The Things We Do at Home – part 1 by starrynight

I would like to start by thanking Jess for reaching out and sharing her story with me. I took the liberty of filling in some blanks as I saw fit, and maybe exaggerating slightly here and there, but believe I kept true to her story.

All names and details described were given to me by Jessica, and I am already working hard on the next installment based on her story and ongoing updates I am receiving.

Whether this riveting sexual tale is true or not, though I strongly believe at least some of it is, I cannot safely say and will let each reader decide.

As always, comments are appreciated, along with questions either to me, or ones that i will forwarded to Jessica.

Wishing you health and all the best in these difficult times, and hoping my stories are helping to pass the long boring hours.


The Things We Do at Home – Part 1

An original true story by Starrynight.

“Looks like we’re out too.” Jessica said with a frown as she looked down at her phone. She was slouched sideways on the black leather couch, her feet dangling to the side. She was wearing a large plain white t-shirt and small black shorts, her bare legs on the armrest. Her dark medium-length hair was tousled, falling over the side, her highlights in vivid contrast to the black leather.

“Cool.” Chris said, feeling excited by the sudden break. He was wearing red basketball shorts and a tight tank top, stretched across his broad chest. His dark hair was cut short, his face was shaved, and his dark eyes were locked on his own phone.

“Cool?” Jessica said emphasizing the word as she looked up at her brother. “You think people getting sick and dying is cool? You saying everyone having to be stuck in their houses is cool?” she asked, anger creeping into her voice.

“Err…no,” Chris started mumbling nervously, “I was just talking about school being out.” He said. “Obviously I don’t think people getting sick and stuff is cool.” He looked up into his sister’s eyes, she leered back at him, then they both went back to their phones.

“Guys, can you be quiet.” Laura said irritated. “I can’t hear your father.” She looked at her kids, then went back to her call. “Yes…got it. Okay, thanks hon, tell your parents I said hi.” Laura said through the phone then hung up. She was wearing long black tights and a dark purple t-shirt, both nicely hugging her thin frame. Her dark shoulder-length hair was down, and she brushed her fingers over her bangs.

The worldwide Corona virus had reached them, and an indefinite lockdown was put in place. Schools, work, restaurants and transportation were all put on hold. Everyone was required to stay at home, and a full-on quarantine was set to start the next day.

“What did dad say? Did he find another flight?” Jessica asked when her mother finished the call.

“Unfortunately, no.” Laura said frustrated. “They just announced that all domestic flights have been cancelled. He managed to rent a car and is driving over to your grandparents’ house.” Laura explained. Her husband was returning from a business trip abroad because of the situation, but they cancelled all the flights when he was on his way back.

“That sucks!” Jess said. She was really looking forward to her father being back.

“Yeah, I know sweetie.” Her mother sad tenderly just as her phone rang. She looked down at the screen and picked up. “Hey Shawn.” She said cheerfully as she rose to her feet, stretching her lithe five-and-a-half-foot frame. She continued towards her bedroom, leaving her children to the very popular pastime of being on the phone.

“Turn on the TV, let’s see what they say on the news.” Jessica told her brother, putting down her phone. He raised his head to look at her, nodded, then picked up the remote and handed it to her. Chris went back to his phone, half listening to the gloomy picture they painted in the news, while his sister watched intently.

“That was your uncle,” Laura said as she came back over and sat down on the sofa next to her son, “he is going to come stay with us until things return to normal.” She said, crossing her legs and turning to the TV.

“That’s cool.” Chris said happily and his sister nodded in agreement. They both liked their uncle Shawn, their mother’s younger brother. He lived close by, so they saw him quite often, and being a hair stylist, he always had good stories.

“It’s crazy what’s going on.” Jessica said looking at the TV. “It’s all over the world!” she added and folded her thin legs up, hugging them against her chest.

“Mom, did they shut down the golf club too?” Chris asked as he looked the TV.

“Yes, every non-essential workplace is supposed to be closed starting tomorrow.” She said with a worried look. “I might work a bit from home, but I probably won’t have much to do.” She explained. Laura managed the finances for the local golf club. It was a good job with good pay, but now with everything going on, no one was playing golf. “So, did you think what you will be doing?” Laura asked.

“I don’t know, probably watch TV and play video games.” Chris said in a teenager’s carefree tone. His mother nodded and moved her gaze to her daughter.

“Not really, maybe get a jump on my schoolwork. I haven’t really thought about it yet.” Jessica answered, looking at her mother, then turned back to the TV.

“Chris, Jess, come say hello to your uncle.” Laura called upstairs. They heard shuffling, then doors being opened and footsteps hurrying down.

“Hey uncle Shawn.” Chris said.

“Chris my man!” Shawn said, giving his nephew a high five before pulling him in for a hug.

“Hi uncle Shawn.” Jess said cheerfully, throwing her arms around him. Uncle Shawn was in his mid-thirties, quite a bit younger than Laura. He was lean and tall, standing at around six feet. He had a cool slightly spiky hairdo and a trimmed beard. He looked stylish, always did, and was wearing a pair of long tight light jeans, a light blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up, black sneakers and an expensive looking watch. His designer sunglasses where hanging from his breast pocket as he gave his sister, nephew, and niece his signature smile.

“So, who’s up for some quarantine.” Shawn said with the same smile, and everyone laughed at his stupid joke. “Chris, can you give me a hand in the car?” Shawn asked. “I brought all the food I had at my place with me.” He said.

“Yeah, sure.” Chris said, and followed his uncle outside. He followed his uncle to his truck and his eyes nearly popped out. “Did you rob a grocery store on your way here?” Christ asked amused.

“I might have bought some extra.” Shawn said as he looked over at the four huge boxes filled with canned goods and other non-perishables, “but better to be safe.” He added and lifted one of the boxes, handing it to Christ.

“Did you rob a grocery store?” Laura asked her brother as he and Chris finished bringing everything in.

“Ha, your son said the exact same thing.” Shawn said with a chuckle. “You’re going to thanks me for all this in a few days.” He added.

“You know the grocery stores will still open?” Laura asked her brother.

“That’s what they say.” Shawn said skeptically and shrugged.

“Come on, let’s get your things. I fixed up the guest bedroom for you.” Laura said and headed to the bedroom with her brother behind her. She walked in, turning on the light, and showed her brother in. The room was large and well lit. It had a large king-size bed with a nightstand on each side, a small desk with a chair next to it, a tall closet, and an en suite bathroom. The bed was made, a folded towel in the middle, and several pictures hung on the wall. “You can use the bathroom here,” Laura said gesturing towards it “just not the shower, the showerhead is cracked. Simon said he will fix it when he gets back, but you know…anyway you can use my shower.” Laura said and looked at her brother as he put his bag down.

“Thanks sis, looks great.” Shawn said with a big smile.

“Well, make yourself at home then.” Laura said, returning her brother’s smile, and walked out, leaving him to it. The guest and Master bedrooms were downstairs, and she walked upstairs, hearing her daughter chatting on the phone through her closed bedroom door, and sounds of her son playing video games through his, then entered the study. She removed her computer from her bag, placed it on the large wooden desk at the center of the room, and decided to get some work done.

Later that day, all four of them met around the dining room table for a humble supper. They weren’t really worried, at least not about themselves, but they were concerned about the situation, wondering where it would lead. They finished eating, each retiring to his own business, and thus ended their first day of Corona lockdown.

For the next few days, the family, as much as it sounded bad, actually enjoyed themselves. Chris would watch movies, TV, and play video games all day, either alone or online with friends. Jessica, watched TV, browsed and updated her social media profiles, and spend hours on the phone with her boyfriend and friends. Laura managed to get most of her work done and started doing things around the house. She organized, decorated, and cleaned, attending to things she meant to do for a long time but never got a chance. She even finished her book, the one she had been reading for the past months and started reading another one. Shawn was happy to hang out with his sister, niece and nephew, watching Netflix and reading when he wasn’t with them. He helped his sister around the house, played video games with Chris, and chatted with Jessica, telling her some trade secrets from work.

As the days wore on, each day much the same as the last, they were beginning to get bored. Chris and Jessica especially. They discovered there was only so much video games and TV a person can watch in a day, and that social media is much less interesting when everyone is quarantined at their house.

Laura and Shawn were chatting cheerfully as they washed the dishes after dinner. It was the end of their fourth day in lockdown and they started telling each other funny things they remembered from their childhood. They laughed as they worked, until everything was clean and dry. The kids were already up in their rooms, and Laura headed to her own bedroom, bidding her brother goodnight as she left him in the living room.

Laura washed up, brushed her teeth, and stripped out of her clothes. She stepped over to her walk-in closet still nude and studied her naked body in the big mirror. She fondled her perky tits, 32Bs that were over a handful, and tweaked her dark red nipples. She stifled a little moan at the pleasure, closing her eyes at the jolt, then opened them and ran her hand down her flat stomach. She brushed her fingers through her trimmed bush, a dark triangle on her pubic mound, then reached for a pair of dark blue panties. She thought of how much she missed her husband as she slipped the panties on and felt a pang of arousal as she realized it had been over two weeks since they last shared a bed. She smiled to herself as she grabbed a particularly skimpy light-blue nightgown and put it on. The thin fabric was shear, not hiding her erect nipples underneath, as well as her panties and long tone legs.

