When Pranks Go Awry- An April Fool’s Day story by Sadistic_Dominant

John Matthews couldn’t believe what he’d just heard. His sister, Laura, who was a year younger than him had just come to him with an idea. She wanted to play a prank on their other sister, Jaiden. Jaiden’s boyfriend had recently broken up with her and Laura knew that she was lonely. She also knew that John had always wanted to fuck Jaiden, he just didn’t know how to go about accomplishing his goal.

So Laura came up with an idea, which she called a prank, mostly because it was April Fool’s Day. She knew where their mother’s sleeping pills were. She wanted John to take one of the pills and then she would slip it into Jaiden’s drink tonight. While Jaiden was unconscious, John could fuck her.

“Why”, John asked her. “What do you get out of it?” “Just the satisfaction of knowing that the little bitch got what was coming to her”, Laura said. She always accused Jaiden of being a tease, showing off her body to Laura’s boyfriends, trying to steal them away. And now she wanted to see Jaiden pay.

“Alright, I’ll do it”, John said. “But you’ve got to be there to watch. If I’m going to do this, you’re going to be a part of it too. Then, if I get into trouble, you go down too.” “Fine”, Laura said, smiling an evil smile. She had already planned on being there and recording everything, to use as blackmail against her sister.

After she told John where the sleeping pills were, he went to get them. He snuck into their parent’s private bathroom and quickly found the medicine cabinet. It didn’t take long to find his mother’s sleeping pills. Right beside the bottle was another bottle that gave John an idea. It was an aphrodisiac and John suddenly knew how he could make this night go from amazing to perfect.

Later on that evening, he watched as Laura crushed up the sleeping pill and mixed it into Jaiden’s drink. John was excited, having waited for this for so long. For years, he’d lusted after Jaiden’s body, from her curly, dark hair to her perky B cup tits to her sexy little ass. Unbeknownst to Laura, he wanted to fuck her too. Her hair was more of an Auburn color, her tits were several sizes larger and she had much thicker hips.

While Laura was busy helping their mother prepare dinner, John took the chance to slip the aphrodisiac into her drink. While Jaiden would be unconscious through the whole night, no matter what happened, Laura would become uncontrollably horny. And John intended to take advantage of that.


Later on that night, all three siblings were watching tv after their parents had gone to bed. Jaiden has fallen silent and she looked like she was on the verge of passing out. “Let’s help you to bed”, John offered and Jaiden nodded to him. “You always take such good care of me, big brother”, she said, her words slurring as he practically carried her to her room.

To Laura’s surprise, she found her pussy getting wet at the thought of what was to come. She hadn’t intended to get turned on, she just wanted to teach her sister a lesson. But they hadn’t even started yet and her panties were already dripping in anticipation of what was about to happen.

John reached Jaiden’s room and laid her down on the bed. She was completely asleep by this point, snoring softly and looking absolutely adorable. Laura entered the room behind him and locked the door. “It’s time”, she said, squirming from the wetness between her legs and the urge to finger her pussy.

“What’s wrong with you”, John said, looking at Laura, although he already knew. He was, in fact, quite pleased to see that the drugs he’d given her had taken effect so quickly and were apparently very strong. “This whole thing is turning me on, thinking about you raping her pussy while she’s unconscious and can’t stop you.”

“Then why don’t you get out of those clothes. You can masturbate while I fuck her”, John said and Laura nodded. Nothing in the world sounded like a better idea and she quickly stripped out of her clothes. She never even stopped to think about the fact that her obviously perverted brother would see her naked and jilling off.

John was happily surprised to see that Laura’s breasts were pierced, a metal stud going through her nipples. “Well, get on with it”, Laura moaned as she rubbed her clit. John just smiled and grabbed the bottom of Jaiden’s tank top. He slipped it off of her unconscious form, exposing her perky little titties.

“Fuck, those are sexy”, Laura moaned as she looked at her sleeping sister. An idea popped into her head, brought on by her horniness, and, the next thing she knew, she was leaning over Jaiden’s chest. She lowered her mouth to one of Jaiden’s nipples and began sucking.

“Damn, sis, how long have you been waiting to do that”, John said. He’d moved back a little and could see Laura’s fingers working in and out of her cunt while she suckled on Jaiden’s tit. “I don’t know”, Laura moaned. “The idea just came to me.” “Well, I wonder what will come to you when I do this”, John said. He hooked his fingers in the hem of Jaiden’s shorts, making sure to snag her panties as well. He pulled them down and tossed them on the floor, completely exposing his youngest sibling.

The sight of Jaiden’s bare cunt pushed Laura over the edge and she felt her pussy exploding in orgasm. Her cunt convulsed and spasmed as her juices flowed from the gash between her legs. Suddenly, she felt the intense need to taste her little sister, so she moved down the bed, until her mouth was over Jaiden’s cunt.

