The Time I Played a Hotwife For My Ex [MMF]

“He’ll be here in a few minutes. How do I look?”

Smirking, I did a slow circle for the man I had traveled hundreds of miles just to see. Freshly showered, smelling of vanilla from the cocoa butter I had applied head to toe, and clad in thigh high fishnets and lacy black lingerie, the question was rhetorical. I knew I looked amazing.

“Fucking delicious. He’s a lucky guy.” He walked behind me, sliding his arms around my waist and trailing soft kisses down my neck in appreciation. I was cucking him (him being Andrew, my ex-boyfriend) that night for the first time in person, and he was going to film the whole thing so I could use it to humiliate him whenever I wanted. He gets off on the idea he can’t please me, so I need to slut around. And I love fucking other men. It was a perfect match

Andrew and I dated for two sex-filled, kinky years. A couple of those months he was away at college, so we agreed to an open relationship. Until one night, a hookup pushed me into calling Andrew and making him listen to us having sex. What started as anger over that call morphed into a kink, which he had come to accept by the time we reconnected ten years later. For two years now, I had sent pictures and videos of other men using me to drive him crazy, and get him off. In person though, it was completely different. Being able to make eye contact, his presence right there in the room, being on display from start to finish just for him…yes, definitely different, but even hotter. During my visit we’d agreed to act as though we were engaged, refer to each other as such, and see if this is something we both wanted. Permanently.

Pushing my ass teasingly against his jeans, I felt the hard shape of the cage I’d locked his cock in a few minutes earlier. “What kind of man watches his fiancé get fucked by a stranger with a big cock and enjoys it?” I mocked, still grinding against him. “Not a man. A cuck.” He practically moaned, his hands on my waist gripping tighter at the cruel words. “That’s right. Now stop touching me and go sit down” I ordered. He immediately let go, heading to the chair we’d placed next to the bed. “You’re lucky I let you have me today at all. And you never even thanked me.” I stared at him, eyebrows raised, waiting.

“I’m sorry. Thank you for letting me fuck you” he said quickly, looking slightly alarmed. I scoffed, still displeased. ” Thank you WHAT?” He paused, then with his head down, looking ashamed, he responded, “Thank you Mistress.” I nodded. “Good cuck. Don’t make me remind you again.” I turned and left the room, my excitement building. Submission is usually what I went for, but I agreed to try to play this part for him. To be a cruel, taunting, teasing Domme while in the scene, then revert back to my normal self and check in to make sure it went well.

Heading to the bathroom, I stopped in front of the mirror to double check my reflection, fluffing my black curls again. Full of nervous energy, I picked up my phone, rereading the messages I had exchanged with the man I was meeting tonight. The guy I’d found, Brandon, was my usual type. Cute, average build, a few tattoos, and hung. He was into exhibitionism, and had no problem being filmed, which led to him being chosen first out of the flood of messages in response to my ad. A new message popped up, stopping my scrolling. “I’m parking now. Are you coming out to greet me or is your husband?” I turned to leave the bathroom, typing back, “My husband. I’ll tell him to go let you in.”

I hadn’t realized I was practically sprinting back to the bedroom until I skidded to a halt in front of Andrew, heart thumping. I was actually doing this. “He’s here. Now remember, you’re not involved in any way except filming, and as soon as he cums inside me, I expect your face in my pussy to clean up the mess. Is that clear?” He nodded once, paused, then added “Yes Mistress. I understand.” Satisfied he remembered to answer properly, I rewarded him with a smile. “Good. Now go let in the man who’s having me tonight instead of you.” I sat on the bed, watching him get up and head to the door. I had been been filmed while being fucked multiple times but tonight I was making a full blown porno. Just another thing to cross off my personal slut list.

On edge, I paced before going to stand in the entryway to wait for them, trying not to fidget. Minutes later, Andrew reappeared with Brandon, who stopped short when he saw me. “Damn girl. I don’t even know where to start.” His eyes roamed hungrily over the sight before him as he kicked his shoes off, then strode towards me. He looked every bit like his pictures, which was a relief. Sliding one hand around my waist to pull me against him and the other in my hair, he pulled my head back, forcing me to look up into his eyes. “You want my cock baby?” My breath hitched as the feel of his body and the delicious scent of him washed over me. I wanted him more than anything. “Yes…please.” It came out low, needy. He nodded. “Then let’s go.”

