex when ever possible. They had only ever managed to have sex outside once to the disappointment of both. The thrill of public sex had been incredibly exciting however; with the weather it had become too cold to do again. This meant they kept their deviant behavior at home. Typically right after school before Trixie’s parents return. By the third time they had figured out how to prevent the knotting. Trixie would need to hold Merlin’s knot during intercourse preventing its entry. If however she knew they would have a more extended period of privacy she would always allow the knotting. Something about being joined at the hips enhanced the experience for the both of them.

Trixie noticed her period was about a week late but paid it no attention. If she did not have to deal with it that would be fine by her. Once it was two weeks late though she figured it had been skipped some how and would begin again next month. She was a little concerned though since she had never been late let alone skipped before. She had heard of it though. After a little bit of research she pinned it on stress though she could not think of what could be causing her stress and tried not to think to critically about it. From than on she only worried about it when her mother bought her tampons and she would have to add them to the growing stash of unused ones in the bathroom cupboard.

Even if Wendy had not noticed Trixie had not been using her tampons Cale had. With his nose it had always been real obvious when any girl bleed on their period, Trixie and Wendy in particular. He always knew when they were. It had been over two months since they had first knotted and Trixie had not ovulated once to Cale’s knowledge. He had growing concerns for her health but she appeared fine and when he thought about it there was little he could do any way if something was wrong.

It had been a little more than two months since her last period and after skipping twice Trixie had begun to become genuinely worried. That morning she decided if it did not start by tomorrow she would ask her mother. For now though she set it aside and went for her morning run before school. The last day of school, before the winter holiday, the news said it would likely be the first snow that night.

“Mom and dad will be home any minute, so you have to keep it out. Ok Merlin?” said Trixie as she undressed after school.

As much as he preferred knotting Cale had to agree. They could not risk being tethered at this time of day. Trixie knelt on all fours and Cale wasted no time in mounting. Reaching around Trixie took hold of Cale’s knot and guided the maroon doggy cock to her dripping entrance. Letting out a soft sigh as the fluffy husky entered she relaxed letting Merlin take her once again. Trixie rocked her hips with Merlin as he began to pick up the pace. She could never match the speed of the animal once he got going but it never stopped her from trying. Cale began painting as he approached climax and he thrust vigorously up to the point where he erupted into Trixie’s waiting womb.

“No fair Merlin. I am not done,” protested Trixie as Merlin withdrew his dripping doggy cock from Trixie’s pussy followed by a fine stream of his cum.

Cale sighed to himself. He had not meant for Trixie not to get off however, he did know how to remedy that. After dismounting he dug his nose into her messy pussy and began cleaning her up with his long tongue.

“Oh, good boy. Clean it all up,” sighed Trixie as the husky licked up their juices.

Not long after she began to shutter as the orgasm spread through her. Cale had just finished clean up as she shook and the two finished none too soon. They heard the front door open at that moment. They both glanced up at the bedroom door firmly shut. They had been making sure of that.

Trixie rolled over and sat on the floor to examine her pussy. Satisfied Merlin had cleaned up well enough she stood up and dressed but not before giving Merlin a vigorous scratching, “good boy.”

It did snow that night and Trixie had been anticipating the fun of running through the snow with Merlin however, that did not happen. The next morning Trixie woke up sick.

Trixie stared at the ceiling as the most recent wave of nausea dissipated. At least she had not thrown up this time. Ever since the snow at the begin of the holiday she had not had a single day without some kind of dizzy spell or nausea. It had turned out to be a lousy holiday. She quickly pulled her hand away snapping out of her trance as Merlin licked it. She turned to see those warm brown eyes staring into hers with the same concern they had since the first snow. She smiled back and sat up slowly.

Petting the loving husky she said, “it’s ok Merlin, I will be fine. I think we may even get to run again soon.”

Merlin thumped his tail on the floor in response. He had not left her side since the sickness started. Although he did not understand how or why, he somehow felt responsible for her current condition. Something about her had changed but a familiar one he just could not tell why or where he had encountered it before. When the random bouts of nausea would strike he been there for her every time.

The next day Trixie woke up more chipper than she had a in a while despite it being the first day back to school. She looked out the window and smiled. It had snowed again and this time she did not feel sick.

“Come on Merlin, let’s go run in the snow.”

It had been a while since Cale had seen Trixie feeling so well and he more than happily joined in the morning run.

Once back home Trixie took a quick shower. She noticed something peculiar when she dressed. Her shirts all seemed tight. Her normally taunt belly seemed slightly bulged. Had she really gained that much weight during the holiday? Sure she had not been running because she felt too sick most of the time but, she had also been having trouble keeping food down. She frowned as she pondered it but had little time to dwell on it. It did however keep coming to mind throughout the day. It had been a nagging concern until gym class where it got worse.

Trixie took her shirt off as did the other girls around her. Behind her she heard laughter as two girls tussled. Intrigued Trixie turned to see what the commotion had been about. She never did find out. Instead she turned as one of the girls knocked a familiar blue package over and Trixie’s heart stopped and her blood ran cold. As the tampons rolled across the floor she remembered her important question she had neglected to ask her mother. When had she last had her own period? As she stared at the tampons, while the girls started picking them up still laughing, someone called her name.


“What?” said Trixie startled.

“What do you mean ‘what’? I called your name like ten times. You look like you have seen a ghost. What happened?” inquired her classmate.

Trixie had indeed gone pale, “I am not feeling well. I think I am going to go home.” She could not keep her hands from shaking as she dressed. After a brief visit to the nurse’s office she left the school and ran home.

Meanwhile Cale wandered the streets as he normally did while the family was away. He ventured deeper into town led by his curiosity to see the town covered in snow. Laughter drew his attention as he passed the clinic. A small child had spotted him and was trying to crawl over the snow to reach him. ‘Why not,’ thought Cale as he circled back toward the kid.

The kid was delighted to pet the doggie. The mother came close behind. A quick glance told Cale this mother would be a two times mother in a few months as her belly bulged.

She smiled as she knelt next to her kid asking, “Did you find a new friend?”

“Look mommies, its a dog!”

“A very good dog,” said the mother as she pet Cale, “but it is time to go. We have an appointment inside.”

The woman and child had a familiar scent Cale could not immediately place. He had not only smelled it months back but it seemed he had been around the scent a lot recently. His eyes went wide as he watched the two enter the clinic. How was it possible? He turned and ran home. He had not run long before he saw the fresh foot prints in the snow and smelled the same scent again. Trixie had been here and recently.

How was it possible? Trixie stared at the third wet strip saying the same thing as the previous two. She had not noticed her open mouth and her skin had gone pale again. She lifted her head momentarily pulled from her gloom when she heard the familiar clicking of Merlin’s nails on the floor. Opening the door she found Merlin looking up at her. The usual warmth in his eyes had been replaced by fear, the same fear in her own eyes. He made a quick glance to her hand still holding the strip. When their eyes met again they both knew.

Before either of them had a chance to do anything there came a knock at the door. Perhaps it had been the uncanny timing but something about the knock sent a shiver down Cale’s spine. They turned their heads toward the direction of the door but did not move. When the second knock came Trixie looked at the strip in her hand momentarily before discarding and flushing it. When the third knock came she went to the door with Merlin close behind her.

Trixie opened the door to see a lady in a long black coat and snow boots. Her head however was uncovered revealing her large hoop earrings and long black hair. The lady gave Trixie a friendly smile extending to her dark eyes. Trixie tried to smiled back happy to see a friendly face even if a stranger. Before either could speak they heard a deep growl.

Cale had been close behind Trixie and when the door opened and he saw the witch he knew there would be trouble. Growling he stepped forward baring his fangs protecting Trixie from he knew not what.

The lady in black seemed unperturbed by the dog and smiled wider as she said, “you have a very special dog there don’t you little lady?”

Trixie had never seen Merlin act like this and certainly never seen him bare his teeth or growl. If he did not like this lady Trixie did not either. “What do you want?”

The lady rose an eye brow losing her smile. The tone of voice made it all to clear she would not be welcome here. She decided a direct approach would be necessary. Looking Trixie dead in the eye she said, “Trixie, your pregnant aren’t you?”

Trixie’s heart stopped. Her eyes bulged and her face went paler, Breaking eye contact she quickly looked up and down the street before grabbing the lady’s wrist and pulling her into the house and locking the door. “How do you know that, who are you?!”

“The name is Kendra, Kendra the Witch” said the lady in black as she nursed her wrist. After determining her wrist would survive Kendra looked at the scared pregnant girl and her loyal dog who continued to growling and bare his teeth. “And as I said, you have a very special dog.”

A witch? What rubbish. Trixie looked down to Merlin. His eyes never left Kendra as he snarled. “Witch? What do you want?”

Kendra smiled again, “the same thing as everyone in this room. To undo your pregnancy.”

After a pause of stunned silence Kendra corrected her previous statement, “no, I should say…hide your pregnancy.”

Trixie bit her lip and looked at Merlin who looked like he was about to jump and tear Kendra’s throat out. “I don’t want your help.”

“Oh so I suppose you have a plan than?” said Kendra as she lifted her palm up inviting Trixie to elaborate. After receiving no answer she continued. “Have a coat hanger in the closet or do you think your mother will simply not notice your belly bump?” As she said the last part she turned her gaze to Trixie’s belly.

Trixie took a sharp breathe and Cale actually barked. Crossing her arms covering her stomach while glaring, “I’ll figure something out.”

“You better figure something out fast. Your time is measured in days at this point. People will be noticing very soon, Trixie” said Kendra.

Trixie’s lip trembled at the thought. How could she ever explain this or hope to hide it and how did this witch know her name?

Kendra sighed, “look I am not trying to scare you, I am trying to help.”

Trixie’s voice trembled as she replied, “how?”

“Let’s just say I have my ways. Just follow me and I will get you set up.” Kendra walked into the front room looking around as she did so.

Trixie hesitated and once again looked down at Merlin. He did not trust this witch why should she? “I am brining Merlin.”

