Whoring next to my keeping husband

(F)irst time poster. Looking for verification and validation

This was a few years ago, after the first time I got laid off. I was dipping my toe (pun intended) to online feetish and other content. My husband and I just had sex and he was asleep, but I wasn’t. I had recently incorporated Snapchat so I into logged back in. Was chatting with a friend who is poly about upping my online marketplace and we started sexting. It was REALLY good. It was mostly written with just a few pictures. He sent me a dick pic (which was actually a good dick pic. They rarely are but this one was). Then I sent him some pics I already had (important note to mention: I sent things that I already had, didn’t take new pics. It was 3am, dark, and I was next to my sleeping husband.)

I got off about three times. So did he. It was incredible.

My husband was not thrilled with me the next day when I told him but…

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