The Titchester Chronicles – The Law Firm (1) by Raazor

Monday – Michelle

Temping at the Titchester Law Firm of McCraddock, Banks, Tolliver and Mead was dull but reasonably well paid. Michelle Leason had been hired three weeks ago to backload old cases onto the new computer systems. Documents needed to be scanned, indexes created, cross-referencing done. Tedious.

Michelle sighed and went to get yet another coffee. It was oddly refreshing and more addictive than normal. She was 22, slim with stylish blondish hair down to her shoulders. Pretty but not stunning. Fresh-faced, open expression, and glasses balanced on a cute snub nose. Michelle was proud of her nose. She was also proud of her long legs (she was 5’6′) and tight bum that always looked good in jeans she thought.

Her immediate boss, and Partner of the firm, was at the coffee machine. Selwyn Mead smiled at her. “Going well?” he asked.

“Very” replied Michelle brightly. She did most things brightly.

“Excellent”. Mead was in his mid-thirties, slightly portly with thin hair and eyes that were faintly piggish. He looked Michelle up and down with frank appraisal. She ignored it.

“Excellent,” he said again and walked off.

Michelle returned to her desk and picked up the next set of files. Her attention was caught by the opening title. ‘Rape Defence Strategy’. Ooh, juicy she thought and started to read. The file wasn’t in order so it took her a while to understand the sequence of events but the strategy as outlined by partners Selwyn Mead and John Banks was straightforward enough. Character assassination of the accuser. They had used Mary Tolliver to help judge the best methods to destroy a girl and Mary had provided a lot of the ideas. Mary was also a senior partner at the firm. A striking woman of mixed race in her late thirties with a confident and assured manner that Michelle had envied the few times they had come into contact.

Michelle quickly skimmed the document and was shocked at the language and brutality it contained.

‘Objectify, objectify, objectify and in the crudest language possible but done so calmly and in a matter of fact way. Use social media to put a different mindset in a girl’s head. Talk to her. If she is young then establish what happened is her fault, she deserved it. She is nothing but a piece of cunt, a piece of meat…

Michelle jolted at the words ‘cunt’ and ‘meat’ and went on skim reading ‘...if they are older, then not only did they deserve the assault but to consider themselves lucky they were fucked‘ Again a jolt. She carried on reading and began to realise this was part of a standard playbook to be used in cases of rape and was solely designed to make the woman doubt herself, her understanding of consent and the consequences of sending out ‘mixed signals’.

Michelle paused at that point. Mead had openly eyed her up earlier and she had ignored it. According to this, her policy of ignoring the appraisal was giving tacit consent to the appraisal. She had never thought of it like that. Was she giving out a signal unconsciously that it was okay to eye her up in a sexual manner?

Michelle wasn’t a prude, a virgin or a slut. She had had two serious boyfriends and several vaguely slutty encounters, trading a feel of her boobs for a drink when she was 17. Minor league fumblings and behaviour.

So how she should she deal with Mead the next time he eyed her up? She was only here on temporary assignment so it wasn’t a long term problem no matter how she handled it. But Michelle shied away from confrontation so how did she get her message across?

Michelle started to organise the file. The accuser dropped the case in the end, citing confusion and uncertainty over what had happened, but Michelle’s mind kept returning to the playbook.

“Finished?” Mead asked

Michelle looked up suddenly and smiled involuntarily. “Almost sir” she replied, then annoyed that she had smiled at him given he was staring at her boobs. She was even more annoyed that her first reaction had been one of pleasure.

“Ah, the Joseman case. An interesting one” Mead chuckled to himself as he picked up the playbook.

“Yes,” said Michelle and then cursed herself again. Would he now think she approved of the firm’s tactics? What did she think of the firm’s tactics? Reprehensible she thought, but uncomfortably aware that she didn’t really feel repulsed.

Mead switched his attention to Michelle’s tits. Her blouse was slightly open and there was only a hint of cleavage yet he was staring anyway. Michelle set her face to stone. 

“You are doing a fine job, Michelle. We are all very pleased with your progress. Mary was very complimentary yesterday.”

Michelle immediately preened and smiled again at Mead who was still staring openly at her tits.

“Thank you, sir,” she said without thinking.

He smiled back at her boobs. “Yes, a good showing. Keep it up” laughing, he put the playbook down and left her desk.