Kendra raised her eye brow at the strange comment before looked around the living room, “it is not like I would be asking him to leave, besides he is involved in this just as much as you are.”

Cale growled again at this. Kendra however gave the husky a sad smile before walking back over and stooping down to the dog while gently adding, “I will not harm her or the child.”

Cale stopped growling but did not take his eyes off the witch as she turned and took a seat on the sofa waiting. He never would have allowed it if it had not been for Trixie’s comment. Kneeling down beside him Trixie gently turned his head until the two were eye to eye. “I don’t know that we have a choice boy.”

He did not like it. He knew what this witch was capable of. After all braking one her deals was why he was here in the first place. He also wanted to protect Trixie and recognized the truth of the witches words. There would be nothing he or Trixie could do to hide the pregnancy. He hid his fangs. They did not have a choice.

Kendra clapped her hands, “excellent. Shall we continue than my dear?”

“Wait, you mean right now?” said Trixie with distinct fear in her voice.

“I thought that was obvious. You do not have much time and besides there is no better time than the present,” said Kendra as she patted the seat beside her.

Trixie and Merlin looked at each other. Merlin had no idea what to do here and left that up to Trixie whom after receiving no response from her smart dog bit her lip and nodded before taking a seat next to Kendra with Merlin right beside her.

After taking a seat she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, “I have no idea what you have planned but I am not drinking some random potion.”

“A good thing too, Trixie. It is all snake oil. If you want something that works go to the doctor,” said Kendra as she reached into her coat pocket.

Trixie stared at the witch with her moth slightly open. “Than how are you going to help? Also how do you know my name?”

“Magic of course,” said Kendra smiling and pulling out a small white packet.

Baffled Trixie watched as the witch opened an alcohol sanitation wipe. She preceded to disinfect a long silver needle adorned with a blue gem on the head. Once satisfied with her work on the needled she reached under her collar and removed a strange amulet with a sold blue spherical crystal orb.

Holding the needle in her right and the amulet in the left she spoke, “your hand dear.”

“Wh..what are you going to do?”

“For this to work I will need blood.” Seeing the panic in Trixie’s eyes she added, “relax dear a single drop will do.”

Trixie slowly began to extend her hand when Merlin intervened. Gently but firmly he placed his paw on Trixies hand and lowered it away from the witch. He turned to Kendra and bared his teeth. The two girls looked at him one scared the other irritated.

Kendra scowled at the husky, “I told you I would not harm her or the child. What more do you want?”

“What are you going to do to the kid than?” asked Trixie.

The witch studied the two for a while before answering. She could force it if she wanted but she hated doing so. Last time she did she had regretted it. Maybe they would understand. She could always force it later if she must. “I plan to raise them. If you must know.”

“Why?” seemed strange for a witch to show up out of no where asking to raise her offspring.

“Your kid is going to be special and will require special attention.” answered Kendra. “And I do really want to help you two. “

Cale lifted his paw off Trixie’s arm. It did not sound like a lie but why had she not mentioned any of this to him?

“So you take a drop of blood and you take the kid?”

“That is the basic idea, yes.”

She did not like the idea but Trixie was not ready to be a mother. She looked into the warm brown eyes of her dog and together they made a decision. Trixie extended her hand and closed her eyes gritting her teeth waiting for the painful needle. She jumped a little but not form the pain but from the location. A quick sting on the wrist and that was it.

Kendra smiled at the confused look like the last time she did this, “I need blood not pain. Finger tips hurt.”

She very slowly touched the droplet of blood to the blue sphere on the amulet. The whole room lit up bright red as the crystal flared the same color. After a few seconds the flaring light began to dwindle. The once brilliant blue sphere glowed an angry red. It did not last long though. As everyone watched the light continued to fade until the original blue returned.

“Perfect,” beamed Kendra. She quickly cleaned the needle and once put away she held out the strange amulet to Trixie. Trixie however, just stared at it. “Well come on. Try it on.”

She carefully picked up the strange amulet and examined it closely. The blue crystal orb gleamed beautify but as sparkly as it looked it gave no hint of discernible magic to Trixie.

“Any time now,” Kendra smiled trying to be patient but figured she would need to be going soon.

While not wholly satisfied with her inspection, Trixie gently placed the amulet around her neck and as she had it on the blue crystal flared bright red again. Like before the sphere glowed a few seconds before fading. This time however the orb did not return to its previous blue. Instead it gleamed the same only now blood red. One other difference Trixie noticed, her belly seemed to tighten as the orb faded.

“Well done,” Kendra clapped. At the same time Cale whimpered once the glow faded.

“Did you notice? Lift your shirt,” instructed Kendra.

Swallowing Trixie tentatively lifted her shirt revealing her toned belly and shiny silver navel piercing. The bulge had vanished. Trixie looked up astonished but Kendra answered before she could ask.

“As long as you wear that amulet you will not appear pregnant because you are not pregnant while you wear it. That also means your pregnancy will not advance while you wear it. Taking it off however will.

Since a full term pregnancy takes nine months you will need to remove the amulet in order to continue your pregnancy. I would recommend wear it as little as possible when ever possible since that will drag out the process much longer. For instance do not sleep with it or wear it when you are alone if it can be helped.”

Trixie stood up after Kendra and they shook hands, “good luck to the both of you. Come see me when you are ready to give birth or if you have any problems.”

She smiled and looked to the fluffy husky, “he knows where to find me after all or just do what I did and use the phone book.”

“Wait what?” Trixie stared at the witch.

Kendra laughed, “the phone book. It is how I knew your name.”

After finding her voice, “I thought you used magic?”

“Phone books are magic as are phones,” replied Kendra smiling again. “A little ingenuity and practicality is often easier and usually better than magic. Do not forget that.”

She went to the door and unlocked it. Stepping outside she almost closed the door before she opened it again and turned to the two, “oh one more thing. Once your water breaks the amulet will no longer work.” She waved goodbye and was gone.

With the witch gone Trixie stared at the strange amulet. Looking at Merlin she asked, “well should we try it out?”

Cale nodded his head. He knew this witch was powerful from personal experience but he could not help but wonder how this would work. Trixie lifted her shirt and before taking the amulet off. It again flared bright red lighting up the room before slowly fading to blue. Her belly mean while seemed to expand ever so slightly. It had not been a big difference but defiantly a noticeable one. She then returned the amulet to her neck and once again it lit up the room and her belly shrank.

Truly amazing, how could something like this exist? How did she get into this situation? Why did Kendra want her offspring? Why had she not asked more questions? The more she thought about it the more questions she had. She needed some fresh air this whole thing was too much. She quickly dressed and ran outside for a run with Merlin close behind.

They had been running a long time, longer than usual and in the snow no less. The two were exhausted by the time they returned home. Trixie had hoped to take a shower, however her mother had other plans when Trixie opened the door.

“Trixie? Is that you?” came the voice of Wendy. Something about it rose the hair on the back of Trixie’s neck.

“Yes?” she responded while surprising a shiver and shutting the door.

Her mother entered the room and had long pale face. What ever had freighted her began frightening her daughter when she saw her.

“Is there anything you want to tell me?” Wendy asked watching her daughter closely.

Trixie’s throat went dry as she tried to swallow, “no.”

“Are you sure? How are you feeling?” She stepped closer.

“I am feeling a lot better actually…” trying to avoid eye contact.

Wendy fidgeted her fingers, “can I ask you something. In the bathroom?”

“Ya? I guess?” following her mother into the bathroom.

Her heart started racing. She remembered flushing the pregnancy tests at least she thought she had. She had still not figured out what her mother had on her mind before Wendy opened one of the cupboards. Not just any cupboard thought but her personal one and she instantly knew what her mother wanted to know.

“I bought you more tampons today. You were not home so I went to put them away…” indicating the shelf inside. “And it does not look like you have used any for a long time…”

The shelf had become rather packed and that was not all. Trixie looked on in horror at the still open box of pregnancy test strips.

Wendy turned to her daughter and once again asked, “Is there anything you want to tell me?”

Trixie licked her lips several times and avoided eye contact. Should she tell her? It was surprising how hot the house felt all of a sudden and how dry her throat was. If what the witch said had been true she should be able to hide this right?

“Well Trixie? Is there?”

Without taking a single breathe she quickly blurted out without stopping, “No, I am not pregnant. I have just missed my period because of a lot of stress. I didn’t want to tell you because I was afraid I might be but not because I have been having sex because I haven’t. I have just heard of getting pregnant from strange things and thought maybe I had come into contact with something at school. Not that I know where I would have run into it or who it might have been from but that does not mater because I am not pregnant because I already tested and…”

“Trixie stop. Slow down.” Wendy held up her hand.

Trixie paused and took a breathe and looked at her mother with wide hopeful eyes.

Still holding her hand out to stop her daughter she took her other hand pressing the front two fingers on her forehead and closed her eyes. Upon opening her eyes and removing her hand she asked for clarification, “so let me get this straight. You have not had sex but you have missed your period. You took a test because you were afraid you had somehow come into contact with semen any way but turns out you are not pregnant?”

Trixie quickly nodded her head several times.

“I don’t believe that honey,” picking up the opened box she took out the last strip and handed it to her daughter. “I want to see a test.”

“Right now?” said Trixie with eyes bulging as she looked at the strip in her mother’s hand.

“Yes, right now.”

Her hand shook as she reached for the pregnancy test. Merlin who had been watching in silent trepidation shared the same fear as she took the strip. Did this amulet really work? He had noticed the scent had disappeared sure but would it fool a pregnancy test?

She held the strip in her hand with all the care one would with a live grenade. “I do not need to go right now.”

“Than I will get you some water and we can wait.”

Almost an hour later Trixie sat on the toilet waiting and dreading. She had to go really bad but just could not. Her mother had insisted in being there which sure made it awkward but the main reason was the same as before. What would the test strip show? Try as she might though she could no longer hold it. With the strip soaked they waited.