She climbed onto her large bed, got comfortable, and grabbed her phone. She wanted to show Simon how sexy she looked and what he was missing and called him for a video chat. She listened as the call tried to connect, then heard a beep and looked at her phone. It was a message from Simon saying the phone reception at his parents’ house was terrible and that he would call her from the land line. Laura exhaled in frustration, but eagerly answered when the phone rang.

“Hi babe, how are you?” Simon asked in his deep voice from the other side of the line. Even though they were married for twenty years, his deep rugged voice still made her tingle.

“I’m okay, I miss you.” She said longingly.

“I miss you too.” Simon said back “Is everything all right over there?” he asked.

“Yes, we are all fine here. I just got into bed and I’m wearing the nightgown you love so much, I wanted to show you.” She said.

“Damn, I’m sorry to miss that.” He said frustrated, “the phone signal is terrible out here.” He explained. Simon was getting horny thinking of his hot wife all alone in their big bed, dressed in that slutty thing. “What else are you wearing?” he asked with a naughty hint to his voice.

“So that’s how you want to play it?” Laura asked her husband, lowering her voice as the excitement took over her. “Are you alone?” she asked quietly.

“Yes, I’m in the guest bedroom.” He told her.

“Do you want me to play with myself?” Laura asked in a quiet voice.

“Yes!” Simon answered, feeling his prick twitch. “Do you want me to take my clothes of and play along?” he asked with a husky voice, and Laura felt the wetness growing between her legs as she said yes.

“Are you naked?” Laura asked after a pause where she heard Simon shuffling.

“Yes!” he answered.

“Are you hard?” she asked and felt herself get warm at the question.

“Not yet.” Simon answered.

“Are you touching yourself?” she asked.

“Yes!” he said in a throaty voice.

“Tell me what you’re doing.” She said.

“I have my left hand wrapped around my shaft, I’m slowly stroking it, and I can feel it getting hard in my hand.” He said. “What are you wearing beside the nightgown?” he asked in return.

“I’m wearing a pair of dark blue panties. I’m getting wet thinking about you stroking your cock.” She whispered. “Do you want me to touch myself now?” she asked naughtily.

“Yes!” Her husband called into the phone; his prick almost completely hard.

“Okay, I’m rubbing my boobs now, touching them and playing with my nipples, they’re so hard and it feels so good.” She said in a sexy voice, hearing her husband’s deep breath from the phone. “Now I’m sliding my hand down, caressing my stomach. I’m slipping my hand inside my panties now, running them over my bush. Oh god I’m so wet…oh fuck, I just slipped my finger inside my pussy and it feels so good.” She purred over the phone.

“Oh, I’m so hard already.” Simon told his wife. “Take your panties off.” He ordered in his masculine voice.

“Hold on.” Laura said and put the phone beside her as she slid her moist panties down her legs. “Okay they’re off.” She told her husband as she picked the phone back up.

“Now keep touching yourself and tell me what you’re doing.” He asked her, his voice strained.

“I’m spreading my legs apart, and it feel so good to have my pussy in the open air. Mmmh, I’m running my thumb along my slit…oh god…touching my clit. It feels so good.” Laura said whimpering.

“Now slowly slide your finger inside your pussy and started fingering yourself.” Simon said excited, thoroughly stroking his thick hard dick.

“Oooooh!” Laura exhaled as she pushed her middle finger into her sopping hole, “Fuck that feels good. I’m pushing my finger into my pussy. It’s so wet. Now I’m fingering myself, slowly moving my finger in and out, fuck that feels good. Ugh fuck, I wish it was your dick though, entering my wet pussy.” She cooed.

“Aah god!” Simon called out from the other side of the line as his climax took him. He too wished it was his wife’s wet pussy he was fucking instead of his hand, but he still came. He let out a loud grunt, pleasure hitting him as he started to ejaculate. He stroked his rigid manhood, moaning and groaning in pleasure, and came all over his stomach as his wife listened from far away. He stroked his erection through his orgasm, sexual pleasure shooting through him, then let go of his cock and just lay there breathing heavily.

“Did you just cum?” Laura asked her husband, already knowing the answer.

“Yeah babe.” He said breathless “Did you get off?” he asked, laying there with his dick soft and a puddle of cum on his stomach.

“Not yet.” She said, still rubbing her pussy wildly.

“You want me to stay on until you do?” Simon asked.

“No, it’s fine. It’s getting late and I might take a while.” She said. Orgasms never did come easily to Laura.

“Okay, good night. Tell the kids I said hi.”

“I will. Good night, love you.” She said.

“Love you too.” Simon answered back then clicked off.

Laura was still extremely horny as she put the phone down and lay on her bed. She closed her eyes, put her hand between her legs and continued thinking about her husband. She fingered herself, rubbing her clit, slid a second finger inside her pussy, but despite how good it felt, she didn’t cum. She finally had enough and rolled over to her side. She reached for her nightstand, opened the bottom drawer, moved some very inappropriate articles of clothing aside and pulled out a shiny silver vibrator.

She turned it on to the lowest setting, afraid her brother would hear it, and watched the instrument as it began omitting a hissing buzz. She moved it down between her legs and moaned through gritted teeth as she held it to her clit. She closed her eyes, curling her toes as the pleasure started. She breathed through her nose, keeping her mouth shut, and began gently rubbing the tip of the vibrator around her clit. She stifled her moans as she pleasured herself, moving the vibrating tip along her slit, then pushed the still shaking shaft into her drenched cunt.

Laura’s body exploded in pleasure as she inserted the naughty toy deep into her hole. It was cool as it slid through her vaginal lips, penetrating her, and she could feel her vagina convulsing around it. She clenched her abs as her orgasm took her, pulling the shaft out of her trembling twat, and pressed it to her engorged clit. She held the vibrator there, her breath ragged as spasms of sexual delight rushed through her, hot and electrifying. It felt amazing, scorching waves of euphoria burning through her, almost as good as a man screwing her but not quite. As her orgasm started fading away, Laura noticed her toy stopped vibrating. She tried turning it off and on again, and realized the battery was dead. She placed the vibrator on the nightstand so she would remember to get new batteries, slipped her panties back on, pulled the covers on and immediately fell asleep.

Shawn woke up early to the fifth day of the confinement. It was a warm sunny morning, the sun just shining its first rays. Shawn walked over to the kitchen, surprised not to see his sister there, put a new pot of coffee on and went to take a shower. He grabbed the towel from his room and headed to his sister’s. She was usually up at this time, and Shawn quietly knocked on her bedroom door. When no one answered, he assumed his sister was in the upstairs study and opened the door.

Laura stirred as her bedroom door opened, waking her up. She had the covers up to her waist and groggily opened her eyes.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize you were still asleep.” Shawn said as his eyes adjusted to the dark room. “Can I user the shower?” he asked, then his eyes caught something and went wide. He noticed a long silver vibrator resting on the nightstand, and when he turned to look at his sister, his eyes grew wider.

“Yeah go ahead.” Laura said with a yawn as she sat up, still sleepy and stretched her arms. It took her sleeping mind a few seconds to realized what her brother was looking at, and when she did, she found herself wide awake. A flush crept over her as her brother noticed her sex toy. He was staring at her now, and it took her another moment to understand why.

Shawn was looking at his older sister as she sat in her bed wearing a see-through nightgown. The blue fabric was shear, and he could clearly see her perky breasts and red nipples underneath.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…” Shawn mumbled as his sister blushed and pulled the blanket up to her chin. She said nothing, only sat there looking embarrassed, and he quickly entered the bathroom and turned the water on. He stripped down and entered the shower, his head spinning. He couldn’t believe he just saw his older sister’s tits, and as bad as he felt about it, he couldn’t get the image out of his mind. They looked good, there was no denying that, and as hard as he resisted, his cock was getting hard.

Once Shawn was hard, there was no fighting it anymore. He felt bad about jerking off in his sister’s shower, but he was so horny he had to. He squeezed some soap into his right hand and wrapped it around his thick five-inch penis. He started stroking, strangely still thinking of his sister’s boobs, and exploded within a few seconds, aiming his ejaculating cock towards the drain. He attributed it to the lack of female contact over the last few days, and quickly finished washing up.

By the time Shawn walked out of the shower, Laura already had a robe on, and the vibrator was nowhere to be seen. She looked up at the bathroom door opening, still feeling ashamed, and watched as her brother stepped out with just a towel around his waist.

“Sorry about before.” Shawn said again, holding his dirty clothes in his hand as his sister stared at his exposed chest. She found herself staring at her brother, blushing at the thought that only the towel around his waist was keeping her from seeing his naked body.

“It’s okay.” She croaked, searching for the outline of his penis through the towel, then realized she was doing it and shook her head. He smiled at her, holding the towel in place with his free hand, then gave her a little nod and left.

What the hell was that, Laura thought to herself as she climbed out of bed. She couldn’t explain the way she looked at her brother and refused to give it any further thought. Once she heard his door close, Laura removed her robe. She pulled the nightgown off and headed for the shower, thinking that a nice warm shower would clean her head.

