Window play (F27)

Currently on holidays in the city that never sleeps. In a tall apartment building overlooking the bridges and have office/apartments which can see into the living room.

I went and got all sweaty at the gym and finished on the spin bike, my pussy started getting so horny and wet… i knew it. I had to go upstairs quickly and start rewarding my pussy.

I love being watched, i started naked at my window and i started playing with my pussy.
I could see some people in the distance, moving. Oo then i spotted someone standing at the window, staring straight.
I became so wet, this deep juicy sound: i was so so wet, i just needed someone to come empty my pussy. I needed someone to stretch all my holes and to get sweaty with me.

My alarm went off 18:50pm, 5 minutes until i had to meet people in my lobby for dinner.
I jumped into the shower quickly and then got dressed.

In I hopped into this elevator, a man and his dog. The man started talking to me and asking how long i’m in town for.. his dog jumped up next to my pussy… he smiled. Oh this elevator why did it reach ground floor so quickly. He let me walk out of the lift first. He told me to have a good night.

If only he knew i was soaking wet 5 minutes ago and that my pussy was already warm and still horny.

I’m home now and I can’t get your smile out of my head, I’m going to be playing with my pussy and thinking about you till i cum over and over again.
I hope we bump into each other again whilst i’m here.

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