The next ten minutes were the shortest ten minutes of mother and daughter’s life as they watched the test strip on the counter. Negative. They both exhaled in relief.

Wendy hugged her daughter as a single tear ran down her check, “oh Trixie, why would you scare me like that?”

Hugging her mother back and almost crying herself, “I was scared too.”

After a moment Wendy broke off asking, “still when was the last time you had your period?”

She had to think for a moment, “three maybe four months, I think?”

“Three or four months?! Why didn’t you say something sooner.”

“I didn’t think it was that big a deal,” replied Trixie as she shifted her gaze to the left.

“Four months is kind of a big deal. If you are not pregnant something else could be wrong. I’ll be taking you to the doctor tomorrow.”

Trixie stood beside her bed and next to Merlin in the dark fiddling with the strange amulet. “Well? Should I take it off?”

Cale had been thinking the same thing. It had fooled the pregnancy test and his nose or maybe she had never been pregnant to begin with? He discarded that last thought. He knew very well she had been pregnant and still was. At least when the amulet was off. The sooner they finished this the better or maybe they should drag it out? Why should she ever take it off? Again he discarded the last thought. If they ever wanted this to end they would need to have the baby. He looked up to Trixie and finally answered her question with a nod.

“Ok than.” She took a deep breathe and took the amulet off. The room lit up and her belly tightened. The two were still blinking from the bright light when the door opened.

“What was that light?” asked Wendy looking around the room.

Frantically hiding the amulet behind her back with one hand and her belly with the other Trixie tried to lie, “what light?”

“The light, there was a bright red light coming from under the door just now.”

Trixie and Merlin exchanged glances before both looking to Wendy and shrugging. “We didn’t see a light.”

Wendy turned her head and furrowed her brow, “I was sure I had seen a red light…” She looked back at the two and gave up on it, “well what ever, have a good night honey and take care of her Merlin.” She smiled shutting the door.

Once Wendy left Trixie quickly went to her jewelry and found a small wooden box for the strange now blue amulet. Carefully placing it inside she set it on her night stand. “We will have to keep it covered when putting it on or taking it off wont we.”

Cale thumped his tail.

“Ouch,” said Trixie as the elastic band of her panties dug into her sides. “That is enough of this,” painfully pulling her panties off her hips she sighed in relief.

It had not been long since she had stopped wearing her bra during the transformations. Like her panties it had become painfully tight to wear as her body changed. With the panties off she placed the strange amulet wrapped in a black cloth in the box next to her bed. It had been four months since Kendra the witch had given it to her and since than she had been slowly growing around the belly and breasts as the baby grew. Only at night or when alone of course.

During that same time she had not obtained a single article of clothing to accommodate her changing body. Which had started to become a problem the panties being the newest evidence of this. Her long night shirt, the only thing she could still wear, had also become a bit tight since she liked to wear them tighter than normal.

She contemplated removing her last bit of clothes before asking her fluffy husky, “well what do you think? Should I just take off the shirt too?”

Merlin thumped his tail. If she wanted to streak while they were alone he would not be the one to stop her. Even if she did not her shirt did little to cover her from his angle. Most of the time he could look right up her shirt only instead of seeing panties when he did so he would be seeing her pretty pussy.

She smiled, “well if you insist” and with a quick shrug she lifted the shirt over her head.

In that brief moment when she could not see Cale dove in. Her pussy was more than pretty. He found it delicious as well as he inserted his tongue into her depths. Trixie barely managed to throw the shirt off before she fell backward onto the bed.

“Merlin! You naughty doggy, I didn’t say you could lick my pussy.”

He stopped licking and sat down.

“I didn’t say you could stop either,” she said as she splayed her legs.

Cale smiled as only a dog can before diving back in. He soon had her swooning as she lifted her legs unable to resist the onslaught of his long tongue. As he licked her button and she approached orgasm he stop and went for long strokes on her inner thigh slowly working his way back in. Once he reached her pussy again he lapped up her juices driving his tongue deeply into her slick opening. When he thought she might climax he paused again only to switch to the other thigh. He continued to toy with her keeping her on edge as long as he could.

Trixie’s vision blacked out and she could not tell if was from the pleasure or if she had been closing her eyes. It did not mater any more though, she had to climax. Her body shook but every time she thought she might reach it Merlin would change something and deny her. She begged for it until finally her body went rigged with ecstasy as she came. Merlin could deny her no more.

Tasting and smelling her climax did not discourage Cale in the least. He had dragged out her orgasm for as long as he could and now he intended to prolong it as long as he could. Plunging in he increased his speed as he slurped up every drop of Trixie’s cum his long tongue could reach. Only when she stopped shuttering did he relent his attack on her pussy.

He did not give her long. She could hardly move before she felt the fluffy husky’s fur on her belly and the bed shake as he mounted. Trixie tried to resist by pulling her hips away from the probing dog cock but was too spent to prevent it. Despite her wiggling Cale soon found her tight slit. After a few short strokes up and down her length he probed the head in at which point he drove home sliding Trixie further up the bed.

Fully enveloped by her tunnel Cale picked up the pace with long, strong, deliberate strokes. Trixie could do little more than moan under the involuntary contractions of her channel as her tender vagina accommodated the relentless thrusting of the doggy cock.

Pounding away at her pussy he felt the familiar knot growing and starting to beat the walls of her pussy. She had not said anything about knotting tonight and he guessed she was in no position to do so.

Little by little he began working the knot deeper and deeper. All the while building to his own orgasm he knew would be deposited directly into her. She felt it of course. Contemplating whether or not to allow it before she realized, much like his wild thrusting cock, she would be unable to stop it at that point.

With a final strong thrust and an audible pop Cale managed to force his knot snuggly into Trixie’s slippery pussy. Trixie’s eyes went wide when she felt it pop in and could do nothing to stop it. She also knew given the choice she would not have stopped the husky any way and continued to rock her hips in time with Merlin’s thrusts while building to yet another orgasm.

Cale continued to plow Trixie for another minute but, even with his increased stamina from all the times they had done this, he could not hold off any longer. With one last mighty push he buried himself deep within her depths before exploding in a torrent of pleasure. He had hoped to have Trixie climax again but the orgasm had been to intense for him to care any more as he sprayed her insides.

He need not have worried about Trixie. After all the orgasms she already had that night the finally one induced by feeling the dog’s cum pumping into her had been more than enough for her. Her body tensed one last time and she wrapped her legs around the fluffy husky pulling him in as he cam in her before collapsing totally spent panting like a breed bitch.

Cale panted catching his breathe and attempted to dislodge his cock. It did not work and he tried again a minute later still unable to free himself. Trixie had not moved other than her heaving sides as she likewise caught her breathe. In the end he decided to stop trying to force it and laid down on top of Trixie leaving his knot lodged in her pussy trapping the cum inside. The two end up sleeping together just like that. Trixie completely naked on her bed with Merlin her fluffy husky laying on top of her as a blanket while the two remained joined at the hips.

They shared a dream the next morning and it was unclear who woke up first but at some point Merlin’s morning wood had begun working its way into Trixie’s pussy or maybe it had never left it from the previous night. Either way as it swelled expanding Trixie’s vaginal walls the two both began rocking their hips. Little by little the two started increasing the speed as they drifted into consciousness. They bounced on the bed as they oscillated together unsure if the other was awake. Neither gave it a second thought as they pitched if the other was awake. Eventually they both knew the other had awoken and really started getting into it. Thankfully the bed did not squeak but they put it through yet another test.

“Put it in,” said Trixie as they felt the familiar knot bumping her pussy.

Cale eagerly obliged quickly working the growing knot deeper and deeper. Shortly after they felt the recognizable sensation of being knotted once again. The two went at it for what seemed like forever before Cale unable to contain himself any longer thrust in and deposited a fresh load of cum inside Trixie’s waiting cannel. Feeling the hot juices flowing inside her tipped it enough for her as she joined him in climax. Merlin had just finished squirting inside her when the alarm went off.

The usual scramble to the alarm did not go so well though. Merlin attempted to jump off Trixie and the bed but stumbled dragging Trixie with him as they were still knotted at the hips. Likewise Trixie’s attempts to stand were foiled by the husky underfoot and between her legs sending her sprawling to the floor in a loud thud.

“Ouch, Merlin…stop jumping around,” said Trixie as she fell and tried stand again and before realizing standing would not be an option.

The two struggled comically on the floor for several seconds while the alarm blared. Eventually Merlin stood with his cock still knotted in Trixie while she stood on her hands and knees. She crawled to the alarm while Merlin walked awkwardly backward to accommodate. Trixie finally turned off the alarm and none too soon.

With the alarm off Trixie heard foot steps approaching, as did Merlin she observed for how his ear pricked up. Wendy would likely be opening the door any moment and the two were naked and knotted on the floor. She looked to the bed and her heart sank as she realized she could not reach it in time. Merlin however could and ripped the blanked off with his teeth throwing it to Trixie.

Trixie let out a sigh of relief, “good boy,” she said as she covered the two of them with the blanket right as the door opened.

“What on earth are you two doing?” said Wendy surveying the scene. Trixie sat on the floor draped in a blanket with Merlin tangled up in the same blanket practically sitting on her. The bed covers had been pulled askew and a pillow lay on the floor.

“The alarm went off and I tripped over Merlin,” said Trixie as her face glowed red.

“Really you two?” Shaking her head she turned leaving the two tethered and none the wiser.

Trixie sighed in relief but not for long. She became aware of two things. First Wend had shut the door but not firmly and it began to slowly open again and two her back ached in pain. Sleeping with a dog on her baby bump had not been such a great idea. Despite the pain and being knotted though the door had to be shut.

“Come on Merlin, we need to shut the door,” discarding the blanket she began to crawl awkwardly and very naked and exposed toward the open door.

They were both happy when they finally reached the door and properly shut it. Trixie then rolled over as best she could so she could sit and lean back against the door to relieve her back pain. Although the twisting of the knot in her virgin did come with its own pain for the both of them.

“Ouch sorry Merlin, I have to sit down my back is killing me.”

