The Widower had Two Daughters by Mystic47

Was it wrong what I was thinking, what I felt when I was in my bed and the were lights out and I had nothing to do but think? During the day, when I’m in school or with friends or even cooking and keeping house, I never have these thoughts. Sometimes I look at a cute boy’s ass or the bulge in front and enjoy a quick fantasy but in the dark of my room, on the cushion of my pillow, completely different thoughts stampede through my mind.

I’m seventeen years old and since my mother passed away, I am the woman in the house. She’s been gone over a year now and I know it still hurts my dad because it still hurts me. I try to be like her because I don’t want my father to drown in a bottle of booze or something. Sometimes I hear him talking to her at night when he has problems to work out and I just want to yell at him that I’m here, I can listen, I can help; I would do anything to help.


I rolled over to look at my fifteen-year-old sister across the room and envied her sound sleep. I got up to go pee, the room was dark, the hall even darker when I stepped out. As I neared the bathroom, I saw a band of light staining the floor beneath the closed door and the sound of deep splashing, my father was peeing into the bowl. The toilet flushed signaling the end of his stance so I stood with my back to one side of the door and waited. He opened the door then walked by without seeing me. My heart lurched and I felt a tremor shiver through my thighs as I watched his back and ass walk away from me. I watched my naked father until he faded into the night then stumbled into the bathroom. I stripped my panties to my knees and sat but I couldn’t go, my body was shaking, my heart pounding and my mind was boiling with forbidden thoughts. The sight of my dad with no clothes only fortified the secret thoughts I was having in the late hours. I’d never had sex before but I knew what I was feeling was purely sexual, my body wanted a partner and that partner was my own father. I felt disgrace for my feelings crawl from the pit of my stomach then envelop me like a cloud of shame. I couldn’t empty my bladder so I sneaked back to bed, back to my insecurity and uncertainty.

I was cooking breakfast when my sister Clarice popped in looking refreshed from her long sleep. It was Saturday so we didn’t have to go to school, “What are you going to do today?” I asked her.

“Me and Emma are gonna make plans to set her mom up with dad.”

I stopped turning the bacon and looked at her, “What?”

She smiled up at me, “Emma and I think that her mom and our dad would be an awesome match. She’s totally hot, really nice, and dad is totally hot and available. We are trying to figure out how to get them together without dragging them face to face and saying ‘get it on’.

“Are you kidding me? You’re trying to replace mom?”

“No, not replace her, you know better than that, but the longer dad goes without someone like her around he gets more depressed, haven’t you noticed? Dad is falling apart and it scares me, Emma’s mom might be who he needs. Emma’s dad went to jail a long time ago and they got divorced because he cheated a bunch of people out of a lot of money and cheated on her a bunch of times. Emma say’s her mother hasn’t seen anybody in over two years. We think it’s time for her and dad to meet.”

I wasn’t mad at my sister, I wasn’t appalled at her motives, but what I felt shocked me. The cloud of shame from the night before closed over me again but this time it was jealously. Pure, 100 percent, stay the hell away from him jealously. The bacon was smoking and popping but I ignored it.

“I don’t know Clarice, maybe dad is okay.”

My little sister, wise beyond her years replied, “Dad hasn’t been okay since mom died, he needs someone again and you know that too, only it can’t be you.”

My knees almost folded as I stared at her, was she clairvoyant? My voice was tight, high strung, “What the hell do you mean by that?”

She leveled her gaze directly into my eyes, “Look at you, you’re cooking breakfast for him. You cook all the meals, you clean the house, you do the laundry. You don’t even hang out anymore because you’re doing wife stuff. You do everything mom used to do; I think you are trying to take her place. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you want to fuck him too.”

Her words slammed into my ears, it stunned me that she could be so right, I pulled the pan off the stove then fled from my sister throwing at her, “Fuck you, you little bitch! Maybe if you helped around here, I wouldn’t have to do it all!” I tried to escape from the truth of her words, I didn’t see Clarice for the rest of the day.

Dad came down later for breakfast and found charred bacon in a cold greasy pan and came looking for me. I was face down on my bed, crying for the tangle of thoughts in my head. My sister was right, I wanted to fuck my father, I wanted to be in his bed during the nights. I knew it was wrong, I knew he wouldn’t think of me that way but the welling of lust in my womb was growing beyond anything I could quell with my fingers. Seeing him nude the night before only stoked the furnace in me. I knew that only a massive injection of his body fluids could put out the fire.

“Maggie? What’s wrong sweetheart?” Uhhh; just his voice stirred my guts.