He released me and I grabbed his hand, glancing back briefly at my pretend fiancé, a silent order to follow. Nodding, Andrew fell in step behind us, letting me lead. Arriving at the bedroom, Brandon took charge right away. “Get on your knees. I want to know how those lips feel.” I took a few more steps into the room and stopped in front of the bed, noticing Andrew back away and pull his phone out, angling it as discreetly as possible towards us. I lowered myself to my knees, watching as Brandon took off his shirt, tossing it aside. He strode in front me, then gestured to his pants. “Undo them.” Practically shaking from what I was about to do, I slowly undid the button and zipper, pulling down his jeans and underwear until his cock sprung free, already hard. It was lightly veined and thick. He would stretch me nicely.

Rolling my tongue around the tip slowly, I looked up to watch his reaction. Quiet sounds of satisfaction floated down to me, as though encouraging me to continue. Getting comfortable, I began to take him in my mouth, easing in until his cock was pressing against the back of my throat. Gagging a bit, I enjoyed the velvety smooth feeling of him filling me, before pulling away with a gasp for air. There was no way I could take it all, even with being experienced in deepthroating but I would try. Locking my lips around his shaft I started sucking in a steady rhythm. Feeling hands in my hair, I looked up, seeing Brandons eyes locked on me, his mouth open as he panted between moans. So far, so good.

I picked up the pace, determined to show him what a good slut I am. I sensed Andrew getting closer, hovering over us to get every saliva slicked glide of Brandons cock in my mouth. Pulling away to catch my breath, I dipped my head down to run the tip of my tongue over his balls, being rewarded with a “Fuck!” I pulled him back in my mouth, taking him nearly to the base until I gagged again, harder this time. The faint taste of precum hit my tongue, slightly musky but delicious. Coming up for air, I licked the underside of his shaft, the wet, meaty weight of his cock against my cheek.

The hands resting in my hair turned to fists as Brandon yanked, forcing me to stand. “Are you trying to make me cum already?” I shook my head no, my face damp with deepthroat spit, already missing the feel of him on my lips. “Good. Because I haven’t even felt that pussy yet. Take that-” He gestured to my lingerie “-off and get on the bed.” With a quick snap and tug I quickly pulled the lacy one piece off, leaving me naked except for the thigh highs. His sudden roughness had shaken but excited me, adding urgency to his demand. Andrew followed as I climbed on the bed, phone pointed down at me. I briefly wondered if I looked as slutty to him as I felt at that moment.

“Those tits…” Brandon muttered, something like awe in his voice. Settling between my legs, his lips found one nipple, then the other, alternating at random, the bars running through them clacking against his teeth. His other hand kneaded and tugged roughly at the one not in his mouth, sending shocks of pain and pleasure through me. “God I could bury myself in these. So fucking huge” he muttered, squeezing my tits together. I squirmed under his assault, small whimpers escaping whenever his teeth would press too hard, not daring to tell him to be more gentle. I looked over, catching Andrew’s eye in the dimly lit room. He smiled widely, as though in assurance that he was more than enjoying himself.

Just when I was about to beg for him to fuck me, Brandon finally switched gears.”Now let’s see how you taste” He teased, sliding down my body and spreading my legs wide. Wrapping his hands firmly around my thighs to keep me still, he gave one long, leisurely lick over my pussy lips. At my low moan, he buried his face deep, flicking his tongue quickly across my clit. I felt more than heard him say, “Mmmmm. As sweet as you look.” He followed his praise with more long licks from my dripping entrance to my clit. I slid a hand in his reddish brown hair, enjoying the softness and glanced down. Brandon looked perfect at this angle. If I had my way, he would be there every day of my trip. And that tongue!

