Wifley Fuck

True story – Wife’s name has been changed for anonymity

Wow that was a great session!
I was in the office, playing on the computer, when Lorie came in wearing a housecoat. I didn’t realize she had just had a shower.
“We are always too tired at night”, she said as she came in close to me,
I didn’t need much more encouragement. Still sitting in my office chair, I put my arms around her, and ran my hand over her ass. It was then I confirmed my suspicion she had nothing else on underneath.
I invited her belt, exposing her breasts which were just at eye level. I leaned forward and sucked on her right nipple, my hand now caressing her bare ass under the housecoat.
“My hands are cold”, I commented.
“No, they are not”, Lorie replied.
I took that as an invitation to move my hand around to her front, and slide it between her legs, which were spread apart. With my other hand, I undid my pants, lowered my fly, and pulled out my hard cock. Lorie reached down and gently held it by the tip.
Her pussy was wet and inviting. I put a finger inside her, and she uttered a breath of delight.
“Let’s go into the bedroom”, I suggested.
We moved across the hall into the bedroom. As I undressed, she threw off the housecoat, drew back the blankets, and lay on the bed, spread-eagled, her pussy fully exposed.
Naked now, I climbed onto the bed, and put my face within inches of her pussy. I began stroking it, as Lorie kneaded both her breasts. I reached up and replaced her left hand with my own on her breast, and she moved both hands down to her pussy. She began playing with herself, knowing how much I enjoyed watching. At times I would move in with my tongue. It felt fantastic!
Lorie gasped, and said she had cum. I took that as my cue to move up onto my knees and as she held my cock, I slipped inside her. I began to stroke, slowly at first, but then began slamming her as hard as I could. My cock exploded inside her, and I collapsed on top of her.
We snuggled for a while, enjoying the aftermath of a great afternoon fuck.

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