For the rest of the day everything was normal between Laura and Shawn. Shawn decided that it was just the scarce female companionship that caused his mind to wander, and Laura decided it was some residue from the nightly chat with her husband.

“Kids, dinner!” Laura called to her children as evening came. Shawn just finished setting the table when upstairs they heard doors being opened and footsteps following them. Laura set the food on the table and took a seat across from him as they waited for the kids.

Shawn looked up at his nephew and niece as they climbed down the stairs, and for the first time ever, he noticed how womanly Jessica had become. She was wearing a pair of loose bright-blue yoga shorts and a white cami crop top, both showing a lot of skin. As she walked down the stairs, he found himself looking from her bare tone legs, up to her exposed midriff, and at her enticing teenage tits as they bounced with each step. She smiled at him carelessly as his eyes met hers, a hint of a smile on them as she chewed on her bottom lip. Jessica was not wearing a bra, and as she came closer, her uncle could just barely make out the outline of her nipples through the thin fabric. She took a seat next to him, and Shawn deliberately looked away, the fact that his teenage niece was hot, dawning on him. He stole a last glance at her breasts as Laura served the food, then pushed the subject out of his mind as much as possible.

Later that night, Jessica was in her bedroom texting with her friends. She was on her bed, wearing the same clothes from earlier, and was scrolling through social media between texts when her phone started ringing.

“Hey babe.” Her boyfriend said as she picked up, waving at her from his own bedroom through the small screen, his short hair and usually trimmed beard looking messy in a good way.

“Hey, what’s up?” Jessica said back cheerfully as she waved.

“Not much,” he answered, getting comfortable on his bed, “I miss you.” He said pausing, “I’m so horny!” he then added with a guilty smile.

“Shh!” Jessica shushed him giggling, “My brother is in the next room.” She added quietly.

“I thought maybe you could help me out, you know, give me something to look at.” He said with a naughty grin.

“Hold on,” Jess said nervously and grabbed her earphones from the nightstand “are you serious?” she whispered into the mouthpiece once she had the earphones on.

“Here, let me show you.” Her boyfriend said and placed the phone on the bed next to him, facing up. “See?” he said after a moment, holding the phone further away from him.

“Oh my god!” Jessica called out, placing a hand over her mouth as she saw her boyfriend stroking his hard-seven-inch beast through her phone.

“Told you I was horny.” Brian said, smiling at her reaction as he showed her his manhood. “Any chance of getting a peak of you?” He asked hopeful, slowly stroking his long penis as his girlfriend watched hypnotized.

“I don’t know.” Jessica said unsure but couldn’t look away from his impressive member.

“Please.” Bryan begged, giving her a quick closeup of his throbbing member before moving the phone further, fitting both his cock and face in the frame.

Jessica wasn’t usually one to expose herself like that over the phone, but after her boyfriend asked so nicely, she just couldn’t refuse him. She was getting turned on herself also, hard not to while you’re watching someone jerking his long hard cock for you. She moved her free hand between her legs, touching herself through her shorts without her boyfriend seeing, while she made a show of thinking it over. After a few seconds of keeping him in suspense, she moved her hand to her shirt and seductively started pulling at it.

“Yeah, that’s it.” Brian said with a smirk as his girlfriend pulled at the top of her cami until her left nipple peaked out. She had an innocent look on her face and bit her lip as Brian started stroking his penis faster.

“Is this what you wanted to see?” She asked him with a naughty grin and kept pulling until her entire tit popped out of her top.

“Uh hu.” He let out nodding, looking at the gorgeous bare 32C-sized boob, her bright pink nipple erect.

“Do you want to see the other one?” she whispered with a naughty grin and giggled when he nodded eagerly. Jessica looked up at the door, just to make sure, then smiled at her boyfriend and slowly exposed her right breast, pulling at her top until it too popped out, giving her boyfriend a great view of her beautiful young round C-cups.

“Oh wow!” Brian moaned, feverishly masturbating his big dick to his girlfriend’s tits. He watched her smiling seductively, then start fondling her boobs. “Fuck, you look so hot!” He groaned as he watched her caressing her tits. She rubbed her smooth pale skin, squeezing her round hills, then moved to her nipples. She traced her finger along her coin sized areolas, giving her goosebumps, then started sensually pinching her hard nipples. Brian watched entranced, his body burning, then let out a deep guttural grunt when he finally exploded.

Jessica watched with perverse delight as her boyfriend started cumming. He wasn’t holding his phone straight anymore, but she could still clearly see his cock twitch as he began to ejaculate. She heard him moan and groan over the phone, and stared as he kept stroking his long shaft, his thick creamy jizz squirting out from the top and bathing him with his spunk. He grunted as he continued jerking his spouting member, his batter leaking down his long shaft, running along his fingers, and covering his stomach. He kept stroking his member throughout his orgasm, and once it was over, he stopped. He let go of his dick, giving Jessica a final look then moved the phone closer to his face.

“Thanks babe, that was so hot.” He told her with a content smile on his face. “I miss you.” He added sweetly.

“Do you miss me, or do you miss fucking me?” she asked him with a venomous grin.

“Both.” Brain admitted and started laughing. “I’ll talk to you later.” He added, still laughing and clicked off.

Jessica pulled the earphones out and leaned back in bed, sighing. She found herself asking what she was doing with Brian, but she already knew the answer. They have been together for a few months now, and it was his bad boy vibes that drew her to him. She knew that in the long run he was not the guy for her, but she was enjoying it while it lasted. She loved watching her friends giving him dreamy looks when they saw him, undressing him with their eyes. He had this sexy bad boy look and attitude, which she always found herself coming back to for more. It also didn’t hurt that he had a really nice cock, and although he was a selfish lover and rarely went down on her, he knew how to use it, and would make her cum often during their numerous sex sessions.

Jessica sighed again, realizing that without noticing she moved her hand down into her shorts as she thought about him. She pulled it out as she sat up, her tits still hanging out, and moved her hands to them. She pinched her right nipple between her fingers as she looked down on it, a small jolt of pleasure coming with it, then tucked her boobs back into her top. She shook her head, taking a deep breath, then, with nothing else better to do, went back to her phone.

The day after, their sixth one in lockdown, Chris was in his room watching some stupid show on TV. It was getting late, and as a picture of a hot girl in a small bikini appeared on the screen, he started getting horny. As a teenager, he found himself getting horny often, and with nothing to do these days, even more so. Usually, he would wait until he had the house to himself and watch some porn, but with everyone around, for the past days, he had to settle with a quick and not so satisfying jerk off session in the shower. He stared at his watch, making sure it was late enough, then grabbed his laptop and earphones and sat back on the bed. He turned the TV volume down to just a whisper and looked up at his door and the busted lock which his father promised he would fix, on it. Chris was wearing his usual isolation attire, loose gym shorts and a plain t-shirt. He looked up at the door a second time, feeling a nervous excitement, and logged in to his computer. Even with the earphones he turned the volume down, just to be sure, and entered a random porn site. He scrolled through the home page, his blood already beginning to boil from the images, and clicked on one of a gorgeous young blond and some handsome young guy. Chris made sure the volume was on low as he put only the left earpiece on. He then opened the video in full screen and pressed play, his penis already beginning to harden.

Chris watched excited as the sexy clip started, showing some remote tropical vacation spot. He watched eagerly, already moving a hand into his shorts as a typical porn plot started, two hot young people meeting on vacation, and after a few minutes of bad acting, got it on.

“I’m so bored!” Jessica called out with frustration as she barged into her brother’s room. Chris jumped up in alarm, quickly closing his laptop next to him, as he frantically grabbed something to cover his raging hardon.

“Jessica, why don’t you fucking knock?” he asked, trying to sound angry as he managed to cover his crotch with a blanket before his sister noticed. He removed the earphones and gave her a stern look.

“Sorry, I’m just so bored.” Jessica said apologetically, sensing something was off. “What are you watching?” she asked, turning to look at the TV, then without invitation come up and sat on his bed next to him, the closed laptop between them.

“Nothing interesting.” Chris said nervously, grateful he left the TV on. He eyed the closed laptop as his sister got comfortable on his bed, then faced her. “What do you want?” he asked annoyed.

“Let’s do something.” Jessica said, folding her legs under her and turning to him. She was wearing a purple tank top, cut-off denim shorts, and had her hair tied into a loose bun. As she looked at her younger brother, she looked like a girl at a slumber party about to start gossiping with her friends.

“Like what?” Chris asked, getting less nervous and more annoyed with each passing second.

“I don’t know.” Jessica said shrugging and looked around. “What were you doing on your laptop?” she asked seemingly innocent.

“Nothing.” Chris mumbled, back to being nervous, and looked at the TV.

Jessica looked at her brother, down at the laptop, back at her brother, then at the TV. She could tell he was nervous and had a guess why. She looked at the blanket covering his waist, then at the TV. She feigned interest in whatever they were watching for a few seconds, then quickly grabbed the laptop and yanked it open before her brother could stop her.

