Unusual sexual experience

My friend and I (Me 19, him 18) We were at my apartment smoking and playing video games. We would usually play Rocket League until we couldn’t stop laughing. After that we just sit there, laugh, go through the fridge and talk about nothing. I would sit at one end of the couch and he on the other. This particular time somewhere in the midst laughing he fell over with his face in my lap. I was laughing so hard to notice anything. He was still laughing, then all of the sudden he pulls the front of my gum shorts down and put his mouth on my soft dick. I was not very aware of what was happening right away. Of course, the feeling of someone sucking will make anyone hard so I just let him. He sucked until I came in his mouth then rolled back to his side and said “good night”. I got up and went to bed. We never talked about it again. I even wondered if he even remembered doing it?

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