The Toe Job Challenge-Jim Earns Respect – Chapter 1 by Frodov

The Toe Job Challenge

Jim earns respect

As a prequel to the continuing series about Barbra’s Reawakening, I’ve decided to reach even further back to give a little bit of my background, my history, the events that made me who I am. Some of them are worthy of entertainment others are bit more tricky and only shed light when taken in context with the rest of the stories. But isn’t that life? Anyway this story, or the two of them anyway, reach back to my time in college and working full time mostly in a part time job delivering pizzas to pay my gas and insurance to allow me to commute to and from school and home. Remember this all happened before cell phones and the internet, cable TV was still in its infancy. The 80’s Big hair bands, big hair, a different time.

The restaurant was a little noisy, well for three in the morning anyway. On my plate I pushed the remnants of a hot fudge cake around with my fork, idly looking around the dining room from my booth near the back just in front of the hostess’s station where they refill pitchers of soft drinks or coffee, and ring up customer’s orders on the computer. Across the table from me, my companion had her head down on her crossed arms as if sleepy or trying to take a nap out of boredom. Three booths down a clutch of college girls, probably sorority sisters, two obviously pledges were being loud and obnoxious, giving the waitresses a hard time. Apparently there had been some drinking involved in their earlier activities in the evening, on their way back to the sorority house from a party but perhaps, wisely, stopped in at Jerry’s to have a bite to eat and sober up a bit. Jerry’s is a good place for that kind of thing, and lots of people had similar ideas. Most of the patrons were closing out the night, be it from partying or just getting off work from their jobs, like myself and miss sleepy head across the table from me. I grinned wickedly knowing the truth. Yeah we had both just gotten off work, closing the campus pizza shop we were both working at, I was only helping out at that store whereas she, Terry, normally works there. Terry is a long time driver for the pizza store like me but since she goes to school yet at the university she lives near campus so it’s convenient for her. I’ve been out of school for a couple of years for reasons I won’t get into at this time but I work at most all the pizza chain’s stores around town and even some in neighboring towns. I’ve worked with the company for years, a veteran so to speak. Helping out at the campus store both wins me brownie points with management, making me welcomed when I might want to pick up some hours and I like to move around getting to know the other employees.. like miss sleepy head across the table.

Our waitress stopped by the table asking me if I needed any refills or perhaps another serving of hot fudge cake, as she eyed my idle fork work on the plate through the chocolate sauce and crumbs. I smiled and nodded to Terry’s seemingly slumbering posture and said she might want to top off her coffee and I would appreciate a refill of my coke and thanked her. As the waitress was starting to walk away Terry’s fingers were clenching and un-clenching on her right hand and her left was rapidly slapping softly on the table top. My grin grew even more wicked as I flexed my right leg and foot a little more insistently under the table earning me a low drawn out moan from terry’s half opened mouth buried behind her curly auburn hair covering her face. Her legs were crossed and ankles scissored , locking her thighs tightly trapping my right foot solidly between them. My bare foot, or more specifically, my big toe pressed tightly against her swollen enraged clit, the other toes and most of my foot soaked with her abundant juices. Every time Terry would loosen up her legs as if thinking I were done and she could recover.. I would press my foot and wiggle my toe erratically causing her to tense up and lock my foot down in that fleshy moist vice.. and utter muffled profanities or groan or both. That hand and fingers clenching and un-clenching.. the other tapping out as if crying uncle and conceding the wrestling match. But until she raised her head and pleaded, or rather conceded the bet to me I would continue my mischievous pedal administrations. Hell I hadn’t even brought my left foot into play.. it was still safely ensconced in my loafer, firmly resting on the floor beneath the table. About that time our waitress returned with a carafe of fresh coffee and topped up Terry’s cup and left me a fresh glass of soda asking if we needed anything else.. as Terry batted the table top and practically growled through her hair, her head still down on her arms as if sleeping. The waitress looked at her then back at me with her eyebrows raised. I smiled sweetly and told her we might need a few more napkins when she got a second. About that time one of the sorority girls rolled out of their booth and puked on the floor next to their table. “Oh Lord” the waitress said as she hurried off to get a mop and bucket, signaling for another waitress to come help out. I couldn’t help but smile but not so much at the scene a few tables down but at the thought of how this unique situation had come to pass.

