True Story. Customer Paid me and a co worker to watch us.

I (38m) (our restaurant) was hired to cater a small Birthday party for regulars offsite at their home. They chose the server (22f) to help with the set up and breakdown…I was the chef. They were wealthy clients that always left this girl at least $100 everytime they dined with us. The party was only about 12 people and everyone was drinking pretty heavily. Everyone cleared out about 10pm and while we were cleaning this guys (60-70s m) wife tells him she’s tired and going to shower and go to bed. He helps us clean and offers us some drinks as we work. The girl I had with me is very outgoing and fun as well as flirty. I’ve wanted to get with her for a long time but she has a BF. Out of nowhere this guy starts asking if we ever hooked up etc followed by I would love to see that!! I’m all for it just cause I wanted to fuck her bad at this point but she declines says she has a BF etc. that’s when he reaches in his pocket to pay us for the night and says there’s an extra $500 in it for you both! She says EACH? He says yes 👍🏼. She looks at me in excitement because I know she needs the money. I don’t, so I whisper in her ear “you can take all of it and I promise I won’t say a word ever to anyone about this”. She agrees and he takes us down to his man cave basement and sits at the bar and watches as we get undressed on the couch.
She’s perfect…petite, barely 5 feet tall, tan. Nice natural tits for her small body. I know she knows I have a large pornstar cock because I used to fuck her best friend. She immediately takes it in her mouth. We forgot the old geezer is even there and just fuck non stop. She cums over and over. I cum twice. Once up her back and once on her tits. When we finally came back to reality she realizes this guy is now over by us behind the couch with his dick out. It’s surprisingly big. He drops his shirt on the back of the couch to cum on it and she grants him one last wish. She lets him jerk off to her tits. This gets me going again and I start jerking off right next to him and cum a third time at the same time he does. We covered her in cum. He lets her rinse it off in the shower and makes me promise to come back soon and winks and hands me a bunch of 100’s. On the way home she tells me she’s been wanting to fuxk for awhile after her BF told her about my pornstar cock. We become best friends with benefits and fuck all over the restaurant at night. We never went back to the guys house but it’s ok. We both got what we wanted.

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