“Oh my god!” Jessica said giggling, covering the amused expression on her mouth with her hand. Next to her, Chris’s face went pale white as the video automatically continued from where he left it, the guy watching as the girl stripped down to her bra, not leaving any doubt to which kind of video this was. “You were watching porn?” Jessica asked, surprised even though she half expected it.

“Shh, yes.” Chris managed to say while trying to quiet his loud sister down. He immediately stopped the video, his face turning bashfully crimson. “Can you leave now?” he asked embarrassed, not able to look at her.

“Can I watch with you?” Jessica asked out of the blue.

“What?” Chris croaked, his eyes going wide with utter shock.

“Can I watch it with you?” Jessica asked again, doing her best to put a serious expression on.

“You’re messing with me, right?” Chris asked incredulous. “You want to watch the video with me?” he asked.

“Yeah, I want to watch it.” Jessica assured him.

“Why?” Chris asked, almost choking on his own words.

“Cause I’m bored.” Jess said shrugging.

“You want to watch porn with me because you’re bored?” Chris asked, still not believing.

“Yes.” Jessica said plainly “Stop making a big deal out of it.” She added and her brother looked at her blinking.

“That’s weird.” Chris said suspiciously.

“Don’t make it weird.” Jessica said, getting annoyed. “Now would you start the damn thing.” She said sternly.

“Fine.” Chris said finally, studying his sister from the edge of his vision. He figured if he let her watch it with him, she would be much less likely to make fun of him about this.

“Take the earphones out.” Jessica told her brother as he was about to start the video.

“But what if someone hears?” he asked nervously.

“Both mom and uncle Shawn are downstairs, in their rooms, fast asleep. I think it’s safe to say they wouldn’t hear anything.” She said condescendingly and watched her brother nod and pull the plug out. He pressed play and leaned back nervously.

Chris and Jessica watched silently as the movie continued. The sexy blond removed the rest of her clothes, exposing a pair of perfect natural large round tits as she removed her bra, then a completely smooth pink vagina as she removed her panties. The hunky guy followed, removing his clothes to reveal his muscular body until he was left wearing only his boxers, his impressive package tenting it. The guy then guided the girls to a bed, threw her on it, and started hungrily eating her pink pussy.

Chris watched the arousing adult video ambivalently. He kept stealing nervous looks at his sister as they watched in silence, and despite her presence, he was rapidly getting hard again. He watched the naked blond writhe on the bed as the guy continued to orally pleasure her, his own arousal growing as he listened to her exaggerated, but still unbelievably hot, moans. He looked at his covered crotch, his erection somewhat noticeable despite his attempt to cover it. He looked sideways at his sister, relieved to see that she didn’t notice as she intently watched the naked blond moaning.

Chris fought every instinct to touch his pulsing erection and watched as the guy finished licking the blonde’s sweet looking pussy. The girl told the guy how amazing his oral skills are as she sat on the bed, then asked to repay the favor. The girl then pulled the guys boxer’s down, and hungrily began blowing him.

“Damn, he’s big.” Jessica casually let out as the girl started sucking his big hard cock. It was the first thing any of them said since they started watching it together, and Chris looked at his sister surprised. Jess was also getting incredibly turned on by watching the video, the guy’s big hard cock even bigger than her boyfriend’s. She shifted on the bed, fighting the sexual itch in her wet pussy, and gave her brother a sideways look.

They continued watching in awkward silence as things on the screen quickly escalated. The girl laid down on the bed while the guy got to his feet. The guy then pulled the girl to the edge of the bed. He spread her legs apart slowly, completely baring her pink snatch, then guided his massive shaft to it and put it in, both moaning in exaggeration as they began fucking lustfully.

“She’s really hot.” Jessica said suddenly, the arousal clear in her voice.

“Yeah, she is.” Chris agreed, mumbling nervously as he shifted the blanket to better cover his rock-hard dick.

“What do you like best about her?” Jessica asked, turning to look at her brother.

“What do you mean?” Chris asked, surprised and uncomfortable by the entire situation.

“I mean why did you pick this video, why this girl? Do you have a thing for blondes?” Jessica asked her brother with a naughty little smirk, both still looking at the two fucking and moaning on the screen.

“Not really.” Chris admitted.

“Then what? Her boobs?” Jessica asked her brother, blushing.

“Yeah, her entire body I guess.” Chris said embarrassed. “Her boobs, her…em…vagina also.” He added turning red. On the screen the couple were switching positions, the girl getting on top of the guy and riding him reverse cowgirl, her tits bouncing and pussy facing the camera as she moved her tight body up and down the long hard dick.

“Yeah, I get it. Her pussy does look really hot.” Jessica said, exchanging an awkward glance with her brother. “So, you like it shaved like that?” she asked her brother in a matter of fact kind of way. She watched the girl impaling her hairless pink twat on the big dick, moaning as it spread her tight pink lips apart. Jessica thought about her own bush, getting wilder with each passing day, and wondered if she should trim or shave it.

“Yes, I guess I like it better shaved.” Chris answered shyly, fighting another urge to touch himself. All this talk with his sister was weird, especially since they were watching porn together. He wondered why she was asking him all these questions. He figured it was to make him uncomfortable and decided to ask her in return. “Do you shave yours?” he asked nervously, not able to look at her.

“Um, no…” Jessica stammered, caught off guard by her brother’s somewhat inappropriate question. “I usually just trim it, I never really understood why guys liked it shaved so much.” She added, looking at the completely shaved pussy getting fucked on the screen.

“I don’t know, I guess it just looks hot.” Chris said, not even thinking about it.

“I tried to shave it once.” Jess started telling her brother, not quite sure why she decided to. “I was completely smooth, and it was so weird. It felt and looked like a little girl’s down there.” She confided in her brother, remembering how strange it felt to run her fingers along her smooth vulva right after. She also remembered how excited her ex-boyfriend was when he saw it, and how it looked wrong to her when they had sex, her womanhood so exposed and looking so vulnerable as her boyfriend fucked it.

“I guess trimmed is also hot, a landing strip down there too.” Chris blurted out. He wasn’t sure why but couldn’t find anything better to say.

They watched the last few minutes of the movie in silence, both siblings incredibly horny. The guy turned the girl around, giving the camera a great few of her tight ass. He grabbed her hips and thrust into her from below, making her scream. It ended with the guys lifting the girl off and both of them climbing off them bed. They moved near the camera where the girl got on her knees, opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out while the guy stroked his big cock. He stroked it for a while then came with a loud grunt all over her face, plastering it with came as he groaned, and with a final closeup of his cock dripping on her tongue it ended.

“Are you dating anyone right now?” Jessica asked her brother after a silent pause at the end of the clip. Her brother looked at her surprised, then nodded.

“Yeah, I’m dating Becca from school.” He said.

“Is she that cute little redhead that was here a few times?” she asked.

“No, that’s Anna, we broke up a few weeks ago.” Chris explained.

“Then who is Becca?” she asked confused.

“I’m not sure you’ve ever seen her, Becca is blond.” Chris said. He looked at his sister, she stared back at him, then they burst out laughing.

“I thought you said you weren’t into blondes?” Jess asked when her laughing died down.

“No, I said I didn’t have a thing for blondes. Blondes, redheads, brunettes, I like them all the same.” Chris said with a more relaxed smile on his face.

“Good to know.” Jessica said still laughing and climbed to her feet. “Well, I’m gonna go to bed.” Jess said as she headed towards the door. “Good night.” She said, opening the door.

“Night.” Chris answered and watched his sister as she closed the door behind. It was a strange encounter, and Chris was still horny as hell. He pulled the blanked off, waited a few minutes to make sure his sister wouldn’t humiliate him again, then pulled his hard penis out. He wrapped his hand around it and started stroking. He masturbated until he came in a powerful orgasm, not aware that at the same time his sister was doing the same in the next room, fingering her wet muff until she too came in an explosive orgasm.

The following day, Shawn and Laura were sitting around the kitchen table drinking coffee. It was late afternoon, and Laura was paging through an old recipe book, looking for some ideas, while Shawn scrolled bored through his phone.

“I’m going to see if Chris wants to play video games again.” Shawn told his sister as he finished his coffee, looking for something do to.

“Aren’t you a little old for video games?” Laura asked her brother.

“You’re never too old for video games!” He said with a smile, putting his index finger up and shaking it at her. “But with how badly he keeps kicking my ass, you might be right.” Shawn said, and Laura started laughing. He turned away from his sister and headed up the stairs.

The wooden staircase creaked softly as Shawn climbed it slowly, not in much hurry to do anything these past few days. He reached the top of the stairs, and passed the bathroom, when Jessica’s bedroom door swung open.

“Oh, hey uncle Shawn.” Jessica said surprised, and blushed.

“Hey.” Shawn answered, just as surprised if not more, and stared at his teenage niece. She was in just her underwear, barefoot, and holding a large towel in her hand as she headed for the shower. She was wearing an unadorned pink bra, tightly cupping her round tits, and a pair of light green cotton panties. Her hair was tied into a ponytail, and Shawn looked at her exposed skin as she stood in front of him.

“I was just going to take a shower.” Jessica said shyly, not sure if she should cover herself up or not.