Cale gritted his teeth through it until Trixie could sit against the door with her legs splayed out to accommodate the husky’s cock still faceted to her pussy. Cale did not need to wait long before he managed to pull himself free with a pop followed by a white river of doggy cum. Trixie only just managed to halt it with her hand before it dripped to the carpet.

“Oh Merlin, what a mess,” as she said this Cale had already turned around and started lapping up their combined fluids cleaning Trixie’s pussy. She did not stop him and started licking her own hand clean. It only took a few good licks to clean her up and Cale would have continued if Trixie had let him.

“Good boy, I know it is tasty but we need to stop for now,” Trixie said reluctantly but her back pain was too much to enjoy another orgasm.

She strained her back as she stood and hobbled to the nightstand. “Owie, that is the last time I let you sleep on top of me,” she said rubbing her back.

Trixie covered the strange amulet with the black cloth and put it on and was pleasantly surprised the back pain disappeared as she felt her belly shrink. Wondering if the back pain would return if she took it off she did just that. Sure enough it returned with her baby bump. Placing it back on she sighed but not too surprised by the result. The strange amulet seemed to perfectly remove the pregnancy effects, something she had been very grateful for when her mother took her to the doctor months back. She had been petrified the amulet could not fool a pregnancy test and a doctor but it did. Oh well she could deal with some back pain if she must.

After taking the black cloth off and placing it back in the box she noticed something different about the red orb. It had always appeared flawless and clear but today it looked different. She held it up to the light and gasped. Merlin rubbed up against her leg reminding her he was with her. She looked down into the warm brown eyes of her dog not sure he could see. He needed to see this though and she knelt down and held it out for him against the light.

They stared at the tiny fetus in the center of the red orb.

As the months passed the fetus grew as did Trixie’s and Cale’s apprehension. Had they made the right decision? Every night Trixie removed the strange amulet allowing the pregnancy to progress and every morning she would put the amulet back on staring at the tiny fetus dreading what was to come as she watched it mature.

“What is that?” asked a classmate.

The summer had long since pasted and the third quarter had just started. Almost a year to date since she had made the deal with the witch. Trixie found herself once again idly staring at her unborn infant in the orb, her son as she could tell by now. Trixie jumped and hastily attempted to hide the amulet away by quickly dressing in her swimsuit. The swimsuit, while modest, did not go high enough to cover the amulet at all. Instead the strange amulet drew the eye making it impossible to miss next to the unassuming swimsuit.

“Its nothing,” said Trixie covering the amulet with her hand.

The fact that talkative Trixie did not want to share had her classmate more than a little curious. “Oh come on, I saw it. I just want a closer look,” Trixie’s mouth went dry as she heard this. Was she talking about the amulet or what was inside the amulet? Either way Trixie was not about to let anyone see it.

“No, it’s…uh.. very personal,” said Trixie squeezing the strange amulet tighter as if it were somehow in danger.

“If it’s so personal why are you wearing it for swim class. It is not like you are going to be able to hide it,” replied the girl raising her eyebrows.

“I know,” replied Trixie bowing her head. “But I cannot part with it, not now. Maybe I’ll tell you sometime,” she lied.

The girl lifted her hands shoulder height with the palms out dismissively, “What ever.” She dropped the subject and left the changing room but Trixie could tell it would come up again if not her than another classmate. It would be impossible to hide the strange amulet indefinitely for the new swimming lessons.

The school had recently finished building their indoor pool and as such had added at least one swim lesson a week to everyone’s curriculum. Most students and teachers had been excited, Trixie included however; with her first lesson she had quickly changed her mind. The strange amulet had been easy enough to hide during gym but here the effort would be futile.

Every time Trixie notice someone even so much as glanced in her direction she would grasp at her amulet making sure it was safe. Trixie did not remember much of the lesson but smiled in relief when she heard the whistle and the teacher call an end to class. Unfortunately she also let her guard down in that same moment thinking it safe.

She felt the fingers at the back of her neck. Panicked she reached for the strange amulet but too slow. A boy had been eyeing it the whole class. Figuring it funny she wore such a strange amulet while swimming spawned another thought. How funny would it be to take it and play keep away? Tugging the amulet away he surged away with glee. His triumph did not last long. Upon removal the red spherical crystal orb lit up in a familiar bright red. With a yelp he dropped the strange amulet. Slowly fading to blue it descended.

“What the hell was that?” someone shouted.

At the same time the whole class turned in Trixie’s direction watching the strange amulet fading to blue. No one could have missed it. The bright red light drew everyone’s gaze not yet noticing Trixie but it would not take long.

Her belly swelled. The swim suit stretched. Air forced from her lungs. All this on top of the pain as the swim suit bit into a body far too large for it. Only one thing on her mind, she dove. More like floundering than swimming she chased the strange amulet to the bottom of the pool. Her vision began to fade the deeper she went. A snap at her left shoulder eased the pain and returned some of her vision. Closely followed by another snap on her right. Neither of which registered for her as she fumbled for the strange amulet. Finally returning the strange amulet the blue crystal orb flared red once more. She felt her tummy shrink along with the pain and she breathed a sigh of relief. Unfortunately underwater breathing was not one the amulet’s powers.

Immediately realizing her mistake Trixie involuntarily tried to cough only making it worse. Vision fading again she thrashed toward the surface. A mysterious force thwarted her efforts and constricted her legs. She kicked violently but uselessly at it in her attempt to ascend. The harder she kicked the weaker they were. Trixie clutched the strange amulet and she kicked one last time with all her might. That last kick would not have harmed a baby. Her vision went black.

Coughing and sputtering Trixie came to. First thing she noticed, she was alive. Second thing the amulet was safely around her neck and surprisingly still held tightly in her hand. Third thing she was completely naked in front of her class.

Although the third thing she noticed it took some time for it to propagate. Too weak to sit up as she coughed. She rolled over spilling more water from her lungs before collapsing once more on her back. She blinked up at her class and the swim coach finally noticing her own nudity. Horrified she attempted to cover her pussy with one hand and her breasts with the other still clasping the amulet. How much had they seen?

“Don’t just stand there! Get her a towel!” shouted the coach.

A moment later several towels were thrown to the two. The coaching draped one over Trixie concealing her from prying eyes and took a second and wrapped it around her chest and help Trixie into a sitting position.

“What happened?” the coach asked.

Trixie looked up and continued to cough unable to answer.

“Think you can walk?”

Trixie nodded her head as the coach helped her to her feet careful to conceal her behind the towels. They walked toward the locker room past the pool where a torn and shredded swimsuit floated on the surface.

“The rest of you stay here and out of the pool. I will be grabbing Trixie’s things and taking her to the nurse’s office. Then I want everyone to get dressed and wait on the bench until I get back,” the coach instructed.

Once in the locker room Trixie took a seat and pointed out her belongings to the coach still coughing too much to say more than yes or no.

“Shoes,” she chocked. She wanted out of there quickly.

“You need more than your shoes on,” replied the coach.

Trixie shook her head and ignored him by pulling the shoes on without the socks.

The coach could not force her to put her clothes on but he would not be going outside without dressing himself. “Wait here,” he said as he left to collect his own clothes.

As soon as he left Trixie bundled her clothes in hand and escaped through the back door of the locker room which went straight outside into the snow covered campus. Had circumstances been different she would have waited for the coach’s return but not now. Just thinking about how her whole class had seen her naked just now sent shivers down her spine, although that could have been the cold. She wrapped the towel around her tighter. The thought that any of them had seen her pregnant…she started to run as quickly as she could considering the towel and the slick spots in the snow while hoping she would not be spotted. As embarrassed as she might be if someone did happen to see her walking around in a towel it did not compare to the embarrassment and terror she left behind.

She almost tripped over her untied laces in the snow once but managed to catch herself before finally arriving safely at the nurse’s office at the other end of campus. The empty room felt warm and safe as she closed the door. Discarding her shoes and towel she started to properly dress herself and her coughing had nearly stopped. Her entry had not been a stealthy one though.

“Good heavens! What has happened to you child?” called the receptionist who entered from the other room upon hearing the door and the ruckus as Trixie had entered.

Trixie had been in the process of pulling her panties up when the receptionist had entered and quickly fell over as she simultaneously tried to cover herself by reaching for the discarded towel and finish pulling up her panties. The two looked at each other both turning red.

Trixie’s teeth started chattering and the receptionist turned her back and stuttered, “w..what e..ever just happened..j..just get dress first then we will talk.”

Ten minutes later Trixie sat in the nurse’s office once again fully dressed with an irritated coach and office receptionist. Neither had been happy with her streaking a crossed campus but were more concerned she had run off after nearly drowning. “What if something happened?” they kept saying. Trixie kept her head down and did not say much. She rubbed her arms still attempting to remove the cold and hoped her mother would arrive soon.

It took another thirty minutes or more before her mother arrived, heard what happened, questioned Trixie again, and finally took her home.

“Honey, I am so sorry,” said Wendy. The two had arrived home and Trixie was still shaken. Although Wendy had taken the rest of the day off Trixie wanted to be alone for a while.

“I am ok,” Trixie smiled and lied. More to herself than to her mother. “I just need to be alone for a bit.” With that she went inside.

Cale had been surprised to hear the car outside and had just reached the front room to investigate it when Trixie walked in. Her messy wet hair and forlorn expression were more than enough for him to tell something had gone wrong at school. Never mind the fact she had come home hours early. He approached cautiously giving Trixie a concerned look. She however had not noticed him yet. She almost walked into him before she did.

“Oh, Merlin,” she said right before colliding with the husky. Crouching to scratch behind the ears she continued, “It has been an awful day.”

Cale followed Trixie to her room but she stop at the door and turned to him. “I need to be alone for a little while, I am sorry,” and she shut the door leaving Cale on the other side. The door had not fully shut as it had been known to do. Still he did not know if he should enter or not. On queue he heard Wendy behind him and he looked to her.