It’s true what people say, one’s reputation precedes you. You’re past actions however discrete you may think they were have a tendency to come back to visit you when you least expect them. Tonight was a case in point. Terry, like me is a long time driver with the pizza chain we work for. She also helps out at other stores around town when they need extra help or just someone to fill a vacancy from time to time. When you get around like this you tend to make friends with those you work with, some closer than others. This job with the hours we work tends to limit our social lives a bit sometimes as well, I mean there’s not a lot going on at two or three in the morning in this town and it’s a little late for things like normal dates and the like. As a result we tend to hang out with and party with our fellow employees, a lot. There are fast friendships that sometimes turn into romantic liaisons or more often than you would think, simply situations where people are friends with benefits so to speak. Over the years I’ve worked with the pizza chain I’ve made a bunch of friends, oddly enough the majority of them are female. Now that might sound like I’m quite the stud and far be from me to abuse anyone of their opinions but it’s not exactly the case I’m afraid. I’ve always been a bit shy and reserved, especially around strangers or new acquaintances, that is.. until they get to know me, and I get to know them. Most find that I’m pretty much a boy scout, helpful, honest, friendly.. you know the whole nine yards, mister dependable. They also find that I have a wide open mind and am accepting to their own beliefs and lifestyles as long as they don’t try to press them on me. I do have a bit of a competitive streak and a wicked sense of humor when piqued. That said, I’ve found that many if not most of the girls I’ve worked with in the pizza chain view me as an okay guy, almost as a little brother at times, or in the words of several gals.. I’m “cool”…Meaning that they are safe to be themselves around me and relax. You see, I’ve found that many of the ladies working for the chain, perhaps an inordinate amount of them are of shall we say an alternative sexual orientation. Many like guys just fine but prefer the company of other girls… they can swing both ways as it were. Some only spend time with their own gender, period, they have their reasons, most are sad as in they were at one time or more abused, accosted or flat out raped by a male member of our species. They were wronged and have never recovered or at least never forgiven. At this time, the time I’m writing this story about, in the mid 1980’s, while society was becoming more accepting and progressive in its thinking about such matters of sexuality it was still pretty much frowned upon, especially when working the public. Running and operating a pizza delivery store was just such an operation that required a wholesome sort of image for the public and our customers. So most of the girls I’ve mentioned, and there were many of them, tended to hide their preferences from most. I on the other hand, as I’ve mentioned, was pronounced cool and I was privileged to see the real goings on and interactions. You might say I became educated in an unconventional way socially speaking. Hanging out with the ladies I learned the lingo, the body language, turns of phrases and even unspoken clues. I also learned a LOT about ladies in general, not just the ones that preferred the company of other women. I was taken under the wing.. or many wings you might say and will forever be grateful for my education. And did I mention that once you were “in” you became known throughout the “community” and were accepted almost as family.

After hours parties became a staple for fellow employees, be they just gathering at a favorite late night eatery like Jerry’s or Ho-Jo’s (Howard Johnson’s) or at someone’s apartment or house. The latter, someone’s place was usually where most of the more interesting interactions or partying took place. Everyone could let their hair down, quite literally, and cut loose. Drinking, smoke some weed if you were into it, sometimes something a little more unusual like some hash brownies or maybe some shrooms… remember we were exactly rolling in money as a group so it tended to be a little more organic than higher end or higher priced mind altering substances like coke or harder stuff. This was long before things like Meth became so prevalent. And… of course.. there was sex. Oh buddy was there ever! Of course not everyone was involved, but almost every gathering had someone (couple or more) getting busy at some point, and those of us not involved were all hyper charged up and it was on our minds and in conversations as well. One of these late night parties in particular cemented my own reputation, that as I said precedes me in certain circles. Yeah, women talk! And HOW!

