The World of Erasthay – The Son of Lust Chapter 4: Taming the Naughty Dragon-Mother by mypenname3000

The Son of Lust

Chapter Four: Taming the Naughty Dragon-Mother

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: This story was commissioned by Ultrasound 7 and has allowed me to share it with you. This may contain scenarios and acts that I normally wouldn’t write. There will be a strong sex slave/domination theme. I will keep this from violating any cannon established in the world and I developed the mythology that drives this story.

Kurtis – Coral Isle, Jyou Sea

My dragon mother seized me by the shoulders and ripped me out of Mother Sianili’s pussy. I gasped as my pissed off mother threw me back. I crashed into the bushes and struck a palm tree with a grunt. It swayed above me. A large frond fluttered down as she turned to face me.

Azuliana, perhaps the last dragon alive, glared at me with pure rage. Her eyes all but boiled with deep, sapphire fury. Her lips curled back, her fingers flexing. My cock was dripping juices from my mother’s mate, whom I had just dominated and tame.

“Better cock than mine!” my dragon mother snarled.

Everyone behind her was frozen. Frelia and Iliasa, my two sylph half-sisters, lifted their mouths from their bound mother’s form. Sianili whimpered, the older sylph dripping with my cum and bound with her hands over her head and her legs spread wide apart. Pyrriah and Lasla spilled apart from their sixty-nine. Pure fright gleamed on Lasla’s face, her lips gleaming.

Pyrriah stared at me with horror in her red eyes, her fiery hair rippling.

“You might be my son, but that’s my mate you’re trying to steal!” She advanced on me. “Did you think you could cuckold me, and I wouldn’t rip your head off because I birthed you?”

Fear hammered through my veins. I had heard stories of the destruction dragons could inflict. Dominari had famously burned a sixth of Zeutch, reducing three major cities and dozens of towns into ash. She had created her desolation in her fury. But my mother always seemed so kind and loving. Soft. I didn’t think I would have any problems taming her like I had Sianili.

And now I faced down her fury. Saw the mad rage in her golden eyes. My dragon-mother would kill me for getting Sianili to admit my cock fucked her the best. For utterly dominating her and stealing her lusts to me.

Heat rippled off my mother. It was always warm on the tropical island we lived on, but now the air broiled. The heat rippled off of my mother’s body. Steam rose from her skin. Her eyes. It snorted from her nostrils. The fibrous breast band and loincloth she wore smoldered. Caught alight, burning on her face.

My mother was about to broil me. She was half-naiad. A strange mix of fire and water. She didn’t breath flames, but that didn’t mean the steam that gushed from her mouth wouldn’t boil me alive. What could I do? How would I survive?

“You dare steal my mate, Kurtis!” She inhaled.

“Mother!” I shouted back at her. I had to reach through to her.

Her large tits swelled. The breast band burst off of her, falling burning to the ground at her feet. Pyrriah screamed out my name. Then she exhaled a burst of steam. Death rushed towards me.



“Kurtis!” I screamed.

I threw myself forward as my dragon mother inhaled. I couldn’t believe she would kill him. Kurtis and I had come from her womb. We were twins, her children fathered by Las. And now she would roast him alive.

I threw myself between them as the steam burst from Azuliana’s mouth. My dragon-mother’s fury rushed at me. It engulfed me in scalding fury. It should have killed me. It should have roasted my flesh, cooked me alive.

But it didn’t.

Instead, I burned. Fire burst from my body. The blaze erupted around me. Tongues of dancing flame spilled for my arms and shoulders. They rippled up my naked body and swallowed the steam that gushed from my mother’s breath.

She gasped at the sight of me burning with righteous need. I stood proud before my mighty brother. I had shielded him. Aided him. Now I would fight for him. Instincts rose up inside of me. Something primal and ancient.

Something that came from another father. A spiritual one.

“Grab her!” Kurtis shouted behind me.

“Gewin’s mighty cock!” I roared as I rushed at my mother, plowing through the last of her steam.

She snarled and fell into a stance. She punched out at me. I moved with instinct, blocking her first bunch then catching a kick that sprayed sand across my face. I gasped, the pain stinging across my eyes. I blinked back tears, half-blinded.

Kurtis rushed past me, unmindful of my flames. He seized Mother’s arm, stopping her punch from hitting me in the face. Mother snarled and pushed him off. I twisted her foot I still held. It spun her entire body. Her blue hair flew wild.

She landed on her side and then rolled over. With grace, she gained her feet and snarled as she threw a vicious blow at me. Kurtis lunged in from behind and body-slammed his shoulder into her back. Mother flew to the ground at my feet.