“She wants to be alone doesn’t she?” Wendy whispered to Merlin who nodded in response. Wendy frowned but waved for Merlin to follow.

Once in the kitchen where Trixie would not be hearing them Wendy elaborated for Merlin. Over a year ago she would have thought it ridiculous to talk to a dog like this, however she had long since learned this one understood everything.

“She had an accident at school today, almost drowned.” Cale’s jaw dropped when he heard this but Wendy continued. “Exactly,” answer the dog’s reaction, “but not only that her swim suit got ripped off her somehow and her whole class saw her naked. Needless to say she is a bit traumatized right now. Don’t go to far though I think she will need you soon.” She pet Merlin a few times on the head before walking away.

Cale hung his head as he sauntered back to Trixie’s door. “Poor girl,” he though. “I should have been there.”

There he waited outside her door for a reason to enter, to help but none came. He did not know how long he waited possibly an hour before nudging the door open. Walking in carefully he saw Trixie laying on her bed staring up at the ceiling. He approached and sat next to her bed for a while, she however appeared oblivious to his presence. Cale licked her hand to let her know he cared.

Jumping and shouting she nearly levitated out of bed. “Woah, what the hell Merlin!”

Although not the reaction he had been going for Cale thumped his tale, delighted to see Trixie no longer moping. It did not suit her.

She sucked in air and blew it out in a huff. Cale thumped his tail again as Trixie glowered at him. Despite her melancholy she could not help herself and began to smile and then to laugh. Cale skipped over wagging his tail and she began rubbing and petting him.

“Oh, Merlin. Thank you.”

Cale left and started nudging and pawing at Trixie’s shoes a clear indication they should go running. She of course liked the idea and quickly changed into something more appropriate for running in the snow and the two of them soon ran from the house, shouting down the hall for her mother, “going running.”

They returned tired but happier and after a quick shower enjoyed the rest of the uneventful evening together. Wendy had already been in bed for an hour before Trixie had finished her nightly routine and brushed out Merlin’s coat. Cale had noticed she left the strange amulet on for this, an uncommon practice for her and he let her know by nudging it with his nose.

Understanding his meaning she clasped the strange amulet a frown on her face. “You know I am getting very close. It always seemed so far away but now what are we actually going to do? What is going to happen to us? To our baby?”

Cale did not have an answer even if he could speak. It had been on his mind as well. There would be no way of keeping the baby. How could you explain that? But what did the witch want with it?

Silence hung over them as they looked at the very human baby boy, their son, in the center of the red crystal sphere. Finally letting out a sigh she lifted the strange amulet over her head. The room whole room lit up bright red as the crystal flared followed by the familiar feeling of her stomach expanding along with the pain of the stretched swim suit a crossed her belly from earlier in the day. The crystal slowly faded back to blue as Trixie rubbed her sore spots but something seemed different tonight.

Cale noticed it first and he whined as he pawed the ground frantically at Trixie’s feet. The wet floor confused her, then she noticed her wet feet, and finally she realized what the difference had been. Her pussy had started leaking fluid as soon as she had removed the strange amulet.

“No! No! No! Not now!” she cried as she hastily put the strange amulet back on.

Nothing happened.

With her water broken the strange amulet no longer worked. Trixie had started labor.

The two of them tried not to panic. Not an easy feat. Trixie had begun hyperventilating and Cale had stopped breathing. It took until Trixie fell to her knees overwhelmed by the days events before Cale managed to wrestle control back. Why the panic? They had planed for this. He licked Trixie’s face a few times until she shook him off gaining control herself. She looked around blinking assessing the situation.

“Right,” she said still breathing hard. “I need to call Kendra.”

Satisfied Trixie would be ok Cale went to the closet while Trixie picked herself up. She soon had on several oversized long shirts and her snow boots on. She carefully opened the bed room door and looked up and down the silent black hall way to be sure they were alone. She grimaced as she felt the first contraction.

The two silently walked down the hall to the phone holding a harness and a piece of paper with a phone number written down. Trixie dialed the number hoping the witch would pick up while she helped Merlin into the harness.

“Hello?” came a groggy voice on the other end.

“It’s me, Trixie. My water broke.”


“Kendra?” had she understood what she had said?

“Can you make it over?” replied Kendra no longer groggy.

“Yes, I think so,” said Trixie strapping up Merlin.

“Even with the snow?”

“Yes, even with the snow.”

“Good, hope to see you soon,” Kendra hung up the phone.

After putting the harness on Merlin, Trixie left to prepare herself. “Just need a few more things then we will be going.”

The two were soon outside as Trixie hobbled around making sure the line would hold. She gritted her teeth once more as another contraction hit. She then sat down awkwardly on the sled piling and wrapping blankets around herself as best she could while still holding the tether. The dog harness Merlin wore fastened to a rope attached to the kids sled. They had already tried this before but last time they had been playing around and Trixie had been better dressed for the occasion. Now all she had were a bunch of long shirts a coat that would not shut and some blankets.

One last deep breathe before, “alright Merlin, let’s go.”

Cold bit into the both of them. For Trixie more so than Cale. It had been snowing when they left the house and once Cale started pulling the sled it had begun to pick up. At least the wind did not bother them for now. The typically short journey seemed to take forever perhaps because Trixie grew colder since she had not been running or maybe because it took longer since Cale had to drag a sled. Unfortunately they did not make as clean a getaway as they would have liked.

About half way through the journey they passed a house with a black truck parked out front covered in snow. When passing they noticed movement at the door where a woman with a large basket had been. Before any one got a good look, she quickly darted away. Not sure if they had been spotted Cale picked up his pace leaving the woman behind hoping she had not noticed their skullduggery. They both sighed in relief when they saw the shop sign ‘Magic for all Occasions’ come into view.

Trixie fumbled to her feet and knocked on the shop door. Her teeth chattered and she hugged herself as another contraction started but the shop remained silent. She knocked again and still had no answer. She looked down at Merlin who looked back up at her. Not sure what else to do she began reaching for the handle to test the lock when the door opened.

“Come on in, it’s freezing out there,” said Kendra gesturing the two inside.

She guided them to the back of the shop through the curtain door way. It had been the first time for Trixie to enter the shop but the second time for Cale. He recalled walking into this room once before only this time they continued pasted the small round table and red chairs through another door. They stepped into what looked like a living room or den of some kind and still Kendra lead them further in. They soon entered what must have been Kendra’s bed room confirming what Cale had suspected. She did live here.

The bedroom itself did not look anything like Cale would have thought. Large and mostly lavender with a hardwood floor and an intricate large rug under the bed. There were multiple mirrors and a verity of miscellaneous objects on the clean dressers and vanity. There was even an armoire and a pendulum wall clock, nothing about this bed room would have proclaimed ‘witch’. The bed had however looked out of place at the moment. The many purple pillows had been thrown to the side were on the floor along with most of the flowery blankets. It looked like Kendra had thrown everything off it and put a plain white sheet over it for the occasion and had brought in several towels which were folded on the foot of the bed. The piece of furniture that drew the most attention for both Cale and Trixie however was not the bed but the cradle.

The purple wooden rocking cradle had been placed under the window and been carved with flowers painted yellow. It also had a lilac curtain over the top and a neatly folded felt blanket on top of a velvet sheet.

Both Trixie and Cale stared at the fine wooden cradle before exchanging glances. Kendra had been serious about wanting a child. At least it looked like their son would be well taken care of.

Kendra smiled as she led the two on ward and bounced around the room with excitement as she helped Trixie undress and lay on the bed while also helping to clean Merlin off after running through the snow.

Trixie felt exposed as she laid on the bed with only a thin blanket over her torso. Kendra had insisted she be naked. The long shirts would get in the way she had claimed. For his part Cale felt embarrassed to be here but did not have any where else to be while at the same time tried not to feel entirely useless which proved difficult since he could think of nothing he could do to help at this point. They all looked up at the wall clock as it lightly chimed 12:00 O’clock. This might be a long night.

The first tinges of gold had begun lighting the skies seeping in through the window while the last of the snow began to settle. Cale’s head rose and fell with the gentle breathing of Trixie as she slept. She had been in desperate need of rest and only been asleep for an hour. The only sound in the silent room came from Kendra kneeling on the floor as she hummed a lullaby and the creaking cradle she gently rocked. In a few more hours Trixie would be expected home before going to school something Cale figured would impossible. He had not managed to work out what to do after their son had been born but it been on his mind for some time.

Stirring in her sleep Trixie murmured something about a baby before settling down again. Kendra looked up and noticed the husky on Trixie’s chest watching her and she smiled back lifting her hand and gesturing Cale over with her finger. He carefully lifted himself from the bed to avoid disturbing Trixie and approached the witch cautiously.

Kendra leaned in cupping her hand as she whispered, “are you ready to be a human again, Cale?”

Taking a step back he dropped his jaw. He had almost forgotten he was actually human not canine. He turned looking to his sleeping girl friend in the bed to his first born son in the cradle before facing the witch again. The contract had been fulfilled.

He watched as Kendra smiled and lifted her hand fingers poised. He held is breathe. She snapped her fingers. The world disappeared in a pink cloud of smoke. The smoke cleared and he found himself on all fours and naked. He blinked several times looking up at Kendra.

“A deal is a deal,” she whispered. “I am sure you have been missed quite long enough.”

He sat up and felt his nose, his ears, his hair. All the while his grin widened as did his eyes. Stopping, he then examined and flexed his former paws now dexterous fingers. “I have thumbs again!” He enjoyed every moment of it except one thing. He turned and sighed, “no tail though.” It had been a passing sigh only. He had enjoyed the tail but enjoyed being human again more.

So excited he had to tell Trixie. He enthusiastically crawled toward Trixie scraping his knees forgetting he did not need to walk on all fours. Jumping on the bed he woke Trixie with a start.

“Woah what the hell?” sitting up and backing away from the stranger in the dark glow of morning.

Trixie rose her hand to slap the naked assailant when she caught herself. Cale admired Trixie with pure delight on his face and Trixie gaped back with total confusion. She recognized him. Instead of a slap she threw both hands around him and they pulled each other into a passionate hug.