It was an early August evening and it was hot.. sweaty nasty humid hot, even at now close to three in the morning it was still pretty warm. I had helped close up the shop after a busy Friday night and I got invited to come on over to one of the other manager’s house for a little get together. Kind of an impromptu BYOB party. Of course someone had some weed and everyone had beer or whatever they chose to drink. I didn’t smoke, but that is another story.., I never was much of a drinker and hence I often got called upon to be the designated driver. I wasn’t driving anyone tonight though so I had had a few wine coolers (yes they were fashionable back then). The party had gotten started around two in the morning when most of the people who would show up, did. There was a card game going on, poker of one version or another, someone had fired up a couple of joints that were going around. I really wasn’t into cards and definitely not the smoke so I went outside on the deck where some of the “girls” had congregated. There was an above ground pool but there was a hole in the side so it wasn’t filled, the deck however was perfectly okay so it was in use, lounge chairs and a small table. That’s where I found Jules and her “friends”. Jules was a few years older than myself and another veteran driver for the store I first started at, in fact it was her that trained me on the job to start with. In a way she sort of saw herself as kind of a big sister I guess. She was also one of the first to pronounce me “cool” around the other ladies so they could relax and drop their front around me. Jules also took great joy in teasing me and especially making me blush. Of course I blush at the drop of a hat so it wasn’t that hard for her to get me to shade when she wanted a giggle or two. Tonight was no different, especially since she’d already smoked her fill and drank enough that she was feeling no pain and was very relaxed amongst her peers and queers as she called them. As it was, I had joined their little group in the middle of a heated debate. You see, not all the girls in the group were one hundred percent Girl only in their sexual preferences. As such the topic of discussion was not getting settled and seeing as I happened to be of the gender in question the “question” was put before me. They wanted my opinion on the topic. Suddenly all eyes were upon me. Not knowing exactly what I was stepping into I screwed up my courage, probably aided somewhat by the little alcohol I had consumed already and asked what they were talking about. I should have known from the sudden huge grin on Jules’ face that I was in for it.

“Okay Jim, we were arguing about eating pussy!” She said grinning that grin and watching me turn red, but waiting for me to respond.

“Uhhh.. Okay… “ I said, blushing royally and waiting for her to continue.

“Most of us here think that only another girl would know how to please a woman and that guys just don’t know what they are doing and so they shouldn’t….” She paused letting that sink in.. getting giggles from the girls agreeing with her and objections from the ones that were not. “As a guy, what would you say about that?” She finished and looked around at the other girls as if to say silently “this oughta be good.”

Still blushing and stalling for a moment I took another long pull from the wine cooler in my hand and looked around at the collection of girls on the deck that seemed to be hanging on my response. I did notice that Jules kept eyeing one of the newer girls in particular and it dawned on me that she was on the make. Jules had the hots for this new girl that worked at one of the other stores and would love to get her off by herself. Not that I could blame her, this girl Terry was just plain cute, standing about five foot six, smallish breasts, slim but not boney, weighing maybe one hundred and twenty pounds if that. Terry had longish curly auburn hair that seemed to bounce with every movement she made, her eyes were bluish green, almost turquoise but shined as if lit from inside. While she tended to come off as a bit shy and quiet there was something about her that hinted at an intelligent dynamo of a personality just under the surface. This girl was deep, quiet but deep, intriguing. I could see why Jules was hot for her. Jules on the other hand was not graced with feminine charm, whether by natural blessings or acquired mannerisms. Jules was… jules. She stood a lanky five foot nine, maybe ten, I’m not sure how much she weighed but I’d guess around one hundred and forty five maybe. Jules was flat as a board in the chest department save for two very large nipples that if she went without at least a sports bra they stood out under any kind of shirt or top she wore, and they were pierced. She liked to change up the “jewelry” she wore in them, and yes, I’ve seen them on many occasions as she loved to see me blush, as I’ve already alluded to. Jules was not a classical beauty in the face either, a strong jaw, a longish “patrician” nose that may have been broken at some time in her past, heavy eyebrows and thin or fine baby fine reddish blonde hair that was closely cropped to the point of being boyish. Anyone not knowing Jules would instinctively peg her as being manly and suspect her sexual preferences in a glance. She was in your face and not ashamed of it. And I like her, as a coworker and as a friend.

So there I was, half a dozen “girls” hanging on my reply to Jules’ question, not wanting to offend anyone, not wanting to make my friend look bad in front of her prospective new girl, but yet not willing to be entirely shamed as every other member of my gender. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was a little personal pride, maybe it was my competitive nature, or maybe it was something else that I wasn’t even aware of at the time… but I stood up for my gender, sort of.