She snarled and swept around, her leg kicking for mine. I gasped as she knocked them out from beneath me. I landed hard on my backside. I groaned and lashed out with my legs. I wrapped my thighs around her head and pulled her face right down into my pussy.

She snarled and then steam burst around my vulva. I groaned as she bathed my cunt in this wonderful warmth. It jetted into my cunt’s depths. It filled me up, stimulating my twat. I shuddered and then humped my furred muff into my mother’s pussy.

My flames died down as I groaned in delight, pinning her mouth against my pussy. She shook her head, rubbing her face around against my cunt. Her lips smeared over it. I shuddered at the wonderful delight of her rubbing on me.

It was amazing.

“Hold her!” Kurtis snarled. “We can’t let her transform!”

He was behind our kneeling mother who fought to rip free of my thighs. But I held her tight. I felt this power coursing through me. I groaned at the warrior heat pumping through my veins. My hair glowed brightly about my head.

What was I?

Then Kurtis aimed his cock right at our mother’s ass. He pressed it into her butt-cheeks. I smiled at him, my pussy growing even hotter. I grabbed our mother’s hair, using my hands to keep her face pinned to my pussy along with my thighs’ grip.

“Fuck her ass,” Lasla cheered from behind. “Oh, my god, fuck her ass and tame her!”

“Yes,” Iliasa moaned. “If you force her, it’s not her fault. She’s as helpless as the rest of us.”

Kurtis’s blue eyes met mine. I shuddered at the sight of him. Then he winked at me and thrust.



Pyrriah was amazing.

I didn’t know how she’d done that, but it had been so awesome to see her transform and then take down our mother like that. Flames had blazed from her. That couldn’t have come from our dragon-mother. It had to be something else.

I pushed against my dragon-mother’s asshole. Iliasa and Lasla cheered me on. Pyrriah’s eyes met mine. I could see the joy in her as she held our mother’s face to her pussy. It was so hot. My dick throbbed against that taboo asshole.

I rammed my cock forward.

Lubed only by Mother Sianili’s pussy juices, I buggered my dragon-mother’s asshole. Her anal ring spread and spread apart. Then she groaned as my cock popped into her bowels. It was so amazing to experience her velvety grip as I slid into her anal sheath.

“Kurtis!” she snarled into Pyrriah’s pussy. Steam burst up around her head.

Pyrriah moaned.

“You are going to pay for this!”

“I doubt that, Mother,” I said and grinned at my twin sister.

Pyrriah’s hair kept growing bright red. She shuddered, humping her pussy against Mother’s face as my dick slid to the hilt in her asshole. I bottomed out in my mother’s bowels. It felt incredible to be in her. That wonderful, silky heat engulfed my dick. I reveled in it. I savored every last second of that tight ass being around me.

I drew back my cock. The heat surged through me. I shuddered and then slammed my dick back into my mother’s anal depths. The incestuous pleasure rushed up my cock and warmed my aching balls. I groaned out my pleasure as I fucked her asshole.

I pounded her hard.

I didn’t show my dragon-mother any mercy. She could take it. She almost killed me. I had to tame her. I had to make her cry out in ecstasy on my dick. Her bowels clenched around me. She growled into Pyrriah’s cunt.

“Kurtis!” she snarled, her hips bucking back to knock me out of her asshole. “I’m going to rip your head off.”

“Not after I make you cum, Mother!” I growled. I held on tight. I wouldn’t let anything pull me out of her asshole. “You’re going to be singing my praise. Just like Sianili does. You’re going to be my sluts together.”

“Oh, yes, yes, let’s do that, Azuliana!” Sianili moaned.

“You, sluts, lick up your mother’s pussy,” Lasla commanded behind her.

“Yes, Mistress Lasla,” Iliasa and Frelia purred.

“See, Mother Azuliana, they’re already Kurtis’s,” Lasla said. She knelt down beside me. She was practically my other twin sister. Her blue eyes blazed with her lust. Her tanned breasts jiggled as she squirmed beside me. “Fuck her hard, brother.”

I winked at her. “I’m going to tame her just like Thrak tamed Faoril.”

“Yes!” Pyrriah moaned, her round breasts heaving.

“You think your cock will defeat me?” demanded Azuliana, her bowels clenching about my dick.

My hands slid around and found her large breasts. I squeezed them as I drove my cock in and out of her tight bowels. I pounded her anal sheath, my heavy balls smacking into her taint. I grinned as I kneaded her lush mounds.

“Why not?” I demanded as I savored buggering my dragon-mother. “My father tamed your cunt.”

“He was a god!” she hissed.

“And?” I asked. “How long has it been since you’ve had a dick this good in you? Since him?”

“What other dick is there on the island!” she hissed.

