Tinder hookup is a machine

*Don’t come at me for my English, not my first language*

While I was on holiday with friends in Europe, I decided it would be a great idea to re-install Tinder. I had been swiping and fucking a lot before I arrived in Italy. I spent 3 days in Rome and on my 2nd night there, I finally worked up the courage to go and taste some Italian cock. So, I get to swiping & match with this guy I wouldn’t usually go with. We were vibing & that did it for me, + he could speak English haha.

So, we meet up after a night out and I head back to his apartment with him. We arrive into his house, start foreplay all of that jazz. He had an average size cock, maybe 6 inches. That’s fine with me. Anywho, we get to fucking for a bit, he quickly pulls out and cums on tissues. As soon as he is finished cleaning himself, he rolls me over onto my stomach & starts going again. I am impressed that he’s just finished and has another round in him (well, so I thought). We fuck like there’s no tomorrow & once he’s done, he cums on the tissues again.

This guy is an absolute machine! After the second clean up, he lays on his back & he slides his cock in me & I start riding him like my life depended on it. By this time, my pussy was starting to throb, from these 10/15 minute fuck sessions, don’t get me wrong, I was grateful for being dicked down like that. He finally finished & repeated the process. When he asked me to get on all fours, I asked him for a quick break because I needed it. About 5 minutes pass, and I start sucking him off, a bit longer than expected I don’t mind because I love giving head & my pussy needed a breather.

Once I was rested, I climbed on top of him & took charge for a little bit until he told me to get into doggy & face his wall length mirror, so that I was able to watch him fuck me from behind. That was the most sexiest thing I have ever taken part of. That got me off so good, I came 3 times in that one position while he took me how he liked. He owned me at that point and I was absolutely fine with it. Once he finished, he cleaned himself up & he looked at me like he was ready for another, but I didn’t have it in myself to keep going & I said no. My pussy was throbbing from all that sex, my tits were tingling from all the nipple play, tit squeezing. My whole body was exhausted.

I stayed over at his house until the early morning, he started rubbing up on me & squeezed in another round before we left his apartment. He took me out for coffee & unfortunately it ended there because I had a tour in an hour & I still needed to get back to my accomodation, wash up & get ready for the day. I never messaged him for the unforgettable night. I am so in love with Italians now, and I am curious if all Italians fuck like that or if I had found a lucky duck!

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