This is my (35M) story how I lost my virginity

I don’t consider myself an ugly guy, I am more for the average probably a 6.5/10 maybe a 7/10 if I dress nicely. This together with my shyness and self-consciousness about my dick. I only lost my virginity at 22 (yes! I lost it late) already in the university (IT course, don’t know if is relevant).
I came from a middle/low-class family. And my main scope was to finish the university and start working for a big company to start making money. So… Losing my virginity wasn’t my top priority like in the school. Because of my shyness and because I was studying a lot during the first 2 years, I didn’t make a lot of friends. So in my third year, I started to go to parties, and I signed up for several sports. To try to make some friends and maybe find the love of my life (I was so naive…)
Fast-forward a few months, I was with some colleagues on the balneary, and I noticed that some of them were joking about me. My self-consciousness regarding my dick size hit me hard and I thought they are joking about my size (later I discovered that I was right). Basically, I dressed myself and went out the quickly as I could.
\*Quick side note: Guys don’t joke about this kind of stuff. You don’t know what the other is passing by, and it can trigger an unfortunate event\*
After 2 day weeks of this situation (I stopped showering with them), I went with a friend to this red party at a bar (basically you needed to take something red with you, or you couldn’t enter). We went inside and basically, we were just minding our lives. Drinking, chatting, and dancing (not with each other xD).
During the night I noticed this girl looking at my friend (only after a few hours did I know is to me, you can imagine my self-confidence was on the roof), so I told him about it, and I told me that I was wrong and she is looking at me and that he knew her, and she is a friend of one of the guys that were making fun of me. I lost interest on the spot. The night went by and around 2am, I was dancing already a bit “happy” and she came to me, and started dancing with me.
She told me that she thought I was cute, and I said that she was lying, she insisted and invited me to take a drink with her and her friends (they were 3) I told her that I was with my friend and she told me to both of us join them.
The night was very pleasant, my shyness disappeared completely since I was a bit drunk.
Around 4 or 5am, from the group it was only me and her. I asked her what she had on red, because I couldn’t see anything, she without saying anything, just moved to my side, and dropped a little her skirt, showing a bit of a red of her panties.
I said that looks like a very nice pair of panties but that I couldn’t say for real (alcohol talking for me). She looked at me, with a serious look, she grabbed my hand, got up, and finished the drink. She pulled me and I followed her.
I don’t know how we got there but we ended up in my room (I was in a university building, and I only had a room for myself all the other facilities were conjoined). She pushed me on my bed and she took off her top, revealing her red bra, and then she unzipped the skirt and when it dropped on the floor I could see her red lacy panties. She asked if I liked what I saw, and I could only nod.
After she got up on the bed and took my shirt off following my pants. (I am not gonna lie, being a virgin I was completely hard, completely hard I am 20 cm around 7.9 inches).
“I wasn’t expecting this,” she told me (something around those lines). I could only giggle.
She proceeds to take my boxers off, revealing my hard cock. She froze a moment with her mouth open.
After a few seconds she her mouth around my cock and suck me only 6 or 7 times, it was almost what I needed to cum in her mouth. Luckily for me, she stopped and told me that she wanted to fuck me. She Unbuttoned her bra revealing her boobs, they were not big but they were super perky, I felt my cock pulsing. Then she lay on the bed, and I didn’t let her take the panties off, I moved first and I took them off.
I always wanted to know what is the smell of a pussy and I started to lick her pussy. It can look weird but it comes to my mind in one of the movies “American Pie” where they say that making the alphabet with the tongue can make a woman crazy. So I started doing it, until I found the R letter, I felt her squirming so I kept doing it. I kept going for I don’t know how long. I only stopped when she pushed my head away and told me to fuck her. She reached into the purse and took off a condom. She told me to lay down on the bed. She put on the condom and before going on top of me, she kissed me, my cock twitched so hard.
She got on top, and my cock slid so easily, that’s how I knew she was so wet. Unfortunately, I didn’t take long, but neither she did. She told me she was coming and for me not to stop, I came first but I kept going since I was still hard, even hurting me I continued. Luckily she came very soon, I faked my orgasm for her to think we came together.
After that she moved aside, I took the condom out, and she made a good lick cleaning me.
We fell asleep right away.
In the morning I was the first to wake up, and I just stood there looking at her.
When she woke up, I asked if she wanted coffee, and I went to the kitchen (I just put on some pajama pants), and gave her a cup.
Before I had a chance to do anything she dropped my pants and reveal my soft dick (7 cm around 2.75 inches)
“Now I can understand…”
“What?” I asked
She didn’t respond and started to masturbate me. My dick grow up and she put her mouth around her. She sucked me until I came. She swallowed every drop.
After that, we finally drank the coffee.
“look not that I am complaining but… I am not used to this kind of attention from a girl… What made you talk to me?” I asked her.
She changed her expression and stayed silent for a few moments (for me it looked like hours).
“I will be completely sincere with you…”
Then she proceeds to explain everything. It looks like J (one of the guys on the balneary told her that my dick was very small and that he was telling to everyone, and basically she just wanted to check it. But after the previous night, she knows that the guy is completely wrong and that I have a very nice dick, and that I am a grower. I asked what was that, and she explained that is when a guy has a small dick when is soft but it became a very good size dick when is hard. I could only blush.
She said sorry but she didn’t regret meeting me. And she asked me to return to the training and when I was there to let her know when I went with the guys to the balneary. I didn’t understand but I agreed with her.
A few days after I went to the training and I noticed the same guys laughing. But I endured myself and after the training, I went to the balneary, I sent a message to F saying that I ended my training, she asked me if I was naked and I told her yes. Then she sent me a picture of her naked. All the memories came to my mind and I got. Almost instantly hard, that caught me unprepared and caught J too. I noticed the shock on his face.
I told her what happened and she told me that was her idea, and that now he wouldn’t joke about me again. In the end, she said that she hoped I liked what I saw. And I responded that she knew I liked it.
After this scene my last year was a funny one, I fucked her every time she wanted, and she told about my dick to some girls (mostly when she was drunk) which made them know my cock.

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