“I’m okay daddy, I was thinking of mom.” I rolled my head to see him and a bolt of lightning blasted from my heart to my pussy, I shook from the intensity of it. We live in Florida so he was dressed in golf shorts and a shirt that he had left casually open, no shoes. My dad owned two fishing charter boats so he was seaman fit and bronzed; his face could grace a romance novel cover. I stared at his broad tanned chest, defined muscular legs, the way he filled out the crotch of the shorts, I gulped for more air. He mistook my shudder for sadness and sat beside me on the bed. His weight caused the mattress to dip so I slid over until my hip was lodged against his thigh. Dad began to stroke my hair as he gazed into my eyes, my heart was thudding, I felt my face getting hot.

“I think of your mom too Maggie, and you remind me so much of your mother, it doesn’t hurt as much when you are around” he said as fingers trailed from my hair across my cheek. “Having you near makes the reality of her being gone less painful. I see you working around the house and I forget she isn’t here. You remind me of when she and I were your age, she took my breath away I was so in love with her. There are times when I want to take you, hold you and love you as if you were she.”

I heard what he said, but did I hear what he meant, or were my boiling hormones putting meaning into his words? I took a chance and answered softly, “You can do that, love me like that, I know how she felt about you and I feel that too.”

My father didn’t say anything for five long seconds as his eyes searched mine, then his fingers went to the buttons on my blouse. He opened them slowly, exposing my breasts while his eyes were locked on mine looking for rejection. He didn’t get it. My slamming heart caused my temperature to rise to an intolerable level and I needed to get my clothes off to keep from suffocating. When the blouse was open, I sat up to shed it then he reached behind me to unclasp the bra. As it fell from me, dad leaned over and kissed the nipple of my right breast. I almost strangled on the moan that rose from the boiling cauldron of desire in my body as he suckled first one, then the other. His fingers caressed across my stomach until he found the waist button of my pants. He thumbed the button open then pulled the zipper down and my pants apart. I hooked my fingers into them, raised my butt off the bed then pushed them down, off my legs and kicked them free from my ankles. I’d never been naked in front of a man or boy before, but I didn’t feel any modesty or embarrassment. I wanted to be naked for this man, and being that way only made me hotter.

Dad looked at me from feet to face then his eyes returned to the junction my thighs. He stood beside the bed, pulled his shirt off then unbuttoned and dropped his shorts to the floor. He slid his boxers over the long bulge of his erection then let gravity take them down. My father stood next to me as I stared at my desire. It was long, heavily veined along the sides and bottom, the head of it was a blunt arrow shape that glistened with thick dew. I moved to the far side of the bed facing him, giving him room to join me. Dad got onto the bed but didn’t lie with me, he pushed me to my back, put a hand on my knee and pulled my legs apart. He rolled over me, his legs and body between my splayed legs and pressed the end of his cock to the swollen lips of the virgin between my thighs.

I was shaking, light headed, gasping for air when I felt the end of him press into me until, “Huh! Stop dad, it won’t go any more.”

He lowered his head and kissed me softly, quickly, then said “Yes it will sweetheart, hold your breath.” He pushed up on his arms, looked at the connection between us then rolled his hips, plunging past my chastity until his balls stopped him. When the sharp pain of his entry racked me, I arched my back and tried to move away, I heard myself cry out and tears flooded my eyes. I fell back to the bed momentarily stunned that he could hurt me like that. That fleeting shock faded quickly as the pain of losing my virginity began to ebb. In moments nature took over and even though I felt soreness, it wasn’t hurtful, and I wanted him to take me.

I smiled through the receding pain “Okay.” He put his lips on mine again and kissed me urgently as he started plunging in and out of my body. I put my arms around his neck and reveled in the feeling that I was living a fantasy, my father and I were mating and I knew this was what I wanted. My sister was more right than she knew.

My mother had been sick for months so Dad hadn’t had is cock in a woman for maybe two years so I wasn’t surprised when he suddenly pushed off me again then started to glow red and began to huff deep breaths while he banged firmly against me. I’d never had sex before but I knew what was happening, he was unloading his lust and I loved it. I raised my hips, pulled my legs up and gave him as much of me as he could take. My pussy got warmer and wetter as he filled it with years of abstinence.

Dad fell flat on me then raised his head, his eyes awash with bewilderment, “Oh Christ Maggie, I’m so sorry!” He rolled off me, got up then quickly grabbed his clothes and hurried from the room.