“I can’t speak for all the guys out there Jules, but some of us DO know what we are doing you know. It’s all a matter of education and practice.” I said, blushing still as I leaned against the railing of the pool decking. The girls all sitting in their various chairs and Jules propped up on the lounger all sat there with their mouths hanging open for a few moments before they all gasped or barked out a disbelieving laugh.

“SO you’re saying that guys can eat pussy better?” Jules challenged.

“That’s not what I said Jules, I said that not all guys are bad at it.” I corrected her thinking that I might want to be careful what I said from this point on, considering the company I was with.

“Well I don’t think any guy knows how to do it right. “ Jules proclaimed getting agreements from several of the girls with us.

“ Well maybe you’ve just not met the right guys Jules..” I said before I could catch my mouth. “Oh fuck” I thought to myself, I’d put my foot in my mouth this time, that sounded all too much like a challenge and Jules was not one to back down from a challenge. Again mouths fell open and astonished noises flittered about from the group. I noticed Terry was paying close attention and studying me and Jules very closely indeed.

“You sound awfully confident in yourself there Jimbo, are you saying you know how to do it right?” Jules leered at me and grinned before draining the last of the beer in her bottle.

Blushing again, I tipped my bottle to her in salute before taking a swig and then answering, “I’d like to think I have some… skills… yeah. “ setting my bottle on the rail and crossing my arms defiantly.

“Oh really?” Jules said… looking me up and down then looking around at her girls, lingering a moment more on Terry. “And would you be willing to put your money where your mouth is?” She asked.

“You mean like a bet?” I asked with a laugh thinking she couldn’t be serious, she was 100% lesbian, what was she going to do have me demonstrate on some other girl? Then I looked at Terry and then back at Jules, surely not! That’s just not Jules’ style.

“Yeah, Okay, a bet! “ She said smiling mischievously, the other girls sitting up straighter or leaning forward in their chairs following this closely.

I was suddenly aware of all the sounds around me, the music and laughter coming from inside the house, a slight breeze rustling the bushes and trees around the back yard, the crickets chirping, and my heart beating in my chest. Why was I getting excited?

“I’ve got five bucks that says you are no better than all the other guys and don’t know how to eat pussy either.” She leaned back in the lounger giving me that one eyebrow raised questioning look awaiting my response.

“Five bucks? Is that all?” I said laughing. “that makes me look pretty cheap, besides who exactly would I be performing for or rather on?” This got a giggle from several of the girls on the deck, even Terry chuckled a bit. Suddenly feeling cocky for some reason I added.” Tell you what, I’ve got ten says I can get a girl off going down on her.” And I raised my eyebrow mockingly throwing the ball back in Jules’ court to see what she would do next.

“Ten? Sounds like you’re pretty sure of yourself Jimbo. I’ll be the judge of that. How about you show ME what you can do?” again she gave me that questioning tilt of her head and the one lone eyebrow ascended, as she was calling my bluff, or thought she was.

Knowing I was in it now, no backing out and saying it was just a joke or something, I had to put up or shut up and admit defeat not only for my own pride but for my whole gender. Damn it. “Okay.. so where and when?” I asked resigning myself to the task.

Looking around the deck then back to me she smiled and said “Right here, and now. Or are you afraid of an audience?” she grinned thinking surely I’d back down now and she’d win both the bet and her point.