One finger, then two slid inside me, angling up to find and stroke my g-spot, making me arch and cry out. The hand still on my thigh grew firmer, trying to hold me still as I bucked against his face. He was good, so good, and I forgot the camera as my mind melted in pleasure. The combination of his tongue and fingers was perfect, pushing me towards the release I desperately needed. The wet sloshing sounds of my pussy reached my ears as Brandon tried and failed to force another finger in. Even soaking as I was, I was too tight. My voice climbed higher and my moans turned to cries as he nipped my clit with his teeth..”I’m so close, fuck yes please don’t stop!” I pleaded.

Another few strokes of his tongue and twist of his fingers, and finally, I was cumming.The orgasm hit me hard, making me lock my thighs around his head and ride his face until the wave passed. Senseless,I let myself sink into the bed. Out of all of the men I’ve been with (and there were lots) I’ve never cum that fast. With a small laugh, Brandon covered me, leaning down for a kiss. Our tongues mingled, the taste of my pussy from his lips intoxicating. I had soaked him, evidenced by the sticky wetness I could feel on my face, and the thick string that stretched between us when he pulled away. Leaning back, he cupped a breast and kneaded softly as though thinking about something. Finally, he said, “I want to play with these tits while I’m inside you. Ride me?”

Drifting in a post orgasmic haze, I carefully switched places with him and grabbed his cock, shifting until it lined up with my pussy. After a few teasing rubs I began to sink down, moaning as he slowly stretched me. He felt divine, one of biggest ones I’d had in awhile. Once I had taken as much as I could, I began bouncing carefully, mindful of his thickness and length. I couldn’t help but clench around him, enjoying how hard he was. I sensed movement behind me, letting me know Andrew was still filming, and probably loving every second of it.

Brandon only let me ride for a few minutes before grabbing my hips and picking up the pace, slamming in and out of me. “Yes baby, yes fuck me” escaped my lips, the slapping of skin on skin overtaking the sounds of pleasure we were making. He bottomed out everytime, making me cry out and cling to him, trying to take it all. I leaned forward a bit, bracing my hands on his chest as best I could, savoring the feeling. I’d forgotten how good being stretched out felt. Thinking about his size suddenly made me remember my role and why I was doing this in the first place. Well, one of the reasons. I tried to focus on forming words, the pleasure nearly overwhelming.

“His cock is so much bigger than yours.” I managed, emphasizing the words with a long, pleasure filled moan, struggling to catch my breath between thrusts. “I’ll never be satisfied with you after feeling him.” A sharp exhale by my right shoulder let me know my cruelty had its intended effect. I wasn’t lying. My ‘fiance’ wasn’t nearly as well endowed, and we both knew I had never made these sounds for him. I felt the bed shift as Andrew eased on it to get even closer, probably angling the camera just right to watch Brandon sinking into me balls deep.

“Her pussy is tight isn’t it?” My head snapped up at Andrew’s words, surprised he was breaking one of the rules we had laid out. He was supposed to be a silent observer, nothing more. “Hell yes! She keeps squeezing and it’s fucking amazing.” Brandon replied, never losing pace as he kept fucking me. I debated for a second, then decided against, telling Andrew to be quiet, vowing to deal with my ‘fiance’ later. I could barely form sentences anymore as Brandon had his way with me, and I didn’t want him to stop for anything.

Instead, I leaned down to kiss Brandon hard, being rewarded with his tongue seeking mine. I knew it bothered Andrew when I kissed my hookups too much. To my surprise, his brutal pace slowed, becoming more sensual as our mouths moved against each other. Waves of warmth spread through me at his more deliberate motions, giving the raw sex an edge of intimacy. A soft, envious sounding sigh from behind me let me know my action had its intended effect.

Breaking the kiss after several long minutes, Brandon gave his next order. “Lay on the edge of the bed and spread your legs wide. I want your husband to see your face while you take this dick.” I nodded, giving one last teasing grind before moving off of him. I gave Andrew a quick look as I moved, trying to convey “Shut up and film’ but I don’t think it worked. Because as soon as I was on my back and Brandon was sinking in me again, he was making more comments. “God, look how creamy she is” Andrew observed, camera pointed directly between my legs.“Yeah, she’s really loving this.” Brandon replied, pulling one of my legs over his shoulder and starting to drill me deep. If I thought the last position was amazing, this one was even more so.