I bounded up and ran after him, “Daddy! It’s okay! Dad! Don’t run away, Please!” He stopped in front of his bedroom door and cautiously watched me come to him, “Don’t go away, don’t make me feel bad. Daddy, I needed you to do that, I wanted to do that.” I was talking non-stop, my words rushing to keep his attention, “I wanted you to do that with me” I repeated less frantic. I stepped close to him, pulled his clothes from his hands and dropped them, then put my arms around him, pressing my body against his. My father hesitated slightly then put his arms around my waist and pulled me tight, I could feel his half stiff prick caressing my stomach, I flexed my hips and rubbed against him, it began to stiffen again.

“It was wrong Maggie; you are my daughter.”

I looked up at him then put my hands on his cheeks to hold his attention, I made love to him with my eyes as I replied, “Yes, I am your daughter and I want to show you how much I love you. It’s okay, I’m not sorry, hurt or angry, I’m glad I could do that for you.” Dad hesitated several long moments trying to decide between morality and need. I watched his eyes as he accepted my words then he bent slightly, put an arm around my ass then picked me up and carried me to his bed. He put me down, went to his bathroom then came back with a dampened washcloth. He grabbed my ankles, opened my legs then went to work cleaning cum and blood from my body. As he patted and daubed the warm wet cloth on me, I started back up a mountain of lust, his ministrations were turning me on again.

He put the washcloth aside and started fondling my sex with his fingers, massaging my swollen pussy, rubbing at the top of my crack where my button was hiding in its hood. Dad stroked my clit with the end of his finger deftly, expertly; I was quickly building to an orgasm. I groped wildly between his legs for his erection then wrapped my fist around it and started jerking on it lustily as he fingered my clit. I heard myself moan softly then he bent over and put his lips over the top of my slit and kissed me at the exact moment I began to climax. His hot lips on my clit sent me hurtling off a cliff of ecstasy into a free fall of rapture. My back arched, my legs were shaking, my entire body was quivering with the orgasm. He lifted his mouth from me and urged me to my stomach then pulled me around by the ankles until my feet hung to the floor. Even before I could breathe right, he stood between my legs then pushed his cock into me then began to take me up the mountain again. He fucked me tenderly while rubbing my back, holding my hair and caressing my ass. The sensation of his groin rubbing on my butt, the feeling of his erection sliding in and out of me cured forever the pain of losing my virginity only minutes earlier, I was delirious with the pleasure of what my father was doing. I rolled my head to look up at him and he gave me a beautiful ‘I love you’ smile. He grabbed my hips and the pace of sex increased to a body slapping applause. Dad bolted straight, pulled my hair so my body was tighter against his groin then groaned out loud as contractions forced the air from his lungs and the cum from his balls. I raised my hips as far as I could while my cunt strained to suck every drop from him.

I felt my pussy close enjoyably as he pulled out. I eased up to the bed then rolled over and held my arms to him, he came to my side, his nudity rubbing on mine. I kissed him gently, “I love you daddy.”

He held me against his chest, I could hear his heart thumping from the exercise, “I love you too Maggie, I could have never asked for a better daughter.”

I raised my head to see him and teased, “Oh yeah? Is that what you tell Clarice when I’m not here?”

He smiled and kissed me back, “Exactly, both of you are perfect, but I didn’t just make love to her so that makes you more perfect.”

“She’s too young for sex.”

Dad paused then glanced at the ceiling fan, “Actually she isn’t, she is only 14 months younger than you and pretty damn hot for a fifteen-year-old.”

I didn’t know what to say other than, “She’ll be sixteen in two weeks.” Clarice is well developed; at 5’5 she is an inch shorter than me; her clothes are a size smaller but we have the same bra size. She does have a really cute body and attracts boys like moths to a light but what my dad just said surprised me. I studied him long and hard then asked him, “Do you think of us like that, I mean before now? Do you think we are hot like that?”

He rolled to his side facing me then reached for my leg and pulled it over his, my groin was pressed against him, his prick nestled comfortably at the top of my thighs. He put a hand over my hip, cupped my butt and pulled me closer. “I’ve been watching you two mature, first you then your sister. I see you two walking around in bra and panties or wrapped in towels when you come from the bath. It’s impossible not to notice how you two are growing and turning into young women. You both have bodies that inspire dreams and fantasies. Including mine; especially mine because we live together. Sometimes I lay awake at night and think about you two in your beds. I think if you had separate bedrooms I would sneak in and watch you sleep. If your mother was here, I know I wouldn’t think like that but she isn’t so —–” his sentence trailed off as he dropped his eyes from mine.

“Do you do things to yourself thinking about us?”