Lasla shoved her hand down between mother’s thighs. “Ooh, she’s wet and hot. I bet she’s been thinking of our father’s cock for all these years. Wishing to have another taste. Aching to be fucked hard.”

“And now you get it, Mother!” Pyrriah moaned, her breasts jiggling. Glowing hair danced around her tossing head. “Ooh, isn’t Kurtis’s dick just the best in your asshole.”

“Isn’t it?” Sianili moaned. “I’ve been missing Las’s cock. I know you have, too. I love your clit-dick, Azuliana, I do, but your son… Matar’s big dick, your son is amazing. Enjoy him. Surrender to him. It’s amazing.”

“So amazing,” Frelia moaned, my eldest sister’s words sounding muffled.

Pyrriah shuddered, her glowing hair flowing about her face as she ground her cunt on our mother’s face. I rammed my dick to the hilt in her. I fucked my cock hard and fast into that juicy asshole. I reveled in every moment of it. In that wonderful heat surging around my cock. It was incredible to enjoy my mother’s passion. I shuddered, so eager to cum. To just explode in her bowels.

But I couldn’t.

Not until I had her.

I slammed hard into Mother’s asshole, fucking her hard as my fingers slid down to her nipples. I found those fat, hard nubs. I had suckled from them as a baby. I twisted them now. I played with them. Her anal sheath clenched down at me.

“Ooh, her cunt just got tight,” Lasla purred. “Mmm, she’s loving this.” Her other hand plunged between her own thighs to frig herself. “Yes, yes, yes, Kurtis! Ass-fuck her hard. Make her cum.”

“Make her explode!” Pyrriah panted as she squirmed on the ground, her round breasts jiggling. “Ooh, she’s moaning into my cunt. She loves it.”

“Do not!” she hissed.

“Then why are you going to cum on my dick?” I asked her, twisting her nubs. I tugged hard on them.

She gasped. Steam rose around my mother’s face again. Pyrriah moaned her delight.

“Yes, yes, yes, you’re going to explode on my dick, Mother, aren’t you?” I growled.

“Yes, cum on his cock, my sapphire!” Mother Sianili moaned. “Ooh, Frelia… Iliasa… What are you doing to my pussy?”

“Cleaning all of Kurtis’s cum out of you, Mother,” panted Iliasa. “It’s so good. You’re so good, Mother!”

“Yes,” Lasla moaned, trembling beside me.

I kept twisting my mother’s nipples and fucking her asshole harder. Faster. Her moans grew louder. Her head rubbed back and forth, grinding her lips on Pyrriah’s pussy. She gasped and moaned, her body trembling. Her breasts bounced and heaved even more.

The ache at the tip of my dick swelled. That powerful blast of cum that would explode out of me I shuddered, thrusting forward harder. Faster. My nuts smacked into her taint. I wanted to cum so badly. I had to erupt.

I fought my need. I twisted Mother’s nipples out of frustration. I growled through my teeth as I pounded her heavenly asshole. She squeezed her tight bowels down around me. Her hips wiggled. I could feel it. Her surrender swelled and swelled in her.

“Yes, yes, yes, your pussy is getting so hot, Mother Azuliana,” groaned Lasla. Her face twisted in delight. “Cum on his cock.”

“Yes!” gasped Pyrriah. “And lick my pussy. I need to cum, too, Mother!”

“Be mine, Mother!” I snarled. “Be my slut. My whore. My sexy mommy-slave. Join your mate. Your daughters. Surrender!”

A blast of steam burst around my mother’s face, rustling her sapphire hair. I slammed my dick to the hilt in her. As I drew back, her asshole spasmed. My eyes widened as I felt her bowels rippling around my cock.

I experienced the surrender of her flesh.

“No!” she moaned. “No, no, no! It feels so good! Kurtis!”

“Yes!” I snarled in triumph and slammed forward. I erupted into my mother’s asshole, her bowels writhing about me. Pleasure slammed into my mind. Stars burst across my vision. I had her. I had my dragon-mother.



Mother Azuliana’s pussy went wild around my fingers. Her orgasm surged through her. At the same time, her clit pulsed against the heal of my hand. I gasped in realization that her hermaphrodite-cock was about to sprout.

Kurtis couldn’t have that. He didn’t need the competition. He had to control when Mother Azuliana had a dick.

I ripped my hand free. Kurtis moaned, dumping his cum into his dragon-mother’s asshole, oblivious to what was about to happen. I had to do something. I had to keep her clit from sprouting into a dick.


A story I had heard about the demigoddesses known as angels, the daughters of Pater and Slata, popped into my head. They all wore chastity belts to keep their divine father from enjoying their pussies. Azuliana needed one for her clit.

