Update 2! Fucked a single mom from the kids baseball team. [MF] Part 1

So this just happened this past Friday and I had to get everyone an update as soon as I could.

Dani has been sending more text than normal asking about the next private lesson for her son. Amanda and I had some great sex this past week with her teasing me about hooking up with Dani. Well Friday came and I went to the house like normal. Dani was wearing her same skimpy clothing with no bra on and her nipples poking out for me as soon as I got there. I did the lesson and the kid’s dad picked him up and payed me like he has done so many times before. I found my self almost rushing him and trying to get him gone so I could get my hands on Dani. He left and I went back to clean up the equipment and Dani was on the back porch asking me if they were gone. I told her yep they just pulled off and she smiled as she pulled her top off before telling me to hurry and clean up and meet her inside.

I walked in the back door to the kitchen and she was standing there fully naked at the kitchen counter with two shot glasses in front of her. I made my over wrapping one arm around her waist and kissing her for just a second before she pulled back and handed me a shot of bourbon. She raised her glass and said cheers to fridays! We knocked back the shots as she poured another one. She took her shot before handing me mine and said damn I’m so glad you are here. I have been thinking about tonight since that day at the ball field. She then told me she had masturbated several times this week thinking about my dick as she reached for my pants and started undoing the button. She helped me out of my shoes and had my pants off my along with my boxers lighting fast.

She went to her knees smiling from ear to ear as she stroked my dick never breaking eye contact as she started to suck me. I took my shot as I enjoyed watching her work my dick. She sucked like my dick had the cure to cancer and she was responsible for getting it out for the betterment of the world. I poured my self one more shot before I grabbed the back of her head and started to face fuck her. I pushed her head down making sure she took me all the way in her mouth. She started gagging and gasping for breath with her spit falling everywhere over her and the kitchen floor. I pulled her up and led her to the living room couch where I put her on the couch and I got down spreading her legs and made my way to her dripping pussy. She went wild and really got vocal as I ate her out working her clit and tongue fucking her pussy. She held the back of my head down firm on her pussy and her breathing quickened and she let out a primal groan as she orgasmed leaking her juices all over my face.

I went up to kiss her making sure she got to taste herself on my tongue. She pleaded with me to fuck her and she needed my dick inside her so bad. I told her not yet and I wanted her to grab the toy she used this week thinking about me and come right back. She looked confused but went and came right back with a flesh colored, veiny, 8 inch dildo. I took it from her telling her to spit on it which she did without hesitation. I laid her back and worked the dildo into her pussy. Once I had it fully in I pushed her legs back further and held the dildo in as my tongue found her asshole. She squealed at first and squirmed a bit but settled in and really let go and started moaning super loud again saying fuck that feel so good! I came up for air and told her to start fucking herself with the dildo while I am eating her ass. It wasn’t five minutes till she started screaming incoherently fuck, shit, holy hell, and all sorts of other stuff that didn’t really make sense. With my tongue as far as I could go in her ass she screamed she was cumming again and I felt her ass contract around my tongue forcing me out as she came.

She went limp on the couch as she recovered from a pretty damn intense orgasm. After a minute she regained function and told me she had never cum so hard and she had never had her ass eaten and how good that was. I kissed her while I played with her nipples telling her I hope you are ready because I’m not done with you today.

Part 2 up now

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