When in a sauna [F] [M]

A couple of years ago I went with my then boyfriend to a sauna. We went pretty often so there was no weirdness about us being naked with a bunch of other people.

The only thing that was different this time was that my boyfriend was very horny. He normally was, but not when we were around other people like that. Just about every time we wanted to leave a pool or sauna we had to wait for him to “cool down”.

We were there pretty late and as it was getting closer to closing time, more and more people left. We were also ending our day by floating around in the pool, relaxing. There were only a few other people around. As we were standing in a corner, I felt his hands on my legs. They were going all the way up and he spread my legs a bit. He came standing in front of me and started to pull me into an embrace , pulling me close. I could feel his hard cock against me as he very gently pulled me up a bit and then slowly put me back down. His cock went in me with ease. Sauna sex is not exactly allowed so we had to be discreet. He very softly started thrusting. I was with my back against the wall and could feel his cock moving inside me. I put my arms around him, returning the hug. This also allowed me to move with him and pushing down to get him to go deeper.

We kept a slow, sensual, but very hot embrace. I clenched the muscles in my pelvic area to let him know I was enjoying it. He whispered sweet nothingness in my ear as he tried to go faster. I looked around real quick to make sure there wasn’t anyone paying attention to us. This was not the case. I took a risk and started moving up and down more, almost letting myself fall around his cock everytime I came down. Using the waves we were creating to our advantage. His sweet nothingness turned into small moans. He buried his mouth in my neck and I felt him shoot his load in me.

We kept eachother in an embrace for a few more moments before we let go and were finally able to get out of the pool, dry of and get home to finish what we started.

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