In that moment, I pictured a celestial gold belt, made of the strongest material in the world, encircling Mother Azuliana’s waist. A solid band of metal she couldn’t remove. It had a flange thrusting down what would cover her clit with just a small cup. If she tried to grow her hermaphrodite-cock, it would swell into the small space, not above to grow larger than an inch.

I pictured it so clearly in my mind and…

Lusty power surged out of me. In a flash of pink shimmers, a gold belt appeared around my mother’s waist. I shiver of awe washed across me. I shoved my hand back down and felt what I had imagined, the little cup over her clit, leaving her pussy and asshole free to be fucked.

“What?” Mother Azuliana gasped. “Now, what is that over my clit.”

“Your cock cage!” I gasped, the words seeming to whisper out of my soul. “I made a sex toy.” I glanced at Kurtis, staring at him in such awe. “I can make sex toys, Kurtis.”



I stared at Lasla as the last of my cum pumped into my mother’s writhing asshole. “What?”

“I just thought of her chastity cock cage, and it appeared and…” She pointed at my chest. “That’s the key.”

I glanced down and there, dangling from a gold chain, was a slender key. Dainty. I blinked in shock as I stared at it. Then I glanced down at my mother. I pulled out of her asshole. Pyrriah’s thighs relaxed.

“No, no, no,” Mother Azuliana gasped. She rolled over, her fingers pulling at the gold flange thrusting down over her clit. The metal was too strong. “Let my clit grow. I need it.”

“You need it.” I smiled. “This?” I dangled the key before me.

“Yes!” she gasped and lunged for it.

I pulled it out of her reach but wasn’t fast enough. She seized it. Then her eyes widened. She screamed and released it.

Lasla had a big smile on her lips. “Only Kurtis can set you free.”

“But… but…” My mother stared at me with these wild eyes. All the rage had vanished. “How am I ever supposed to make love to Sianili again?”

“She has my cock, so she doesn’t need yours,” I said, smiling. “But, if you’re good, I’ll let you grow your dick and fuck her pussy. Or Iliasa’s or Frelia’s cunts.”

“Kurtis!” Rage reappeared in her expression. “I’m your mother. I can tear you apart. You think you can stand up to me in my dragon form.” Her flesh rippled. She began to expand and then contracted. Her eyes bulged in shock. She grabbed at the belt.

“Ooh, you can’t grow big with it on,” Lasla moaned. “Oh, that’s so hot. Let’s see… You need this, too.”

A gold collar made of chains appeared around her neck. It was connected to a matching leash, the end in my hand. Mother whimpered in shock as her hands shot to the chain of gold. She felt around it, looking for the clasp. For a break.

“It unlocks with the key,” said Lasla. “No changing. No transforming. You’re his.”

“His!” Mother glared at me. Then she drew in her breath.

“Tug on it, Kurtis,” Lasla said as fear rippled through me.

I yanked hard.

The chains choked off my mother’s breath attack. Her eyes bulged as the links dug into her flesh. Her entire body trembled. She shook her head, sapphire hair dancing. She grabbed at the chains, struggling to pull them from her throat.

I relaxed my pull.

She gasped for air.

“If you can’t be good, Mother, then you’re going to get treated like a bitch.”

She glowered at me.

“Mmm, yes,” moaned Pyrriah.

“You didn’t make Pyrriah cum,” I said. “Your daughter ground her pussy on your face, and you didn’t even lick her. What sort of terrible mother are you.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Sianili moaned. It sounded like she was cumming. “Frelia! Iliasa. You’re such amazing daughters.”

“This is wrong, Kurtis,” my dragon-mother said. She folded her arms beneath her large breasts.

“And you didn’t cum hard enough on my dick, Mother?” I asked. I shook it at her. “You didn’t milk this cock dry with your dirty ass. I’m still hard.”

She flushed and looked away.

“I bet you want more, don’t you?”

She didn’t answer

I yanked on the leash. She snapped her head up, coughing. “I bet you want my dick fucking you again, don’t you?”

She bit her lip, cheeks scarlet.

“Say it, Mother,” I said.

“Yes,” she muttered. “That’s what you want to hear, right? That I love your cock. That I want you to fuck me again. Well, I won’t beg for—”

I yanked on the chain. Her words choked off. I shook my head. “Mother, Mother, Mother, you are so stubborn. You’re going to beg for me to fuck your cunt because if you do, I’ll let your cock sprout and fuck Frelia in the ass.”

“Ooh, yes, yes, fuck me in the ass, Mother!” Frelia moaned.

Panic burst in my mother’s deep, sapphire eyes. She whimpered, glancing at Frelia.

I smiled.