I stunned her when I didn’t back down. In fact I stood up away from the rail and walked a couple of steps to the lounger she was reclined in looking down at her and then around at the small group about us and said. “Okay, I don’t mind witnesses, they’ll be able to verify the results, but Jules, you’re a little over dressed don’t you think? You’ll have to at least lose the shorts and any underwear you have on. Oh and one other thing, you’re not on your period are you?” Oh My God! I got Jules to blush! I’ve NEVER seen her blush before, in fact she was nearly speechless as she lay there on the lounger looking up at me wondering if maybe she had gone too far and if there was any way out of it now. The ooohs and aaahs and cat calls from the small group on the deck settled that however, Jules being Jules was not going to back down now, I had called her bluff and now it was her turn to put up or shut up. Finally, with a nervous grin, she held her empty beer bottle over her shoulder for one of the girls to take from her then stuck her fingers in the waistband of her shorts and panties and pushed them down, wiggling them past her bottom and up to her knees. Her flip flops were kicked off and lifting her legs she kicked off her shorts and underwear. Naked from the waist down I got my first look, albeit in the half light from the street lamps coming through the trees around the darkened pool deck. Her pale white skin contrasting with her darker red hairy crotch, well not all of it, just a cloud of hair above her crotch really, Jules apparently was fond of shaving her puss. As it turns out, her nipples weren’t the only thing that Jules had pierced. The hood of skin above her clit had a little barbell stud through it. Jules provocatively spread her legs and ran her right hand and fingers down through her tuft of red hair and over her puss tracing it and spreading the lips apart to reveal the bright pink inner lips. Looking at me in askance, almost daring me to go further and perhaps hoping I would still chicken out and back out of the dare.

What to do? Now I wasn’t lying or even boasting when I had said that I had some skills, I had been fortunate in knowing a couple of very understanding and patient women a year or so earlier. Yes, two of them. They were a couple. Like Jules they were quite fond of their own gender, but unlike Jules they also adored men, or rather young men, very young men, those boys on the cusp of learning to become men to be specific. That is a tale for another time perhaps but suffice it to say that these lovely patient ladies were very good teachers for those students that they took under their special kind of instruction. A natural disposition and curiosity will only go so far, but to be guided and instructed and yes rewarded can give art to those willing to learn. Now I do not claim to be an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I have an innate desire to please and pay attention and what’s more, have learned of myself that I get as big a thrill out of pleasing my partners as I do being pleased myself, perhaps more. So here I am, at twenty one years old, a single college student, naïve in so many ways, but knowledgeable in some ways beyond my years. It’s late, I’m buzzed, I’m horny, but that’s normal really, and I’m surrounded by women or older girls mostly even if most of them play for the other team. I’ve been challenged to prove that I know how to eat pussy and can get a girl off by doing so. This is as much for representing my gender as it is representing myself. “Fuck it!” I think to myself, What’s the worst that could happen? I not get Jules off and she would win the “bet”. Again, maybe it was the alcohol, or just me. I looked down at Jules, into her smiling face, into her eyes… yes the challenge was there but there was something else too, almost fear. Then it hit me, it hit me hard. Jules was afraid, well maybe not afraid as in scared but.. well.. vulnerable.. all her guff was a front. As bold as she appeared, it was a front. She’d been hurt or rejected or both at some point and it stuck with her. Perhaps her girlfriends were safer than the possibility of getting hurt again. So what the fuck was this bet? I think that she really hadn’t expected it to elevate to this level but it had and her own act wouldn’t let her back out of it. Smile Jim.. smile. Jules is your friend.

I took the last dregs of my drink tipping my bottle up to drain it. I held it out much like Jules had her empty beer bottle and someone took it from my hand. I knelt down next to the lounger never losing eye contact with Jules. I could hear chairs shifting and being repositioned for a better view. I realized that the angle from the side of the lounger would be a bit of a stretch for me to be able to accomplish my task so I told Jules she was going to have to shift around a bit so that I could get started.

Reaching up with my hands I touched Jules bare knees and slowly slid my hands downward along the inside of her thighs. A light feathery touch, I could feel her tremble slightly under my touch, a slight gasp as my hand neared her puss but I didn’t touch it just yet. Instead, I ran my hands back up her thighs to her knees and pushed them further apart. Leaning forward I brought my lips to about midway between her puss and her knee on her right thigh and lightly kissed her skin. Then another, and then another, each getting closer to her shaven treasure. From the corner of my eye I noticed that Jules had a death grip on the arms of the lounger, her knuckles straining and turning white. With my left hand I reached out and touched the back of her right hand gently gripping it in reassurance, then ran it down the inside of her right calf to her ankle. My right hand had a hold on her left ankle and I gently picked up her feet and pushed her legs to the arms of the lounger. All the while my feathery light kisses were getting closer and closer to her now swollen outer lips of her puss, my nose brushing at her curly patch of red hair. I blew a stream of air across the top and directly onto her pierced hood of her clit. Then I started kissing those feathery kisses back up the inside of Jules’ right thigh, moving away from her puss.