Michelle smiled to herself again all thoughts of stone-faced professionalism forgotten as she hugged the compliment close to her chest. Chest? Confusion played over Michelle’s face. Good showing? Was he referring to her work or her boobs? She went over it again and again in her mind as she drove home. 

Tuesday – The Plan

Michelle lived with her divorced mother Linda. A tall woman with short dark hair and a slender figure that mirrored her daughter’s.

“You okay hun?” she asked Michelle at breakfast.

“Yes” replied Michelle absently. Michelle had spent the evening planning her work outfit. A more conservative blouse, a slightly longer skirt. Flatter heels. This would tell the office where she stood. Nothing but straightforward messages from now on.

Michelle entered the office in triumph. She worked hard. And not once did she get an acknowledgement. No compliments on her work. No smiles. Mead didn’t even look at her. Nothing. Mission accomplished.

Michelle went home deflated and miserable. She had increasingly enjoyed her three weeks at the firm. The work was dull but the people were nice and she had felt better about herself than she had done for a long time. She had even felt sexier and had resumed masturbating. Something she hadn’t done for months after breaking up with Andy.

Sighing Michelle knew at heart she was a friendly soul, always keen to please. Any interaction was better than no interaction she admitted to herself. She wasn’t a high flying career type. She wasn’t a ball-buster like Mary. She was, she thought, more of a ball pleaser.

The expression ‘ball pleaser’ made her giggle and a warm rush flowed through her. Michelle leaned back on the sofa as she watched TV with her mother and decided on a different approach. ‘Ball pleaser’ she thought and welcomed the comfort the words brought her.

Wednesday – Ball Pleaser?

Michelle reverted to her earlier style of dress and unconsciously tweaked it by wearing a bra that raised and flattered her boobs and a shorter skirt than normal. She felt good about herself and sat down at her desk. The playbook was prominent. She frowned as she hadn’t left it there. She absently leafed through it again fascinated by the insight it gave her and the thinking behind it.

‘Rape is a natural expression of a man’s dominance over a woman and something a girl or woman should expect and welcome. Degradation, humiliation, and approval are what every female seeks, consciously or unconsciously, and they only feel complete when they receive it. These acts complete the female. The greatest cruelty is to ignore her. If you ignore her she will return eager to get your attention…” Michelle stopped and glanced down at today’s more revealing cleavage and felt her cheeks burn.

“Very interesting”

Michelle started “What…?”

Mead was staring down at her tits and smiling.

Michelle hesitated and then smiled back “Yes sir” She didn’t know if he was referencing the book or her tits but she went with it anyway.

“You are doing much better today.” Mead continued “We would like to see you keep this up during your time here. Can you do that?”

Again Michelle wasn’t sure if he was referencing her work, her tits or her overall dress but she dutifully replied “I will try to sir”

“Very good” he leaned forward and patted her on the head “you are a pretty girl and its always good to have pretty girls around. If you need advice then Mary will be delighted to help”

Michelle was even redder after the head pat and simply nodded.

“Good pretty girl” and with that Mead turned and left.

Michelle passed the morning in slight confusion. Did she, like the playbook said, want the attention to validate herself? Was her worth solely what others, especially men thought of her? Perhaps because the profanity used was in a legal document she didn’t shy away from the stark words. Men saw her as a piece of cunt. She sort of knew that but had never fully processed it before. She did value their opinion. Did want to please and her pussy was the ultimate means by which she could please a man.

Another partner, John Banks, and a young male associate stopped by her desk for the first time just before lunch.

“I see you got to one of my old cases,” Banks said. He picked up the rape playbook and leafed through it. He pointed out a section to the associate who grinned and turned his attention to Michelle’s tits.

“Not bad,” said the associate.

Banks nodded. “Yeah, Selwyn was right. Not bad at all” They both laughed and walked off.

Michelle said nothing but her flushed cheeks and uncertain smile said enough.

After lunch, Michelle tried to concentrate on work but too many thoughts and ideas were rushing round in her head. Her attention wandered back to the rape playbook and she was forced to admit that it intrigued and aroused her. She picked it up again.

