When Jennifer Met Her Father by Sadistic_Dominant

Jennifer Stone was nervous, her stomach all in knots. She looked through the windshield of her car at the mechanic’s shop across the street. Well, technically at the mechanic working under the hood of a sports car.

Jennifer had never known her dad, since he’d left before she was born. But she’d always wanted to find him. And, now that she had finally gotten her driver’s license, she’d done just that. She’d tracked him down over the internet and discovered that he was a mechanic, living in a town that was only two hours from her home.

So today she had set out to connect with him and now, now she sat staring at him, watching him work. “He’s definitely handsome”, she remarked, understanding why her mother had fallen for the guy. His name was Mark Porter, he stood six foot tall and looked like he kept in decent shape. He had the beginnings of a dad bod, but it didn’t look too bad on him.

As Jennifer looked at herself in the rearview mirror, she wondered a lot of things. If he would freak out, if he would believe her and, if he did believe her, would he like her? She looked down at herself. She was five foot three with long, auburn hair. She weighed one hundred and twenty pounds and kept herself in shape, thanks to the track team at school. She had small breasts, only a b cup, but she hoped that, by the time she graduated high school, they’d be bigger.

“Fuck it”, she said and pulled out of the diner parking lot she was in and pulled into her father’s shop. He walked over to her car and leaned into the window. “What can I do for you, young lady”, he asked, smiling at her. “Um, well”, she stammered, not sure what to say. “Actually, I need to get my oil changed. Do you do that here?”

“I sure do”, he answered and she breathed a sigh of relief, all the while beating herself up mentally. “How long will it take”, she asked. “About ten minutes, for a pretty, young thing like you”, he said. Jennifer blushed, not believing what she was hearing. Her own father was flirting with her, not that he knew who she was. Still though, it felt awkward. “You’re free to wait in my office. It’s not so hot in there”, he said, motioning to a room in the corner of the building.

“Thank you”, Jennifer said and excited her car, hurrying to the office. After closing the door, she turned and watched her father get under her hood and start working. “Stupid”, she said to herself. “Why didn’t I just tell him who I am?” She kept berating herself the entire time he was changing the oil, her eyes glued onto the man who was such a mystery to her.

Ten minutes later, he closed the hood and came into the office, wiping his hands on a dirty rag. “All finished”, he said, sitting behind the desk. He grabbed a receipt book and looked up at her. “That will be forty dollars, sweetheart. I went ahead and gave you the “cute” discount”, he said, not hiding the fact that he was checking out her body.

Jennifer blushed again, but then a horrible realization hit her. She didn’t have any money on her, it was all at home. Her face must have given her worry away, because Mark spoke again. “What’s wrong”, he asked, his voice holding a hint of concern.

“Um, I don’t have any money”, she said and she could see his face change. His smile disappeared followed by a stern expression. “You came to get an oil change and didn’t bring any money”, he said incredulously. “You let me use my valuable time, all the while knowing you couldn’t pay for it?” “I’m sorry, sir”, she said, tears welling in her eyes, a genuine hint of fear in her voice. “Well, you will pay me”, he said and stood up.

Jennifer watched her father walk over to the door and lock it, then pull the shades down over the window. Then he turned to her, his expression still firm, a hunger in his eyes. “Only a dumb slut would act the way you’ve acted, thinking you can steal a man’s valuable time”, he said. For some reason, as he degraded her, Jennifer found her pussy getting wet.

“If you’re going to act like a dumb slut, you’ll pay like a dumb slut”, Mark said and put his hand on her shoulder. He applied pressure, pushing her to her knees on the concrete floor. Jennifer gasped as she felt his strength and realized what was about to happen. But she wasn’t prepared for being face to face with her father’s dick.

It was eight inches long and at least as thick as three of her fingers. It was huge, bigger than any she’d seen when she was sucking dick at school. “Suck my dick, slut”, Mark said and Jennifer felt her pussy quiver. She opened her mouth and Mark grabbed the back of her head, pushing his dick between her lips.

As she began sucking, her tongue swirling around the shaft in her mouth, she couldn’t believe this was really happening. She’d just wanted to get to know her father and now she was sucking his dick. And yet, as she felt him pushing his girthy meat down her throat, it somehow felt right.

“Fuck, it’s been too long since I had a teenage mouth on my cock”, he groaned. Her father grabbed two handfuls of her hair, creating makeshift pigtails. Then he started fucking her face, using her hair to keep her from pulling back. “Fuck yes”, he growled as he rammed his cock down her throat over and over again.

Jennifer couldn’t do anything but just keep her mouth open, even as she felt drool escaping and hitting her chest. She couldn’t deny how hot it was, her father doing this to her. Her pussy was throbbing and her thong was soaked with her juices.

