Two girls in one day

I had just started dating this girl it was maybe the first week we were official and my fwb hit me up to come over in the morning for as many rounds as we could fit in while she was home alone. She didn’t care that I had a new gf and honestly neither did I. I got up at about 7 am and went to her house we fucked in the kitchen and the living room on the stairs in the bathroom in the shower finally made it to her bed. I was fucking her bent over her bed pulled out she got on her knees and opened her mouth. I came in it and she kept sucking and we kept fucking. Every time I came she opened her mouth and swallowed my load. We fucked on and off until probably 1 pm. My new girlfriend and I had plans at night to do just about the same thing we met up she got in my car we found a place to hideout and fucked in the back seat for about an hour until I came on her tits. She wanted more so I fingered her while she sucked my cock and she got on top and road it for a while. About an hour later of switching around and changing positions I came in her mouth and dropped her back off balls drained from a day of filling my fwb and girlfriend. After about a week her and I broke up anyways since I liked my fwb’s more.

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