“Oh okay, I came to see if your brother wants to play some video games.” Shawn told her as he kept surveying her young body. He noticed she had a few freckles along her chest and top of her breasts, and an inappropriate thought popped into his head. He kept looking down, taking in the sight of her flat stomach, long tone legs, womanly thighs, and the green fabric that shielded her womanhood from his eyes.

It was all done quickly, the length of a chance encounter in the hall, an exchange of a few sentences, before Jessica passed her uncle and headed to the shower. Shawn found himself standing there, entranced, and even though every rational part of him told him not to, he turned around to look. A pang of guilt hit Shawn as he looked at his niece’s teenage ass. He watched it sway as she moved, highlighting the curve of her hip, looking so tight, clad in her green panties. He gave it one last look, and just as she reached the bathroom door, he turned around and knocked on his nephew’s bedroom door, mad at himself for allowing himself to look at his niece like that.

Chris was horny throughout that day; from the moment he woke up. Playing video games with his uncle was a good distraction, and the twice he jerked off in the bathroom helped, but he kept getting horny.

He was in bed late that night, texting some friends and randomly scrolling through social media, when there was a knock on the door. It was a warm night and he was wearing some loose shorts and no shirt.

“Yeah.” Chris said, clearing his throat. The door slowly opened, and he saw his sister standing there.

“Hey, can I come in?” Jessica asked as she glanced across the room at her brother’s smooth bare chest.

“Okay.” Chris told his sister, watching her warily as she entered his room and closed the door behind her. She was wearing a yellow tube top with no bra underneath and loose black boy shorts.

“I’m really bored, you wanna maybe watch some porn again?” she asked cautiously, studying her brother’s face.

“Are you serious?” Chris asked, looking at his sister and trying to figure out if she was messing with him or not.

“Yes.” Jessica said plainly.

“Why can’t you just watch in your room by yourself?’ Chris asked, still uncertain.

“Well, I don’t really know how to get into any sites like that. Also, last night was kind of fun.” She said blushing. She found it strangely exhilarating to watch an erotic video with her brother, watching a hot couple fucking like crazy and talking about it with him.

Chris was unsurprisingly horny, but also nervous as he looked at his sister standing there looking at him with her big dark eyes. He wouldn’t have called what happened last night fun, but he did find the prospect of watching porn alluring. It also occurred to him that he wouldn’t have to be worried about his sister catching him watching it if she was watching it with him. He looked down at his cock, then back up at his sister, still not sure.

“Come on,” Jess said getting impatient, “I don’t care if you get a boner while were watching it if that’s what you’re worried about.” She said, reading his mind.

“Fine!” Chris mumbled angrily, agreeing part because he wanted to, and part to shut his sister up and keep her from talking about his boner.

“Cool.” Jessica said with a sweet little smile and pranced over. She climbed onto the bed next to her brother and tucked her feet underneath her while her brother grabbed his laptop and turned it on. She watched him as he placed it between them, then entered the address to a popular porn site. A second later the screen filled up with tiny tiles of featured videos.

“You choose this time.” Chris said nervously, turning the computer screen more towards his sister.

Jess started scrolling down, her eyes going wide at the assortment of adult content in front of her. There were so many types of videos: couples, threesomes, orgies, lesbian, gangbang, young, old, so many. A video called “Big sister helps brother cum” caught her eye, but she decided it would be too much. She kept scrolling down, surprised and a little disgusted to see many incest themed videos, labeled brother and sister this, mom and son that, or dad and daughter there. She finally clicked on a video that looked a bit classier, titled “a morning to remember”. She turned the screen back to face them both, then let her brother set it up.

“Why’d you choose this one?” Chris asked his sister as he opened it to full screen and pressed play.

“I don’t know, it looked hot and I thought you’d like her.” She said with a devious smile. They both turned to look at the video as it began playing.

There wasn’t much plot to the video. It started with a very good-looking couple kissing on a large sofa. The guy was wearing a plain shirt and shorts, and the girl a black tank top and panties. The two kissed passionately, then paused to take a breath and the girl removed her top, then went backing to kissing her sexy man.

“So, what do you think about her?” Jessica asked her brother as the guy began removing his clothes on the screen.

“She’s hot.” Chris admitted, looking intently as the guy laid on his back and the girl pulled down his boxers to reveal his thick cock. A smile spread on the girl’s, and she wrapped her hand around his shaft and took it in her mouth.

“Hot?” Jessica sneered at her brother. “Only hot?” she asked, looking at her sucking the meaty dick.

“Fine, she’s fucking gorgeous.” Chris admitted as he watched. The girl in the video was a tall brunette with long hair and a smoking-hot body. She had long athletic legs, like a dancer’s, and an ass to go along. Her waist and hips were slender, with only a slight curve, and her stomach flat, leading up to a pair of tantalizing 34B tits. Her skin was tan, smooth and completely unblemished, and her face was simply beautiful, with dark teasing eyes and a naughty mouth that looked like it was made for sucking on a cock. Whoever that girl was, she was an absolute goddess.

“Oh my god, look at her!” Jessica let out in awe as the girl pulled her panties down, completely revealing her naked body. She had a hot tight butt, and such a sexy vulva, her mound shaved clean except a hint of a landing strip down the middle. The girl gave the camera a smoldering look, then lowered herself onto the guy’s face, making him eat her divine pussy.

Chris and Jessica continued to watch in silence as the girl moved away from the guy’s face and positioned herself over his erect cock, slowly squatting down. They watched, their already high arousal growing, as his thick member entered her, parting her labia and stretching her cunt until he was all the way in. She started riding him slowly, passionately, moving her hips up and down as she leaned in and away from him, moaning as she impaled herself on his shaft each time.

Chris was having a hard time not touching himself as he watched the extremely erotic video with his sister next to him. He could not help the excitement bubbling up inside him and fought to keep his already semi-erect penis from getting any harder. On the screen, the girl and the guy switched places. The girl took the guy’s place, now on her back at the edge of the sofa, her sexy legs spread, and the guy took his place between them. He pressed his engorged cock to her opening and slowly eased his dick into her amazing pussy once more.

Chris’s heart was pounding in his chest as he watched. His mouth went dry and he cringed as he noticed he was getting harder. There was nothing to cover himself with, his loose shorts doing little to help, and no matter how much he told himself no, there was nothing he could do, and with his sister next to him, he sprouted a full mast boner, an unmistakable bulge tenting his shorts as he kept watching the video, feeling more embarrassed than he had his entire life.

Jessica was intently watching the hot muscular guy giving it to the lucky girl when her brother shifted slightly on the bed. She glanced over at him and focused her gaze on her brother’s crotch. An amused smile spread across her face as she noticed his very prominent bulge, then looked up at his face. He kept watching the video, looking incredibly nervous, and didn’t dare look at her, even though they both knew he could tell she was looking at him. Jessica gave her brother’s erection another quick glance, then stared back at the video. Jessica couldn’t blame her brother for getting hard, as she watched the guy pull out of the girl and help her up. It was such a hot video, and she too was incredibly turned on. Her own pussy was getting wetter by the minute, and she wanted to touch it since the moment the girl on the screen started getting hers eaten.

Jessica and Chris sat in silence on the bed and watched as the girl in the porno got on all fours on the sofa. They guy followed her, getting on his knees behind her. He grabbed her by the waist and thrust his dick into her cunt from behind, making her moan. Jessica was thinking of her brother and his boner as she watched the girl getting fucked from behind. She considered how embarrassed her brother looked, how horny she herself was, and decided to do the thing she couldn’t stop thinking about for the past several minutes. She gave her brother’s bulge another discreet glance, then placed her right hand on her stomach, over of her top. She waited a few seconds, watching the girl get fucked, then as inconspicuously as possible, slid her hand down.

It was Jessica’s heart that was pounding now as her fingertips met the waistband of her boy shorts. She slowly and quietly burrowed underneath and continued sneaking her fingers down. Her stomach fluttered as her fingers brushed over her pubic hair, her bush soft and wild. She closed her eyes when her fingertips finally met the top of her slit, a gasp almost escaping her mouth at the sudden pleasure. She pushed her hand down a little more, biting her lip, slid her middle finger along her wet slit, then started gently rubbing her pussy, using her fingertips to caress her clit.

Chris noticed the movement from the edge of his vision the moment she placed her hand on her stomach and kept stealing glances as she slid it between her legs. His eyes nearly popped out when he realized she was touching herself. He could clearly see her hand down her shorts, moving around slowly. He turned his head towards her, not believing his eyes, and his sister stared back at him, a defiant look on her face. He noticed her nipples were erect, poking through her tube top, and as she turned back to the video, so did he. He was so horny at this point, and realizing his sister was touching herself next to him was the final straw. He watched the guy shove his dick into the girl on the screen, and audibly gasped, making his sister turn to look as he wrapped his fingers around his throbbing erection after putting his hand down his pants.

It was an awkward situation for the both, playing with themselves next to each other as the erotic video continued to play. They stayed silent, neither saying a thing, both so horny they could not stop. They kept watching, disgusting pleasure fueling them, as guy started fucking the girl harder. He was pounding his thick dick into her perfect twat, her tight ass displayed so provocatively. They watched as her boobs swayed, the camera giving a great sideview of her delectable tits as they moved in rhythm with their merging bodies.