“Oh for fucks’ sake Jim!” Jules moaned out of frustration. I looked up smiling and ran my hands down the insides of her thighs again slowly sweeping out and around her ass as they neared her crotch, tickling the surface of her skin softly. I leaned in again and this time kissed her abdomen just above her tuft of red hair then blew air across that as well. Continuing to blow as I lowered my head across and just above her heated puss watching the skin spasm and twitch slightly. Finally I reached out with my tongue and delicately touched that sensitive patch of skin between her anus and the bottom of her puss. Jules jumped as if she’s received an electric shock. “Fuck!” she grunted. “Asshole!” she uttered under her breath and that gave me a wicked little thrill knowing what would happen before I even did it… I reached out again with my tongue and painted it around her anus, that tight little puckering rosebud. Jules jumped with a squeak then gasped. Grinning to myself I went north tracing my tongue along the edges of her outer lips tasting that tangy salty sweet wetness leaking out between them, spreading the lips as I went, gently, hesitantly. I paused half way up and kissed her puss as if I were kissing a lover’s lips feather soft and lingering, then allowing my tongue to reemerge and continue exploring ever upwards. But just as my tongue was about to make contact with her now swollen clit, that little pink button poking out beneath her pierced hood, I halted and then gently blew across it again as if making a whispered promise to return. I instead, began kissing her outer lips again as if kissing lips, but this time I let my mouth open a bit more and sucked and teased with my tongue, probing and licking lightly. Jules’ inner lips were peeking out and begging for attention by now so I paid them attention. I sucked them into my mouth one at a time gently biting down on them to pull them farther from their hiding. I could feel Jules lifting her hips and pressing herself into my mouth but I knew that it was pure reflex at this point. I had hardly begun to do anything really. It was time to up my game a bit, now that I knew I had her attention. Kissing my way back to the bottom of her puss I probed my tongue as deeply into her wet opening as I could. I twirled my tongue around as if trying to lick the last of the ice cream out of the bottom of the cup. My face was starting to get wet from her juices that were now weeping out of that steamy cleft. I brought my right hand up and slowly slipped my index finger into her dripping entrance, just probing with the tip of my finger as I licked and sucked my mouth upwards towards her clit again. I traced my finger along following my lips and tongue then reversing and tracing the separation back to the entrance and slipping in again and pulling out only to be joined by a second finger. When they were both in I crooked them to form a bit of a hook and began twirling them as if gently scratching Jules from the inside. More twitching and a low moan was heard from Jules. I head a low giggle from one or more of the girls watching closely as well.

Once more back at the top of her puss, my nose bumped the piercing through the hood over her clit, Jules jumped as if she had been jolted with electricity. I felt both of her hands suddenly clutching the back of my head the ends of her fingers digging into my scalp at the back of my neck. I needed no more urging than that, I reached out with my tongue and danced it onto her clit, tracing a circle around it as if sizing it up. Her fingers dug into my skull, her hands pulling me harder into her crotch. I paused and blew once more across her clit and was rewarded with a long guttural moan that ended abruptly when I closed my lips around her clit and sucked it into my mouth. Jules heaved her hips up off the lounger and her hands pressed my head harder into her crotch. My fingers were twirling and twisting and plunging in and out of her sopping wet opening. My tongue was putting the mark of Zorro on her swollen clit as I rolled it and sucked it with my lips. I had a pretty good idea that Jules was just about ready to explode on me but to be sure I tried one more thing that I had been taught… I closed my teeth down on her clit as it was being sucked into my lips. I bit down gently but firmly and then rocked my lower jaw left and right causing her clit to roll between my teeth all the while my tongue continued to lash at it as well as my lips sucking on it harder and harder, my fingers plunging in and out and twisting. My left hand slid down to where my thumb was pressing on that soft sensitive spot between her anus and her puss. That or some combination of all the above pushed Jules right over the edge, she exploded in a loud energetic climax. The inner walls of her puss clamped down on my fingers and her juices gushed out almost squirting, covering my hands and fingers, and running down between the cheeks of her ass.

