When she took control

For once I [M24] was the submissive one. We were both on bed at her [F21] place, in the morning about to wake up. I always sleep naked, my girlfriend was wearing a loose t-shirt and panties. Like every man regularly encounters, I woke up with a rather big morning wood. I slowly and gently started to stroke myself a bit while my girlfriend was still asleep.

Not much later however she woke up. When she realised what was going on, she turned into some kind of ‘boss-modus’. I wasn’t allowed to touch myself any longer. At first she would tease me while laying close against me. Saying how much she wants my hard throbbing dick but decided not to act on it. She woke up and wanted to torture me. I could tell she wanted more, she was horny herself. My guts were right.

After a bit of verbal teasing she demanded me to give her the satisfyer as well as the lush. Both toys located at my side of the bed. I did as she commanded and gave both. Before doing anything she told me I wasn’t allowed to touch myself, the only thing I was allowed to do was watch. Watching how she was about to pleasure herself, right next to me.

She wanted to start off with the satisfyer, laying down beside me. Pulling her already soaked panties aside so she could reach her clit. The satisfyer would do everything she needed and yet she had also the lush ready to use. Pressing it inside of her soaking wet pussy and turning it on. Both toys doing exactly what was needed but sadly the satisfyer died after a couple minutes. Battery needed to recharge… Even though my girlfriend was disappointed at first, she just continued with the vibrating lush. Every now and then pulling it outside of her pussy to hold it against het clit.

Even though we were at her parents house and did her best to be quiet, she simply couldn’t hold some moans back. I was struggling immensively. My hard dick throbbing, precum leaking down on my belly but still not touching myself. I could tell my girlfriend was getting closer to an orgasm and indeed not much later she cramps together. Shaking with her legs and letting out a couple louder moans. She turned off the lush and gave it to me. Out of intuition I licked the toy clean trying to get at least a taste of her.

She got out of bed and gave me permission to help myself out. I didn’t need moe than that as I started to stroke my veiny shaft up and down speeding up. Not even a minute later a huge load of cum came out and landed all over my chest. A grin appeared on my girlfriend’s face.

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