My father turned red, looked away briefly then admitted “Yes sweetheart, I’ve used you both in my mind.” I felt his cock stirring, he continued, “At first I thought I should say something, that maybe you should have a little more modesty around me, to not show so much leg or revealing underwear but the longer your legs got, the more your bodies changed I let that idea fade away, I hate to admit this, but watching you and Clarice is one of the few pleasures I have anymore.”

I pushed him to his back then crawled up and lay down on his body, my tits were flat on his chest, my stomach resting softly on his, our legs entangled. I kissed him on the chin then asked “Can you do it again?” He put his hands on my thighs, pulled them apart then reached between them and pulled his growing cock up and pressed it on the crack of my body. I rolled my pussy against the pressure then he eased the end of it into me. I pushed down on him then my father started fucking me.

Twenty minutes later I was sore, satisfied and filled to my eyes with cum. After the third time we screwed he was so exhausted from all the sudden and intense exercise he fell asleep. I got up, took a shower then went to fix dinner. I would wake dad before Clarice got home so she wouldn’t ask why he was in bed.

That night after we said good night to our father my sister and I went to our room, it was the first time we’d been alone since the morning and she was busting to tell me something, I could see it in how she acted.

I started with the question, “What’s up? I know you’re up to something.”

“Me and Emma are going to take dad and her mom to the movies only we are going to pretend we don’t know the other is going. We’ll meet at the popcorn counter then when we go in, she and I are going to sit on the ends, Dad and Renee’ will be next to each other in the middle. You want to go?”


“That’s the problem, there’s no good movies until next week. We have to wait at least till next Saturday.”

I watched my sister fidget on her bed and thought that I had a week of dad for myself. I wasn’t so crazy or possessive to think I could keep him forever; he needed a woman and I wouldn’t get in the way of a nice one if he took an interest. But—- until then I would have him, “A week huh, no longer?”

My sister is very intuitive and she picked up on my hesitation quickly, “What’s wrong, you don’t like the idea?” I stood away from her and ignored the question.

All day Sunday I was in a strange mood. I didn’t hate the idea of dad dating someone but he and I had just established a new relationship and I didn’t know how to feel about it. I liked what we did, I loved him a lot but I was trying to figure out what limits I should have and what kind of relationship he and I would have in the days to come. That night when I said goodnight to my father, he ran his hand up my leg and caressed my pussy under my skirt, I almost folded to the floor right there. He looked into my eyes then kissed my cheek. No words were said but we both knew what we wanted, but with Clarice walking around we wouldn’t get it.

I waited, I tossed and flopped in my bed, restless and horny. I was waiting until my sister was fast asleep then I was going to dad. It took me 40 minutes before I decided that she was out and wouldn’t hear me leave the room. I crept softly from bed, out the door, then to his room. I slipped through the door, clicked it quietly shut then went to him, he was waiting and lifted the blanket for me. I pulled my night gown off, dropped it and went naked to bed with my naked father. He gathered me in his arms rolled me to my back then put the head of his erection on my body crack, pushed it down and pulled it up. The temperature between my legs rocketed to ‘fuck me hot’, the entrance to my body swelled open and I was ready. Dad put his erection in me and together we started another bonding experience.

His balls were slapping my ass, his stomach slapping mine, my tits were bouncing with the rhythm of our coupling. I held his ass; I liked the way it clenched tight every time he pushed in to me. Dad leaned down to lick my nipples and when he did, I had my first small orgasm. I moaned and gasped then I arched my back, willing him to fuck me deeper, faster. We moved and rolled all over his bed for twenty minutes before he reached the end of his endurance. My father pulled me over him so I was riding his lap, arched his back and let the forces of his balls pulse into me as I rolled my hips over him. When we were done abusing each other so delightfully I kissed him once more, tenderly, then left his bed. I’d had several orgasms and I knew it would be hard to get up for school in the morning, but I felt fantastic when I went back to my room.

I snuggled into my bed content, satisfied and cozy. Just as I closed my eyes my sister threw a question to me across the dark room, “Aren’t you afraid you’ll get pregnant?”

I stopped breathing, I tried to become invisible, even in the dark, I didn’t want Clarice to see me, talk to me, even know I existed just then. I acted like I didn’t hear the question but I heard the soft patter of her feet on the floor then she came out of the dark and sat on my bed, “How long have you been having sex with dad?”

I tried to lie, “What the hell do you mean, we don’t do anything like that!”

I saw the whiteness of her smile in the dark, “Come on Maggie, he just fucked you for a half hour, these walls are not sound proofed. How long, are you being careful?”

I sat up to face my sister, there was no use trying to hide from her, “We just started yesterday. I don’t know exactly what happened but we had sex after you left to see Emma.”

