Watching my Mom cheat

So this is something that happened 10 years ago when I was 18 and still lived at home with my parents. My mom had me when she was 20, so was always a young mom compared to my friends. My parents both worked really hard to be able to provide for me, and we had a lot of money when I was growing up. My dad was someone who worked long hours and was often away on business trips meaning a lot of the time it was just me and my mom in the house. We had a great relationship and would talk to each other about anything and it didn’t feel weird. My friends all found my mom super hot, she had big boobs and was in great shape from working out. Whenever we would go places she would often get checked out by younger and older guys.

When I turned 18 my mom admitted to me that she was starting to feel really lonely because of how often my dad was away, this usually was weeks at a time. I knew my parents were very sexually active as my mom was not a quiet moaner, so there was many occasion I heard them having sex. Also when my dad was away she would use her vibrator, and being a horny teenager I would stand outside her room and listen while jerking off. A few days after my mom had admitted to feeling lonely my dad came home and told us he had an opportunity to go to the Middle East for 3 months with work, when he told us the money he would get, we knew he couldn’t turn it down. During the first few weeks of my dad being away I made sure I was in the house a lot and would have movie nights with her to keep her company which was nice.

I was at college so through the week I would often be out of the house from 9am until about 3:30pm. My mom didn’t really work much because of how much money my dad was making so was often either at the gym or meeting her friends for coffee. One day it got to about 11:30am and I decided I was going to go home and miss the rest of college that day. I drove home and unlocked the front door, because of how big are house was you couldn’t hear someone come in unless you were in the living room. As I entered the door I could hear noises coming from upstairs, my first guess was my mom was using her vibrator again but as I got closer to the stairs I knew the bed was creaking too much to be her vibrator. I slowly walked up the stairs and could just hear my mom moaning “fuck” over and over again. As I got to the top of the hallway I noticed her door was open, and because of the lay out of her bedroom it meant she couldn’t see me even though I was stood right outside.

As I listened further I knew she was being fucked. I could hear the sounds of his balls slapping against her repeatedly while my mom moaned so loud. I was so hard listening but also so conflicted as I knew this wasn’t my dad. I walked in to her room and slowly peaked around the corner, that’s when I saw my mom on top riding some guy. This continued for a while, she was bouncing up and down on top of him before slowly leaning in and kissing him. After that kiss she climbed off and that’s when I noticed how big her tits were and also how good her ass looked. It felt so wrong being hard and watching but I just couldn’t stop. My mom laid on her back and I watched as this complete stranger slid inside her, he began fucking her so hard and my mom was loving every minute of it. After about 5 more minutes I could tell he was getting close and my moaned “cum on my tits”. I knew they would be finishing up so I quickly snuck out of her room and back down the stairs before getting in my car and driving around for the next hour hoping he would be gone by then.

When I returned home my mom was dressed and down in the kitchen and I knew she had no idea I had just watched her get fucked. I went to my room and jerked off thinking about what I had watched and how horny it made me. It was a Friday night so me and my mom had agreed to have a movie night, but the whole time all I could think about was what I had seen. Because of mine and my moms relationship I think she knew something was wrong with me and kept pressing for me to tell her. Eventually I admitted that I saw her with that guy earlier today, she looked mortified and kept apologizing over and over again. I could tell she was lonely and just wanted company and to feel good and knew it must be hard for her with my dad being away. I then admitted that I watched and couldn’t help but be turned on. She basically reassured me and said for someone who’s my age it was natural to be intrigued by other people having sex. We spoke about that whole thing in a lot of detail, which involved her telling me about the guy and how he was (it didn’t even feel weird listening to her describe it). I basically admitted I wanted to watch her again and we made a deal that if she slept with him one more time I could watch but then she cut it off with him after.

True to her word that’s exactly what happened, she fucked the guy again a few days later knowing that I was watching the whole thing. Then she ended things with the guy. I kind of blocked it out for a long time as it felt weird the older I got but I feel like this is what has made me enjoy sharing my gf with other people and watching. She is still with my dad and my relationship with her hasn’t changed at all as we are still really close. Would be happy to talk about this and get peoples opinions on it.

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