…once we establish a girl is just a piece of meat for a man to pick up, use and discard as he sees fit it is up to the girl (or meat) to attract his attention and receive the pleasure she craves’ Michelle unconsciously fingered a button on her blouse and popped it open ‘…invite a man’s attention by dress and through actions. Smile at him openly, welcome his comments, stand close to him, press yourself against him, touch him on the hand, the arm, be open, warm, and inviting

Michelle looked up. Yes. She did that anyway. It’s just a case of accentuating it more. Building on what came naturally to her. It made sense although she still struggled with describing herself as ‘meat’ or – well – ‘cunt’. Although thinking of herself in those terms did odd things to her tummy.

Mr Mead was walking to the coffee machine. A wild idea grabbed her and she hurried over. Mead was talking to a young female associate. Very pretty, long blonde hair and a tight sweater that emphasised her breasts and a skirt with a long slit in the side. She too was smiling at Mead and was resting her hand lightly on his arm.

Michelle felt inadequate by comparison and just stood there, unsure what to do next. Mead paid her no attention his gaze was fixed on the blonde’s breasts as they chatted work matters. Michelle flushed and then noticed Mead had turned toward her and was now gazing at her boobs with interest. She glanced down and realised she had undone another button so that her tits and bra were visible.

Mead turned to the blonde and as if by unspoken command she turned and left. “Coffee Michelle?” he asked. Michelle smiled a big smile and nodded “Yes please”. He made no move and remained focused on her tits. She took a deep breath and moved closer to the machine so that they pressed together. He suddenly moved his body so that his arm pressed against her breasts. She kept the smile on her face and put the cup in position.

“Always a pleasure bumping into you sir” she ventured, awed by her own daring. “The pleasure is all mine girl” he replied softly. Mead shifted his position again and the back of his hand now rested against the front of her skirt “Most definitely the pleasure is all mine” he said again.

Michelle froze at the pressure of his hand against her groin as the machine spluttered away. She picked up the cup of coffee. “I like to please” she said and touched his arm with her hand and then walked away, her heart almost beating through her chest. You slut she giggled to herself intoxicated by her own daring.

Michelle got to her desk and browsed the playbook whilst sipping her coffee.

Thursday – Oh Definitely a Ball Pleaser

Michelle almost bounded into work the next morning. Her skirt was as short as she dared. Her breasts were perky and her blouse stretched and popped to contain them in her padded bra. Her heels were as high as her spirits and she was eager to make an impression on Mr Mead. She didn’t fancy him or anything gross like that but she felt strangely compelled to please him and his pleasure fed her own.

Mead came down several times to ‘see how she was getting on’. Michelle was getting on fine. She sparkled at him, smiled warmly, rested her hand on his arm and stood so that he could admire her breasts. She basked in his delight. He, in turn, rested his hand wherever he could including her arse. Michelle made no move to stop or child him.

The morning flew by.

The phone buzzed. “My office. Lunch” Mary said crisply and put the phone down before she could reply. Michelle grabbed her handbag and hurried to Mary’s office on the third floor. It was her first time on the 3rd floor. She caught two other associates glancing at her she went by and one made a comment that made his colleague laugh. She flushed again and her stomach was flip-flopping. She kept getting these hot flushes recently and Michelle wasn’t sure why.

“Come” Mary answered after she knocked.

“You made it. Good” Mary said. “Sit down”. Michelle sat.

Mary Tolliver had rich caramel skin tones, stunning black hair and equally black eyes that bored through you. She was large in both chest and hips with long powerful legs. Mary eyed Michelle closely for several moments. “Drink?” Mary tapped the bottle in front of her.

Michelle didn’t but didn’t want to appear rude either. She sipped the drink Mary poured for her. Michelle coughed. “It’s the firm’s inhouse drink with a dash of vodka” smiled Mary “Cross your legs,” she said.

Michelle immediately did so.

“Better. Shows a nice shape and is more pleasing on the eye. Mr Mead is delighted with you. He thinks you have potential. Do you have a potential girl?

“I like to think so Miss Tolliver” replied Michelle eagerly

“Do you know what kind of ‘potential’ he is referring too?” she asked acidly.

Michelle hesitated

“Well its not your tab colour coding skills is it?” continued Mary

Michelle remained silent. She had an inkling as to what skills Mr Mead was referring to.

“Well, girl?”

Michelle reddened.

“So you do know what potential he is referring to” smiled Mary. “How do you feel about that?”

Michelle shrugged “He’s a dirty old man,” she said with a show of defiance.

“Obviously. And you are a slag” said Mary calmly.

