What Happens in Quarantine- Part 3 by Sadistic_Dominant

Daniel Hunter awoke early the next morning, feeling better than he had in days. It felt so good to finally relieve the sexual frustration that had been building within himself, especially in his teenage daughter’s cunt. He began to get hard as he thought about fucking Lacey, her wide hips giving him perfect grips as he pounded her.

And then afterwards, Daniel had both of his children lick and suck his dick clean. It had felt like heaven, although Anthony had been unsure about doing it. Daniel chuckled a little as he lay there. It was probably the first time the boy had ever done anything with another guy. But, as Daniel remembered from college, other men can make some of the best sexual partners.

After he had let them run off, Daniel had heard Lacey and Anthony fucking all afternoon. They had barely emerged to eat dinner and then they had gone right back to it. Now, thinking about his children, Daniel felt himself getting hard again. “Well fuck, they’re probably both asleep. Oh well, guess I’ll just take a cold shower then”, he said and got out of bed.

As he walked down the hallway, he passed Lacey’s open door and saw his daughter sleeping, completely uncovered. He smiled as he looked at her thick body, her large tits spilling on the sheet. The girl was very aggressive and dominant with her brother, but became a submissive little slut when daddy ordered her around.

Daniel kept going and, as he neared the bathroom, he could hear the shower running. Realizing that Anthony must be up, he smiled and decided to have some father and son bonding time. Daniel opened the bathroom door and pulled back the shower curtain.

“Hey dad”, Anthony said after an initial yelp of surprise. “Getting clean after fucking your sister all night”, Daniel asked with a laugh as he looked up and down the boy’s body. He had to admit, his son was attractive. His abs were defined, his arms looked strong, and he had an impressive dick, that reached seven inches when hard, hanging between his legs.

“Yeah. Lacey really makes a mess and I woke up all sticky”, Anthiny said with a laugh. “I’ll bet. Now, move forward”, Daniel said as he got in the shower behind his son. Anthony stepped toward the front of the tub as he looked at his father quizzically, his eyes occasionally glancing at his father’s hard dick.

“What are you doing, dad”, Anthony asked, although he suspected that he knew, especially after yesterday. He had never imagined that he would suck another man’s cock, especially his father’s. But it hadn’t turned out to be that bad, licking his father’s dick with his sister.

“Well, I was going to come in here and take a cold shower. But, since you’re here, I think we’re going to have some fun”, Daniel said, subconsciously stroking his thick shaft. “What kind of fun”, Anthony asked, hoping to delay the inevitable. “Don’t act stupid”, Daniel said in a firm voice. “I told you yesterday that both you and your sister are going to please me. And she’s asleep. So, get on your knees.”

Anthony thought about resisting for a moment, but he remembered the promise he and Lacey had made. They’d swore to obey their father without question and he allowed them to keep fucking, for the duration of the quarantine. So, without saying a word, Anthony knelt down before his father, his face less than an inch from his father’s dick.

“Good boy. Now, let’s see how well you can do this. I want you to stroke me, just like you do to yourself when you’re jerking off. And, while you’re doing that, I want you to take my dickhead in your mouth. Suck on it and run your tongue over it”, Daniel said, eager to feel his son’s mouth.

Anthony did as he was told. He began sucking on his father’s dickhead while he ran his hand up and down his father’s shaft, using long, slow strokes. Daniel moaned a little, surprised by how naturally his son took to it. “Now, I want you to lick up and down my shaft. Taste every inch of me while you fondle my balls”, he said and Anthony obeyed.

What surprised Anthony the most was that he found that he kind of liked it. Maybe he’d never thought about being with a man, but he liked when the person he was with was strong and commanding. Lacey was that way and it seemed that she’d gotten that trait from their father.

Daniel moaned again as he felt his cock twitching, his son’s tongue putting him in ecstasy. “Fuck, that’s good, boy”, he said, smiling down at his son. “Thanks, dad”, Anthony said, but Daniel grabbed him by the chin and made him look his father in the eye. “You will call me daddy, just like your sister does”, Daniel commanded and Anthony nodded. “Yes, daddy”, he said, the word feeling strange on his tongue, but it sent a thrill of delight through Daniel.

“Good boy”, Daniel said and Anthony smiled at the praise. “Now, you’re going to suck my dick. Take as much in your mouth as you can and then bob your head back and forth. While my shaft is in your mouth, run your tongue over it.” Anthony obeyed, a little quicker this time, wanting to please his father.

