Unexpected Sex With Neighbour Aunty English Sex Story

Unexpected Sex With Neighbour Aunty

English Sex Story

Hello porn sex story dot com readers, this is raj Kumar age 22 from Mumbai had a 6.5-inch tool, I am a very avid reader of iss. I am penning down my real life sex experience with neighbour hood aunty. Please give me feedback at [email protected]

I live in Mumbai, there is a beautiful aunty with stats 34-28-36 to next our room. She lives along with her husband who is a workaholic (he goes at 8 am and comes 10 pm) and 12-year-old child. I am so descent and shy person, we have been neighbors from last 6 months. I rarely talked with her.

I don’t have any bad intentions for her, only thing is I used to watch her beauty when I see her. It all started with because of an automatic washing machine, one day they bought an automatic washing machine. Installation guy has come to install and give a demo of the washing machine, but she was not highly educated. Even her husband was not at home.

Luckily it was on Saturday and its a holiday for me. So she called me to listen to the demo and train her couple of times on how to use the automatic washing machine. I listen to the demo and also I know well how to operate automatic washing machines. Installation guy has left after installing and giving a quick demo. She asking me to train her how to operate an automatic washing machine. I asked aunty please get a few used clothes so that I can show you how to use that, aunt said ok raj.

Me: I asked her to open the front door of the washing machine (it was a front door washing machine) (forgot to say the costume of aunty, she was wearing a low neck loose nighty.

She has bought some clothes to put into the washing machine and bent forward to put the clothes into it and even I bent forward to show her how to open the lock of the washing machine door and our hands touched while opening the door of the washing machine. It was great feeling almost I felt like electric shock passed through my body. And I just looked at her because of that feeling. I could see her deep cleavage half of her huge melons. She was not wearing any inner inside. She interrupted me asking me what to do next. She didn’t notice that I was watching her cleavage. I asked her to put clothes one by one into the tub and she was involved in doing that. I resumed to watch her cleavage again. I am not able to control, my dick stood upright. I hardly blinked my eyes while she was putting clothes into the tub of washing machine. She finished putting clothes inside the tub but I didn’t notice that. She saw me watching her cleavage. She with little harsh tone said that she completed putting clothes into the machine. I just came to my senses and just dropped my head down (because I am little shy) and there is silence between us for few seconds.

She broke the silence by asking where to put wash liquid and how much quantity to use.I just showed her quantity and where to place liquid in the machine.After pouring the liquid showed her how to start machine. She pressed the start button and it gave an estimated time of 75 minutes.I asked her to wait till it completes and open the door after light has been turned off. She asked me to wait till then since its a first time for her to use washing machine.I was little silent most of the time because she caught me red-handed watching her cleavage.So to get out of that embarrassment I said to her I will come after 1 hour. She said ok, and I left her place.

I came to my room and masturbated slowly remembering the scenes I saw before for around 10 mins and finally has cum.I cleaned myself and drank some water and had some snacks and went to her house. She was watching some movie on her tv. We both of us went to see the status of the washing machine. It showed 25 mins left. She asked me to sit and watch tv along with her in meanwhile. I was constantly peeping at her beauty without her noticing me. She asking me for a cup of coffee. I said I don’t drink coffee and I only drink milk. She went into the kitchen and after 5 mins she bought me a cup of milk with boost and coffee.

I was sipping the milk and watching tv. She suddenly asked me what are you looking when she was putting clothes in washing machine. I said nothing and dropped my head down out of shy. She asked me again I said sorry for her. She came near to me and said its all common in your age and she suddenly started crying and I asked her what happened and wiped her tears. She said that her husband was a workaholic is not having sex with her for last 6 years and she suddenly hugged me. I too hugged her. Washing machine started beeping and we both separated. We went near by washing machine. I asked her to open the door and dry the clothes for some time. She asked me to wait till she dries the clothes.

I said ok and waited till she completes drying the clothes on the string . But it was great scene watching her drying the cloths. She noticed me staring at her but did not mind. After completing we both came to tv room and both of us started watching movie. She broke the silence between us and said that I have been observing you for last 6 months you are so descent and shy. She asked me can I do a help for her. I thought it gonna be something fishy. She slowly asked me to satisfy her for once. Because she is highly wanting sex from a very long time.I am being very shy did not answer anything. She has been requesting a lot. So I said ok but only for one time and I also said her that want to have a lot of foreplay before having sex.

She said ok. She locked her house main door and we both headed for the bedroom. She took the initiative and came to me started kissing me. My tool starts to rise. I too slowly started kissing on the neck and smooching each other, slowly move to ear lobes I started biting her ear lobes. And move to lips and I started eating her lips. And slowly came to cleavage. I started kissing her cleavage and pressing her boobs on her nighty she slowly started undressing me. And I too slowing removed hooks of her nighty with mouth and slowly kissing whole her body starting from face to the waist by slowly removing her nighty.

I sucked her boobs after removing her nighty and she was moaning a load and pressing my head towards her boobs I spent 15 mins sucking her boobs. Slowly reached to navel and I encircled my tongue in her navel for 5 mins and kissing all her upper body. She was enjoying every act of mine.It almost took 45 mins to reach to her waist.

But suddenly there was knock on the door. We both of us came to sense and put on our clothes. She asked me not to come out of her bedroom till she says.She went and opened the main door after having back her nighty it was a courier boy delivered some item which her husband has ordered in an e-commerce.

She locked the main door and came back again to bedroom
My heartbeat was very high all the time I was very tensed in meanwhile to know who was that? She came back laughing and scolding the courier boy who has come in wrong time.

It is a very long story I will explaining them in detailed. In the second part. Please don’t forget to give feedback at [email protected]

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