Topping Off A Great Night Out [MM][MMM][public restroom]

Ever have a friend who is a lot of fun, but unreliable?

That’s Jake. Tonight we went out for a night of bar hopping, got about four beers in, and then somehow he ended up ditching me. This happens a lot. It’s not like he does it on purpose, just that when he’s drinking he gets ideas in his head like “Hey that girl outside is hot!” or “Weren’t we going to the bar next door?” And then poof, gone in a puff of smoke.

I put up with it because he’s hot. Now, if he heard me saying that, he’d probably freak out. As far as he knows we’re just a couple of straight dudes drunkenly chasing chicks. But I have to admit, it’s an added bonus that he has amazing dark hair, deep eyes you can get lost in, and plump lips I can just imagine wrapping themselves around my…

Anyway. We don’t do that.

Usually I run into him at another bar in a half hour, but tonight he’s just gone. Oh well. I’ll probably have better luck picking up a girl without his loud drunken ass hanging off my shoulder anyway.

So what the hell, I got a good buzz on and I’m not going to let it get me down. Downtown where I live is full of great drinking spots, and my favorite is a few blocks over. I’ll take a quick shortcut through the park and pull up a barstool, see what it brings me.

About half way through the park I notice the public restrooms and then \*bam\*, it suddenly hits me: I’ve gotta \*go\*! I laugh a little to myself as I stumble over to the men’s room. How long have I had to go and my stupid drunk ass never even noticed?

My belt is undone before I’m through the door and my fly is down well before I’m at the urinals. I slap my left hand up on the wall to support myself while my right fishes out my cock and I let out a long, satisfying stream. Damn. Sometimes the relief better than sex. Almost.

I finish up and get myself over to the sink. As I’m washing up I check myself out in the mirror. Sandy locks still looking sweet around my sharp cheekbones, blue eyes not too bloodshot… Yeah. I’m ready for action.

Movement in the mirror catches my attention. The stalls over my shoulder are busted open for the most part, and in one of the ones missing a door entirely someone is standing with his back to me, facing the toilet. I might not have even noticed him at all except that his arm is…

Oh my god. He’s jerking off.

I turn around and lean back against the edge of the sink. The guy is about average height, his head a fair bit below the top of the graffiti-covered stall. The lighting in there isn’t great but his hair looks brownish, or maybe black? Anyway that’s not the main thing. The main thing is that he clearly works out.

I know this because his pants are around his ankles revealing toned, tanned legs and one of the best asses I have ever seen in my life. The muscles in that ass are clenched tight, and I can hear him breathing heavily as he works his shaft.

Before I realize I’ve done it, my pants are unbuttoned again and I’m stroking my stiffening cock. Holy shit. This is dangerous, but I can’t help it. Something about walking in on a stranger stroking his cock is turning me on like nothing in my life ever has. I’m rock hard in seconds, and when he adjusts his stance and I can see the shadow of his balls bouncing between his legs I let out a slight wimper.

He turns around, startled, kind of leaning over as if to cover himself from embarrassment. Well, fuck it, he sees me staring at him with my cock out. Time to make a decision: run for it or double down.

I decide to take a chance.

Staring him straight in the eyes I smile, slowly continuing to stroke my shaft, giving him a good look. As his eyes drop down to stare at what I’m doing I say: “Hey man, don’t let me interrupt.”

He licks his lips nervously before saying: “Uh… Ya… You want some help with that?”

Fuckin don’t have to ask me twice.

I move into the stall with him, leaning up with my back against the side and putting one foot up on the edge of the toilet. His shoulder and arms are like iron under my fingers – this guy really is ripped! I guide his hand to my cock. He smiles and grabs it, right away starting to pump. Before I can grab between his legs he’s getting down on his knees and wastes no time wrapping his lips around my hardness.

And goddamn can this boy ever suck cock! The heat and wetness feel incredible, and he’s bobbing his head so quickly and deeply around me that I have to wrap my fingers through his greasy hair just to keep stable. If I hadn’t been drinking I’m positive I would have cum in seconds the way this wildman is working my shaft!

I’m not usually all that vocal but before I know it I’m bucking into this guy’s face and moaning like a bitch in heat. Crazy shit is coming out of my mouth like: “Oh ya, suck it slut, suck it you faggot slut cunt bitch whore! Oh fuck! Fuck me with your mouth! Fuck!”

He stands up and puts a finger to my lips. “I want you to fuck my ass right here, right now,” he says.

“Fuck ya.” I say.

“But you have to quiet down man. Come on, we don’t know who might be walking by.”

Right. Okay. I nod in agreement. I’ll be good. Just give me that muscular ass.