Chris stroked his cock under his shorts, going slow. It felt good, finally touching his erection, but he paced himself, not wanting to cum until he was alone and could do it properly. Still, he kept pumping his fist along his cock. His excitement was growing, the pleasure rising, and he paused to keep himself in check. He held his cock tightly and took a few deep breathes to cool off while on the screen the girl rolled over to her side, facing the camera completely. The guy grabbed her right leg, raised it up in the air, and with her amazing pussy so naughtily displayed, he shoved his dick back in and continued fucking her.

Chris went back to stroking his cock while the girl on the screen was having her prized jewel so brazenly defiled. It was such a hot sight that Chris lost himself in it. He continued stroking himself, his excitement growing, then immediately stopped in alarm when he got that feeling.

There is a moment when a guy masturbates when the pleasure starts growing intense. It keeps growing until you reach the point of no return. The closer you get to that point, the better it feels, and if you catch yourself just before that point and stop, you will feel a jolting sensation of pleasure, orgasmic almost, but you will not cum. If you do reach that point though, there is no going back. It is the finest of lines, and it is often hard, if not impossible, to tell if you crossed that line, until it’s too late.

Chris prayed to god that he had not reached that point as he held his breath, his hand wrapped still around his shaft and a jolt of pleasure hitting him. He was all too aware of his sister sitting next to him, touching herself and the couple still fucking on the screen. It was less than a second of indecisiveness, but the horror that took Chris in that time was enormous.

“Oh shit!” Chris moaned as he realized he had reached the point of no return, and his cock started squirting inside his pants. His sister whipped her head around, and Chris had to decide if he should stroke his ejaculating member under his pants, as his older sister watched, or fight the urge and ruin his orgasm while still cumming in his pants. “Fuck!” Chris moaned with pleasure as he continued stroking his spouting member. He was burning with shame as he came, the pleasure he was feeling a small consolation. A wet stain spread across his shorts as he came moaning, his sister watching with amused shock. His hand was sticky with his sperm when his orgasm ended, his boxers and shorts a ruined mess. He pulled his hand out, his cock still hard and stared at his cum on it.

“I better go.” Jess said nervously, looking awkwardly at her brother and his ruined pants without knowing what to say. She pulled her own hand out of her pants, her fingertips slick, and gave the video, where the guy was just cumming onto the girl’s tits a final look. She rose to her feet, gave her brother a final look, then ran out of there, not knowing whether to say sorry or not.

Chris felt waves of shame rushing through him as he slowly rose to his feet. He was angry, at himself, at his sister, at everything, a side effect from being embarrassed like that. He grabbed a pair of boxers and shorts from his closet and rushed over to the bathroom, his face still red.

Laura, Shawn, Jessica and Chris, were all sitting around the kitchen table eating a late breakfast. It was the eighth day of the lockdown and nothing changed much. There was an awkward silence between brother and sister following the events that transpired late the previous night, and Chris couldn’t stand to look at his sister without blushing.

“Anyone need a haircut?” Shawn offered as he nibbled on some toast. “I’m starting to go crazy.”

“Yes!” Jess jumped up eagerly.

“Cool, after we finish here?” Shawn asked.

“Hu uh. Oh my god, thanks uncle Shawn.” Jessica said giddily.

“What did you have in mind?” he asked her, glad to have something to do.

“Maybe renew my highlight, shorten it a little?” Jessica pondered out loud.

“You have everything for that?” he asked, and Jessica nodded. “Okay, cool. How about some curls or waves?” he asked.

“I think our curling iron is broken.” Laura cut in.

“Okay, just highlights and a haircut then.” He said and Jessica nodded happily.

After breakfast, Shawn climbed up the stairs, wearing a pair of tight jeans and a tight white t-shirt, and knocked on his niece’s bedroom door. “Ready?’ he asked as she opened the door, wearing a grey lowcut top and tight jeans shorts, and followed her to the bathroom. He watched Jess gather everything they needed, then sit on a chair in the middle.

“What now?” Jess asked her uncle.

“We’ll start with a haircut, dry it, then finish with the highlights.” He told her and she nodded with a big smile. “Let’s start with washing your hair.” He said and watched her as she leaned into the bathtub and shampooed her hair. Shawn was not able to resist looking at her tight teenage ass as she leaned down. He grabbed a large towel and wrapped it around her hair when she finished, letting her hold it in place as she sat down.

Jessica rubbed her hair, sitting down on the chair facing the large mirror, then let go. She watched her uncle through the mirror as he draped the towel around her, wrapping it around her neck. He then grabbed a hairbrush, thoroughly brushing her hair until it was straight, then put it down and grabbed a pair of scissors.

“How much do you want me to cut it?” Shawn asked his niece, catching her eyes through the mirror.

“What do you think?” she asked him.

“It’s a pretty good length for you.” Shawn said as he studied her hair. “Maybe up to here?” he showed her with his hand, placing his finger an inch and a half above.

“Sounds good.” Jessica said pleased and watched her uncle get to work. He was an artist with the scissors, trimming masterfully all around, using a comb and brush in places.

“What do you think?” he asked her once he finished. He took his phone out, took a picture from behind and showed it to her.

“It looks great.” She said with a big smile. Her uncle then used a fan and brush to completely dry her hair, then opened the bleach kit and got it ready.

“So, what’s new?” Shawn asked joking as he began working on her highlights. Jess laughed, and they both started chatting about everything that was going on while Shawn worked on her hair, putting the foil and bleach in place.

“Hey, is the bleach only for your head?” Jessica found herself wondering and asked her uncle as they sat waiting for the highlights to take.

“What do you mean?” Shawn asked, looking at her puzzled.

“Can you use it for hair in other places?” she asked, noticing that it was kind of a strange question.

“Like where?” Shawn asked.

“I don’t know, like pubic hair maybe?” Jess asked, blushing a little as the thought of bleaching her bush crossed her mind. She didn’t bother trimming it the last several days and it was getting wild. She wondered how it would look blonde.

“I’m not sure.” Shawn said flustered “I can check.” He added and grabbed the box, reading the back. “Why, do you plan on highlights down there?” He asked joking.

“Just curious.” Jessica said blushing.

“It doesn’t say.” Shawn said as he read the intended use. “Anyway, if you want highlights there, you’ll have to do them yourself.” He said with a chuckle then realized he might have gone too far. Luckily, Jess chuckled too, and Shawn found himself imagining actually doing it, bleaching her pubic hair as she spread her naked thighs for him. “Okay, I think we can remove the foil now.” He said as he pushed the thought out of his head.

Jessica stared nervously through the mirror as her uncle removed the foil, strips of bright blond hair appearing in its place. He removed them one by one, until they were all out, cute highlights covering her dark hair.

“What do you think?” Shawn asked after he removed the last one and looked at her through the mirror, watching as she turned her head this way and that.

“Looks amazing, thanks.” She said happily and studied her hair as her uncle removed the towel that was wrapped around her torso.

“Sure.” Shawn said smiling as he looked down at his niece from behind. He realized that now that he removed the towel, he had a great view of her tits, her young cleavage generous showing in her top. He picked up the brush and started gently brushing her hair, and as he moved around her, brushing, Jessica leaned forward only slightly, and Shawn felt a twitch between his legs as he got a glimpse of her cute pink nipples. Jessica quickly adjusted her top, not aware that her uncle was watching, and waited for him to finish brushing.

“Thanks again uncle Shawn.” Jessica said studying her hair in the mirror as she rose to her feet. She wrapped her arms around him, giving him a thankful hug, and he placed his free arm around her, enjoying the feeling of her breasts pressed into him.

That night, like the previous nights, Jessica found herself mind-numbingly bored. She considered going to her brother, but after how awkward things were the previous night, she decided to give him some more time. Instead, she watched some dumb movie on Netflix.

The following day, Jessica was on facetime with one of her friends as she went downstairs to get something to drink. “Hey uncle Shawn.” Jessica said as she walked past him on her way to the kitchen.

“Hey.” Shawn said and looked up smiling. He was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and reading a book.

“Say hi to Emily too.” She said laughing and turned her phone to her uncle who waved awkwardly at the girl on the screen. Jessica turned the phone back to her, grabbed a bottle from the fridge and run back to her room.

“That’s uncle Shawn?” Emily asked when Jessica was back in her room.

“Yeah, why?” Jess asked.

“The one who did your hair like that?” she asked her.

“Yes.” Jessica answered, still not understanding why she was asking.

“He’s really cute.” Emily said giggling “I wouldn’t mind being stuck with him for a few days if you know what I mean…” She added teasingly and kept giggling.

“Oh my god, you’re the worst.” Jess said and started giggling too.

“Too bad he’s gay.” Emily added after she stopped laughing.

“What? He’s not gay.” Jessica said surprised.

“Are you telling me he’s a straight hairstylist?” Emily asked.

“Huh, I never thought about it.” Jessica pondered out loud. “But yeah, he’s a hundred percent straight.”

“And how would you know that?” Emily said teasingly and raised her eyebrows suggestively.

“Stop being gross.” Jessica said back lightly.