Michelle was about to protest and then fell back deflated. She swallowed the rest of her drink. It cleared her mind and she started to relax.

Mary poured Michelle another glass and tapped her teeth with a pen. “What did you think of the rape playbook?”

“It was interesting I suppose,” said Michelle feigning indifference.

Mary consulted the paper in front of her. “On Monday you were given the book. On Tuesday you reverted to a conservative style of dress and were ignored. The next day you were back to normal but leaning towards showing skin. You accosted Mr Mead at the coffee machine and practically rubbed yourself off against him. Today you might as well be walking the streets.” she looked up “I would say the book made an impact wouldn’t you?”

Michelle said nothing. There wasn’t much she could say.

“Did you understand the point of the book?” continued Mary.

“It’s a legal defence strategy”

“No,” said Mary “The case was fictitious. It is more of a firm philosophy. A set of principles which we ascribe too”

“It argued for rape” Michelle burst out.

“Yes. Your point is?

“Well it’s wrong,” said Michelle lamely

“Really? So why after reading it did you started acting like the whore of the year?”

Michelle had no answer to that.

“The book is more subtle than ‘Rape is great’. It may read like a man’s rape charter, because well it is, but it also empowers girls like you. Why are you showing more tit today?” Mary continued. “Well come on girl” as Michelle looked confused. “You are showing more tit because you hated not receiving any attention. You are showing more tit and more leg” Mary glanced down approvingly “because it pleases you to do so and it pleases you because the attention pleases you and you also feed off the pleasure that pleasing others gives you because it gives you a deep satisfaction pleasing others. Its a self-rewarding pleasure loop if you like”

“Oh,” said Michelle barely following but instinctively felt Mary was right. The older woman continued

“The Playbook is geared to men and their needs but it is deeper than that surface message. It also reveals to women the hidden needs they suppress. That need you could not feed on Tuesday but can today. It worked on you after you first rejected it. It encouraged you to embrace your hidden hunger. It has started to liberate you.”

“But rape …” again Mary cut her off. “What about rape?”

“Well… it’s wrong”

Mary shrugged “So Mr Mead wants to stick his dick in you. So what? It’s a perfectly natural thing to do. It will please him. You like to please. Pleasing causes your satisfaction. What’s the problem?”

“I don’t like him much…”

“He wants to fuck you not date or marry you. He is interested in your tits, arse, and cunt. What other use is your cunt for?”

Michelle just gaped at the woman who stated these things so unemotionally. She finished the second drink to give herself time to process the conversation. 

“Look. This firm has a unique underlying philosophy that all employees subscribe too” said Mary in a friendlier tone. “Admittedly some more enthusiastically than others but for a girl like you it may be hard at times but ultimately rewarding. 

“A girl like me?” asked Michelle her curiosity rising

“You give off a vibe. We all give off different vibes. Yours screams ‘can I please you. Please let me please you, I’ll do anything to please you’ ”

“It does?”

“Yes. We can smell it a mile off. Question was. Would you run with it? And you did. You get off on the attention, the pleasing, the realisation someone wants you, maybe even hungers for you. Add in your need to please and it’s an invitation to be taken and used”

Mary fished a credit card out of the drawer. “Take this” she instructed “And buy something more in keeping with who you are. The real you. Stockings not tights. Sexy and revealing. Trashy but only underneath. Try the sex shop for some crotchless panties” she joked “If you want to continue with this firm properly then turn up suitably dressed and your life, your outlook will be changed” Mary paused “And I mean changed. It will be challenging so think long and deep on it and decide tomorrow. If we don’t see you again then just mail the card back, no harm no foul. Okay?”

Michelle took the card uncertainly “Okay”

Mary said “Take the afternoon off for shopping and I’ll see you tomorrow”

Michelle didn’t answer. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t she thought.

Dressing The Part

Michelle looked at the lingerie. Very nice. She felt the thin gossamer fabric. She put it down and moved on carrying her purchases. A thin sheer tight top which she planned to wear with a bra with holes for her nipples so that the fabric teased them throughout the day. The skirt was short but not outrageously and it did have deep slits up the sides so it should show stocking tops if she chose.

The idea for the bra had come when Mary had mentioned crotchless knickers. It titillated Michelle to have something cheap and tacky underneath and underwear with holes sounded ideal. Sex shop here I come she said to herself.

