Wild Sex with a Coworker on the first date.

I don’t have anyone in my life I can share this story with so I’m telling you guys.

I [m24] matched with another person [F24] in my organization on a dating app. We had met two other times before and when we originally met we were both in committed relationships with other people. Now we are both single.

It seems like the breakup took her hard as she expressed that they had been together for 5 years. She also buzzed her hair and bleached it. NOW I know what you guys are thinking! She’s clearly going through stuff mentally and definitely not ready for anything serious. I agree. I’m just going with the flow. I do not expect or want anything serious with this woman.

I’ve been single for about 3 months and at this point I’m not looking for anything too serious. I’m just trying live a decent life and learn how to be an adult.

I invited her over for a surf lesson this afternoon (The surf is shit right now so it’s the best time to take out some beginners knowing nobody else will be out there). She comes over to my apartment this afternoon wearing super tight jeans and a shirt that show off her body extremely well.

I start explaining what we’re going to do how we get in the water and techniques for waxing the board and paddling. She starts putting on her wetsuit and pretty soon we’re out in the water.

I n

TLDR: I met up with another person at my org and we had hardcore sex on our first date including: wax play, anal, shower sex, and flagellation with a studded belt.

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