Virgin Wedding

Virgin wedding
Virginia could feel her need, her tight little virgin pussy was churning with the juices of her lust. She waited until her parents had been in bed for a while, then she crept to her room, booted up her desktop, and settled in.

She stripped naked, watching her reflection in her full-length mirror as she bared her body. She filled her eyes, enjoying the thrill of getting ready. Her breasts were big and luscious, nipples were swollen and red with excitement, she tweaked them, feeling the zing shoot straight to her pussy, making her creamy wet. She paged through some of the tabs and found what she was looking for. The setup was a tight little virgin and her big-cocked husband, and she was going to get her virginity taken somewhat forcefully.

Though Virginia was a virgin and a good girl, she watched a lot of porn, jilling herself to sleep. She can’t wait to get married, her husband-to-be, Steve, had been patient enough to respect the family customs about virginity being saved for the husband.


She started the video going and rubbed gently at her tight little pussy, her breathing getting deeper as she felt the delicious tingles starting up. On the screen, the actress made a shocked face when she saw her costar’s 9-inch cock, hard as marble. She backed away, babbling about how she was still a virgin.
It just excited him further as he grabbed her, pushed her down on the bed, and growled, “Don’t worry baby, it’ll be just a moment of pain then you’ll be a true woman. This will bring your cock hungry desires to the surface, and before we are through, you’ll love it.”
She looked doubtful, but she spread her legs, the plot was she was his wife and as such, had to fulfill his carnal desires.
Virginia was making little noises of passion, god, she couldn’t wait to see her tight little pussy take his hard dick. Her fingers were wet, dancing over her glistening lips, as she watched the scene play out.
He nudged in between and pushed. She let out a loud gasp as his cock started to enter, and grunted, “Bill, it’s too big, I’m not ready!”
Bill decided to just go for it, he growled, “Don’t worry baby, I’m excited enough for the both of us,” and drove in with a fierce charge. Her scream filled the speakers as he buried that massive tool. The camera work showed his huge curving cock buried up her tight little cunt.
Her mind whispered, ‘That’s what I want my wedding night to be like,’ she was letting out little gasps as she watched the bride actress getting reamed with that big cock. Her cries of discomfort started to slowly change over as she adjusted to the feel of that big cock taking her.
Virginia knew that orgasm was imminent, her sex was aching for release, she gasped and writhed on the bed, hands roaming urgently over her body she held on, until the bride actress screamed, “I’M CUMMING FILL MY FUCKING CUNT AIEEEEEEEEEE!” her husband actor growled, “Oh fuck FUUCCCKKKK!”
As both of them orgasmed, Virginia polished her clit with her well-practiced fingers, and the waves of orgasm came quickly, wonderfully, and uncontrollably. She let out moans of pleasure as she fell into the ecstasy of her climax, the powerful contractions making her inner pussy pulse. Virginia could hardly wait for her husband to be right between her thighs, letting her tight little cunt grip and tug at his erection, and flood her with his hot load.
And here it was, the wedding night. Steve opened the door of the honeymoon suite and carried her across the threshold. The time was finally here, and she was more than ready.
Steve set her down, he was more than eager to ravish his bride, and Virginia let him know she was ready when she slid her hand inside his trousers, felt the solid club of his erection surging in her hand, and purred in his ear, “I’m so glad that’s over. Now I can be your whore. Come and get me in 2 minutes.”
