What Happens in Quarantine- Part 4 by Sadistic_Dominant

Both Anthony and Lacey were excited as they stepped out of the shower. Anthony had loved showering with his sister, feeling her thick body pressing against his under the warm spray of the shower head. And then she had pushed him to his knees and made him eat her pussy again, for the second time that day. “Fuck, you are good at that”, Lacey moaned after she exploded pussy juices all over his face.

As they toweled off, Anthony winced when the towel ran across his ass. His asshole still hurt from the fucking his father had given him, but it was a good kind of hurt. In the past two days, Anthony had come to realize that he was a submissive little slut. And he derived pleasure from pleasing others. Judging from the huge load of cum his father had dumped in his asshole, which Lacey had been made to eat out, he knew he’d pleased his father.

As far as Lacey was concerned, she was excited for what was to come. Her father had promised to fuck ass after she and Anthony showered and she couldn’t wait. Yesterday, when her father’s dick had been buried in her pussy, it had felt perfect. And she had a feeling it was going to be even more perfect when he fucked her ass.

As she dried off, she noticed her brother had a raging boner. “What are you thinking about that’s got you all excited”, she teased, grabbing his dick and giving it a few strokes. “Well, you, obviously”, Anthony said. “I was also thinking about how amazing it felt when daddy fucked me.”

Lacey giggled when he called their father “daddy”. It was strange to hear a boy saying it, but it somehow seemed appropriate, since their father was so dominant toward the both of them. “Really? Tell me how it felt”, Lacey said as she dropped to her knees.

As Anthony began to describe, in vivid detail, how it felt to have his asshole stretched and wrecked by their father’s cock, Lacey began playing with her brother’s dick. She sucked on the head, while stroking his shaft. Then she licked up and down the shaft while she played with his balls, knowing this drove him crazy. Finally, she started sucking his dick, bobbing her head back and forth on his shaft.

The feeling of his sister’s mouth, combined with the memory of his father’s dick inside him, pushed Anthony over the edge of orgasm. His cock twitched in Lacey’s mouth, filling it with spurts of cum. To his surprise, Lacey immediately stood and kissed him. He was even more surprised when she pushed his own jizz into his mouth.

“Swallow, little slut”, she said and he couldn’t help but obey. “Daddy may have control over the both of us, but you belong to me. Dont forget that”, Lacey said and then slapped his sore ass, causing him to yelp in discomfort. “Yes ma’am”, Anthony said and watched his sister’s wide ass sway as she walked away.

He followed her to their father’s bedroom, where Daniel waited on the bed. His stiff cock enticed both of his children, driving them crazy with lust. “Alright you two, now you get to reverse your roles from earlier. Anthony, use your tongue and prepare your sister’s ass for me.”

While his son began licking his daughter’s thick ass, lubing her sphincter, Daniel moved to his daughter’s sexy mouth. “Get daddy’s dick wet”, he commanded and Lacey happily took her father’s cock in her mouth. She drooled all over it as she bobbed her head up and down. She knew from doing anal with her boyfriend that the wetter her father’s dick was, the less it would hurt her.

After several minutes, Daniel pulled his dick from Lacey’s mouth. He moved behind her, pushing Anthony out of the way. Then he noticed that his son’s cock was rock hard. “Let’s make things really fun”, Daniel said. “Anthony, get under your sister. She’s going to ride your dick while I fuck her ass.”

Lacey squealed in delight when she heard this. “I’ve never had a dick in both holes, daddy.” “Well, slut, after today you won’t be able to say that. Now sit that pussy down on your brother’s dick”, Daniel said in his stern voice. Lacey reached beneath her and grasped Anthony’s thick shaft, aiming it at her sopping wet hole. Then she slammed down, impaling herself on his pole.

“Fuck, big brother, you feel amazing inside me”, she moaned, then she let out a yelp as she felt her father’s dick begin it’s invasion of her asshole. Daniel moaned as he began pushing his dick deeper and deeper inside his daughter’s ass. She was tight, as any eighteen year old would be, although not virginal tight, like her brother.

“You’ve been fucked in the ass before”, Daniel said, slapping his daughter’s ass cheek and watching it jiggle. “Yes, daddy”, Lacey said with a grunt as Daniel pushed another inch inside her. “But my boyfriend isn’t nearly as big as you are.” “Good”, Daniel said with a groan as he thrust forward again.

Soon he was buried inside his daughter’s asshole, his balls resting against her taint. He could feel each upward thrust of Anthony’s dick inside Lacey’s pussy and it made him extremely aroused. He held his daughter’s thick hips and began fucking her ass, hard.

He pulled back and then slammed forward, causing a cry of pleasure and pain to escape her lips with each thrust. The sensation of having two dicks inside her, two thick dicks that belonged to her brother and father, was too much for Lacey.

She slammed down on her brother’s dick and her pussy exploded. Juice erupted from her cunt, splashing all over Anthony’s groin and soaking the bedding. She stayed there, laying on top of her brother as her father continued his merciless assault on her asshole.

Daniel felt Lacey’s orgasm and it made him want to fuck her even harder. He held onto her as he sped up, but kept fucking just as hard. “Daddy”, Lacey cried out, “I don’t know how much more of your amazing dick I can take. I’m gonna cum again if you keep fucking me like that.” “Good”, Daniel grunted. “Sluts like you should cum a lot”, he said and smacked his daughter’s ass cheek, leaving a bright red handprint on her pale skin.

The sting of pain sent Lacey into another orgasm, even though her first one had barely ended. Feeling his daughter have another orgasm was just what Daniel needed. He thrust deep and exploded, filling up her bowels with his seed.

When he was done, Daniel pulled his dick from his daughter’s ass and made both of his children lick him clean again. Then he watched as Anthony, without being told, cleaned his sister’s asshole of their father’s cum.


It was nearly two months before the quarantine ended. In that time, both Anthony and Lacey got fucked by their father in every room of the house, as well as in every position they could think of. They also fucked each other every day, multiple times. This was the most fun for Lacey, as she got to be in charge of Anthony when she fucked him.

However, as the quarantine ended, the house became filled with a somber atmosphere. None of the three really wanted their new relationship to end, but they knew that it was inevitable. That is, until Anthony came up with a plan.

As they were sitting down at dinner, Anthony and Lacey told their father they wanted to continue being his sex slaves, as well as fucking each other. “Come on, you two. You know we can’t. We have to get back to our lives, as much as it pains me. Lacey, you have to graduate and, Anthony, you’re starting college this fall.”

“We can both do our school online, daddy”, Anthony said, using the term that he had come to love. “Please, we want to keep things as they are. We love it and we love you”, he said. Daniel looked at his children, who had become the best sexual partners he had ever had. “Are you two sure about this? Because this means you won’t get to do normal things, like dating.”

“We’re sure, daddy”, Lacey said, rubbing her father’s dick under the table. “I already broke up with my boyfriend over text. We want to continue pleasing you as long as you’ll let us.” Daniel smiled and pulled both of his kids into a hug. “I have the perfect little sluts, don’t I. Now”, he said with a grin, “bend over the table. It’s time to please daddy.”

The end.

(I hope you all enjoyed this miniseries. If you’d like to see more of Daniel and his kids, let me know.)

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