The time you brought me lunch

You’re bringing me lunch today but I have other plans. I put on the outfit I planned – a long button up shirt with only a lacy bra underneath. I leave a few buttons undone so you can see my cleavage. My legs and pussy are smooth and I struggle to keep my fingers away from my clit. I’m so excited to see you.

You let me know you’re here and I come open the door for you. You didn’t know what to expect, but this is the most undressed you’ve ever seen me. We’ve kissed and held each other, you’ve had your hand wrapped around my throat, but we’ve never gone farther. We’ve spent a month sending videos and cumming together over the phone and the tension is unbearable.

I reach up to hug your neck and you wrap your arms around me. I don’t pull away, I just turn my head to find your lips. Your hands slide down to my ass. The shirt has come up and you can feel my skin. You make a noise that sounds like a growl and a moan and kiss me hard. I reach down and finally feel your dick. I’ve been wanting to for so long and you are already so hard for me. You don’t know it yet, but I’m soaking wet for you.

I stop before we go any further and get down on my knees in front of you. It’s time to take the picture we’ve been planning to take and I tell you so. You pull your phone out and I put my face so close to the imprint of your hard dick in your pants. I put my hands behind my back like they’re tied to help resist the urge to pull it out. You’re ready and I look up at you and lick your dick through your pants. I see how excited you are and I put my mouth on the head and exhale deeply so you can feel how hot my mouth is. I want to taste you so much, but we have boundaries. I feel you push against my mouth and I can’t take it anymore.

I tell you to go sit on the sofa behind us and you obey. I crawl over to you so that I’m between your legs but not touching you at all. I look up at you and tell you to take your dick out for me. You obey again and I finally see your beautiful cock in person. I moan just at the sight and you’re about to wrap your hand around it, but I tell you not to. You look frustrated, but you do what I say. I’m not supposed to touch it either. I finally reach between my legs and find my pussy dripping wet. I moan as I push two fingers inside myself. All you can do is watch and throb. I make sure my fingers are nice and wet and then I stand up and straddle you, making sure my pussy stays far away from your big hard dick. I tell you to open your mouth and I put my wet fingers inside and tell you to suck them. You do and the sight and sensation overwhelm me. I lean in and kiss you while you suck my pussy juice off my fingers. I thrust my hips towards you, wanting so badly to just sit on your hard cock. But we have boundaries. I push my pussy closer anyway and your eyes meet mine quickly. I tell you I’m not gonna put it in. But I do press my lips against your shaft, getting it wet and relieving some of my need. I hump against you a little, but you tell me I have to stop before you fuck me. I can tell you’re struggling not to just shove your dick inside me.

So I stand up off you and sit on the floor, my legs spread wide, the shirt pulled up so you can see my pussy. I tell you that you can start jerking off for me. You watch as my fingers move to my clit, dip between my lips and move back to my clit. Your pretty dick is in your hand and you’re stroking so slow. You tell me how good I tasted and how much you wanna bury your face in my pussy. I am so tempted to let you suck on my clit. But we have boundaries. I tell you no and that you cannot cum until I say so and when you do, I want you to cum all over me. You make another growly moan and nod.

I fuck myself hard with my fingers while I tell you all the ways I want you to fuck me. I tell you I’m about to cum but you are not allowed to cum yet. I cum so hard and some of my juice drips down my ass onto the floor. You have to take your hands off your dick so you don’t cum. I am still so horny for you. I tell you to stand up over me and you do, your dick just inches from my face. I see the head is almost dripping precum. I tell you to put it on your fingers and feed it to me. I know this is dangerous. I know I’m gonna want to put your dick in my mouth. You rub your precum onto your fingers and then push them into my mouth. I suck so greedy, sucking like your fingers are your dick. My hand is back on my clit, rubbing hard. Your other hand is wrapped around your dick, you can’t resist jerking it. I know you’re gonna cum soon so I unbutton my shirt all the way and undo my bra so that I’m completely naked beneath you. If I can’t have your cum deep inside me, I want it all over my body.

I put my fingers back in my pussy and fuck myself hard. You moan and ask me if you can cum. Please. Please let me cum all over you. I tell you yes, daddy, give me all your cum. I’m cumming too as I feel your hot cum shoot onto my tits and drip down all over me. You look spent. I look up and see just a little cum still on your dick and I can’t resist. I lean forward and lick just the tip of your dick and suck the cum into my mouth. You look almost angry. I know it’s a mean tease. And since we’re here and obviously I just broke a boundary, I put my mouth back and take your whole dick in my mouth. As much as I can fit. You’re still so hard. You taste amazing and I can’t stop sucking you. You start to fuck my mouth and I am rubbing my clit again. It doesn’t take long for you to announce that you’re cumming again. You ask if I want it down my throat and I nod as best I can. I don’t want to stop sucking you. You thrust hard into my mouth and cum and I swallow every bit of it.

You look down and see I’m still fingering my pussy and writhing, needing to cum again. You tell me again how much you wanna taste me. I tell you to get down there and suck my clit. You sure? You ask so politely. I tell you, eat my fucking pussy right now and make me cum. You’re immediately between my legs. You move my fingers from inside me and replace them with your own. Yours are thicker and I moan as they stretch me out. You put your mouth on my clit, licking and sucking. My hands are in your hair and I’m thrusting into your fingers and your mouth begging you to make me cum. I’m close and I ask for your permission like a good girl. You nod and fuck my pussy hard and fast. I cum all over your fingers, soaking them and your mouth and the floor.

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