uncle slid into my dms [22F]

Last week I wrote about how my uncle liked all my fitness/wellness spots. Since the spots are a bit sexual and objectifying, I kept wondering if it meant anything.

I got mixed feedback from you guys: some of you thinking he’s definitely looking at me *that way* and others thinking ‘no, he’s just being supportive.’ Even though your guys’ feedback was contradictory, it honestly helped make me feel less crazy for thinking one way and then the other. So thanks for that!

Yesterday, I posted another fitness spot (also posted it on my page on here: Fitness/wellness spot 6 – basketball). He liked it late last night. Then, a couple hours ago, he sent me a message.

*”Hi Sasha, it’s Uncle Henry. I didn’t recognize you in these videos you’re doing!\* No idea you’re so athletic now. What are these for?”*

And, for whatever reason, he sent me a screenshot of myself from one of the spots.

I get a lot of intense attention from men these days that it might be messing with my head and I starting to see stuff where stuff isn’t. But all the likes. The message. The screenshot. It’s just making me wonder…

Just to be clear- I’m not mad or grossed out by this. I’m not afraid of my uncle and he’s not making me uncomfortable. I’ll admit it’s making me head spin and it’s freakin wild, but I’m not grossed out by it — IF there’s even anything to be “grossed out” by!

I need to respond to him. I haven’t figure out what to say yet. Probably just keep it simple, like: “Hey Uncle Henry!! Yeah they’re for this fitness/wellness company I do spots for sometimes. They’re really fun. Hope you liked them!”

That’s chill right?


\*I think this is a reference to how he hasn’t really seen me since I started getting really into fitness, which was over a year ago.

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