Well that wasn’t expected

Ok this is from the vault.

Years ago I had returned home after basic training to finish my senior year I enlisted split op so did basic between junior and senior years summer. Doing so had earned me so much attn from the ladies before I left, so I wasn’t that surprised at the calls I got wnmhen I got back to come see them. Of course I did my best to do so.

Now I’m not some huge dude I’m 5’10 1/2″ about 130-140 lbs. But I am a bit blessed and my size makes it look even bigger. I’ve been called the eternal twink due to my body type and naturally hairless. I’m also a bit bi if the right guy I’m very picky. Ok sorry but that should give you some back story to this memorable day…

I had been to a party the Friday night before we’re I met this girl and we hit it off..we did basically all we could without fucking before she left the party, she snuck out the next night for thame same type fun. We were supposed to hook up Sunday as she babysat at her cousin’s house but that fell through. So in the meantime my ex girl from another town called me up saying she wanted to see me. Her parents would be at work tomorrow and she outta school for a teachers work day except basketball practice at 2 so we made plans for around lunch time.
Not 5 minutes later the girl from the party calls me and says she’s skipping school tomorrow and wants me to come stay with her instead of going to school. I’m like sure I’d love to.
Next morning I get up and get my sister to right me a note for school. Mom was a stay at home so it wasn’t easy to skip. The note would stop them calling later in the week for a unexcused absence. And out the door I went.

I get to girls house shed told me to park a block away and come to back door. Nosey neighbors I’m told. So I did so. I knocked and the door opened and I’m staring at her but as a guy in tighter whiteys I’m confused and asked if she was home he said yeah and hollered sis dudes here. And told me to come on in. So I do he’s holding a pool stick and asked if I wanted to shoot a game till she comes around. I said sure so we got it going. He broke first and had a few shots. One he had to shoot behind his back bending backwards over the table a bit. Making his tightly whiteys that you could tell had age as they were stretched out struggle to hold him in and when he shot his dick fell outta a leg hole. He made the shot and I expected he’d fix himself but he didn’t he just scanned the table for his next shot. So I looked him over he was cute every it as cute as his sister, as he shot I asked whose older and he said her by 2 minutes. Oh that explained it they’re twins. He missed finally and I get up to take my shot. I do and noticed while I did he was kinda pulling on his cock hanging outta his underwear. And still wasn’t putting it back up. About them his sister comes bouncing down the stairs

She was wearing nothing but a Tshirt I thought she had on shorts as it was long but we went upstairs and I learned better..we were making out in the living room on the couch. She tells me to lay back on the couch so I did. As she stared stripping me she has me down to my shorts ( btw then I always went commando.) And I’m hard as hell it’s very obvious in my basketball shorts. She ribs over it and kisses it, about to take my shorts down when her brother comes walking up..he sees us and says I’m just getting something to drink. And he goes to the kitchen. I can hear him in there while she pulls my shorts down and started jerking sucking my cock, she stops and takes her shirt off and goes right back at it. I’m in lala land when I remember her brother so I looked toward the kitchen and he’s sitting there watching us at the table. It was odd so I kept glancing in there at him. She noticed and told me not to worry about him so I tried to ignore him. After a few minutes she gets up and straddles me backwards and swats down taking me in slowly as she was very tight. She’d take a inch moan a lil go up and come down taking in a lil more each time till she had me buried in her wet cunt and started riding me reverse cow girl. The veiw was awesome as I saw my dick going in and out with her ass hole puckering here and there when she would let out a moan. Then I realized she was facing her brother whom was now blocked from my view. After another minute or so she stopped and said she wanted to get on all fours so she does in the floor by the couch, I sit up and see her brother is still sitting there only now he isn’t wamearing underwear and is jerking his hard cock slowly. I’ll admit that seemed wired to me then. But I also didn’t care as his sister was waiting on me. I got behind her and slide in pumping slowly at first and building up as I rubbed her asshole with my thumb. I look up and her brother is staring at us jerking away at his cock still. And to be honest it was hot AF locking eyes with him jerking off while my cock was in his sister, she’s really getting into it so I took my thumb and pressed on her asshole till it popped in and she instantly orgasmed. Her tight pussy just milking my cock as she did. Her brother groans and I looked up as he started cumming all over himself. I don’t know how I didn’t but I didn’t I kept on fucking her hard now though. I wasn’t far from it. I opened my eyes and saw her brother had come into the living room butt backed covered in cum watching me fuck his sister. That did it I pulled out and covered her ass and back in my cum. We kinda collapsed them and caught our breath as we separated and sit on the couch as her brother stood beside me I noticed he was looking at my cum coated cock more than his sister. Ok cool whatever. He finally sits in the chair beside him. I ask if I can smoke in the house and they both said sure brother asking if he could get one of course so sitting there enjoying the bliss I finally had to ask so I guess you to don’t keep many secrets then if this comfortable around each other. And was told I’m correct they both prefer to be nude when possible but this is the first time one had sex while the other watched. I said cool glad I could be the first. Noticing as we put out the cigs that I and her brother were both hard again already. I told her then that I’d have to run a errand for my sister since she’d wrote me a note to skip.but I’ll come back after I’m done if they were cool with that. She was disappointed but said it was ok just be quick if I can.
She grabbed and stroked a bit before sucking my dick her brother is just watching with his dick bouncing occasionally as it struggled to get even harder. Pre cum is beginning to pour outta his cock. Just then I feel her rubbing my asshole, and tbh I love that. It wasn’t long before she had 2-3 fingers in my asshole while sucking my dick. And it set me off again she couldn’t take it all and pulled off right as I shot a stream out she had aimed it at her brother unintentionally. But yep there I went 4 more ropes landed on her brothers chest legs and feet. And he just started cumming from it no hands involved. Once we had come back to reality he’s amazed he’d never had that happen before didn’t know he could..after a few I apologize and say I gotta go.

Continued as it’s getting longer than I expected.

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