Confession time.
When I was in younger, I met one of my uncles for the first time. I thought he was so attractive. Eventually I had to live with him. He would wake me up for school and hang out after and one day, we were watching a movie and we started to cuddle. He played with my hand and I got so wet. I was confused. The next morning he woke me up for school and I told him what happened the next before. He didn’t know what to say but he asked to feel me and I let him..
That was the first day of other sexual encounters.

He would pick me up from the bus stop and I’d pull my pants down and we’d drive around with his fingers in my pussy, legs spread open for him. I remember cleaning dishes and it was just me and him at the house and he put his hand down my pants and I stopped cleaning the dishes. He leaned over and whispered “I didn’t tell you to stop cleaning those dishes”. Any chance I would get to spend time with him I would just so he could play my with my pussy.

When I was 2 weeks from my **th birthday, I stayed the next at my uncle’s. He was going through a divorce. He was sad, so I opened myself up to him. I finally gave myself to him.

He was so gentle, he fucked me slow. I loved it so much that the next day I asked him to fuck me again.

I’m 27 now. I still think about it. A few years ago I told him I’d fuck him again if we got the chance. We look so much alike. #uncle/niece

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