“That’s right. When you’re a good mommy-slave, you get to fuck Frelia or Iliasa or even Sianili in the asshole. Not their pussies—I am trying to breed them—but you can ram into their assholes. You can get that pleasure from them. Don’t tell me you don’t want your daughters. They’re hot. Right, Iliasa.”

“We’re so hot, Mother!” my busty, older sister purred. “And if you want to fuck our asses, we’ll let you. We’re his slaves, too. Our brother is just too strong. You have to surrender.”

“Have to, my sapphire,” Sianili moaned. “We can serve him together. He made me cum so hard. And I know he did the same for you.”

Mother swallowed.

“Now,” I said. “I want you to turn around, lick Pyrriah’s pussy, and thrust your cunt out at me. I want you to wiggle your ass in invitation. Beg me to fuck your cunt by shaking that plump rump at me. I know you can do it, Mother. That will make me happy.” I pulled on the leash, not had enough to choke her. “Don’t make me punish you for being a bad mommy.”

She stared at me with defiance for a heartbeat longer, then she turned around, bent down in submission, and thrust her rump up at me. She presented her hairless cunt to me. My dirty dick throbbed as I stared at my mother’s twat.

This would be delicious.

Our mother pressed her face willingly between Pyrriah’s thighs this time. I watched in delight as our mother attacked my twin’s pussy. Pyrriah gasped, her red hair flaring brighter with her pleasure. She had saved my life today.

I stared at her, letting her feel my love.

Pyrriah winked at me and then shuddered. “Mother, yes! Eat my pussy! Ooh, you naughty dragoness. Get that tongue in me. Mmm, next time you eat me out, I’ll have all of Kurtis’s yummy cum for you to clean out.”

I smiled at that and fell to my knees behind my mother’s pussy. Here was the ultimate cunt to breed. It would be exciting knocking up my step-mother, my sylph-sisters, Lasla, and Pyrriah, but to impregnate the dragoness who birthed me…

Wouldn’t that be the ultimate delight?

The most depraved act I could commit. I hoped my father was proud of the lust I had embraced.

I pressed my dirty dick against my mother’s clean and juicy pussy. I pushed my cock right against her hot vulva. Her juices coated the tip. The sweet aroma of her juices filled my nose. She groaned into Pyrriah’s cunt.

“Yeah, you can feel your son’s dirty dick on your cunt,” I growled. “That’s fresh from your ass.” I pressed it right to the entrance of her cunt. “Now push back. Work your pussy down my cock. Swallow me, Mommy-slut!”

My dragon-mother’s butt-cheeks clenched. She growled into my twin’s pussy. Then Mother thrust her hips back. I groaned as her silky and soft pussy lips slid over my crown. The delight swept through my boy. That wonderful, delicious, and juicy cunt swallowed inch after inch of my dick. She took more and more of me into her.

I groaned, my balls tightening. This wonderful pleasure swelled down my cock. Her pussy felt amazing, but she was taking too long. I gripped my hips and pumped away at her. I thrust hard into her snatch.

I rammed to the hilt in my mother’s pussy.

“Gods, yes!” I moaned.

Mother gasped into my twin’s pussy. I groaned at that hot cunt squeezing around my dirty dick. I pulled back my cock. I slid out of her, loving her squeezing about me. It was incredible to enjoy. The heat was delicious. My nuts drank it in. Then I buried back into her. I plowed hard and fast into her pussy.

My balls smacked into her shaved flesh. She moaned, her blue hair swaying as she rubbed her face into my twin’s pussy. Pyrriah moaned. She gasped. Her entire body trembled. She bit her lips and squirmed on the ground. Her eyes fluttered.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. “Mother! Mother!”

“Make her cum, Mother!” I growled, gripping her hips as I pounded her with my dirty dick. “And then cum on my cock. Polish my dick clean of your ass, Mother.”

“Yes, Kurtis!” she moaned.

I grabbed her chain and yanked hard. I ripped her head up from Pyrriah’s cunt. “That’s master now, slut!”

Her pussy clenched around my dick. “Yes, Master!”

She buried her head back down into my sister’s pussy and feasted. Pyrriah gasped. It was obvious that our mother ate out Pyrriah with even more fervor now. Saying the M word had triggered something in my dragon-mother.

I had utterly tamed her.

This wonderful heat rushed through me. I fucked away at her hard. Fast. I plowed with hard strokes into my mother’s pussy, her cunt buffing my dick clean. My balls grew tight with my load of cum. I would fire so much seed into her.

I would breed my mother.

“Las’s mighty cock!” I cried out. “Yes, yes, yes! That’s it! Fuck!”

I plowed into her. I fucked her hard and fast. I buried to the hilt in my mother’s cunt. Her butt-cheeks clenched. My cum bubbled out of her asshole, matting her crack. I rammed my dick hard and fast into my mother’s cunt. I fucked her with passion. With unrestrained vigor.