Daniel was pleasantly surprised when Anthony managed to get six inches, two thirds of Daniel’s dick, into his throat. As the boy began to move his head back and forth, his hands moved to Daniel’s balls of their own accord. Daniel moaned loudly, feeling his orgasm approaching.

He let his son suck his dick for a few more moments before pulling out of the boy’s mouth, which actually created a feeling of disappointment in Anthony. He thought maybe he’d done something wrong, but Daniel didn’t wait long to explain. “Now, I’m going to fuck your throat. I want you to relax and concentrate on not gagging. Keep your hands behind your back and just let daddy use your mouth.”

Anthony nodded as he felt his father’s dick pass his lips again. When he felt his dad’s dick pressing against his throat, his natural reflex was to gag and fight back, but Anthony pushed that feeling down. Which was good because Daniel pushed forward, his dick burying in his son’s throat. “Oh fuck, there’s no feeling in the world like a man’s throat on your dick”, Daniel groaned as he pulled back.

He started fucking his son’s mouth, using long slow strokes. But he quickly sped up as his orgasm built to it’s peak. His balls slapped against Anthony’s chin, a rhythm that Anthony somehow found reassuring. It meant that he was doing good, that he was pleasing his father.

Just before his orgasm hit, Daniel pulled back until just the head of his dick was in Anthony’s mouth. “Now, don’t swallow until I say you can”, he told his son and Anthony simply nodded. Daniel stroked his shaft twice and he exploded, spurting his cum into his son’s mouth.

The pressure of it surprised Anthony, as the first shot hit the roof of his mouth. The flavor was salty and tart, but in a good way. He found that he kind of liked the taste of jizz, which was good because that initial spurt was followed by several more.

As he finished, Daniel pulled his stiff cock from his son’s mouth and Anthony held his mouth open. “Fuck, that’s sexy”, Daniel said as he saw his son’s mouth full of his jizz. “Now, you may swallow”, Daniel said and Anthony obeyed. The cum, warm and salty, slid down his throat and into his belly and he found himself wanting more. He began licking his father’s cock clean, searching for even a hint of cum.

“I’m glad you’re so eager, boy”, Daniel said. “Because I’m not done with you yet. For now though, go wake up your sister. You two meet me in the kitchen for breakfast.” “Yes sir”, Anthony said as he left, leaving Daniel to shower by himself.


Half an hour later, the three of them sat down at the table for a breakfast of oatmeal and orange juice. Lacey and Anthony had both come down, dressed in their night clothes, but Daniel had stopped them. “There’s really no point in wearing clothes while we’re in the house anymore. So, from this point on, we’ll all be nude.”

Both of them had readily agreed and now they all sat together, naked and silent. At least, until they finished eating. “Alright, you two, I’m ready for a fun day together”, Daniel said. “Anthony, clean up the dishes. Lacey, come and suck my dick.”

Lacey quickly got to her knees under the table, excited to suck her father’s dick again. Anthony was surprised to feel a surge of jealously as he watched his sister. It hadn’t taken much for him to realize how much he liked being submissive, both to his sister and his father, and now he wished it was him under the table.

Lacey, on the other hand, was in heaven as she ran her tongue up and down her father’s thick shaft. She loved feeling it grow and harden inside her mouth, knowing that she was the one bringing him so much pleasure. Especially after Anthony had told her about what happened in the shower. She was worried that her father might prefer Anthony, but he clearly wanted her too.

As Anthony finished the dishes, Daniel suddenly stood up. “Get on your back on the table, boy”, he said to his son and Anthony quickly obeyed. “What are you going to do, daddy”, Anthony said, finding the word much more enjoyable when he said it this time.

“I’m going to fuck that tight little ass of yours. But first, your sister is going to get you ready”, Daniel said. Lacey gave him a pouty look, wishing it were her on the table. “Don’t you worry, little slut. There’s enough of daddy to go around. I’m going to spend the whole day fucking the two of you. Now, use that tongue of yours and lube your brother’s asshole.”

Lacey still pouted, but she knew she needed to be obedient to her father. She stood and looked at her brother, laying prone on the table. His dick, which was stiff, stuck straight up. She leaned down and spread his ass cheeks, exposing his tight, puckered sphincter.

She’d never done this before, but she had an idea of what to do. She leaned closer and ran her tongue over his anus as she massaged his cheeks. Anthony moaned, surprised by how good it felt. He never would have thought that having a tongue on his ass would bring him any pleasure.

