Treasure in the attic by Casuallywritten

Eloise bounded up the stairs in excitement, today was the day she would finally get to explore the attic and see what her parents had been hiding from her all these years. Now that she was 18 her parents had decided she was old enough to look after the house for a few days alone while they visited some friends and family out in the countryside, leaving their daughter alone in their mansion. Growing up a single child in such an old and large house, Eloise had always loved exploring every corner and crevice that she could sneak into looking for hidden passageways or forgotten treasures of her historical family home. But always she was blocked from entering the attic, always she had been told that she was not allowed up there. Of course that had only spiked her interest in her house’s secrets, and she had sworn long ago that when the opportunity first arrived she would venture up into the attic to uncover its mysteries.

The entrance was hidden in the in wardrobe of her parents room, a latched staircase that could be pulled down from the ceiling. Eloise reached up and pulled the cord down to unleash the ladder, disturbing long settled dust and sneezing as some landed on her. It was obvious that even her parents had not been up there for years.

With careful steps she climbed the ladder entering the dimly lit and stuffy room. It was quite spacious with a high ceiling, where little streaks of light cut through the darkness from gaps in the roofing. The first thing she noticed was all the junk piled up all around the room, big piles of old furniture, mixed with boxes and crates long forgotten by her ancestors who had stored them. Walking through the throng of items Eloise couldn’t see anything that would amount to her parents objections to her exploration, just old junk and dust and roofing insulation. That was until she came upon a sheeted object, it was tall and long and separate from everything else almost as if her ancestors had avoided it on purpose. In one smooth motion Eloise pulled the sheet off of the object. Revealing a wooden bench, ending with a tall wooden frame. Eloise looked at it for a second not quite comprehending what she was looking at, until she saw the dully gleaming steal at the top of the frame. She was looking at an old guillotine, one that had not seen use in many years but still looked as sturdy and deadly as it had ever been.

Eloise’s legs quivered as she stood in front of the guillotine trying to reason out why this was hidden in her attic, ‘Who had it belonged to? How long had it been up here? When was the last time it was used?’ That last thought stayed in her mind, as she couldn’t help but imagine what it must have been like for the last unfortunate soul who had been strapped down for their execution. In her mind Eloise imagined herself as a captured princess, brought down from her place of riches and power, to be executed in front of the common folk. Dragged onto a podium where she would be humiliated and stripped by her executioner, maybe he would even take liberties with her to entertain the crowd, giving them a show before sating their lust for blood. The fantasy of being publicly humiliated and executed for thing more than a crowd’s entertainment slowly developed in Eloise’s mind, making her blood run faster and her crotch feel warm and wet with excitement.

She barely thought about it as she felt her hand entering her skirt brushing the soft mound of hair above her crotch, her fingers pushing into her panties feeling the dampness between her lips. She ran her other hand along the bench, feeling the grain of the wood against her skin sent a shiver down her spine. Inspecting the guillotine further Eloise took in every detail of it the dull gleam of the blade, the stocks built into the frame for the victims head, the darker wood around it where it must of been stained by past use, and the rope attached along the side of the frame obviously the release mechanism still set up by whoever had left it here, ready to drop at a pull of the rope.

Filled with excitement and her overactive imagination, Eloise knew she had to at least lie on it, to feel the cold wood on her naked skin, to see the view from under the blade, finding the very idea thrilling to her core despite how bad of an idea she knew it was. Reluctantly she removed her hand from her panties and noticing a large mirror off to the side she decided that she would most definitely want a view of herself. After 10 minutes and a quick dusting she had set up and cleaned off the mirror leaning it on some of the junk so that she could get a good view of herself on the guillotines bench.

Eloise took a deep breath trying to steady her hands, which were trembling with excitement. She began undressing, tossing her clothes in a pile on the floor noting how damp her panties were as she slid them off. She admired her slim figure in the mirror, her small but firm breasts, hidden slightly behind her long brunette hair, her firm shapely ass probably her best asset. Her imagination ran wild as she wondered how she would look on a stage in a town square, surrounded by jeering peasants and manhandled against her will to step up to the deadly machine. She sat down on the hard wood of the guillotine, the feeling of the cold solid wood only exiting her more. Abandoning any doubt left in her mind she lent back so that her head fit into the lower frame of the stocks forcing her to look up at the blade above her. She could almost hear the cheers and roar of her imaginary crowd, as she reached up to pull down the upper section of the stocks, tightly fitting around her neck and making it difficult for her to turn her head away from the blade resting above her. She already felt on the edge of orgasm after barely even touching herself, the feeling of the hard wood clamped around her throat causing her wetness to seep from her pussy dripping down between her ass cheeks.

Stretching to turn her head to look at the mirror Eloise was not disappointed in her view, she looked so tiny compared to the large frame of the guillotine her head poking out of the stocks, her long hair falling behind her to the floor, with her slim body resting on the table slightly quivering in anticipation making her small breasts jiggle. Tentatively she reached down to cup her breast, twisting and pinching her hard nipple, as her other hand reached lower feeling and stroking her slick womanhood. She fell back into her fantasy imagining how humiliating and perverse it would be to get off like this in front of a crowd. How they would jeer and yell at her, calling her a whore and a slut, maybe even throw stones or rotten fruit. How her executioner would take advantage of her, and fuck her roughly with the trigger rope in hand waiting to pull the cord that would end her life. Her fingers slipping into her vulnerable lips with ease, slick with her arousal she began fucking self as hard as she could timing her rough movements to the rhythm in her head. Almost subconsciously she reached up with her other hand to the rope by the side of the frame, holding it tightly as she slipped another finger into her cunt, stretching her opening almost painfully as she continued to fuck herself harder and faster. She looked over at the mirror seeing herself desperate to orgasm, so helpless and vulnerable. She couldn’t help but be turned on by the thrill of holding her life in her hands how easy it would be to pull the cord. A heat rising deep inside of her told her she was close, her fingers working harder and faster than she had ever before. Her toes curled, her muscles clenched and her back arched as she cried out in pleasure, her body spasming beyond her control as she writhed in orgasmic bliss. Her hand holding the rope clenched tight and jolted out as she shook in pleasure.


A split second of fear and horror crested her mind as she realized what she had just done.

The old blade dropped down before Eloise could react, her hand still buried deep in her dripping pussy. Her body still in the fits of her orgasm began shaking even more violently as the blade separated her head from her shoulders. Her head fell to the floor in a spray of blood, her body struggling and twisting as her bladder gave way. Dark yellow urine seeping out and dripping over her hand still caught in her cunt, pooling on the floor and mixing with her blood. In the sparse few seconds before her brain died of blood loss Eloise could only feel humiliated and embarrassed at what she had just done, at how pathetic her body looked as it twisted and pissed itself, her parents would come home eventually and wonder what had become of her, in a way she was glad she wouldn’t be around to see how they reacted to their daughter literally orgasming herself to death. Her body took several seconds to finish its squirming, finally coming to rest as her bodily fluids continued to drip from her, adding her mark to the stains on the guillotine.

When her parents finally did come home it was a few hours before they eventually went to look for Eloise, not even thinking to check the hatch hidden in their wardrobe. When they saw their daughter on the guillotine, her head in a pool of blood, and urine, her hand still stuck between her legs, her fingers deep in her cunt. They were shocked beyond belief, they hadn’t even known such a contraption was stored up in the attic. They had only told her not to go up there because of the risk of asbestos.

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