“Look at how her tits shake” Brandon moaned, Andrew’s response of, “She’s always looked good taking dick” encouraged me to arch harder so my chest was even more prominent. Another stretch of nothing but sounds of sex and moans, then “Yeah she does. And you love it don’t you?” Brandon grabbed my other leg and pulled me closer, fucking me even more forcefully to emphasize his words. “Yes, I love your cock!”’ I managed, willing to say anything as long as he kept going. More comments on how good I sucked dick, wondering if I would be ‘lent out’ again, and other lewd remarks floated over my head as the men praised and teased me.

“I can cum in her right?” Brandon eventually asked, fully treating me now as though I was just a toy Andrew was letting him play with. “Oh for sure. She loves creampies.” he responded, the deep tone of his voice betraying just how turned on he was. Taking a creampie had been in the plan all along, so he could eat it out of me while I degraded him. And he was so close to fulfilling one of his most wanted fantasies. “Yes, cum inside me!” I broke in, looping a leg around Brandons waist to pull him closer. With a low moan, he pushed as deep as he could, pulsing rhythmically as he filled me. I looked for Andrew, wanting to share the moment with him, and found him to my right, eyes roving over us locked together. Then we were quiet, only the sound of heavy breathing filling the silence.

Brandon finally broke it, asking “Mind if I use your shower before I leave?” Andrew nodded, inhaling sharply and staring as I lowered my legs and Brandon pulled out, a rush of cum flowing out to stain the bed. “It’s just down the hall. Towels and washcloths in the closet” he finally said. With a nod and smile at me, Brandon collected his clothes, then disappeared. As soon as the shower started, I carefully maneuvered back on the bed, laying in the middle and spreading my legs wide.“Come here and clean me up like a good little cuck” I ordered.

Within seconds, Andrew was between my legs, slurping and licking, trying to catch every drop spilling out of me. His touch was almost too much, my pussy still sensitive from the pounding it had just taken, but I tried to hold still. “That’s it” I whispered, moving to grip his head in my hands “I want to be completely clean by the time that shower goes off.” A low moan was my only answer as his efforts redoubled, licking frantically. I knew he wouldn’t be able to get it all, but the panic as he tried was fun to watch and felt nice. “He was one of the best men I’ve ever had. I should just let him use me my whole trip and keep you locked up. What do you say to that?” Another moan, and then, “Whatever will please you Mistress.” I smiled to myself, enjoying the power I had over him.

Too soon the sounds of water on tile stopped, and I tapped Andrews head, signaling to him that I was satisfied. Sitting up and wiping his face, Andrew smiled. “I love you.” The fact he was saying it after everything that transpired set me at ease. I had been secretly worried he would have regrets, but everything had gone as planned. Nodding, I responded, “I love you too. Now go show Brandon out, thank him for pleasing your wife, and come back. I need to punish you for stepping out of line and talking to him.” With a dejected sigh, he turned and headed towards the door, leaving his phone on the bed. Curious, I scooped it up, tapping play on the video. Heat filled my face as I watched myself get on my knees and slowly start sucking Brandon. ‘Is this really how I look?’ I marveled. Slutty, sensual, eager. I was getting turned on all over again.

Lost in the images before me, I jumped a bit at a small laugh coming from the doorway. I looked up to see Andrew standing there watching. “You were amazing” he said, coming over to look at the video over my shoulder. Seeing myself start to strip, I handed the phone back. Yes, Brandon would have to visit again before I left. “Change of plans” I announced, biting my lip in thought. “You’re going to eat me out until I cum. And while you’re doing that, I’m going to look for the next man. I’m horny again, and I know you don’t expect me to fuck you do you?” Order given, I laid back, grabbing my phone from the nightstand, feeling him follow me onto the bed obediently.

Day one had been a success. If the rest of this trip went the same, this could be my life.

And I couldn’t be happier.

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