This wasn’t planned but I [F18] seduced my parents‘s friend [M51] (true story)

[Part 1] (This happened a few years ago. Of course names and some circumstances were changed)

“You’ll never understand me!” I screamed and stormed out of the house, slammed the door behind me, tears of anger in my eyes.
Blind with rage, I stumbled along the sidewalk in front of the house and almost fell, but suddenly, I felt strong arms holding me tight, preventing the fall.
„What happened, Mika?“
I looked up and saw Eric, my parents friend.
„I need to get out of here, I hate my parents, they…“
„Hold on, you’re shaking, come with me and tell me everything“ he said.
Together, we walked the short distance to his house; he doesn’t live far from my parents’ house. We entered his apartment; it felt familiar. I had been here several times with my parents.

„Do you want to drink something?“ he asked. „Give me something strong, I’ll need that now“ I answered.
„Well ok, I was referring to a coke, but you’re old enough“, he laughed.
„Yes that’s the point. I’m 18 years old which means I’m a grown up woman. And my parents won’t get it. They still think they can control and forbid me from going to a festival.“
I took the glasses that he brought in the meanwhile and helped myself and him with a shot of the whisky he brought.
I downed the drink, trying hard not to grimace.
I was already on my second drink, still complaining about how unfair my parents treated me.
„Why do they wanna forbid you from going there?“, he asked.
„Don’t know, they said something about that they don’t want me to be there drunk, acting like a slut.“
„That’s none of their business, as you said, you’re a grown up woman.“ He seemed startled.
„Exactly!“ I leaned back on his couch, my already short, tight top slipping slightly, revealing my navel. I didn’t notice until I followed his gaze, which clearly lingered on my body. He quickly looked away when he saw that I had noticed.

Suddenly, I saw him in a different light. This was Erik, my parents’ friend. Why had I never noticed before how attractive he was?
He’s just a little younger than my dad, but his piercing blue eyes make him look way younger.
Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe my anger at my parents. But I moved a little closer to him, my leg casually brushed against his.
He didn’t show any reaction but I noticed a slight twitch in his eyes; he had noticed.
Subtly I pulled down my low-cut top a bit, knowing that my breasts were almost falling out. I watched him from the corner of my eye; he couldn’t take his eyes off.
I placed my hand on his thigh. Was that a bulge in his pants? I could feel my panties get wet, my pussy clenching a little.

„Mika, we shouldn’t…“
I placed a finger on his lips. „We’re both grown-up’s, like you said“ I told him. Then, and I don’t know where I found the courage, I kissed him.
He pulled me closer to him, his hands found my boobs in a second. I placed my hand on the bulge in his pants. I could feel it hard beneath the fabric, he was bigger than I expected.
I felt… dirty. I was about to do something I shouldn’t. But it was the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. And I could feel my pussy dripping.
I looked into his eyes and also saw mixed emotions, his gaze carried a sense of guilt, but fuck.. I’ve never seen so much desire in a man’s eyes before.
I started to stroke his cock pressed against his left thigh through the fabric of his pants. It felt stony-hard.
His hands slid beneath my top, I wasn’t wearing a bra. He began to caress my breasts, his fingers found my nipples while breathing heavily into my ear. Then both of his hands gripped my ass.

When my gaze met his now, he seemed like a completely different person than the man I had known for so long. His piercing blue eyes looked dark.

„Oh my god“ he said „you are going to be such a good little slut for me, aren’t you?“
I gasped, all the air was out of my lungs.
At this point I couldn’t hold back. A little moan escaped my lips. I could feel my pussy dripping and clenching, aching to be filled.
„Answer me.“ he demanded.
„Yes“ I wispered breathlessly. „I’ll be a good little slut for you.”
“Such a good girl” he answered and I heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down…

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