Mark felt his orgasm about to hit, so he pulled out. He stroked his shaft once and exploded, his cum erupting from his dick. It spurred onto Jennifer’s face, getting in her hair and staining her shirt. “Fuck, that’s hot”, he said and grabbed his phone, snapping several pictures of the young slut covered in his jizz. Despite knowing she should feel appalled and disgusted, Jennifer found herself smiling for the pictures. She wanted to look pretty for her father, after all.

She looked up at her father and saw a smile on his face. “Why are you smiling”, she asked. “Because, I’m not even close to done”, he said and grabbed her by her hair, yanking her to her feet. Jennifer yelped in pain as he handled her roughly, shoving her against his desk and bending her over.

Her legs spread automatically, much to his pleasant surprise. “Enjoying this, are you? I knew you were a dumb slut”, he said and grabbed the hem of her booty shorts. He yanked them down, pulling her panties down in the process. Jennifer felt herself blushing, embarrassed to be so completely exposed to her father.

This feeling grew even more intense as she felt his rough fingers brushing her labia. He felt her wetness and began rubbing vigorously. Jennifer couldn’t hold in her moans as her father rubbed her wet cunt, quickly feeling an immediate orgasm. As he spread her labia and inserted a finger inside her tight cunt, it was too much for the girl.

Her pussy erupted, spasming uncontrollably and spewing juices all over her father’s hand. She arched her back and cried out as she rode the high of her orgasm to its completion. “Damn”, Mark said with a laugh as he pulled his hand from her pussy, shaking the excess juice from it.

Jennifer looked back at him, shame in her face. “I’m sorry”, she said. “Don’t be”, Mark said, slapping her ass. “That just means I’ve got you ready to go.” She let out a yelp of surprise as she suddenly felt her father’s dick rubbing against her dripping wet slit. “Tell me, slut, has anyone ever fucked this pussy before?”

Jennifer just shook her head, blushing beet red as she felt her father’s dickhead pressing against her virginal entrance. “Good”, Mark said with a moan. “I love breaking in virgin cunt.” As he finished speaking, he shoved his dick into her pussy.

Jennifer let out a scream, pain shooting through her as her father obliterated her hymen. Blood trickled from her cunt as his dick slid completely inside her, stretching her cunt so that it gripped his dick perfectly. She couldn’t believe he’d fit all eight inches inside her. She also couldn’t believe how good, how perfect it felt to have her pussy stretched around her daddy’s dick.

“Fuck”, she moaned, her pussy pulsing as the pain started to fade. “My words exactly”, Mark moaned as he started fucking her. He held her hips as he rammed his dick inside her again and again, her tight cunt squeezing his dick, begging for it to fill her with his seed.

Jennifer couldn’t do anything but moan, her mind drowning in a haze of lust and pleasure as her father fucked her hard. “Maybe he’s right and I am a dumb slut”, was the last coherent thought she had for the next half hour.

Mark pounded her pussy raw as she bent over his desk, drooling on the mahogany. She lost count of the orgasms after the fifth one, her father’s shaft bringing her more pleasure than she’d ever experienced. Finally, Mark felt his orgasm building. Just before he exploded, he leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

“I know who you are”, Jennifer heard her father say. Her eyes grew wide with shock, especially as she felt his cock twitching inside her, his cum pulsing deep within her young, fertile womb. He held her down until he pumped the last drop of semen into her pussy.

As he pulled out, Jennifer could feel cum running from her cunt and going down her legs. She turned around, facing him, her eyes filled with questions. Mark just smiled as he grabbed her panties from the floor and cleaned his dick with them, before tossing them aside. Then he pulled up his pants and sat down on his side of the desk.

“You know who I am”, Jennifer asked as she shakily pulled a chair over and sat down, facing her father. “Yes, I do, Jennifer”, he said, although she’d never told him her name. “Your mother contacted me weeks ago telling me that you might try to find me. But, even if she hadn’t, I would have known you’re my daughter right away.”

“How”, Jennifer demanded, not believing what was happening. “Because, you look exactly like your mother did when she was your age”, Mark said with a smile. “And your pussy feels exactly like hers did when I took her virginity too.” “Since you know who I am, why would you fuck me and call me a dumb slut”, Jennifer asked.

“For starters, what I said stands. You are a dumb slut, coming all this way with no money. Secondly, it’s all I thought about since your mother told me about you. I always regretted not fucking her more and now I can make up for it.” “What do you mean”, she asked, unsure of where he was going with this. “You are a dumb slut and now, you’re my dumb slut. You’re not going anywhere until I’m done with you”, Mark said and Jennifer believed him. She wouldn’t be able to leave until he let her go. And yet, she couldn’t think of anything she wanted more.

To be continued…

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