The Time I made her come by telling her how I would rape her (TW: Rape Fantasy. No actual rape)

This was about four or five years ago. I was just a normal white guy in Japan. late thirties, a little better looking than average probably. She was a Japanese teacher (we started out as language exchange partners). She was also in her late thirties and had an average face but a very good body. Our relationship started out platonically but she would flirt very overtly. I was not super attracted to her but one night she asked me to take her to a bar and after a few drinks I was kind of more open to hooking up. I also noticed that any time I touched her she would react sexually. Like even if I just touched her elbow she might let out a little gasp. Not much happened that night but a few weeks later we met for lunch. She was wearing short shorts with black tights underneath. I always had a fetish for tights/pantyhose/leggings etc… so if she was looking to get some that day she made an excellent choice in her wardrobe. As soon as I saw her I touched her legs and told her I liked what she was wearing. I asked her back to mine after lunch and we fooled around for a bit while dirty talking. We got on to the subject of past sexual experiences and she said that one of the best she had was when her boyfriend “raped her”. I assumed she meant some kind of rape roleplay but I didn’t ask her to clarify. What I did ask is whether she would like me to do that to her. She said that she wasn’t sure about that because I wasn’t her boyfriend (and I think she knew that I had no romantic feelings for her at all). I told her that I was sure that she would like it and told her the following story of our next encounter:


Next week We’ll meet for dinner and drinks. You are going to wear a tight miniskirt and black pantyhose. You can wear panties underneath if you want but if you do they have to be the kind that can be removed easily by untying them on the sides. You should also bring and extra pair of pantyhose. After dinner we’ll go to a bar I know. At the bar I will be touching your legs, and feeling up your skirt, sometimes touching your pussy. You’ll be embarrassed because people might see it happening but you’ll also not be able to help being turned on. Partly because you always get turned on when I touch you, but also because you get off a little on the shame of being a slut. When I touch your pussy you’ll push my hand away and I’ll keep it away, but only for a bit. Soon enough it will make it’s way back up your thigh. At one point I’ll ask if you want to go back to mine after and I’ll whisper in your ear “be warned, if you come back to my place you’re going to get fucked. Even if you say ‘no’, even if you try to resist, you’re getting fucked.” You will almost come just by hearing this. You’re not ready to say yes to it, but you know there’s no possible way you can say no, so you say “we’ll see”.

A little time passes and we leave the bar. We’ll walk around for a bit and I’ll be more gentlemanly, but still being physical by touching your back, putting my arm around you, and caressing your hands. At one point I’ll kiss you, and then gently say “I really want you to come back. Don’t worry, we won’t do anything that you don’t want to do.” You’ll be reassured by this and agree to come back. At my place I’ll start out innocently enough. We’ll sit on the sofa and watch something on Netflix while talking a little. But very quickly I’ll start being far more aggressive than I was in the bar. I’ll casually put my hands between your legs and when you tell me to stop or try to resist I’ll just laugh and say “you know you like it”. You’re a little worried because I’m behaving a lot more aggressively than usual, but you’re reassured by my earlier promise. Also you cannot deny that my crude behavior and apparent indifference to your worries really turns you on. At one point we start making out. This is getting dangerous now you’ll think to yourself. You do not like having sex with someone if you’re not in a relationship, but you can feel yourself losing control. Your body wants this to happen. I take your top and bra off and start touching your nipples. You can barely even try to resist and I just ignore your attempts. I touch them while we make out and then start sucking on them. I ask if you like it and you say yes. You are quivering and moaning at every touch. Eventually I start going up your thigh again and in a panic you snap to and quickly stop me, using all your strength and saying “no”.

To your surprise I stop, smile and say “okay”. We cuddle for a while. You ask me if I’m disappointed and I say not at all, I’m enjoying just cuddling. I’m being intimate but not pushing anything now. “Are YOU disappointed?” I’ll ask. You don’t know how to reply. Then I’ll pick you up and say “let’s go cuddle in the bedroom”. I carry you over my shoulder like a caveman, slapping your ass and laughing. You’re a bit frightened but you laugh too. I’ll toss you down on the bed and start kissing you again while playing with your tits. As it gets more passionate I’ll ask if you like it, and you’ll say yes. Then I’ll ask if your excited to get fucked. You’ll lie and say no and I’ll say “that’s too bad, but I’m excited to fuck you. You’ll beg me not to and say that I promised. I’ll say “I promised not to do anything you don’t want to do, and I know you want to get fucked”. When you try to deny it I’ll put my hands under your pantyhose and panties, and bring back two fingers covered in wet, sticky proof. “What’s this then,” I’ll say and then crudely force you to taste it. You start to cry as I untie your panties and pull them out from under your pantyhose. When I tear a hole in the crotch of the pantyhose you finally understand that you no longer have any choice in the matter.

You try to resist but i easily overpower you, mounting you and pinning your arms down. You don’t even remember when I took my own pants and underwear off, but I demand that you look at my bare cock while I lubricate it with your wetness. “I’m going to put it in now” I say.

It’s bigger than you’re used to but it slides into your tight wet pussy surprisingly easily, helped by all the wetness. You nearly come from the first thrust but are too ashamed to say yes when I ask “you like that don’t you bitch?” I am in complete control of your body now, using it for my own pleasure and not caring at all about how you feel. You are being used, shamed, demeaned, dominated, and defiled. And it’s the best fuck you ever had. At one point you realize that I had long ago let your arms free, and that you were not even pretending to resist anymore. To your surprise, I ask if you want me to stop. When you say “no” I make you beg for me to continue raping you.

Before long you come and for a moment you do want me to stop, so that you can catch your breath. I’m not done though so I ignore your pleas. When you try to push me off I laugh and pin your arms down again, though not before shocking you by slapping you in the face (hard enough to hurt but not hard enough to leave a mark). I continue to use you for some time. You make one final pathetic attempt to beg me not to come inside you. I laugh again and say “I’ll come where I want.” The last thing you feel before passing out is my cock pulsing, and then finally my warm cum spreading inside you.


Obviously the story as it’s written above is a bit more embellished than what I was able to tell her at the time, but it is generally the gist of what I said. I fingered her while telling it to her and she came once, about two thirds of the way through.

We never had sex, and although I met her a few times after that, it was always platonic.

Anyways this is my first attempt to fictionalize one of my own experiences, so please be gentle, but I plan to try doing more in the future so I would be grateful for any feedback. I know I made some mistakes with tenses.

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