I groaned, loving this pleasure.

“That’s it, Mother!” I growled. “That’s fucking it. Take it. Take that big dick. That’s your son’s cock reaming you. You’re going to cum on it, aren’t you?”

“Yes!” she squealed, her pussy clenching down on me. It was incredible to feel. She would explode on my dick.

I buried hard. Fast. I slammed to the hilt in her again and again. I plunged into her juicy twat with passion. I loved every second of her cunt writhing about my dick. The pleasure surged through my body and down my cock.

The ache reached that breaking point, but I held back. My mother had to make Pyrriah cum first. I needed to feel my mother’s twat surrendering to my dick with her orgasm. So I fought it back. I controlled myself the way a man did.

The way Thrak did.

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Pyrriah. “Las’s big dick! Mother! Mother!”

“Cum on her face!” I groaned.

“I’m almost there!” she moaned while our sisters and step-mother gasped behind us. “Yes!”

Pyrriah bucked. Her tits heaved. Her red hair flared brighter still, fiery lights dancing around the area. My mother’s pussy clamped down on my cock as she feasted on her daughter’s cunt juices. It was so wild.

“Mother!” Pyrriah gasped.

“My sweet daughter!” groaned my mother. “And my big, strong, dominating son! Yes!”

Mother’s pussy went wild about my dick.

I groaned as that incestuous sheath writhed around me. That wonderful, amazing heaven of flesh rippled with hunger around me. Spasmed with the passion of my mother’s orgasm. Her hot cunt sucked at me. Her pussy worked at my dick.

I pumped away at her, that orgasming flesh buffing my cock clean. I loved every second of it. I savored every last moment of thrusting into her convulsing flesh. It was just the best. I groaned, this amazing twat sucked at my dick. My mother’s cunt wanted my cum.

“Las’s mighty cock!” I howled.

“Cum in me, Master!” Mother gasped. “Please!”

“Flood her!” Lasla moaned from behind me. “Breed your mother!”

“Yes!” I snarled and buried in my mother’s cunt.

I erupted.

My cum fired hot into her writhing flesh. I threw back my head as I pumped my cum over and over into her twat. I flooded her again and again. The pleasure rushed through my mind. My balls unloaded every spurt of cum I had.

I swayed there, holding her hips tight as I fired my spunk into her depths. It was incredible to experience. I groaned, loving every moment of this heady rush. My balls emptied my seed into my mother’s fertile womb.

“Gods damn!” I growled as her pussy sucked out the last of my cum. “Mother!”

“My dominating son!” she moaned. Her head lifted, her collar jingling around her throat. “You filled me.”

“Hopefully bred you,” I said. “You want that, don’t you? To carry another child. To have your son’s seed quicken in your womb.”

“Yes, Master,” she moaned, her eyes so wide.

I grinned and ripped out of her cunt. “Go untie your wife. Then I want you both over here sucking on my dick.”

“Yes, Master,” moaned Mother.

She crawled to where Sianili lay bound. Lasla was shuddering as she came on Iliasa’s mouth. My sexy, black-haired sister grinned at me, her blue eyes bright and hungry. She shuddered and then rose from her feet.

“You were amazing, brother,” she said and threw her arms around me.

She kissed me with passion. I savored the feel of her lips on mine. I grabbed her ass, kneading her rump while my dick throbbed and ached against her stomach. Her tongue thrust into my mouth. She danced it around in me.

Then she broke it. “Enjoy.”

“You, too.”

She grinned. “I can make sex toys.”

“Have fun with that,” I told her. “I can dominate women.”

“Yes, you can. Have fun with that.” Lasla rubbed her nose against mine. Then she headed over to Pyrriah.

I watched as my mother untied her wife. Sianili was staring at me with hungry eyes. Her slender body twitched. The knots came undone, freeing her legs and then her wrists. She sat up, red marks left behind from the rope. She rubbed at them all while staring at his cock with desire.

“It’s the best dick, isn’t it?” purred Sianili.

“Yes, it is, my windy wisp,” Mother cooed.

She kissed her wife. Their lips met. Their tongues danced. I loved the sight of them kissing. It made my dick so hard as I stood over them. The pair of them were loving each other. It was a beautiful sight.

My two Mommy-slaves kissing.

“What do you want Iliasa and I to do, Master?” Frelia asked.

“I’m sure our sisters will find something to do with you two,” I said.

“Yes, yes, get over here!” Lasla gasped.

“Yes, Mistress Lasla,” my older sylph-sisters said in near unison.

They hurried past me while my mothers broke their kiss and crawled to me. They were both so sexy, Sianili with her white hair and yellow eyes, Azuliana with her deep-blue eyes and sapphire hair. I groaned as they grabbed my cock.