“Tell me about it, do you like it, is he fun, was it your first time?”

The rapid-fire questions unsettled me a little, “You sound like you want to try it yourself.”

Clarice jostled a little, I saw her head nod in the dim light, she whispered her secret, “I told you me and Emma think he’s hot. If he made a pass at me, I wouldn’t yell rape.”

All of a sudden, I wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed, “Lie down, I’ll tell you what happened.” My sister stretched out on the bed; we lay face to face then I started telling her the story. She listened raptly, asked about how it felt to lose my virginity and how many times we did it. Yes, I let him come in me every time but he swore to start using condoms. No, I didn’t suck his cock.

After I finished talking, she asked me, “Do you think he thinks about me like that too?” That’s when I told her how dad watches and fantasizes about both of us. Her last question before she returned to her bed was, “Would you be jealous if he and me do it?”

I had to tell her the truth — and it didn’t hurt to say; without hesitation I answered, “No, he’s our father, not mine alone, why would I be?” As I slipped into sleep, I heard the sounds of a girl alone with her hands, or maybe I just imagined it.

The next day after dinner it was Clarice on the edge. She was tense, nervous and I knew what she had on her mind so I did the only thing possible under the circumstances, “Daddy, can I talk to you, alone?” I got out of the chair and went to the kitchen, he followed me.

I asked him boldly, “Do you want to have sex with your daughter tonight?”

His smile lit up the room, “What are you offering?”

My answer wiped the smile off his mouth, “Clarice.”

He paled, “What” he squeaked?

“She wants to dad, she heard us last night and then we talked, she’s waiting for you to make a pass at her. You can have her too, just go in there and invite her to your room, she’ll go.”

Dad stepped back from me and stared at me for maybe ten seconds, “How would you feel about that?”

“Fine, why wouldn’t I? We’re sisters, you and mom taught us how to share when we were babies; go screw her dad, I’m okay with it.” As an added incentive I leaned to his right ear and whispered “How many men get to say they fucked two hot virgin sisters in just three days?” I paused for effect then added, “Especially if those sisters are his daughters?” I watched his crotch swell as he took in my questions.

My father turned from me then returned to his younger girl, he paused in front of her and offered her his hand. She glanced at me apprehensively but reached for him. Dad lifted her off the sofa, threw her over his shoulder and marched like a conquering hero toward the back of the house carrying my bright red, giggling sister, his hand under her skirt, holding the ass of his captive for the night.

I had to force myself back to the kitchen to clean up the dinner mess. I couldn’t keep my mind off my parent and my little sister. I imagined how they were having sex, her for the first time just like me just days before. I wished I could be a fly on the wall, to watch when he put his erection between her smooth young thighs and entered her. I imagined how her tight fresh cunt would stretch wide accepting his thick hard-on, I wanted to see him finish, to fill her body with his discharge then watch it seep from her pussy like it did mine. I got so fucking turned on thinking about the two of them I had to go to bed and finish myself off.

I was naked and panting my relief when Clarice came into the room. She was also naked and carrying her clothes. She looked ruined, her hair was a pile of straw, she had a faint hickey on her left hip. Her tits bounced when she fell onto her bed and gazed unfocused at the ceiling. I was curious but I didn’t want to interrupt her reverie. Slowly my sister began to move, she put a hand over her crotch and rubbed it tenderly then rolled her head to me. “We did it two times Maggie, at first it hurt but then I couldn’t get enough. He put his mouth on my pussy, God that was fun!”

My cunt started buzzing again. I asked her the same question she started with the night before, “Aren’t you afraid you’ll get pregnant?”

Clarice arched her back, stretched her body taught then slowly relaxed, “Right now it wouldn’t bother me one bit,” she rolled to her side then frowned, “but tomorrow it would. Maybe you and me should get a plan B pill tomorrow.”

“Yeah, we should, but what about next time?”

Clarise looked at me, “He said he would buy rubbers.”

That sent more shivers through my womb, but I had to ask my sister, “What about Emma’s mom?”

She looked at me “Maybe we shouldn’t introduce them for a while, I have a feeling dad will be busy.”

Just before I turned off the light, I told Clarice, “I want to see him fuck you and you can watch us.”

As the room went dark, she challenged, “If you suck him, I will too.”

I paused only momentarily then said “That king-sized bed is big enough for the three of us, let’s go.”

She reminded me, “We have school tomorrow Maggie, he has to work. It’s too late.”

“We don’t have perfect attendance so another day out of class won’t hurt, and he hasn’t taken a day off in months.”

Clarice and I got out of bed at the same time.

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