Tinder fuck

So me , my girlfriend and mom went on a trip about 6 years ago to visit my sister in Nebraska, on our way home we stopped in Texas for a few days just to check things out, I got up one morning early like I always do and went out to the car in the hotel parking lot.
While sitting there I was going thru my tinder and matched with this older lady who was looking for a good time. I messaged her and we talked for a few minutes when she asked me to come over. Without hesitation I took off to go to her house cause I know I didn’t have much time.
Once getting to her house I walked in and she was standing there naked, I walked up to her and laid her down and began to eat her hairy pussy till she exploded with pleasure in my mouth, I then got up and she began giving me head till I was about to blow my load. I stopped her long enough to bend her over and fuck her from behind, she kept saying to not cum in her but it felt so good that I blew a huge load in her without regret. She then turned around and sucked her pussy and my cum off my cock as my eyes rolled in back of my head.
I pulled my pants up and told her to keep in touch so if she ever came to fl we could have more fun. She smiled and said she really enjoyed it and would love to meet again, unfortunately I have never heard from her since and was not caught by my girlfriend that night. Would love to find another luke that to play with again.

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