The Unusual Request From My Wife That I Went Along With

We were having a quiet weekend, to be honest we had got tired of what we had been doing, things had become too normal. We would go out to a sex party fuck various people come home fuck each other and then repeat. SO we are sat on the sofa watching God only knows what when she got up kissed me and said she was heading for a shower. It must have been nearly an hour before she called me to the bedroom. As I walked in she was laid on the bed, her freshly shaved pussy looked slightly moist, unusually she was wearing make up which confused me. Then she came out with this strange request. She was Horny (No surprise there), she told me she wanted to have orgasms without penetration, but not from me. She wanted me to go to the bar down the street and bring some guys back to stroke and kiss her body but they were not aloud to fuck her or cum on her and they would not get oral. She wanted it to be just about her pleasure. She would later explain that since she was in her teens she had wondered if this could be done. She knew her ex husband wouldn’t have allowed it but knew with me she was allowed to do anything sexually she wanted all she had to do was ask.

The bar was our local hang out so lots of guys knew us and she flirted with a lot of them too but she had never gone any further than a quick flash. I knew the guys who would love to get their hands on her and who would also fuck her if she let them so picking guys to take home was easy. In the end there were six guys interested but two didn’t have the time as they had to go home. I ended up taking four, I had explained the rules to them and they were OK with that as it would be the closest they would get at that time to full sex with her. We walked into the house, I left them in the kitchen and went to see A. She told me they were to be naked when they came in but they all had to come in at the same time, I was to be in the room as well but had to remain clothed. I went back got the guys and they stripped and followed me to the bedroom.

I took my place in the chair and relaxed to watch the show. The guys wasted no time, each one going over to her and kissing her and then they let their hands roam her body. A couple of guys went for her nipples whilst two others began gently stroking her pussy, the effect was immediate, her body began to respond, her legs opened wider, her nipples became hard, she began licking her lips and moaning softly. She glanced over to me and beckoned me to her side, she told me to get the oil and pour it over her body. I did as she asked, her body was now glistening from a good half bottle of oil, she then ordered the guys to massage her all over but reminded them of the rules, eight hands were suddenly on her body gently massaging every inch of her but obscuring my view, I heard her first couple of orgasms before they turned her over to start on her back. She told me later that the orgasms were continuous, sometimes just like “little earthquakes” traveling through her body, at one point she had eight hands massaging her inner thighs, each one gently brushed her pussy making her orgasm slightly harder, the guys spent a long time one her inner thighs before turning her over again. They raised her legs and continued with her inner thighs, with her legs raised and spread contact on her pussy was harder, I heard one of they guys say, “Her pussy runs like a river” fluid was visibly leaking from her, not gushing but almost as if she was constantly peeing the bed. Each of the guys took turns putting their mouths between her legs and drinking some of the fluid. A was now on a complete sexual high, the slightest touch sending ripples of pleasure through her body I knew she was almost done, they had been touching her for almost 2 hours, at times she was struggling to catch her breath. When we talked about it later she said she was glad she hadn’t been blindfolded as it would have made it more intense.

It was A that called a halt, she couldn’t take anymore of the pleasure she was getting. All the guys had hard ons, as a reward she told them they could jerk off on her anywhere they liked, no surprise when they came all over her face. She kept her mouth firmly closed though, she didn’t want cum inside her from the guys. I eventually showed the guys out and went back into the room, I was so turned on I just went over and kissed her cum covered face without even thinking. She told me she wanted to do it again some time, she wanted to try with just women and then a mix of men and women. I asked her if it had been everything she thought it would be, scooping fluid from her pussy and wiping it on my face “What do you think Johnny?” I had to admit it definitely had been.

The following day at the bar, we never paid for a single drink, later in that evening she would finally let all the guys in the bar see her completely naked by stripping on the bar then dancing with some of the guys.

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