“You should really introduce us once all this Covid thing is over. A man who can do my hair and fuck me, what could be better?” she asked rhetorically and started laughing. After they finished talking, Jessica kept thinking about what her friend said. She always looked at her uncle and thought he was handsome, but the fact that her uncle was an attractive man only now dawned on her.

As they ate dinner, Jess found herself looking at her uncle. She studied his manly beard, dark eyes, spiky hair and lean body. Their eyes met a few times during dinner, and each time Shawn quickly looked away. Jess couldn’t help the feeling that her uncle was looking at her too, though she wasn’t sure why.

Later that night, Jessica was in her room on social media when the page stopped loading. She checked a few more things until she realized the Wi-Fi was not working. Computer stuff like this was something her brother was usually good with, and with a long, frustrated sigh she got up and walked over to his room.

“Yeah.” Chris called out unkindly when Jessica knocked on his door. She opened the door and saw him flat on his back on the bed, staring blankly up at the ceiling. “What?” he asked annoyed as he raised his head and looked up at her.

“Internet is not working, can you check?” she asked.

“Already did. Nothing we can do. Internet is out, probably until tomorrow morning.” He spat at her.

“What’s your problem?” Jess snapped back at her brother. She was also bummed out that the internet was out, but her brother was being a jerk.

“Nothing, can you get out now?” He asked venomously.

“Is this about the other night?” she asked her brother, taking a step into his room and looking at him.

“Fuck you!” Chris cursed his sister, angry she even brought it up.

“Hey, don’t take it out on me that you can’t control your shit and squirted like a little virgin.” She hissed angrily back at him and took another step forward. He looked at her stunned, not knowing what to say and they stared at each other in silence until Jessica cooled off. “Wait, are you?” Jessica asked her brother, feeling bad for what she said.

“What?” Chris asked, still shocked by what she said.

“A virgin?” Jessica enquired.

“Hell no!” Chris returned, looking hurt.

“Yeah, I figured.” Jessica said and looked at him, not knowing what to say exactly. “Sorry I snapped like that.” She added after long awkward pause.

“Sorry I told you to fuck off.” Chris apologized back, realizing she was right.

“Is the internet really out until tomorrow?” she asked.

“Yeah, I just got off the phone with them.” Chris said, sitting up and looking at his sister.

“What the hell am I going to do know?” she asked her brother.

“I was trying to figure out the exact same thing when you knocked.” He told her, a small smile forming on his face.

“It’s crazy how useless we are without internet.” Jess said amused.

“Yeah, I don’t understand how mom and dad managed to pass the time growing up without it.” Chris said and they both chuckled.

“You wanna do something?” Jessica asked her brother.

“Like what?” Chris asked.

“I don’t know, but it’s either we do something, or lay in bed and stare up at the ceiling.” She said smiling.

“Yeah, okay, I guess you’re right.” Chris said with a chuckle. He watched his sister turn around to close the door, then come over and take a seat on the bed next to him. “So, what do you want to do?” Chris asked her, staring at her recently highlighted hair.

“I would suggest we watch another video, but there’s no internet.” She said with an amused giggle. “I know!” she said enthusiastically after a few seconds “Let’s play truth or dare.”

“Truth or dare?” Chris asked not very eagerly.

“You have a better idea?” Jess snapped back at him.

“I guess not.” Chris said shrugging and nodded.

“Okay, I’m asking first.” Jess said, crossing her legs on the bed and turning to her brother. “Truth or dare?” she asked him, a naughty smile on her face.

“Truth.” Chris said reluctantly.

“Are you a virgin?” Jess asked without having to think it over.

“I already told you I wasn’t.” Chris said confused.

“Just checking.” Jess said with a cute little smile. “Your turn.” she added.

“Okay, truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Jess said.

“Are you a virgin?”

“No.” Jessica let out amused and studied her brother. “You thought I was a virgin?” she asked surprised.

“Just checking.” He retorted with a smug look and Jessica let out a little chuckle. “Truth.” He said, before she even asked.

This time Jessica thought it over for a few seconds before she spoke. “When did you lose your virginity?” she asked nervously.

“Two years ago.” He answered, blushing. These were not things he used to talk about with his sister. “What about you?” he asked back.

“I didn’t say I chose truth.” She said with a smile. “Dare.” She let out defiantly and Chris shook his head amused.

“Fine, I dare you to get us a snack.” He said.

“Lame!” Jessica called out but got up, nonetheless. She left the room and came back a minute later with a bowl of chips, returning to the bed next to her brother. “Truth or dare?” she asked him as she grabbed a chip and put it in her mouth.

“Truth.” Chris said as he grabbed a chip and tossed it in his mouth.

“Let me show you how you play the game.” Jessica said, rubbing her hands together in a menacing way. “How big is your penis?” she asked.

Chris chocked on the chip from his sister’s question and started coughing. “What?” He asked nervously after he managed to swallow it.

“How big is it?” she asked slowly, emphasizing each word.

“How should I know?” He asked embarrassed.

“Come on, I heard every guy knows exactly how big he is.” She said.

“Where did you hear that?” he enquired.

“A little birdy with a penis told me.” She said giggling. “Why, was it wrong?” she asked, knowing it wasn’t.

“Fine, it’s around six inches.” He admitted shyly.

“Around?” his sister asked, raising one eyebrow.

“Five and three quarters, happy?” he mumbled.

“Yes, very.” She said laughing. “Okay, truth.” She said when she finished laughing and looked at her brother.

“How big are your tits?” Chris finally asked after thinking it over.

“34C.” she said indifferently, tugging on her loose black tank top.

“Really? They look smaller.” Chris said teasingly as he studied the two round mounds covered by her top, and his sister returned his chide by making a face and sticking her tongue out.

“Truth or dare?” she asked him.

“Dare.” Chris said getting a little nervous, thinking to himself what she could possibly have him do.

“I dare you…” she started then took a dramatic pause, “to get hard right now.”

“Are you serious?” he asked shyly, not believing his sister just dared him to do that.

“Completely serious.” She said. “Just be careful not to get too excited and ruin your pants again.” She said with a shit-eating grin and looked at her brother as he glared back at her. “Too soon? Sorry.” she said as she looked at him, holding back a laugh.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Chris said disgusted as he put his right hand inside his shorts and grabbed his cock. Just the other night he was doing everything he could not to get hard next to her, and here he was getting hard for her because she dared him too. He closed his eyes, trying to shut her out and started stroking his dick. Surprisingly, within a few moments he felt his penis getting hard. He continued stroking, and had a full boner in no time, arousal hitting him along with his erection. He then opened his eyes and pulled his hand out, looking down at the tenting bulge in his shorts. “Happy?” he asked, looking at his sister.

“You sure that’s almost six inches?” she asked teasing as she looked at her brother’s erection and felt herself getting inappropriately aroused.

“Yes.” Chris grumbled. “Truth or dare?” he asked immediately, his mind already racing.

“Truth.” She said with grin.

“Do you shave your vagina?” he asked her, smiling at the look on her face as he caught her off guard.

“You’re catching on little brother.” She said, getting to him. ‘But I told you the other night that I don’t. I usually trim it, but I haven’t for a few weeks now.” She told her brother openly. “You’re up, truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Chris said, wondering what it would be now.

“What was the most perverse fantasy you masturbated to?” Jessica asked and studied her brother’s face.

Chris instantly blushed, knowing the answer immediately, but there was no way he was telling his sister that. He felt his throat go dry as he tried to come up with a lie that would seem credible.

“Don’t make anything up, I know you’re thinking about something, tell me.” She said eagerly and watched her brother squirm.

“If I tell you, do you promise not to say anything ever?” he asked, giving her a serious look.

“I’m sworn to secrecy by the sacred rules of truth or dare.” She said looking serious despite of her joking words. Chris looked at her, wondering if her should tell her or not, then took a deep breath.

“Mom.” He said, quietly, slowly, looking up at his sister as her eyes went wide.

“You fantasized about having sex with mom?” she asked her brother incredulous.

“I wouldn’t say fantasized about sex with mom exactly.” Chris defended himself, blushing a bright red. “It was before I lost my virginity, and I accidently walked in on her while she was getting out of the shower. Next time I masturbated it was all I could think about.” He said sounding apologetic, his face red from shame. He couldn’t believe he told his sister about it.

“You’re such a perve.” Jessica teased him, giggling. “I mean yeah, mom is hot, but I can’t believe you jerked off thinking about her.” She kept teasing him, making his embarrassment grow even more. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell her.” She said after her amusement died down.

“Truth or dare?” Chris asked his sister between gritted teeth, eager to get back at her.

“Dare.” Jessica said, giving her brother a taunting glare.

“I dare you to show me your bush.” Chris said, a smile forming on his face when the one on his sister’s was wiped off.

“You sure that’s how you want to play it?” Jessica asked, her voice causing Chris’s heart to pound in his chest as he nodded. “Fine, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” She said ominously and sat up, getting on her knees next to her brother. She was wearing a black tank top and short pink yoga shorts. She gave her brother another leer, then placed her thumbs at the front of her waistband and slowly started pulling it down.