The sex shop wasn’t too bad. The bored girl behind the counter didn’t give her a second look. The three middle-aged men did. Their look was easy to read and Michelle felt slight revulsion but again a worm of pleasure squirmed deep inside her. Michelle wondered if she was ill.

Michelle hurried over to the lingerie section and started looking at the outfits. Cheap, scratchy and obscene. Perfect. Mr Mead would be pleased. Oh, why did she keep thinking about him? She choose two outfits. First was red with more holes than fabric. The second was black and pink. A g string and a bra that didn’t cover her breasts but rather just pushed them out and up with nipples pointing out like gun turrets. She had purchased some stockings elsewhere but she chose some fishnets and cheap garter belts to go with the sex shop underwear.

“You’d look really sexy in that shit,” a voice said. One of the men had wandered over, no all three had wandered over to watch her buy knickers. Only one spoke. He grinned. Fortyish, paunch and crooked teeth.

Michelle’s stomach flipped and she felt damnably hot again. She forced a smile. “Thank you,” she said.

He grabbed one of the sets and started fingering the red knickers. “Fancy modelling these for me?” he said, still grinning. Her willingness to engage had emboldened him further. Michelle had no idea what to say. She just smiled. They were hidden from the girl at the counter and the other two men were watching intently. “I’ll pay for them. You model them. Deal?” crooked teeth offered.

“What?” Michelle finally croaked. What the hell was she saying? She knew she was in danger of being swept along by events. The book had opened her up to dangerous new ideas and concepts. The talk with Mary. Her increased libido. She was no longer in full control. And then it hit her. She liked having less control. Oh my god, she thought. This is madness!

“At the back there are booths. We can do what we like in there” he leered. The other two men nodded agreement enjoying the situation and hoping for a piece of what could be a promising afternoon.

“What would I have to do?” she heard a strange voice saying. It was her voice. Oh my fucking god, she screamed in her head.

“We’ll all chip in to get the gear for a bit of show and tell,” one of the other men said. Crooked teeth hesitated and then nodded. He handed over some cash to tall, thin man who took her choices to the counter. Crooked teeth started pushing Michelle toward the back. Mutely Michelle went along and through a curtain to be faced by a row of booths.

“You watch pornos in them” crooked teeth explained. He chose the end booth and pushed her inside blocking the entrance with his bulk. He placed his hand on her arse and squeezed. She trembled a little which excited him further. “I kind of hope you don’t enjoy this but I damn sure will,” he said.

His words strangely calmed Michelle. She wasn’t required to perform or anything. They just wanted to look at her she reasoned. She could cope with that, She half smiled and said “I hope you do enjoy it. That would be nice” and as she said this she knew she meant it.

Crooked teeth laughed. “That’s cute. You have a name?”

Michelle pondered and then said, “Just call me slut”. She shivered when she said this. Just saying it was hot. It had been one of the many degrading references in the book. It felt better to have that name to hide behind. She was no longer Michelle.

This caught him by surprise. He started to fondle himself through his trousers. “Fuck me. Fuck, fuck, fuckkk” he panted “Get your tits out” He stood back to give her room. The other two looking over his shoulder. Tall, thin man handed the purchased garments to Michelle. “Becky said we have to behave. Nothing out of order. And she wants £40” he added to his companions.

Crooked teeth grunted and all three watched as Michelle started to artlessly unbutton her blouse.

Michelle had never done anything close to a striptease before and figured there was no point starting now so she just took off her blouse, which she folded and put on the seat as three men panted in unison watching as this nice, ordinary girl undress for them. “She says to call her slut,” crooked teeth said absently.

“Fucking Christ” tall, thin man said. Michelle thought the third guy was going to have a heart attack the way his eyes bulged.

“Let’s see your tits” Crooked teeth gasped again. He pulled down his zipper and freed his fat, short cock. It was Michelle’s turn to look wide-eyed as his angry-looking member glared at her. She heard other zippers going down and then unclasped her bra.

Michelle’s breasts were firm if small but big enough for her appreciative audience. Her nipples were hard indicating her arousal and the gasps of pleasure they bought from all three made her feel warm inside. Her confidence growing she started to fondle her own breasts and tease her nipples. “You like my titties?” she whispered. She was getting into character.

“Fucking A” tall, thin man said. Bulging eyes just nodded and crooked teeth was furiously beating his cock.

