Watching hubby have car sex

I love watching my hubby pleasure strangers with his big cock.
One of my friends contacted me saying that she had been talking to one of her work colleagues, and the conversation got about myself and my hubby’s sexual adventures.

She said her friend was really intrigued by what we get up to, and had often fantasised about cheating on her husband with someone who was well hung as he is only 4 inches erect.

My friend said she had told her colleague that I like watching my hubby with strangers, and that my hubby was definitely well hung.
So her colleague asked if I would let her have car sex with my hubby, as her fantasy was to have a big dick and have car sex with the risk of someone seeing.

So when my friend told me that I got excited at the thought, as we love car sex ourselves because you get such a buzz knowing someone could catch you.

So I agreed to meet my friends colleague and have some fun in the car, so my friend arranged it with her colleague for a Friday in 2 weeks time.

When the day came we had arranged to meet in Starbucks and go from there, where she walked in she was mid 30’s with blonde hair and very slim wearing a jumpsuit.

We sat down and had a coffee and chatted for a while, and she explained that this had always been a fantasy but she had never acted on it before so was a bit nervous especially about my hubby’s size.

So I assured her it’s her choice and that hubby would be gentle with her, and if she wanted to cancel she can. She said no not now I’ve been fantasising about this, and I’m here and for her it was now or never.

She said she wanted to use her car which was a large 4×4 and parked over the back by the woods. So we proceeded to her car (my own pussy was now wet through the thought of what was happening) and I could feel juices running down my legs as I had no panties on.

When we got to her car she got in the back where she had already put the seats down, and I got in the front ready to watch and started rubbing myself with anticipation.

She unzipped her jumpsuit and these amazing tits popped out as she was totally naked underneath, she took off her jumpsuit and was laying in the back naked with her tits and hair pussy in total view.

My hubby got in and stripped off showing her his cock for the first time, and she screamed what the fuck that’s huge and he was only semi hard.

My hubby got down between her legs and started to lick her beautiful cute pussy, and my hand went up my skirt and I started fingering my own.

Hubby was making her scream with delight licking her pussy from bottom to top letting his tongue tickle her clit, and she shouted out I’m having an orgasm in need him inside me.

Well I was on my third orgasm playing and when hubby started to slide his cock between her pussy lips, mine almost exploded and she gave out a groan as he slid in and out.

At this point he had only used half his length and you could see she was in ecstasy, so hubby said I’m going to give you more now and she cried yes please.

Well my pussy is gushing and I could hear hers squelching as hubby was fucking her, and she was moaning with ecstasy have her cute pussy bing well and truly fucked. After about 20 minutes she said can he cum on my tits please, and I said yes but he’s not ready yet.

Well this was so hot me playing with my own pussy while hubby was pleasuring this stranger, and being in the car and the risk of being caught made it extremely exciting.

Hubby fucked her for 50 minutes when he pulled out of her pussy and shot his hot cum all over her tits, she then asked if she could lick him clean and I said of course and she took his cock in her mouth.

She then sucked my hubby’s cock for about 10 minutes before falling backwards in a heap, I was so wet myself and I could see her juices running from her gaping pussy.

They both then got dressed and the woman thanked us both, saying I didn’t know it would feel so wonderful having a big cock but it did.
Then she said I don’t think I will ever feel my husband’s again, but I don’t regret this awesome experience.

She then drove us across the carpark to our car, we didn’t say anymore except goodbye and we left.

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