Wife reveals more than she let on from a previous question I asked when we were dating

Basically before I dated my wife, we were pretty much in the same circle of friends. Around the she was in an exchange program to Japan.

We did learn that during her trip there, she befriended a guy named Dave who she had a huge crush on. Again at the time that was the gist of all I knew.

We dated a year later and I remember during our dating period, I did ask if anything ever came out of her crush. She said at the most, she did go to a Hot Spring Inn with him as she was keen to travel and explore. I asked if they shared a room, and she did.
I remember asking “did anything happen?”
And she said “if he had made a move, I was so ready to have sex with him. But he didnt.”

I remmeber my heart was beating and I was secretly turned on by the story but that was that.

Well my wife recently found out I browse this subreddit and I explained what it was. That night, she confessed – turns out that Dave did make a move and they did fuck.

According to her, she blew him and he pulled out, came on her face. They didn’t have condoms but she was too horny and said she fucked him with him pulling out and cumming outside. I was too horny to hear more and immediately fucked my wife good.

Anyway she said there was more details that she’s now willing to share and I can’t wait!!!

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