Michelle pulled and tweaked her nipples suggestively for them. She was starting to enjoy herself. “Flash us your cunt” crooked teeth said. Michelle hesitated and realised if he came it would go over her skirt. “Hang on,” she said slipping off her skirt and adding it neatly to the blouse and covering it with her plastic bags. Michelle pulled down her knickers to reveal her smooth, bald, wet pussy. “Damn I can smell your cunt juice” crooked teeth moaned, with that, he tugged a few more times and spurted over Michelle’s belly. Instinctively Michelle stepped back as the warm jizz splattered over her but in a porno booth there was nowhere to go. Michelle just looked at the man’s cum on her belly as it dribbled down to her pussy.

Crooked teeth grinned “Well you are definitely a slut,” he stuffed his cock back in his pants, straightened himself and headed for the exit. The other two just looked at Michelle, cocks in hand wondering what to do next.

So this is me. A slut Michelle thought to herself. I’m naked in a porno booth with a strange man’s cum on me and two other guys looking at me. Worse of all she was enjoying the situation. She looked up and smiled at them. “Do you want to cum?” she asked. They nodded dumbly.

The tall, thin man shuffled forward until his cock was almost touching her belly. He stared at her pert tits and began to jack off. Michelle looked down at his cock and started to murmur encouragement.

“Jerk that dick for me” she cooed softly “Spunk over me, make me your slut” He moaned “You’re a fucking slag” he gasped and then let his load spill over her belly and the tops of her legs. Oddly he missed her pussy she noticed.

Just as crooked teeth did he shoved his cock back in his pants and made a hasty exit. Bulging eyes man bulged a bit more and Michelle beckoned him forward. “My name is Keith” he blurted. “And I’m slut” she replied and on impulse, she kissed him on the cheek. “Where would you like to cum on me?” she asked

“Your face and tits,” said Keith his cock twitching.

Obediently Michelle got to her knees on the cold concrete floor and his surprisingly big cock stared back at her. He started to work it slowly “Finger your cunt hole” he grunted. Michelle did as she was told, letting his words direct her, and slid her finger into pussy. Her wetness and the ease with which she slipped in one, two, then three fingers surprised her and she savoured the slurping sound as she finger fucked herself. Judging by Keith’s reaction he was enjoying it too and it wasn’t long before a hot stream covered her face and hair.

Blinking furiously as one eye was gummed up she heard Keith moaning with contentment. Finally managing to clear her eye she looked down. “You missed my tits” she smiled. Keith smiled too.

“Thanks for that” he hesitated and added almost shyly, “slut”

She looked up at him and said “Yes I am”

“Can I take a photo of your spread pussy?” he asked “As a memento” he added.

Michelle nodded, stood and spread her legs and her pussy.

“So lovely” he muttered as his phone flashed away.

“Switch to video” Michelle breathed. “Keep it pointed at my pussy”

Keith fumbled and did so. Michelle cooed. “My name is… Jane and I loved getting covered in Keith’s lovely spunk today. Lots of sticky love, yours, Jane”

Keith looked like he was going to pass out with pleasure. “Thank you, thank you ” he enthused. He tidied himself up then looked expectantly at Michelle. She nodded her consent and he scuttled out.

Michelle wiped herself down and then settled on the bench. She felt a strong urge to cum but resisted it and finally roused herself and got dressed. She didn’t want the release just yet. She wanted to keep hold of that excited, crazy feeling inside her for the time being.

Becky looked at Michelle as she made her way to the front of the shop and beckoned Michelle over.

“For you”, Becky handed Michelle £20. “Keith left a little extra for you. Think he liked you” grinned Becky. Michelle took the money and suddenly realised she had just prostituted herself. The outfits hadn’t really counted but getting money to be splattered with cum? Shock and then a pleasurable heat spread through her. She had pleased a man so much he had paid her! Michelle remained rooted to the floor in wonder.

“Hey, they didn’t fuck you did they?” Becky frowned.

Michelle shook her head. “Just cum over me” she volunteered. Why was she telling the girl this?

Becky nodded “You clean up?”


Becky looked pleased. “Two things. Keith left a number” Becky handed over a scrap of paper “and you have spunk in your hair”

“I know” Michelle sighed and walked out of the shop clutching Keith’s number.

Next: Friday and the 3rd Floor

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