The tiny Asian prepares herself for the US student exchange program

First thing first, yes, I am over 18!!

Now getting back to our story. In 2 weeks I will come to the US in order to take part in a student exchange program. My mommy and daddy are so proud of their smart girl, but they don’t know my true intentions.

I always been that nerdy girl with A+ on every subject in school, I always worked hard to make my parents proud and to become a doctor, and I am proud of it. But, at the same time, I always had a big passion for porn videos. Like, totally addicted. After studying for hours I used and still use to masturbate from time to time. And this passion for porn videos opened my eyes and now I literally became a nympho. I’m horny all the time, I imagine sex scenarios with every guy at my University. Heck, even with some teachers (40-50 years old guys). I would love to try every size and form.

Now going to the main point of this story: I started preparing for the US sizes. As you know, here, in Asia we are used to smaller… you know… penises. And how do you think I started to prepare? I went to a sex shop (the cringiest experience of my life) and asked the guy about 8 inches dildos. He looked a little bit sus at me, thinking that I wasn’t 18, but I showed him my tattoos and the ID and everything was good.

Then, I went home with the dildo in my bag. I felt like a kid who received his first PlayStation. Awesome feeling. When I entered the house my heart rate was something close to 200 because I was so afraid my mom or dad would find out about my little special weapon. But guess what, they weren’t home.

I unboxed my little beautiful toy (not really little lol), I selected a porn vid (this took like half an hour), I got wet and I tried to stick it into you know, my coochie. It just didn’t fit. I spit on it, still nothing. Looked around and saw a lipgloss of mine. Used this for a while, I thought this would work as a warm-up for that huge thing. Nearly got distracted and finished the work with that little lipsgloss haha. But then I tried again with that huge thing… still nothing, I just couldn’t fit that enormous dildo into my tiny pussy. I just continued using my fingers, because I was so horny I just wanted to cum. I had 2 orgasms and tried to make myself forget about what just happened and how I may risk not being able to have sex in the US.

Now guys, please tell me, how do I deal with it? Should I stretch my pussy or should I just find partners with normal sized penises? I always dreamed of having sex at least once with a BBC and now I can’t even use a dildo…

I will keep you updated, I promise!

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