Their hands stroked up and down me while they licked their lips. Then they leaned in and kissed at the sides. I groaned as their tongues danced around my crown. They caressed me. They teased me. This heat rushed through me. My cock throbbed and ached.

Then they were both kissing at my aching crown. They sucked on my cock. Their dicks fluttered around my shaft. The caressed me. Nursed on me. It was amazing to feel. I groaned, loving every last lick and lap at my dick. It was amazing to experience.

They bathed my cock with their tongues, and then Mother Sianili groaned, “Las had us do this to his dick.”

“Mmm, you’re so much like him, Master,” Mother groaned. “Just as sexy and commanding.”


Their lips kissed at my cock again, cleaning up my mother’s sweet juices on me. Their tongues bathed me. They swept around me, brushing the crown. My balls tightened from the excitement of this moment.

My heart raced from the pleasure they sent shooting down my dick. Their lips brushed as they loved my crown. Their tongues caressed as they worshiped me. It was so incredible. I shuddered at their touch sweeping over my dick.

Then my dragon-mother engulfed my dick with her hot and delicious mouth.

“That’s it, my sapphire,” moaned Mother Sianili. “Suck on your son’s cock. Mmm, yes, yes, you can be such a slut. I love it. Love you.”

“Gods damn, she’s sucking my dick with hunger,” I groaned.

“I’ve shown her how a cock should be worshiped, Master.”

I grinned at the sylph. “I bet you have. But you don’t get to suck her cock any longer unless I say so.”

“Yes, Master.”

My dragon-mother kept sucking the entire time. She bobbed her mouth, working her lips down my shaft before she sucked back up it. I groaned, loving every moment of that delight. My dick ached and throbbed in her mouth.

This heat rushed through me. My dick twitched and throbbed as she bobbed her mouth. She sucked with hunger. My balls ached. Mother Sianili stroked my cock and watched with hunger, her white hair dancing in a breeze that touched only her.

Then my dragon mother ripped off her mouth. “Show my son your skill!”

“Yes!” Mother Sianili moaned.

She engulfed my cock.


My eyes bulged at the pressure that my step-mother created. The sylph’s suction was unreal. She created a vacuum in her mouth. My dick twitched and throbbed. My crown ached. My nuts swayed as I savored the pleasure.

My hands balled into fists. I growled out my pleasure as I reveled in the thrill of this amazing, sucking mouth. My dragon-mother cupped my balls. She lightly kneaded them, adding a drip of spice to the wonderful pleasure that the sylph gave me.

“Las’s big dick!” I cursed. “Mother Sianili! You’re a cock-sucking slut.”

“Isn’t she?” my mother moaned. “Ooh, she always makes my pussy clench so hard. Mmm, I’m going to be such a good mommy-slave so you’ll take off my cock cage and let her blow me. It’s amazing.”

“It is!”

Then Mother Sianili bobbed her head. She worked that hot and hungry mouth up and down my dick. The suction went lower and then it really pulled on me when she slid back. Her cheeks hollowed. Slurping sounds came from her mouth.

I grunted. Groaned. My balls twitched in my mother’s soft hands. She massaged me as her wife sucked on my cock with such force. It was incredible. I felt dizzy from the bliss that swept around me. I couldn’t take much more of this.

It wouldn’t be long before I was cumming.

Then Mother Sianili popped her lips off my dick. My dragon-mother’s warmer mouth engulfed my tip. I groaned at her, loving the contrast. She still sucked with hunger, but not with that power. Mother Sianili had a bright smile on her lips.

“Enjoy, Master?”

“You gods damn better believe I did,” I groaned, my dick twitching and throbbing in my mother’s mouth. “You’re amazing.”

She smiled at me.

My dragon-mother bathed my dick with her tongue. Her saliva soaked it. The heat melted down to my balls, warming up my jizz. I groaned, savoring that delight. She popped her mouth off and passed my dick back to Mother Sianili.

The heavenly suction returned. My eyes almost rolled back in my head. I groaned, my toes curling into the sandy soil. My chest rose and fell. My balls tightened. The ache swelled faster and faster, threatening to erupt.

Then the two beauties swapped again.

They passed me back and forth. I went from the warm ecstasy of my dragon-mother’s mouth to the sucking rapture of my step-mother’s. It was incredible. Every time I was about to cum, they passed me off, prolonging my pleasure for that much longer.

“You two are amazing Mommy-slaves!” I growled. “Oh, Gods damn, yes. I’m going to cum!”

“On our faces?” my dragon-mother asked with such eagerness. She stared up at me with her sapphire eyes gleaming.

“Yes!” I growled.

