The Wife

So I’m a 49 yr old man and have been with my wife for 30 yrs now. We had our ups and downs but one place we didn’t was the bedroom. My wife is 42 yrs of age and we both loved sex. She was a redhead with 44 dd tits and a plump ass that just made me hard when I slapped it. Well we separated 2 yrs and I seen other women she seen other men but we still had our thing. I was sitting at home hanging out with a chick playing strip poker having drinks. I was only wearing my underwear and my friend was down to her bra shirt and underwear. Just then I head the door open and my wife walked in. She seen me and my friend half naked and said “Oh sorry” “I’ll go “. Then my friend said oh no you don’t have to go we will just get dressed. “Don’t get dressed on my account” the wife said. What are you guys up too. I don’t have the children and thought we could talk. No. Not tonight. Why I don’t care who your with. Just then my friend spoke up and said to wife have a drink with us . I didn’t know what to say. So I said nothing . I jumped up to go grab pants and they said what are you putting those on for. What. Let’s keep playing I guess your wife is ok with it. Uhhh . I looked down and seen I was getting a buldge that couldn’t nor be noticed wearing underwear. Well are we starting over. I looked over and both women were mixing drinks . My friend Pam says no. Jen my wife removed her top exposing her huge tits in a satin bra. Ahhh . Ya OK that’s fair. We all sat at table and started dealing the cards. I was in heaven. My friend dealt first and lost. Pam removed her shirt exposing her white lacey bra with even bigger tits then my wife. I won the next 2 hands . And we all were in our underwear. Well that was good game . Well we could go to the bedroom I said . Next thing i know im in bedroom fucking my wife and friend I couldnt fuck anymore. They both got up and had showers. When they came from bedroom both wore only a thong. We partied all weekend.

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