As Virginia walked toward the bedroom, she stripped off her dress, letting it fall to the floor as Steve started at the sight, his bride was wearing only a white satin thong and matching bra, She paused in the doorway to the bedroom, her bra was quickly discarded, and she shimmied out of her thong. She turned to face Steve, enjoying his wide-eyed look at her naked charms and assets. She turned back, wiggled her ass at him, and stepped out of sight around the corner of the bedroom. She climbed into bed, and a bit tipsy from the champagne, gave her pussy a few smacks with her hand, making her sex tingle. She arranged herself and waited for him.
When Steve entered, she was leaning back on her elbows, thighs spread wide, a dazzling smile on her face. Her pussy is waxed bare and smooth, syrupy and slick with her juices, twanging with the need to get what a bride should get on her wedding night. She doesn’t want to make love. She wants, needs to be fucked in every hole she has. She needs him to pound her virgin pussy and stuff her tiny ass. She needs him to drain his balls in her throat. She kept herself unbroken for him, with the porn she had watched and jilled herself to sleep with, she knew how she wanted tonight to go. She wants to try everything before they leave the room.
Virginia cooed, “Mmmmm, Steve, come and take my cunt. It’s all cherry virgin for you, take it, give me a hard fucking, make me a woman with some force!”
Her eyes glittered as she saw her husband’s solid 8 inches, hard as marble, and eager to do just as she wanted. Steve positioned himself, the hot thick tip of his cock nudged against her wetly nibbling vaginal lips.
When Steve felt the warmth of her fiery wet pussy touching his dick, Virginia’s whispered, “Take me hard,” his actions became controlled by the wild nature inherent in all animals. He pushed forward, feeling the obstruction of her hymen, and pushed hard, shattering her membrane and driving in, eager to take what she was giving. Virginia’s shriek as she was pierced just excited him even more, his 8 inches went in deeper and deeper, stretching the tight virginal walls apart.
“Aaaaaahhhhhh… ggggooooodddddd,” Virginia moaned as she felt herself being stuffed full to the brim. Her eyes had a hazy look, his cock burying itself up to the hilt in her wide-stretched vagina. She felt his heavy, sperm-bloated balls swing down, smacking flat against her ass.
The totally encompassing sensation of inner expansion came with a delayed impact to explode through her widely, delightfully impaled loins, forcing a guttural sound from her half-opened lips.
“Oooooohhhhhh… Oh, my God!!” she moaned, her widening eyes gaping unseeingly as her husband, with a full head of steam, began to fuck rapidly up into her pussy. Virginia was wildly aroused, her husband taking her cunt forcefully and making her a true woman, his cock drilling her vagina over and over. The big cock plunged wetly between her open thighs as she began to move, wantonly humping upward to meet his breathtaking lustful strokes.
Frenzied sensations of sheer lust spread through Virginia’s body as the relentless dick skewered her over and over in the age-old dance of released lust. His pulsing rod of flesh sinking each time to its full blood-hardened extent up into the moistly sucking depths of her clasping vagina was what she had dreamed of. She could feel her own pink pussy-flesh moistly clinging to his huge, handsome hardness when he pulled out of her, then again entering back inside her hungry passage with each new thrust, his heavy, cum-laden balls solidly pummeling her ass cheeks.
Virginia could feel that orgasm building, oh fuck, her first fuck, and she was gonna cum, cum with her husband’s hard cock powerfucking her cunt, that big load of spunk would flood her, and that was all she needed.
“Oh my God, I’m cumming!” Virginia squealed, “Yes, oh fuck I’m cumming, fuck me, fuck me, shoot it, squirt it, yes, yes, yes, YES!!”