‘Oh, Cale! I have missed you so much. It hasn’t been the same since you turned into a dog,” cried Trixie hugging Cale closer.

“I have missed you too Trixie but I never left you. I wanted to tell you…” Cale caught himself. “Wait how did you know I was a dog?”

Trixie started sniffling not noticing her misty eyes but had to stop and considered. “I…didn’t….I don’t think I did?” She bit her lip as she pondered. “You are Merlin though right? I mean you are wearing his collar.”

“Yes, I mean no. I mean not any more?” frowned Cale as he thought about it and put a hand on the collar.

They leaned back so they could study each other’s faces. “It’s like when I saw you just now it all sort of clicked, you know?” she answered again.

Cale wiped away one of Trixie’s tears not noticing his own, “I am just happy to see you again, as a human.”

Trixie chuckled, “but how did you turn into a dog?”

Cale’s heart skipped a beat as he turned to Kendra who had been watching silently. Trixie followed his gaze and they both stared at the witch.

“Why?” whispered Trixie. Kendra did not answer. Trixie pulled away from Cale shouting, “Why!?”

“Keep your voice down,” said Kendra as she attempted to hush Trixie.

Trixie paid her no mind and stood up angrily but too quickly. She tottered for a moment before falling back on the bed, Cale catching her before she slipped to the floor a look of concern on his face.

“Look, you still need some rest. You have been through a lot and it is not like I wasn’t going to tell you,” said Kendra as she picked up the newborn who had started crying.

I got what I needed. You can sleep for now. When I return we can talk and I’ll help you out. Both of you.” She gave them each one last look. Trixie glared but said nothing and Cale sat solemn. Turning she left the two.

The room slowly lit up over the next few hour as Cale pondered what to do next. Trixie had attempted to stay awake but despite her best efforts had fallen into a deep slumber again this time cradled in Cale’s arms.

When Kendra returned she coddle the infant in one arm and held a bundle of clothes in the other. “You’ll need these,” tossing the clothes to the bed as she tucked the little baby into his cradle.

“She is still asleep,” responded Cale only glancing at the pile of clothes.

Kendra turned to him raising an eyebrow, “the clothes are for you.”

“Oh right,” he looked at himself realizing he had been naked too and still wearing a collar.

Picking up a shirt he examined it curiously. He had not worn clothes for over a year but he could still tell these had seen better days. Oversized and worn but at least clean. Better than nothing he shrugged and put on the shirt before standing up and putting on the rest.

“I got you some old boots too, I just didn’t bring them in,” said Kendra rising from the cradle. “See if you can help Trixie dress too. I would like to get started sooner rather than later.” She turned and walked out again.

Minutes later they were both dressed and seated around the small table where a crystal ball rested on a black table cloth. Cale had seen this one before. Rubbing her eyes Trixie wished she could go back to sleep, too tired to be angry for the moment.

“Wait, so let’s make sure we understand this correctly,” said Cale while rubbing his forehead talking it out. “You needed our son because he is a witch? And the only reason you turned me into a dog and left me as a dog was because your crystals said too?”

“No, no, no,” replied Kendra shaking her hands and head. “The reason I wanted your son was because I saw he would be born with magic. Magic is not passed on from parent to child. It is random and rare. As such most born with magic never know and few ever learn how to use any of it and fewer still ever have the opportunity to be taught magic. Your son is one of those lucky ones and not only that but he is going to be a powerful mage form what I can tell.

As for turning you into a dog and leaving you. I am sorry. Seeing the future or true fortune telling is very tricky. For one it is impossible to see your own future. For another even if you see the future it is only a probability since it can still be changed and influenced. It is more like seeing key events that are tied to one another. In your case I saw you met a pretty girl, Trixie. I also saw that if a dog was somehow involved between you two there would be a child. Then that child, if it were to be born, would be raised a great mage. At the same time none of that would have happened without me giving you a push. I just couldn’t see to what extent. I honestly thought many times I should change you back but I had no way of knowing what that would change.”

“That’s a bunch of bull shit,” chimed in Trixie glaring at the witch, her eyes still bloodshot from lack of sleep. “Do you really expect us to believe that?”

“Do you really doubt after what you have been through?” quipped Kendra while rising an eyebrow. Trixie remained silent but continued to glare.

Letting out a sigh she continued, “at any rate, I am sorry but I would do it again if it meant raising a young mage.” Trixie about to interject when Kendra raised her hand, “but that does not mean I am not willing to help you out for what you have done. You remember this don’t you Cale?” pointing at the crystal and its swirling clouds. He nodded.

She rose from her seat retrieving another familiar black box before sitting back down. “That is why I want to see your future one more time. I want to keep you two together and happy any way I can. Tell me you two, look into the crystal, what do you see?”

Cale leaned in for a closer look, even without the candles this time, it still looked like swirling clouds. “I don’t see anything.”

Trixie narrowed her eyes with suspicion before leaning in for a closer look. The crystal looked rather inherit. It had swirling clouds but lacked the luster of the one she had worn for the last year. “Nothing.”

Kendra smiled, “good.” Opening the box she pulled out another familiar object this time to both of them. A long silver needle adorned with blue gem on the head followed by an alcohol wipe.

Trixie and Cale looked to each other. Both knew the meaning of the needle but only Cale knew how it would be used here. “Its for the crystal,” he explained. Trixie’s eyes narrowed once again. Turning to Kendra he asked, “how does this help us?”

“Don’t know yet. I’ll give you a reading and we can go from there.” She cleaned the needle and asked, “Who wants to go first?”

Silence before Cale let out a sigh and moved his hand forward onto the table.

“Wait,” said Trixie putting her hand on his. “How can we trust her?”

“This is for a reading nothing more,” said Kendra.

Grasping Cale’s free hand under the table Trixie slowly drew her other hand back allowing the witch access to his wrist. After a curt nod Kendra pricked the wrist and carefully placed a single drop of blood on the crystal. The whole room lit up bright red. Though not a complete surprise, Trixie still jumped back as the crystal flared. Kendra quickly cleaned the needle and gestured for Trixie’s wrist while the angry clouds swirled. Trixie looked up to Cale for reassurance and Cale squeezed Trixie’s hand and nodded. She also then put her wrist on the table. A short prick later the witch had her drop of blood and added it to the crystal.

The angry swirling in the crystal had erupted into a blinding typhoon with the second drop. Scowling Kendra leaned in squinting her eyes against the blazing light of the crystal. A tricky business viewing two at once but she had done it before. “Interesting.”

“What is?” asked Trixie turning her head side to side peering at the crystal forgetting she did not trust Kendra.

“I can help you, but it looks like you two are going to have a rough time ahead,” answered Kendra. “It also….” pausing while she deciphered the bright light, “looks like you will need to careful….” Another pause, “yes, very careful. Don’t get pregnant again before marriage. That would ruin everything.”

Still holding hands Trixie and Cale exchanged glances before answering in unison, “we wont.”

Kendra sat up a little studding the two and smiled, “easier said than done the way you two go at it.”

Both Cale and Trixie went a few shades redder.

Peering into the crystal once more and smiling wider with the next thing she saw. “Good, the rest you can leave up to me. For now lets have some breakfast.”

“Wait that is it?” Trixie’s suspicion returning.

“No but knowing too much can also cause problems. You can end up too focused on one thing and end up missing another besides, I am hungry.” Kendra sat up and the crystal began to fade.

Cale’s stomach rumbled as did Trixie’s. It had been hours since either had eaten, too overloaded to think of food. They followed Kendra into the dinning room while she whipped up some breakfast.

“It seems a bit convoluted doesn’t it?” asked Cale. They all sat around the dinning table with empty plates and fully tummies. In front of them were two glasses of ordinary water.

“I don’t think so. You cannot lie if you don’t know and not knowing will make your reintegration that much easier,” replied Kendra.

“I suppose but that is almost two years,” he fidgeted with the water glass.

“And why would I need too?” asked Trixie. “It is not like I have been missing.”

“No, but it would behoove you to have as real a reaction as possible when Cale returns and for the disappearance of your dog I might add.”

Trixie scratched her head as she mulled this over. “Fine. Are you going to need blood again?”

“Nope, you two already have what you need. Your water should be just fine.”

Cale glanced at the water glass in his hand, “what?”

To answer Kendra took the glasses and after a short pause to concentrate for each, snapped her fingers twice. Once for each glass. The liquid began to glow pink for a short time before fading back to normal. She handed each back their respective glasses.

“Drink up and we’ll get started.”

“Is this like a magic potion?” asked Trixie closely studding the plain water. “How can water be a potion?”

“No, magic potions are non-sense and don’t exist. All you need is a liquid and spell.”

Holding his own glass he asked, “it is temporary right?”

“Correct. Now drink up and we’ll met again soon.”

Trixie’s hand found his and he turned to face Trixie who also held her glass ready. After squeezing hands the two gave one another a brief nod. Taking a deep breathe they drank. Pain shot through his stomach and he lost his grip on Trixie’s hand. The world disappeared sight, sound, smell, and touch. Pain in his gut the only thing remaining. “Oh my god she has poisoned us,” his last thought.

His eyes still closed Cale enjoyed the warmth of his bed as the remnants of sleep slowly slipped away. As it did so, his awareness began to grow. Something seemed different, the bed felt alien and someone held his hand. Finally opening his eyes he saw his father, Douglas, sitting next to him holding his hand. Visible red streaks trailed from his closed eyes and disappeared into his black beard. The room and bed did not belong to Cale either. The all white bed and sheets matched the curtain around him, currently open and behind them a large door and clean sink. ‘Why on Earth am I in a hospital?’ he thought.

Cale sat up waking his father, “CALE! You’re alive!” The crushing hug that followed winded him as his father compressed his ribs.

After Douglas finally eased up enough for Cale to speak, “Of course I am alive,” wheezed Cale. He took another breathe after being crushed, “why wouldn’t I be?”