They switched cocks again. “Oh, yes, yes,” Mother Sianili panted, drool running down her chin, “cum on our faces. Jizz all over us.”

My orgasm swelled in my mother’s mouth. Her warmth soaked down to my balls. I couldn’t hold out any longer. She sucked hard as she slid her lips up my crown. As they caressed over my sensitive tip, it happened.

I erupted.

“Las’s mighty cock!”

I spurted my cum across the sexy mother’s faces. I basted the dragon and sylph’s gorgeous features with my cum. I marked them utterly as mine. They were tamed, just like they’re sylph-daughters. I shuddered, my balls emptying on their faces.

The pleasure slammed through my mind. It burst across my thoughts as I painted ropy lines of cum from my dragon-mother’s face to her wife’s. The creamy jizz ran across their features. I shuddered, my thoughts melting beneath the onslaught of rapture.

“Master!” Mother moaned and then thrust out her tongue.

My jizz landed there.

“Master! Master!” my step-mother whimpered as my cum splashed over her face. “We’re yours!”

“Yours!” roared my dragon-mother. The last dragon alive. And I had tamed her. Would breed her.

I smiled as I watched the cum dripping down their faces. I was truly Las’s son. This island was mine. I owned every pussy on it. I breathed in deeply as the two sexy slaves turned and began licking my cum off the other’s face.

They shared my jizz. They reveled in it. I owned them both. I grinned and savored the pleasure coursing through my veins.



“That’s so hot,” I said, my arm around Pyrriah’s waist. Hers around mine.

Our sylph sisters licked at our pussies. We had cum once on their mouths and then made them switch. I had Iliasa lapping at my cunt as I watched my mother turn and lick cum off Mother Azuliana’s features.

“Our brother is amazing,” Pyrriah said. She rested her head on my shoulder. “I love him so much. He’s going to do such great things. I can just feel it.”

“You did some great things,” I said. I glanced at her, questions rippling through my thoughts. “You burned like a torch.”

“I know. It felt right.” Pyrriah sighed. “Ooh, Frelia, just like that. That’s how you eat my cunt.”

I watched our mothers share our brother’s cum. Kurtis stood triumph over the two sexy mothers. His seed dripped from their faces. It was even more beautiful than I had imagined in all my wild fantasies.

My dreams were exceeded by the reality of watching their pink tongues trading white jizz back and forth. Kurtis turned and glanced at us. He had such a dominating look in his blue eyes. I shuddered at just how sexy my brother was.

The Son of Las would breed us all. I couldn’t wait to have his babies. Just the way our lusty father would want it.


Kurtis – Two Months Later

“They’re definitely pregnant,” Mother Sianili said while Pyrriah and Lasla were in the bushes. The indelicate sounds coming from them had been happening every morning for the last few days. “They’ve missed their monthlies twice now.”

“Wow,” I said, this awe bustling through me. I’d bred my two sisters. My twin and our honorary triplet. “That’s… Wow.”

Mother Sianili, her gold collar gleaming about her throat, hugged me tight. “Congratulations, Master.”

“Yeah,” I said. It felt surreal. Amazing but surreal. I had wanted this, but now the reality was here. I grinned. I wanted to breed all my women. My mothers and my sisters. And out there in the greater world, there were other women. Other daughters who’d descended from Las’s cum. All sorts of wicked, monstrous girls for me to breed.

Lasla emerged first. She wiped her mouth with a banana leaf and then grinned at me. “Your cock is firing virile seed. Got us both.”

“Yes,” Pyrriah said, sounding happy as she emerged, her red hair swaying about her stomach. “I—”

My dragon-mother rushed by us, her gold collar of chains and her chastity cock cage flashing in the morning sunlight. She threw herself into the bushes. The retching sound made us all wince. And then…

“Her, too,” Sianili said. “You bred your mother, Master.”

“And you?”

She shook her head. “Nor your sylph sisters. Not yet.”

“Yet,” I said, a big grin on my lips. I put my arm around Sianili. “Let’s say I pump that cum full of jizz.”

“Yes, Master,” the slender sylph smiled. My step-mother kissed me with hunger. I wouldn’t rest until I had bred every woman on this island.


Las, God of Lust – The Aquamarine Palace

Soon, my newest mermaid daughters would reach Kurtis. The Oracle of Sands had been right; the day would come when I would need a son.

A strong and virile son.

I closed my eyes, hearing Throwia approach to torment me once more. I didn’t mind. I had the key to my freedom out there. Kurtis would make me proud. Especially with his sisters.

Pyrriah was such a surprise. I only expected to have one daughter Lasla. It made me wonder what game Gewin’s bizarre daughter was up to by inserting herself in Kurtis’s life.

To be continued…

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