He turns around and starts rubbing spit into his asshole. I don’t know a lot about anal sex but I’ve heard you’ve gotta loosen up, so I give him a minute to prepare while I massage the rest of his ass. This guy is so toned and tight I start to worry what’ll happen to me if he clenches.

He grunts as he pumps a couple of fingers in and out, and then reaches back to grab my cock. He guides it to his opening and I thrust forward. Holy shit he’s tight! I start easing in and out of him, enjoying the molten heat of his asshole, stabilizing myself on his solid hips. Gradually we start to get into a rhythm as he bucks back at me, and my cock starts pumping in and out of him.

At first I’m just listening to our breathing echoing through the bathroom, but soon I’m just lost in how amazing this feels. Yes, his ass is amazing, and he’s bucking against my cock just right, but it’s so much hotter because he’s a complete stranger. His fingers are splayed against the far side of this stall countless other men have used over the years and will use again in the future. We’re fucking in a public space and it’s one of the best fucks of my entire life.

He grunts, and I notice we’re both sweating now. I run my hand around his hips and fondle his cock, savoring the heat of it, the forbidden beautiful hardness of it. He’s dripping pre-cum like crazy and part of me worries we’ll slip in it if this goes on too long.

“Holy shit that’s hot,” I hear Jake say.

We freeze. I look over to my right and see Jake standing there, those gorgeous eyes locked on us while he bites his plump lower lip. He’s rubbing himself absent-mindedly through his jeans.

Okay. So now I know that about him.

I start to pump into the stranger’s ass and mutter: “Jake buddy, lock the bathroom door will ya?”

He nods and disappears for a bit. We find our rhythm again, and when Jake reappears my fuck buddy looks at him and bucks back at me with renewed speed. We’re performing for him now.

Jake’s bulge is huge and he’s rubbing at it, but hasn’t taken the step of pulling his cock out.

“Hey, it’s okay if you want to jerk off man,” I say.



That’s all he needs to hear. He unbuckles his belt and his pants hit the floor along with his boxers. He steps right out of them and sits on the edge of the sink a little so he can spread his knees apart, giving us a view of a nice big circumcised cock surrounded by black hair. He starts stroking it furiously, and I can tell that he’s determined to cum as soon as possible. My own cock is drooling pre-cum, and it’s only a matter of time before I bust.

But I don’t want to unless I can take things to the next level with Jake. I might never get this opportunity again, and if I can get him to take another step then maybe we can fool around again later instead of this being a one-time thing.

“Hey, buddy, uh… Want a hand with that?” I ask between gasps for air.

“With what?” he asks. Damn, he’s my bud but he’s an idiot sometimes.

“Just come here.”

He stumbles over to the stall and I reach over with my right hand to grab his hard-on. “Whoa!” Jake exclaims, as if somehow he didn’t expect me to do that. I start jerking him, but it’s awkward in this position when I’m trying to fuck at the same time.

Luckily, Jake comes up with the answer. “Dude would you suck it?”

That’s all it takes. I feel a tension pass through me and bam, I am cumming and slamming into that muscular ass with all the strength I’ve got in me, babbling: “Yes, yes, oh fuck yes, oh god I’m cumming, yes, fuck Jake don’t go anywhere, fuck, I’ll suck you in a sec, oh god…”

After what felt like a good solid minute of pumping cum, I let my cock slip out of my partner’s ass and stumble out of the stall. He sits down on the toilet and grabs some paper to wipe himself with. I’m still gasping for air when Jake says: “So are you gonna?”

Gonna what? Oh… Right… Well…

And then I see those gorgeous eyes of his, and those incredible lips, and I look down at that big beautiful cock and think: “What the fuck am I doing? I’ve got to get on my knees right the fuck now!”

The dirty bathroom floor is rough and cold on my knees but I don’t care. All I care about is the taste of cock, of sliding my tongue and lips around Jake’s shaft, of pumping him with my hands and fondling his balls as I work him as fast and hard as I can. The blowjob I just got serves as a lesson for how to be a good cock whore, and I give it everything I’ve got. The feeling of his hard smooth rod sliding between my lips, through my mouth, and down my throat are incredible. He smells amazing. He tastes amazing. And when his balls tense up and I feel his hands start pressing on my head, I don’t resist. Cum starts to pump into my mouth and I am loving it, gulping down every single shot and licking the tip to make sure I don’t miss any.

Jake’s legs are shaking when he’s done. “Holy fuck dude. That was… Amazing…”

I smile up at him and turn to see the stranger in the stall finally cumming, this time facing us while jerking himself off, his shots joining the mess we’ve left on the floor in the stall.

Never did see that stranger again, but I did see a hell of a lot more of Jake after that.


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