When Jules finally released her hands from the back of my head I was able to raise up and have a look, her eyes were clamped shut and her mouth was open and gasping for air. I pulled back from the edge of the lounger and Jules brought her legs together as if to affect some modesty, her arms going around her legs to hug them tight. I reached up with my right hand and gently grasped her left hand at the wrist and pulled it to my lips and kissed the back of her hand softly as I watched her face. Jules eyes opened halfway and she looked at me with a questioning glance. Then she surprised everyone including myself by starting to laugh. At first it was but a soft chuckle but it grew until finally it was a full on belly laugh and she had tears rolling out of her eyes and she hugged her sides.

I looked around and the rest of the girls were as puzzled as I was myself. Finally after a few moments she settled down enough to talk she looked over at me and said. “Well Damn! Jim! You DO know how to eat pussy! I guess I owe you five bucks!” and she continued to giggle, the rest of the girls started laughing too.

“Five Hell! I said Ten!” I grinned as I stood up and handed Jules her shorts and underwear.

“Yeah yeah.. I got ya.” Then she turned around and said “Can anyone spot me a five?” Suddenly there were four different hands holding out five dollar bills.” Terry wasn’t one of them but she did have an odd smile on her face. Like someone had just told her a very satisfying secrete.

“So will there be anything else?” Our waitress asked as she dropped off the paper towels at the table.

“No” I said as I pushed my plate and fork towards her so she could clear the table. Terry raised her head up and rested her chin on her forearms and looked at me across the table. She took a big breath of air then puffed the hair out of her eyes and reached across the table and grabbed the check from in front of me.

“ I should have known better than to take that bet.” She mumbled and smiled at me. She wiggled her hips and then finally released my right foot so that I could pull it to my lap and use a couple of the paper napkins to wipe it dry then put my loafer back on my bare foot. I handed the rest of the napkins over to her so she could clean up a bit herself. Raising up and sitting back for the first time in almost half an hour she looked around to see if anyone could see then raised the front of her short skirt and stuffed a couple of napkins between her legs to wipe and mop up a bit, then just let them fall to the floor under the table. “Ready?” She asked as she scooted out of the booth.

“Sure. Where’s the party tonight?” I asked as we walked to the front avoiding the puke puddle being cleaned up by a couple of the waitresses.

“Over at Tara and Lindsey’s apartment near the mall” Terry said “But I may skip it tonight, I’m a little tired now.” She giggled as she paid for the drinks and hot fudge cake we had shared.

“Tired?” I asked incredulously “All that energy an hour ago and now you’re tired?” Damn.. I thought.. still no closer to getting together with her tonight.

“Yeah, Tiptoeing through the tulips makes me tired.” She giggled.

“You mean Tiptoeing through your two lips don’t you?” I smirked.

“Never in my life have I ever heard of a “toe job”…. I thought you were pulling my leg.” She laughed as we walked towards the parking lot.

“Well it was more like you pulling my leg, at least there at the end anyway. “ I grinned.

“Where the hell do you even learn stuff like that anyway?” Terry said as she pulled her car keys out of her purse.

“I just had some very good teachers I guess, inventive, attentive and imaginative. Where there’s a will, there’s a way you know.” I added pulling my own keys out of my pocket and stopping beside her car. I wanted so badly to reach out and pull her into a long tight hug but I knew that we were not there yet despite my having brought her to a silent screaming orgasm with just my right foot and big toe. Terry was still undecided as to her orientation I think, sure she liked girls but she hadn’t made up her mind if she was completely ruling out guys yet. Apparently some could still catch her interest. Another wounded trust perhaps, someone had hurt her in the past, all too common unfortunately, but hey, she knew she had friends, even some guys, like me. Who knows.. maybe someday.

She reached out and rubbed my arm then in a rush she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek then spun around and got in her car as if she were embarrassed by the whole display. Rolling her window down she said bye as she backed out of the parking spot. I yelled after her and said to call me if she ever wants another Toe Job. I could hear her laughing as she drove away. I smiled, sighed and walked on to my car so that I could go on home myself. I had classes that had to be studied for in the morning. I’d be spending most of the day in the university library. As I started my car and put it into gear to drive away I realized that that freaky little Tiny Tim song was running through my head.. “Tip Toe through the Tulips..” Oh Crap!

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