The time we 24[m] 24[f] (at the time) had sex on the balcony and all over the house

A couple of years ago my gf and I were housesitting and saw that one of our favorite lesser known musicians was performing a couple hours away. I got us tickets and offered to be the DD to save money on Ubers and so she could go as crazy as she wanted. I was ready and waiting for her to leave when she came downstairs a short black croptop with nothing underneath and her nipples poking through, a tight little skirt, and fishnets. I was getting horny just looking at her. On the drive to the venue she pulled her beautiful c cup tits out and was taking pictures for me and teasing the other drivers as we went by. She kept rubbing my dick through my jeans telling me “oh you’re in for one tonight” before going back to taking pictures for me.

when we got to the venue it was surprisingly small and it was clear that the dance floor was going to be pretty tight. She ordered herself a few drinks and a handful of shots in the first hour we were there and it was clear that they were hitting. She was starting to grind on me hard, flash me, and twerk out in the open. Soon, she noticed a group of girls watching us dance who she thought were hot and struck up a conversation. Soon, she was dancing with these girls, taking turns on who she was with. She had clearly picked a favorite and they started feeling each other up and making out. At one point, my girl was dancing on me with the other girl in front of her dancing on her. I kissed my girl’s neck and teased her pussy under her skirt as she slapped the other girl’s ass and played with her tits. The group of girls wound up needing to leave early and came to grab their friend. A quick kiss goodbye and a motorboat each way and she was gone.

Now, we are both really horny and the set is wrapping up. We left and when we got to my car, my gf immediately pulled my dick out and started sucking giving me roadhead on the ride home. Every so often she would stop to play with her pussy, she would rub her clit and finger herself before pulling her finger out and sticking it in my mouth to give me a taste of what was to come – fuck I love how her pussy tastes.

We finally got back the place we were housesitting and my gf decides I need to get to her level of drunkness and begins pouring me drinks (after getting naked of course). As I’m slowly getting drunker and drunker, she took out her phone and started flipping through some porn for us to watch. I don’t remember what we landed on but I know we watched a few different things. Once I was good and drunk and we couldn’t hold back our horniness anymore, she got up and ran upstairs. I chased after her watching her amazing ass jiggle and caught her as we playfully fell onto the bed.

We started making out hard, lots of tongue, lip biting, and light choking. I then grabbed the blindfold and put it on her before tossing an ice cube in my mouth and tracing all over her body. I eventually made my way to her delicious pussy and started eating it like I was starving and didn’t know when I would get to eat again. After about 10min, I plunge two fingers in while sucking and licking her clit like a madman and she came so hard and loud I thought she might wake up the neighbors. I pulled off the blindfold and she went straight to doggy, shaking her ass in my face. I grabbed one of her arms behind her back and slowly started fucking her and slapping her ass. Her moans were so sexy but she knew I was holding back by going slow and only giving her the first few inches. I asked her if she thought she deserved the rest and said “yes baby, I’m YOUR slut so please fuck me like one”. I ramped it up and went balls deep into her tight little pussy as she screamed in pleasure. I started fucking her harder and harder and she told me she “fuck baby fuck, keeping fucking me like that with that thick dick and full balls slapping my clit fuck baby fuck”. Soon, she cumming and screaming my name as her pussy creamed all over my cock. She got up, out of breath and said “your turn”. I replied “I’ll decide that, and I say it’s still your turn. go get yourself on the balcony and play with your pussy until I get there”. As always, she listened.

I grabbed a few toys and went out to the front facing balcony to see her moonlit body sprawled out and her begging for me to keep fucking her hard. I had her so that her lower back was on the railing of the balcony (with something under her for comfort of course), my arms wrapped tightly around her and her legs wrapped around me (so she wouldn’t fall). I began fucking her as hard as I could and she was leaving tracks so deep in my back that we later discovered I was fully bleeding from (lol, whoops). Watching her tits bounce in moonlight was a sight I’ll never forget. After a bit of this, I picked her up and moved her over to the couch on the balcony for some standing missionary. I pulled out a small/medium sized jeweled butt plug (normally it is too big for her but she loves it when she’s drunk) and her favorite bunny vibrator. After she sucked on the plug to get it wet, I slid it into her at the same time as I slid my cock back into her pussy and her eyes rolled back into her head as she let out her loudest “oh fuckkkkk” yet. I looked around and noticed that a few of the neighbors now had lights on in their houses – when we first got out there, everything was completely dark. I told her that we must be putting on one hell of a show and fucked her with one leg over each of my shoulders. She used one hand to hold the vibrator on her clit and the other to reach up and choke and slap me. I returned the favor as I choked her and slapped her tits and she came one more time, this time leaving quite the mess for us to clean up off this balcony in the morning. I kept fucking her until I was super close to cumming, pulled out, and covered her tits. “Damn baby that one had some velocity to it” she said as we burst out laughing.

We got up and saw even more lights on around us and scurried inside to shower and fall asleep with her head on my chest.

Let me know what you think and if there are things you think we should either write about or try and then write about!

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