Wife and her sister went on a work trip.

Brittany (wife) and Lauren (her sister) end the day by grabbing a drink ar the hotel bar before going up to the room. They just wanted to grab a quick glass of wine before heading up to help relax them a bit. As they were finishing up a Korean guy is sitting at the bar a few seats down. My wife had a thing for Asians especially Koreans. This guy was well built and dressed very appropriately. He had confidence to him. He was grabbing his last shot before he headed over to where Brittany and Lauren were sitting. After a few minutes of talking he went straight to the point . That he had been eyeing my wife ever since they walked into the bar. My wife had a few drinks before and after a few drinks she becomes loose. He had said he admired her and what we he said next really started to turn my wife on. He asked if he could walk her to her room and she happy obliged. So all three of them got in and walked to the room. They were flirty all the way up and ended up holding hands. Lauren knew something was going to happen but she didn’t want to stop it. They got to the room and could barely keep their hands off each other. Lauren closed the door behind them and went into the bathroom to change. While she was in there the Korean guy had been kissing my wife up and down and eventually took off her clothes. He passionately wanted her body and she wanted his. Her hands went all over his body and eventually she made her way to his big hard Korean cock. She started stroking it and putting her hands all over it. She wanted it so bad so she began to suck it up and down. Taking it deeper in her throat. She could feel his cock throbbing in her mouth. He kept his hands on her while she sucked him up and down.

At this point Lauren didn’t know if she should stay in the bathroom or come out. She eventually walked out and saw all the action. She didn’t know if she had a place in this , so she went to sit on her bed.

The man pulled my wife’s mouth off of him and flipped her on the bed. His dick wet from her sucking him. He had her on his back and began to kiss her in the thighs and Made his way to her pussy and started licking her.

Lauren had gotten turned on so she began touching herself and getting undressed. My wife Moaned in pleasure as he was sucking her clit. Brittany looked over at Lauren and told her to FaceTime me so I could see. Lauren was apprehensive but I picked up right away. Immediately I knew what was going on and I began to Jack off at the sight of an Asian man going down on my wife.

Before she could cum she made him stop and said that her husband was going to watch. He told me he’d take care of her and would pull out when he was done.

He began to get on top of her and began to fuck her like I would . His dick was so smooth going in and out. I told him my wife loves to get fucked nice and deep so he continued on so. I told her to get on top and turn around so she could fuck him with her ass facing him and she did. She was riding him so good that I don’t know how he didn’t cum right away like I would.

She turned back around and was fucking him so hard on top. She bounced up and down and her tits were flopping everywhere. Lauren was just sitting here watching and she would glimpse over at me to see me stroking. He laid her on her back with he legs in the air and began to pound her even harder. Lauren wanted in so she sat on Brittany’s face and began to get eaten out by her sister.

The man started to go really hard as the Next thing I know he’s moaning in pleasure and realizes that he just came in my wife without a condom. My wife had cum 2 times already. His semen was spewing out of her pussy and suggested that Lauren go and lick it up since my was just eating her out for the past 10 min. Lauren went down and cleaned up all the semen coming out. Lauren finished herself off and the night came to an end. He kissed my wife snd that was the last of him. I finished cumming as my wife was in the shower cleaning her off. I need to send her on more trips!

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