The tight little slit glistened with wetness, Jaiden excited, even in her unconsciousness, by what was happening. Laura lowered her mouth and began running her tongue up and down her sister’s slit. Jaiden moaned in her sleep and began grinding against Laura’s face.

But what really surprised Laura was what she felt poking against her own pussy. She looked back and John had his dick out and was rubbing it up and down her drenched wet fuckhole. Her eyes grew wide as she saw his eight inch, three inch thick phallus. But she shook her head. “You’re supposed to be fucking Jaiden.”

“I will”, John said with a smile. “But you clearly have some slutty, lezbo desires you need to get out. So eat out our sister and get her soaking wet for me. While you do that, I’m going to fuck you”, he said, continuing to rub his dick against her pussy. His words sounded logical in Laura’s drug addled mind and she nodded, then turned back to the feast in front of her.

No sooner had her tongue touched Jaiden’s pussy, however, then she felt her pussy get stuffed full as John buried his shaft inside her. Laura cried out, her screams swallowed by the pussy she was eating, as John started pounding her.

He couldn’t believe how wet she was, how good it felt on his dick to finally be fucking her. And, as horny as she was, she wasn’t going to ask him to be gentle, so he could be as rough as he wanted. John held Laura’s thick hips as he pulled almost entirely out of her cunt, then slammed forward, burying his length inside her once again.

He did this a few more times before settling into a hard and fast rhythm, hammering her wet hole. Laura moaned and did her best to lick her little sister’s cunt, but she couldn’t concentrate with all the pleasure her pussy was getting. Laura loved being fucked roughly, the more it hurt, the better. And John seemed determined to make it hurt as he plowed her pussy.

Laura orgasmed twice more before John felt his own orgasm about to hit. He thought about warning Laura, then decided not to bother. He thrust as deep as he could and exploded, his cum erupting from his dick and painting the inside of Laura’s cunt. “Did you just cum in me”, she asked incredulously. “Yes I did, my slutty sister”, John said. “That’s so fucking hot”, Laura moaned. “I wish Jaiden were conscious. I’d make her lick me clean.”

“Well, you can lick her clean after I rape her”, John said, placing his still hard dick against Jaiden’s wet pussy. Jaiden subconsciously pushed her cunt toward his cock when it made contact with her skin, as if, even in her sleep, she wanted this.

John told himself that meant she would want it, even if she were awake. But deep down he knew that wasn’t the truth. But what surprised him most was that he didn’t care. He wanted his sister and he’d waited long enough, now he was going to take her, whether she wanted it or not.

He pushed into her cunt, which was even tighter than Laura’s, and started fucking her with long, hard strokes. “Fuck, she’s tight. It feels so good”, he moaned as he slid his cock in and out of her pussy. “I’ll bet”, Laura moaned, working her fingers in and out of her own cum filled cunt. “Why don’t you get over here and lick her pussy”, John said and Laura jumped at the chance.

Laura moaned as her tongue ran over Jaiden’s cunt, right where John’s cock was driving into it. She pushed her own cunt down onto Jaiden’s unconscious face and began grinding on her sister’s mouth. She moaned as she flicked her tongue over Jaiden’s clit. Suddenly Jaiden’s pussy began spasming as she orgasmed in her sleep. Laura did her best to lick up Jaiden’s juices as they flowed from her slit.

Suddenly John grabbed Laura’s hair and jerked her head up, shoving his dick down her throat. She moaned and drooled as her brother rammed his thick shaft into her mouth again and again, his dick coated with their sister’s juices. Then, just as suddenly as he started, he stopped and shoved his dick back into Jaiden’s cunt.

Jaiden moaned out in her sleep as her brother violated her pussy, his balls slapping against her taint. John groaned as his dick slammed deep into his sister’s tight cunt, his orgasm about to burst from his dick. He thrust as deep as he could, just as cum erupted from his shaft. He pumped spurt after spurt deep inside Jaiden’s pussy, filling her womb with his seed.

As he pulled out, he wondered if there was any chance he’d gotten her pregnant. A part of him hoped he had, and Laura too. He found the idea of his sisters being pregnant, bred by him, to be incredibly sexy. As he pictured it, he grabbed Laura and used her mouth to clean his dick.

After John pulled his cock from her mouth, Laura shoved her tongue deep into Jaiden’s pussy, savoring the sweet pussy juices mixed with the salty flavor of John’s cum. Her pussy throbbed as she ate her sister’s cunt clean. The prank hadn’t gone at all the way she expected, but Laura knew that this would be an April Fool’s Day that she would never forget.

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