That pleasure shot through the roof when Lacey pushed her tongue into his asshole. She could taste the tartness of her brother, not altogether unpleasant. She slid her tongue in and out of Anthony’s ass, fucking his hole with her tongue. Anthony moaned, his cock twitching from his sister’s ministrations.

“That’s enough”, Daniel said, touching his daughter on the shoulder. She stepped back and Daniel took her place, rubbing his dick against his son’s asshole. “Lacey, get on the table and sit on your brother’s face. You two can enjoy each other while I’m enjoying Anthony’s ass.”

Anthony could feel his father’s dickhead and he did his best to relax. This was helped when Lacey straddled his face, her pussy just above his mouth. He grabbed her thick ass and pulled her down, just as he felt her mouth envelop his dick.

Daniel watched as his children got into a rhythm. He waited until Lacey was deepthroating her brother’s dick, then he started applying pressure to Anthony’s anus. He felt the boy tense up, but, thanks to Lacey’s mouth, he quickly relaxed. Daniel continued pushing until he felt his dick pop into his son’s virgin hole.

Anthony cried out into his sister’s pussy as he felt his father’s dick stretching out his asshole. “You need to relax, boy”, Daniel said with a smile. “That’s just the head inside you. You’ve got a long way to go.” Anthony groaned when he heard this, then moaned as he felt his sister humming on his shaft.

Daniel held his son’s hips as he started thrusting, pushing his dick deeper and deeper inside Anthony’s asshole. Anthony gave up trying to eat his sister’s cunt, much to her dismay, just trying not to focus on the pain in his ass as his father stretched him out.

It took a full ten minutes before Daniel’s balls rested against his son’s ass, his dick completely buried inside the nineteen year old asshole. Anthony moaned as he felt his orgasm overtake him, whether from his sister or his father or a combination of the two, he didn’t know. All he felt was the rush of endorphins as his balls drained down his sister’s throat, Lacey happily swallowing it all.

As she finished, Lacey sat up and licked her lips. Then she began grinding her hips on her brother’s face. “Now, daddy is completely inside your ass. There’s no excuse to not eat me.” Anthony nodded and resumed licking his sister’s cunt. Lacey moaned as her brother’s tongue slid inside her hole.

As Lacey enjoyed her brother’s tongue, Daniel enjoyed his asshole. He began sliding his dick back and forth, pulling almost all the way out before shoving all the way back in. Anthony moaned into his sister’s cunt as his father fucked his asshole. He couldn’t believe how good it felt, especially knowing that it felt good for his father.

And it did feel good to Daniel, better than he remembered. It had been a long time since he’d felt a man’s ass gripping his dick, especially a young, teen asshole. He held his son’s hips as he started speeding up his thrusts, his balls slapping against Anthony’s ass cheeks.

“Fuck, that’s so hot to watch”, Lacey said, her eyes glued to her father’s dick as it pounded her brother’s ass. She could feel her orgasm rising and, within moments, she felt it explode. She screamed out her pleasure and arched her back as Anthony struggled to drink it all down. By the time she was done, his face, hair, and chest were soaked.

“Get off your brother’s face”, Daniel said and his daughter quickly obeyed. Daniel pulled his dick from his son’s ass, flipped the boy onto his belly, and shoved his dick back into the gaping hole. Anthony cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, his cock twitching and getting hard again as his father used his once tight hole to get off.

Daniel was incredibly close to cumming and he started slamming deep inside Anthony’s ass. Anthony grunted in unison with his father, each thrust eliciting the noise from the two men. Then Daniel let out a growl as his orgasm hit him, his dick twitching as he flooded his son’s asshole. He sent spurt after spurt of cum deep within his son’s bowels.

When Daniel pulled out, cum ran down Anthony’s leg. He then grabbed his daughter by her hair and pulled her mouth over to his cock. He shoved his deflating cock into her mouth. “Clean it”, he growled and she happily obeyed. She could taste Anthony’s ass on her father’s dick, mixing with the flavor of her father’s cum.

Once she finished, Daniel stroked her hair. “Good girl. Now clean out your brother’s asshole, then the two of you take a shower. Afterwards, I’m going to fuck your ass, little slut”, Daniel said as he walked toward the doorway of the kitchen. If he was going to really enjoy his kids, he needed one of his little blue pills.

To be continued…

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