Virginia’s voice rose to a shriek, her cunt clamped down tightly around that pleasure-giving shaft, virtually sucking at Steve’s shaft, urging him to explode his burning load. The wild spasming of Virginia’s pussy milked at his aching cock greedily, and she heard his wild groan of pure pleasure as his cock erupted.
Virginia could feel the hot liquid bloom in her belly, the rush of wetness being pumped over her just fucked walls. Yes, oh yes, she shrieked again as her pussy went into another orgasm, as he squirted 8 thick ropes of spunk deep into her tight gripping receptacle, a flood of cum being shot into her hungry pussy, splattering his load against her cervix. She squirmed around wildly, her body shuddering in orgasm, her pussy quivering and spasming wildly, sucking and milking greedily at Steve’s throbbing cock, draining his balls into her eager, hungry tightness.
They tumbled to the bed, and lay quietly, savoring the first virgin breaking fuck. That was part 1 of her need, part 2 was soon to take place.
“Come with me my husband, and let’s take a nice shower together.”
Just before she turned on the shower, she felt the need to get another virginity taken.
She dropped to her knees, lots of pornos had shown this as the right way to suck cock, the classic subservient cocksucker position, and she was eager to get his cock into her mouth.
“My sweet husband, I need you to fuck my face, and drain your balls in my mouth.”
Steve was all for it, his cock quickly grew back, and she was a hungry little subservient cocksucker bride who needed to get her mouth filled. He fed his dick to her, pushing in, letting her mouth adjust, and as he slipped past the back of her mouth, his cock head nestled in her throat, she swallowed around him, letting her throat muscles caress his cock head, eager to milk him.
Steve was fired up, her gripped her head, holding her in place as he facefucked Virginia. The need to be used had her hot and bothered. Even though it was her first time giving a blowjob, she was giving a great blowjob, her tongue swirling around his dick, her mouth a hot wet heaven of sucking. She started to make moans of passion around his cock.
Virginia had a hand at her cunt, jilling herself wildly. Steve’s cock was taking her mouth like he had taken her cunt, and she felt the quick climb toward her orgasm. Virgina could feel it, the surging tingles filling up her womb, fuck, and she started to shudder as her climax grabbed her. She felt her mouth tighten up, giving his dick the tight gripping suck, eager for the whitewashing of her tonsils.
Steve felt the gripping tightness and her cries of orgasm around his cock, and his load erupted, Steve grunted and gasped as his second load splattered and pasted the inside of her sweet-sucking mouth.
Once under the warm water, they passed around the soap, and Virginia cooed, “Wash down my tight little asshole, that the last virgin territory, all for you! I want to be your full, wifely slut before we check out.”
Steve could feel his cock building back up, he’d dreamed about taking a tight sweet ass, and here was his bride, with a cherry ass, eager for it. Yes, he’d really made the right choice, and Virigina’s cries of pleasure rose up as his fingers slid all over the tight rim.
Virgina was discovering how sensitive her tight little rosebud was, and she let out a growl as a finger pushed inside, rotating slowly, that felt amazing.
Rinsing off, she wiggled her ass at him, and whispered, “Let’s finish my deflowering.”
Back in the bedroom, she quickly took to her hands and knees and let out a purr of pleasure as slick lube was applied to her ass, and she felt her husband taking the position behind his, his cock nudged against her asshole. Virginia held her breath, waiting for the plunge.
Virginia let out a little moan as the head of his cock pressed her open then YES, she let out a scream as his ass thickly swollen dick stretched her asshole open, and that eager rod drove up her no longer virgin Hershey highway.
“Ummmppph, unnnggghhh, ohhhh, ummmm,” Virginia moaned as she felt herself being stuffed full to the brim. She felt his balls, swollen with another full load, swing down and smack against her pussy. The sensation of her ass being opened forced a guttural sound from her half-opened lips.
Virginia’s mind was spinning with the effect of such never-before experienced sexual totality. All that she had watched and jilled off to as a frustrated virgin was all in the past. She shifted her buttocks in wanton and inviting little circles, urging her husband on to keep buggering her.
Her mind’s eye drank in the vision of what she must look like, full white breasts, suspended and quivering beneath her body, her nipples swollen and achy, the sight of her husband’s blood-swollen cock charging into her, his sperm-bloated balls smacking against her throbbing clit, her body bucking back against his deep, searing thrusts, wanting every bit of that red hot cock stuffed up her asshole. She felt the delight of the wild, lust-driven buggering wash over her.
Steve was entranced by the vision of his new wife, being transformed from a good little Catholic girl to cock hungry slut, she had whispered how much she wanted to be his whore, and she was showing what she wanted. He looked down and saw his cock, glistening with the lube he had slathered over his cock, appearing then disappearing, her tight ass spread open around his cock with the ultimate prick-milking grip.
Virginia was letting out pleasure-filled moans, and the sound of her own lust-enticed voice raised her to even greater heights of sexual arousal.
“Oh… lover… Steve, darling… bugger me…hard and deep…! You know what to do… Hard…harder…yes, yes, oh yes, ffffffuuuuuucccccckkkkk…!”
The passionate, pleading tone in her voice let Steve know he was pleasing her. He growled in panting response and did as she wished, as he hammered again and again up into her tight, gripping asshole. It was a smooth, pleasure-filled ride, the lube had helped to ease it as the silky walls parted before each plunging drive. He knew he was bringing her joy by the way she was thrusting her asshole willingly back onto his aching dick.
Virginia raised her head to choke out a throaty, animalistic cry. Her glazed eyes grew round and unseeing. Virginia’s head began to toss frantically up and down, her long blonde hair streaming as she began the first erotic contractions of a violently total orgasm. Wildly, she skewered her undulating buttocks back onto Steve’s thick dick in a lascivious frenzy.

The first orgasmic spasm hit her with all the force of a lightning bolt and she slammed her naked ass-cheeks back hard onto the deep-thrust dick with a desperate lunge. At the same time, Steve fucked forward with a deep growl, his stiff cock bigger and harder than ever, exploding with his built-up passion, beginning to spew his scalding sperm deep up into her madly churning asshole in long hard spurts.
“God… oh God… I’m cumming… ccccuuuummmiiinnnggg!” Virginia howled, her jerking buttocks beginning to contract convulsively to the eruption exploding in her loins like a boiling geyser. She threw her head from side to side in ecstasy, felt the hot spunk making her asshole sizzle, her wildly milking asshole sucking hungrily at Steve’s dick, eager for every drop he could flood her with.
In the morning, before they checked out, they did it all over again. Now that she was his whore, she wanted to be used like the eager little slut she had dreamed of being, and she was exactly what she wanted to be. The goody-goody Catholic virgin girl had been shed like a snakeskin, she would be his cock hungry personal whore for the rest of her life, and she reveled in the transformation.
The End

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