“Where have you been?” rubbing his red eyes.

“What do you mean where have I been? I have been at home,” kneading his ribs.

Douglas stopped upon hearing this. “Home? Cale, you have been missing for over a year.”

“What are you talking about?”

A new type of concern entered Douglas’s eyes, “Cale, think. What is the last thing you remember?”

“Well…I had just come home from school and took a shower. I was on my way to Trixie’s to study…” he stopped to consider, “then I woke up here.” Something did not seem right and he asked his father the same question he had when he woke only more troubled this time, “why on Earth am I in a hospital?”

Douglas had no answer, nor did the doctors, or the police. Cale spent the next week in interrogation rooms with investigators and psychiatrists but it all amounted to nothing. Try as he might Cale had no memory of the last year and a half. As freighting as losing his memory had been it did not take him long to realize how heartbroken everyone else had been in his absence. Particularly for Trixie.

On the second day he finally saw Trixie again after yet another futile interrogation that had lasted over three hours. From his own prospective it had only been a few days since he had last seen Trixie however, she had not seen him for over a year and half.

“Cale!” she ran across the room almost tackling him. “I have missed you so much.”

Cale hugged her back as she wept in his arms. To that moment he had not fully understood how much he had missed or been missed. “A year and a half gone…” he thought. Shaken, his eyes misted and held Trixie closer.

Even for as much as Trixie wanted to know what had happened during that missing time, Cale still had no answer. He would have told her if he could, so instead he listened to what happened with her while he had been gone.

For the next few hours she told him so much it seemed hard to believe. At some point during the conversation he started noticing her attempting to clasp at a necklace but she did not have one. He would not have noticed expect for her frequency in this action and the anxious look on her face every time she went to grab it and noticed it missing.

When not grabbing for her missing necklace she recounted the happenings since he had gone missing. She had a dog named Merlin she claimed so smart he could have written and done algebra if he could hold a pencil. Cale could not help feel a bit jealous of Merlin and yet he seemed pleased to hear the praise. As much as she praised the husky something about her story she refused to tell, a close secret perhaps. Unfortunately Merlin had gone missing three days ago the same day Cale had returned.

This had left Trixie in quite an emotional wreck. Something had happened to the dog, she just knew, however like Cale she too had a memory problem. Unlike Cale though, Trixie only had one missing day. She recalled going to bed and nothing more. She woke up and had apparently been missing a full day. She had not shown up to school and woke up to a very worried mother and discovered Merlin had gone missing. She loved her dog and could not bare the thought that something had happened. At the same time the return of Cale had rekindled her passion. Depending on where her thoughts took her she would flip from joy to misery and back and forth.

Upon returning home Cale found his room more or less the way he had left it. He had been touched his parents had left it and refused to have a funeral. Before the end of the week he had even returned to school, although a grade behind his class putting him in the same class as Trixie.

When the two went running again it calmed Trixie. She could not explain it, as if they had been running the whole time. A week after Cale’s return on one of their runs Trixe stopped them on a blind and sharp street corner.


Wondering why she had stopped he turned and asked, “yes?”

She fidgeted a moment before continuing, “I have something I need to tell you.”

When she did not elaborate he encouraged her by stepping forward, “what is it?” Still she did not answer. He crinkled his brow, whatever she wanted to tell him scared her. He moved closer and surprised himself when he wrapped his arm around her, “what ever it is, you don’t have to tell me now. You can tell me when you are ready.”

She gave a small appreciative smile. She once more reached for her missing necklace before continuing, “the truth is Cale, while you were gone I ended up committing to a secret arrangement that involved my dog Merlin.”

Although the first time he had heard of this, it did not come as a surprise. He could not explain why though. “What sort of deal?”

Before he had finished his question he guessed he already knew what it had been. But how? The deal that came to mind seemed outlandish and absurd. Trixie took a deep breathe and opened her mouth when they heard it. The crying of a baby.

As if struck by lightning the two jumped back and gawked at each other. A flood of emotions surged through them as memories returned. Trixie’s missing day filled in and she remembered. Her dog Merlin had never left he had returned. While Cale’s past year and half resurfaced he realized he had never left. They did not stand staring for too long. Grinning Cale jumped forward embracing Trixie.

“I remember everything,” they said in unison.

Cale moved in and gave Trixie a vigorous kiss which she happily returned only stopping when they heard their baby cry again.

Still holding each other Trixie said, “just one last thing.”

They both turned their heads down the street to the purple and gold shop sign. Looking back into one another’s eyes they nodded their head and walked into the shop.

The small bell jangled. Rising from the rocking chair Kendra carried the crying baby into the shop. Though tired she beamed when she saw the two patrons.

“Oh welcome, welcome. It is so good to see you.”

As Kendra approached the two Trixie’s eyes darted to her son and lit up. Smiling Kendra shifted the baby boy so he could see the new comers.

“Look Taro, we have guests. Meet Trixie and Cale,” she coed.

Taro stopped crying when he saw the strangers. His mouth gaped open a little while his big eyes darted from the girl to the boy.

Stepping closer Trixie’s mouth also gaped open in wonder as she peered at the baby boy, “may I?”

“Of course,” beamed Kendra as she handed the baby boy over.

Trixie’s eyes misted as she looked at her son and took him into her arms upon which Taro took her finger in his tiny first and giggled.

“He so precious,” squealed Trixie.

From the background Cale watched. Kendra however noticed his reservations and gestured him forward upon which he swallowed before stepping up alongside Trixie.

Without realizing it Trixie leaned up against Cale offering him a better look at their son. “Isn’t he just adorable!”

Cale licked his lips nervous unsure how to reply. Sure the kid looked adorable but it did not negate the fact he had been responsible for bring him into the world. Unknowingly Trixie dispelled his fears when she looked up to him smiling and offered him the child but not before panicking him first.

“I..I can’t hold him!” said Cale pulling his hands away.

Narrowing her eyes and looking down her nose Trixie refused his protests, “you can and you must. He is your son.”

Slowly he held out his hands as Trixie handed off their son. Taro laughed in his father’s arms and Cale found himself smiling as well as he held his son.

“So about the deal,” the two parents looked up at Kendra as she continued. “Are you ready?”

Trixie cuddled up next to Cale as she smiled and looked into her son’s eyes. Cale likewise grinned while he held his son.

“Yes,” agreed the new parents in unison.

The dark sky opened to the stars overhead forecasting a clear but cold night. The silent snow glittered under the street lamps as two lone figures emerged from a shop with a purple and gold sign. Holding hands they walked down the empty street.

“I know we already agreed and all but, what do you really think?” asked Trixie while she played with her hair.

Turning his head to read her face Cale answered, “I meant what I said. He is our son after all.”

Trixie only smiled and the two continued to walk in silence.

“Weekly visits, huh,” said Trixie when they arrived at her home.

“We both know we will be there more than once a week.”

“Oh Cale, we have a son. A child. It is so exciting.”

“Easy there. I am happy too but part of the deal is so we are not teen parents. You know what would happen if we were.”

She let out a sigh. She agreed with Cale and Kendra on this too. Even if part of her wanted to be a mother now would not be a good time in her life. Still seeing Taro every week, more likely daily, and helping raise him would be as close as she could get without all the drawbacks of being a teen mom.

She kissed Cale good night and let go of his hand to open her door. Cale however did not let go of her hand. Instead he pulled Trixie back in for another kiss. A longer more passionate kiss. Her heart fluttered when they parted lips.

“If I recall correctly, I still owe you a good licking,” said Cale as he pulled Trixie closer. “I also recall a bed in the shed that never managed to get moved into the house.”

“It will be cold.”

“Than we will need to warm it up.”

They snuck into the back and into the shed. Although cold and tiny, it was not as cold as expected. They plugged in a heater which heated the small shed quickly and took the plastic off the bed revealing the clean sheets underneath and before long the little shed had become warm and cozy.

After sufficiently warming up the two took off their jackets and began to snuggle. Starting with some light kissing that got progressively heavier. Trixie began undoing Cales belt as he threw off his shirt, the only time they parted lips.

He stood up to take his pants off forgetting he still had his snow boots on. Trixie giggled while she took her own boots off and watched him struggle and almost fall over as he took off his.

Her skin flush as she admired his tenting blue boxers. She had sex before, hell she had had it with him before, but never as a human and in a strange way she felt like a virgin all over again when she remembered she had never seen a human penis in person. Those boxers would not come off fast enough for her.

She leaned in and watched as Cale’s cock proudly bounced out of his boxes. She could barley make out a shiny bead of precum on the tip and bit her lip in anticipation. Once fully undressed he helped Trixie work her way out of her own attire.

The shirt came off quick and easy revealing her pink sports bra. Taking a moment to admire her Cale rubbed her breasts through the bra. They seemed bigger than he had remembered. Trixie closed her eyes puffing out her chest for Cale a contended smile on her face. Cale moved his hand underneath the bra and began to fondle her bare breasts and felt her nipples harden at his touch. Moving the bra upward he slid it off revealing her ample breasts which he toyed with for a short time. Around her back he began to fiddle with the clasp of the bra and struggled for a moment having never opened a bra before. The extra slack from moving the bra off her chest first helped though and he soon discarded the pink material.

He began kissing her again while he felt her up. Starting with her breasts he worked his hand down her toned belly past her pierced belly button and inched his hand into pants under the panties. Trixie drew in a sharp breath and leaned back upon the bed when she felt his fingers move through her soft thin pubs and touched her button. Cale stopped kissing her and instead began kissing her neck working his way down to her breasts while he slowly rubbed his fingers along her leaking pussy.

She began cooing once he reached her nipples. He flicked his tongue over the nubs sending pulses of pleasure through her spine. He fondled one breast and licked the nipple of the other while he still had his hands down her pants. It came as a pleasant surprise once he started to suck on her breasts he tasted her sweet milk. ‘Of course she had just had a baby,’ he thought but that only drove him wild as he began drinking. Her breasts overflowed as he lapped up her milk. Switching from one breast to the other he continued kneading her soft flesh as milk began to run down her chest. Meanwhile Trixie’s toes curled as she felt the first signs of her orgasm and she had not even taken her pants off yet.

