When I (38f) was 20 I let two guys me in a competition to see who could last the longest

Just off a ban so thought I’d celebrate with a story lol. I told this story on my old account about six months ago so if it sound familiar that’s why. I got doxxed on that account so had to delete.

This happened when I was 20 back in 2004. Me and my boyfriend (now husband) had got together two years before when I was 18 and he was 20. Practically straight away he told me he had a fantasy about me wanting to fuck other men and other men wanting to fuck me. We started this off by him sitting out of view while I stripped and played for people on msn, mainly strangers but quite a few people we knew in real life including quite a few of his friends. The two guys from this story, Dan and Alex, I had met before I got with my husband while working in my dads shop one was 24 at the time and the other 26. They had seen me naked quite a few times on there so being naughty with them wasn’t anything new.

One night they were both round Dans house watching me and I said how are they going to wank for me if they are both together? This started a bit of banter between them over who could last the longest. My boyfriend was in the room but couldn’t see what was being said just what I was physically doing (years later we got a setup where he could see what what was on my screen from his computer for when I stripped on msn and swinging sites) but he was online on a laptop in the same room so I’d copy and paste him the conversation. I said to him “shall I tell them both to fuck me to settle the argument?” My boyfriend got very excited and said yes lol. So I sent them the message. They seemed shocked at first and then asked how it would work as it was a competition not a threesome lol.

We spoke about it all night and agreed on some rules. I’d go to dans house, go in the living room on my own, strip fully naked and then await the first “contestant”, if they wanted foreplay that was fine we could do that but once they entered me the timer would start. We had to do a position where they did all the work to make it fair. No cumming inside me but they could do it anywhere else. I’d bring a stopwatch and be official timekeeper (my dads shop was a sports shop so easy to get). We all agreed the rules and decided to do it as soon as possible so we set the competition for the very next day at around noon.

Me and my boyfriend were so excited and had some great sex that night and he had to practically fight me off the next morning once I was ready telling me I needed to save my energy and horniness lol. He dropped me off at dans house right on time and told me to ring him when I needed picking up.

I knocked on the door and they quickly let me in and we all stood in the kitchen awkward talking having a cup of tea before I said “have you decided who goes first?” They hadn’t so I flipped a coin for them and Alex won and chose to go first. I asked Dan where I should go and he shown me to the living room and then left while I stripped off. Once I was naked I shouted “ready when you are!” And after about 30 seconds Alex walked in. He sat down next to me and I asked if he wanted any foreplay and he said he was scared he’d cum to quick. I asked what position he wanted and he said missionary so I laid back on the sofa, put one leg on top and hung the other leg off the bottom and waited for him.

He surprised me by starting to finger me and then going down on me. I wasn’t ready for this and instantly grabbed his hair and pulled his head in to me. He did it for about a minute and I was dripping wet. Once he stopped he pulled his trousers down and he had the biggest cock id ever seen at that point and it’s probably still the biggest to this date. I got the stopwatch and braced myself lol. Luckily i was wet because he slammed it straight away and just started pounding away. I wrapped my legs around his waist trying to slow him down but it didn’t work and he picked me up and stood up, grabbed me by the arse to hold me up while i had my legs around his waits and arms around his neck and he started absolutely pounding me. He was kissing me the whole time and I was digging my nails in to his back. Suddenly without warning he just put me down on the floor so I was sitting, whipped the condom off and came literally all over me. He was quite tall so standing over me his dick was above my head and it went all in my hair, my face, my chest, my legs. Everywhere. I wish we had camera phones then I’d have told him to take a picture lol. He lasted 5 minutes 22 seconds.

He left the room and I wiped myself down and shouted for Dan to come in. He came in and instantly got fully naked and asked for a blowjob first so I got on my knees and gave him some nice slow sloppy head and didn’t forget his balls either. Once he said he’d had enough I asked him how he wanted me and he said on the floor on my all fours. I did what I was told and got my stopwatch ready. I felt him kneel behind me and waited for him to enter me but instead he slapped my arse so arse it made me scream and as I was screaming he pushed himself inside me and started pulling my hair. I really wasn’t expecting the way either of them were as they both seemed quite quiet and geeky but they had both been rough with me! Never though an accountant could be this way haha.

He was pulling my hair and slapping my arse, as well as reaching around and squeezing my tits really hard. He was starting to hurt me but in a good way. He told me to put my head down on the floor and he changed position to sort of squat over me while he fucked me from behind and he put one of his feet on my head and that really hurt I was starting to get tears in my eyes but I didn’t want to look weak plus I was enjoying it lol. He then took his foot off my head and put it next to my face and told me to lick it so I did. After a few minutes of that he told me to lay on my back so I did and then he started fucking me missionary. He kept sucking my tits and then biting my nipples which hurt but felt good. I could also feel my back getting really carpet burned. He asked if he could slap me and I said yes so he slapped me round the face a couple of times and then slapped my tits and then every so often he’d just grab them and squeeze them dead hard until I cried out.

I’ll be honest I was really enjoying this and was surprised by both of them. I was expecting a slow few pumps and that was it but this was great. He then flipped me on to my front so i was laying down flat on the floor and started fucking me from behind but it didn’t take him long now and he quickly pulled out and came all over my back and arse. He took 15:57 minutes a clear winner lol.

I asked if I could have a shower and Dan said yes and showed me where it was and got me a towel. I was covered in friction burns from the carpets and had a few other little scratches so when the hot water hit me it stung me terribly but I wanted to get the cum off me lol.

When I was done I went in dans room to dry off and there was a knock at the door and Alex asked if he could come in. He came in and straight away pushed me on the bed and started kissing me and before I could say anything he was inside me. I rolled him over and started riding him and just like the first time it didn’t take him long to cum. When he said he was going to I got off him and held his dick while he cummed on his abs. There was hardly any this time so I bent down and licked it up and once I was done he zipped up and left and let me get ready. I don’t think Dan ever knew about that quickie because they never mentioned it so I didn’t either.

I went down to the kitchen and we all had a cuppa while we waited for my boyfriend to come pick me up then when he turned up I said my goodbyes and left.

In the car on the way home I was telling him all about it and was showing him my marks and bruises. When we got back to mine I stripped for him so he could see them all and I was covered in scrapes and bruises even on my cheek and later on when we had sex he couldn’t even touch my tits because they were so sore and my arse was too bruised for me to sit down properly lol.

I met Dan quite a lot after that and he even ended up sharing me with another one of his friends one night and setting me up as a “birthday present blowjob” for another of his friends. He was fun I liked Dan.

Sorry it was such a long story and sorry for any spelling or grammar errors I wrote it in the bath lol x

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