Today Was A Good Day

My wife of 20 years (44) and I (46) lead a busy hectic life with demanding careers, kids, and all their sports activities. The spontaneity of our sex life is a challenge.

This morning I woke up early to take the kids to their swim meet. I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom when my wife came in to take a shower. She either noticed the morning wood visible through my briefs or was missing me from my business trip I had taken during the week. She started off by rubbing her hands along my sides and pressing her lips against my back. She quickly turned me around, removed my underwear, and went to her knees. I enjoyed every second that she was licking my shaft from top to bottom. After several minutes of bobbing up and down on my cock she came up for air and I led her to the edge of the bathtub.

We were both standing, with me behind her. She placed one foot on the edge of the bathtub and slightly bent over to allow me to easily slide into her neatly trimmed pussy. The combination of lingering saliva and her dripping pussy allowed me to bury my cock deep inside her. I started slowly moving in and out. I reached around from behind and gently rubbed her clit as I increased the tempo. She was looking back at me biting her lip trying to hold her moans in so that she wouldn’t alert anyone in the house that their dad was destroying their moms pussy. I could feel her clenching on my cock and her leg twitch as she orgasmed hard.

Amazingly I was able to not blow my load. My wife suggested we relocate to the vanity counter because her leg was fatigued from our exertions. I sat her up on the counter and entered her drenched pussy. In this position, I was able to passionately kiss her and also easily slide in and out. It felt so amazing for both of us. I wasn’t going to last much longer.

My wife prefers that I don’t cum inside her. My plan was to pullout and cum on her stomach and breast. I was so worked up I instead pulled out and shot an absolute rope, missing her body entirely and hitting the mirror behind her. She quickly hopped off the counter licked my dripping cock clean and proceeded with her shower. I spent the next ten minutes cleaning up the mess we made.

All in all, it was a great start to the weekend. Hope you all enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed the experience!

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