She squirmed in ecstasy under Cale’s advances. Her breathing become more ragged. Her heart beat faster and she cooed in pleasure. When it finally hit she stopped breathing. Arching her back she pushed her hips into his dexterous fingers and her lactating breasts into his hungry mouth.

After witnessing her orgasm he eased up. He with drew his hand and stopped sucking her breasts. With milk on his chin he began licking up the steams of cream down her belly. Upon reaching her navel and licking up the last of it he looked up.

“I think it is time to take these off,” he said tugging at her pants.

Still slightly panting, Trixie agreed and lifted her hips allowing Cale to pull them off. Using both hands he pulled her pants and panties off together. For the first time he admired her thin and truly red pubs. Something he had lamented on as a dog. He could never fully enjoy the sight while color blind to red. He finished working the pants off her legs before discarding them with the rest of their clothing before opening her legs.

With a sly smile he looked into Trixie’s eyes before diving in and eating her out. She grasped his hair moaning while his tongue danced on her clitoris. Without the dog tongue he had been use to he could not penetrate as deeply but he had learned a few tricks. With a stronger tongue his probing became more forceful even if not as deep as it parted her labia and he lapped up her juices like a dog.

Although not the same as when Cale had been a dog his skilled tongue still sent shivers through her spine and Trixie once again found her self approaching another orgasm. Squeezing her legs around his head, she forced his probing tongue deeply into her pussy once the orgasm hit. This did not stop his relentless attack on her overflowing pussy.

Two orgasms later he finally let up his throbbing cock now begging for attention. Even through the post orgasm blur Trixie could see Cale’s cock almost dripping with precum as he mounted her. It dripped onto her pussy before he started sliding the full length of his cock up and down her slit. He did this several times lubricating himself, not that it would be needed.

Trixie remembered something right as Cale lined his cock up with her pussy and raised her hand, “wait…” she panted. It took a lot of will power but he stopped and looked up.

“We need…a condom. Remember the warning? We can’t be getting pregnant again.” It took a lot of effort on her part as well to not raise her hips and impale her self on the magnificent cock.

“I don’t have one,” Cale said straining not to continue. “Do you?”

“Inside,” she sounded bitter.

Still contemplating this Cale asked, “do you really want to stop now and go get one.”

Trixie looked once again at the magnificent cock she so desperately wanted inside her and bit her lip, “just be sure to pull out.”

Cale beamed at her and nodded his head, “Ok.”

With that he thrust forward stopping when his balls touched her leaving her full impaled on his cock. She gasped at the sudden expansion of her vagina and clasped the cock tightly while adjusting. Though not a new experience, it did feel different than when he had been a dog. Not long after adjusting he with drew leaving only the tip in contact with her pussy. Sliding in again he started finding his pace and Trixie too started rutting her hips in time with his thrusts.

He would not have the stamina for this he knew. It had been too long since he had last had an orgasm himself and found himself too horny. Too much foreplay perhaps but at least Trixie had already gotten off a few times. As he continued to sink in out of her he began panting as well. ‘Not long now,’ he thought. ‘Just be sure to pull out.’

Try as he might Cale could not stave off the inevitable. One more thrust and he would explode inside her, planting his seed deep in her womb. Through a supreme force of will he pulled out as the first jet of cum shot from his tip. It came out with such force it landed on her breasts. The second one just below and the third on her belly button. He gave one last strong pulse for the fourth and fifth squirts which landed on her breasts and tummy. The rest fell out in a thick cream on her pubs.

Inhaling deeply afterward, he stood still expect for his twitching cock, trying to calmed down.

“Wow,” exclaimed Trixie rising to her elbows. “You sprayed it every where didn’t you?”

Taking her finger she scooped up one of the larger drops on her breast and inserted into her mouth smiling, “tasty.”

Spent but not finished, Cale wiped the remaining droplets on her pussy lips however, being careful none accidentally entered. To further ensure none of it entered her he leaned in and started licking Trixie’s pussy clean. She had not been expecting it nor had Cale planned it. Only noticing once he started cleaning her up did he realize what he had started. Clean up after sex had been a natural thing as a dog. No reason to stop though so he shrugged and continued enjoying the familiar taste of their mingled fluids. Trixie had been close when Cale had pulled out and by the time he had finished lapping up the fluids leaking from her cunt she had another orgasm.

Still not finished he licked the creamy trail of cum up from her slit to her pubs. Delicately he sucked her clean before continuing upward to her belly. It tickled and Trixie could not help but laugh when he began licking her belly. Once he reached the breasts he took his time swirling the cum around her nipples while he sucked out a bit more milk. He loved this new flavor of milk and cream and decided to share it.

Not swallowing he lapped up the last of the cream and milk and kissed Trixie sharing the lewd fluids. Her eyes lit up once she tasted the unexpected treat he delivered. After a slow but deep kiss Cale withdrew leaving behind the sweet mixture for Trixie and a long sticky string between their lips.

She licked her sticky lips after swallowing happily, “delicious.”

“I have something for you,” Cale said over the phone.

Trixie perked up when she heard, “Is it that secret project you’ve been working on?”

Cale smiled though not seen it carried in his voice, “maybe…”

“Do I have to go get it or..”

“I am on my way over, no worries.”

Trixie waited outside for what seemed like forever before Cale arrived with the mystery package. What ever he brought it had been concealed by poster board.

“Oh, is it another picture?” standing up running over to him.

“It is,” he grinned back. “May we?” indicating he would like to go inside first.

Once inside her bed room he revealed the image, “tada!”

“Oh, Cale it’s beautiful,” carefully taking the poster sized image of herself and Cale crouched side by side in the artistic image, hugging a fluffy husky in between them on a familiar blind and sharp corner and in the back ground a woman in a long black dress and purple shawl wearing a strange amulet while standing under a purple and gold shop sign a baby in hand.


“I thought you said the story was bout me?” asked Taro while he munched.

“Oh, it is. One day you’ll connected the dots,” smiled Kendra.

Taro had been about to ask another question when they both heard the a small bell jangle and he changed his question, “who dat?”

“The shop is closed. Who do you think it is?”

Taro’s whole face lit up as he jumped from the chair and ran from the room.

“Aunt Trixie!” he shouted as he ran into the shop jumping into Trixie’s arms.

“Well hello, little sunbeam! Good to see you too,” giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before setting him down.

“Uncle Cale!” running at Cale attempting to tackle him.

“Woah, calm down little imp,” holding Taro as he giggled and attempted to break free.

Kendra entered a moment later, “hello love birds. Are you ready for tomorrow?”

“No,” said Trixie at the same time Cale said, “yes.”

Kendra raised an eyebrow, “well which is it?”

“We are ready,” answered Cale looking at his bride to be and let go of Taro who darted around the room.

“No we are not. There is so much to do,” argued Trixie in a huff.

Cale rolled his eyes, “we have been planning this for weeks. What could we have possibly missed at this point?”

“That is just it. I don’t know but I know we are forgetting something.”

Taking Trixie’s hand he held it up showing her the ring, “we’ll be fine. It will be great. This time tomorrow we will be married.”

She pulled her hand away fretting, “I know, I know. It’s just…”

Cale silenced her with a kiss.

“Ew, they are kissing again,” sticking out his tongue.

The three adults all laughed at the youngster’s reaction.

“What do you think is going to happen at the wedding tomorrow than?” laughed Trixie.

“You are going to kiss tomorrow too?” making gag gesture.

“A great big one too,” added Cale.

They all laughed again as Taro made another gagging gesture, “bleh.”

“Psst” the black bearded man turned to the whispering woman.

“Yes?” leaning in to hear her.

“Do you really think it is a good idea for them to be marrying so young? I mean they are not even in collage yet,” Wendy fidgeting her fingers.

“No,” Douglas replied flatly.

“Than why?” wrinkling her brow.

He smiled, “those two are determined and have a special connection I cannot describe. They will make it work with or without us.”

“So you don’t object to them marrying?” she looked hopeful.

“No,” again flatly. “Do you?”

Wendy smiled and shook her head, “no. You are right they do have a special bond.”

The music started as she finished and the groomsmen and bride maids took their places. The parents watched the procession one by one as guest walked down the aisle and took their place. The little boy carrying the ring pillow amused the audience as he tried to stand still but failed. Every so often one would see him bob his head and kick his feet as kids do.

‘Taro,’ thought Douglas as he watched the young boy wiggling and trying to hold still. He looked remarkably like Cale he had always thought and lacked many of the features of his mother Kendra if anything he appeared more related to Trixie than his own mother. A cute kid but strange how Cale and Trixie had end up baby sitting the little guy for so many years. A rather odd school project for community service. The mother needed help baby sitting and asked the two teens to help out but they stayed with it long after the projected had ended. Now that he thought about it he never understood exactly what the school project had been about. The music changed again and he caught Wendy’s eyes for a brief moment before they both turned to see the bride enter never knowing Wendy had been think pretty much the same thing about the kid and school project.

Cale beamed when Trixie entered and he felt his heart skip a beat. She looked gorgeous and had clearly gone all out as he knew she would. He could not have been happier as he saw her walk down the aisle with flowers in her red hair. ‘It’s really happening,’ he thought.

Her heart fluttered and her cheeks flushed when she entered. All eyes on her but she only cared about one pair of eyes. Those warm brown eyes of the young man at the end. She had to fight the urge to run to him and instead take the slow walk toward him. ‘It’s really happening,’ she thought.

Finally reaching the alter the two stood side by side as they took their vows. Cale placed the ring on Trixie’s finger and lifted her veil. Their eyes sparkled with joy as they slowly embraced in a passionate kiss.

It lasted too long for Taro who covered his eyes and then stuck out his tongue once they finished, “bleh, gross.”

Everyone laughed including the newly weds as she threw the bouquet turning the laughter into cheers for the little girl who caught it.

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