Chris watched, realizing he was still hard, as his older sister pulled the front of her small shorts down. The top of her wild bush was revealed to him instantly and he watched, savoring the humiliation in his sister’s eyes as she pulled it down, revealing more and more of her hairy pubic mound, until she stopped at the top of her slit, her dark bush on display.

“Satisfied?” Jessica asked embarrassed as she held her shorts and panties in place, flashing her pubic mound to her brother. It wasn’t as thick as Chris imagined it, and you could tell that it was trimmed not too long ago from looking at it.

“Is that all of it?” he asked gloating. “It looks like you have more hair further down.” He said pointing.

Jessica looked down at her own vulva and cursed herself when she realized he was right. She was used to trimming her bush, leaving a sexy triangle above her slit, but because she let it grow for the last few weeks, her pubic hair grew down a little more, covering both sides of her labia. “You jerk.” She said with an unamused smile. She took a deep breath, then pulled her shorts down the rest of the way, completely exposing her sexy hairy teenage pussy to her younger brother. “Is this what you wanted to see?” she asked as she flashed her cunt. She let her brother stare at it for a few more seconds, surprised that it was turning her on, then quickly pulled her pants up to cover her shame. “Truth or dare?” she asked, looking straight into his eyes.

“Truth.” Chris said, grinning victoriously.

“Did looking at my pussy turn you on?” She asked, not blinking.

“Oh my god, fuck you.” He said, holding back a laugh. He couldn’t believe she asked him that.

“You wish.” she retorted with a naughty smile.

“Yes.” Chris mumbled quietly, blushing.

“Yes what?” Jessica asked. She wanted to hear him say it.

“Yes, seeing your pussy turned me on.” He managed to say weakly.

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed little brother. I do have a hot little pussy.” She teased him. Things were interesting now.

“Truth or dare?” he asked her, the words more an invitation to a duel than a simple game.

“Truth.” Jessica said, curious to hear what her brother would ask.

“How many people did you have sex with?” Chris asked his sister and looked at the smile on her face vanish. He knew it was a number most girls take with them to their graves.

“Nine.” Jessica mumbled, looking at her brother with disgust. Out of all her friends she slept with the most guys, except for Emily maybe, and it was a touchy subject for her. No one knew exactly home many guys she slept with, not even her best friend, and now her brother knew.

Chris looked at his sister and blinked. He realized that he didn’t know if that was high or not. He himself slept with only four girls, but his sister was older than him by a year.

“Truth or dare?” Jessica asked.

“Dare.” Chris answered, he was surprised to find how sharp his sister’s truths were, getting to him more than he thought a question could.

“I dare you to get naked.” Jessica said to her brother with an even voice.

“Wait what? No, that’s too far.” Chris said, sweating nervously.

“Too far? I showed you my vagina. How is this different?” She asked.

Chris didn’t expect this, but he knew she was right. There was an unwritten rule in truth or dare that you can’t dare someone to take their clothes off unless it was discussed in advance, but he realized that asking his sister to see her bush, or more specifically, telling her to pull her pants down so he could see the rest, broke the same rule.

“All right.” Chris said nervously and got to his feet. He was wearing a navy-blue t-shirt in addition to his shorts, and pulled it off quickly, exposing his muscular upper body. He looked at his sister, a wave of shame washing over him, then pulled down his tented shorts and stepped out of them. He was left standing in just a pair of loose grey boxers, his erection pressing at the fabric. He looked at his sister, straight into her eyes, took a deep breath, then pulled his boxers down, exposing his hard penis to his sister.

“Not bad.” Jessica said quietly as she studied her nervous humiliated-looking brother and his naked body. She was familiar with his strong upper body, and moved her eyes to his manhood, studying it with curiosity. His penis was indeed a little less than six inches and was thicker than she expected. It was hard and veiny, pinkish in color, hair covering the base and large testicles, and was slightly curved up. She watched it bounce as her brother took his seat on the bed, completely naked.

“Truth or dare?” he asked quickly, utterly ashamed, and not sure if he should cover himself using his hands.

Jessica took her time to think it over, looking directly at her brother’s naked body as he squirmed with shame, but decided to give him a break. “Dare.” She said plainly and watched her brother’s lips curl into a smile, knowing full well what was coming.

“I dare you get naked too.” He told her.

“How very original.” Jessica said as she rose to her feet and stared at him. She gave his erection another glance then started stripping. She began with her pants, sliding them down her legs to reveal her blue panties. She paused, looking at her naked brother, then pulled her panties down. She noticed her brother’s cock twitch as he looked at her exposed vagina for the second time that night. She smiled to herself, then finally pulled her top off. She was not wearing a bra, and as she pulled it over her head, she threw it on the floor and stood there, exposing her naked body to her brother.

Chris was breathing heavily as he gazed upon his naked sister. He ran his eyes along her smooth legs, over her hairy vulva, her flat stomach, and finally her round freckled tits, looking larger than he imagined with her pink nipples hard. He looked up at her pretty face and felt his cock twitch. Chris has never thought of his sister in a sexual way, and still wouldn’t say he was, but he could not deny that she was sexy, and her naked body, as a female’s and not as his sister, turned him on. They stared at each other awkwardly for a few seconds, then Jessica took her place on the bed next to him once more.

“What now?” Chris asked. It felt like with both of them naked, that was the end.

“Truth or dare?” Jessica asked, a smoldering look in her eyes.

“Isn’t it over?” Chris asked.

“Last round, one each.” She explained.

“Okay, dare then.” Chris said, thinking his sister could not possibly do anything more embarrassing.

A smirk spread on Jess’s face as decided exactly what she was going to dare him. It wasn’t hard to tell that her brother was extremely horny, his throbbing member a dead giveaway. She too was burning with arousal. She refused to accept that it was because of her brother, but her body demanded release all the same. “I dare you to jerk off to me while I jerk off to you.” She said nervously, staring at her brother for his response.

“Fuck, are you serious?” he asked, not believing his ears.

“Yes.” She said in a voice thick with arousal.

“Okay.” Chris agreed, not sure if he should be elated or terrified. “How do you want to do this?” he asked her.

“Let’s sit on opposite sides of the bed and face each other?” she asked, and Chris nodded. They watched each other back away, facing one another until Chris was at on side of the bed and Jessica was at the other. “Ready?” she asked her brother, spreading her legs wide while her brother nodded and imitated her. They stared at each other for a second, trying to figure out if they were really going through with it, then each of them slid a hand down between their legs and started masturbating to the other’s eyes.

The room was thick with tension as they started. It was a beautiful and disgusting sight, perverse and erotic, a blurry mixture of feelings and sensations as brother and sister looked at one another and pleasured themselves in depraved silence. It was a cringing sight, making your stomach lurch with disgust, while at the same time getting your cock hard and pussy wet, making you stare at them horrified while not able to look away. It was exactly how Chris felt as he closed his hand around his rigid shaft and started stroking as his sister looked. And it was exactly what Jessica felt as she licked her fingertips and moved them to the top of her slit, rubbing it gently to her brother’s piercing gaze.

They watched each other from across the bed as they masturbated. Their arousal was at an all-time high as Chris ran his hand along his hard shaft, stroking it sensually, while Jessica rubbed her hairy pussy longingly. Jessica’s eyes were glued to her brother’s manhood, intently watching his hand stroking the erect dick as her pleasure grew. Meanwhile, Chris roamed his eyes along her body, looking at her sexy tits rise and fall with her breathing, her legs spread, and pussy so seductively displayed to him as she played with it.

Brother and sister stayed silent as their brazenly depraved act continued. Their breathes were ragged, rasped, sweat covering their naked bodies. Jessica’s cunt was drenched as she played with herself to her brother’s studying gaze. She watched his throbbing member tightly clutched in his hand, slowly being stroked, and moved her free hand between her legs. She continued rubbing her clit with her left hand, the sensation incredible, and started brushing her slit with her right hand. She noticed her brother watching her fingers caressing her tight lips, then spread her legs even wider and slowly inserted her middle finger into her tight snatch.

Chris groaned, his eyes widening with arousal as his sister pushed a finger into her vagina. He watched engrossed as she parted her labia with her finger and pushed it in, cooing as her finger disappeared inside her pink depth. He looked up at her face, their eyes intimately meeting for a moment, then looked back down and watched as she began fingering her tight cunt, moaning ever so quietly as her finger moved in and out of her slick hole.

Chris moaned, closing his eyes, and pumped his hand as fast as he could along his shaft. Watching his sister fingering herself was too much, and he opened his eyes with a grunt as his orgasm hit him. He pulled his cock towards him, stroking it intensely, and groaned as he burst, a first load shooting onto his stomach with a spasm of pleasure. He looked over at his sister, noting her eyes on his spouting member and looked down at her pussy, her fingering fueling him on as he started ejaculating wildly. He moaned with pleasure as his cock squirted, load after load of cum shooting and leaking down onto his stomach. He continued masturbating as the pleasure rushed through him, milking every last bit of pleasure from his hard dick until he was out. There was a large puddle of cum on his stomach as he let go of his cock, exhausted, and watched his sister still going at it, feverishly fingering herself and rubbing her clit as her eyes studied his cum-covered body with an estranged gleam in them.

Jess mewled as an orgasm hit her not too long after her brother. She closed her eyes, pulling her finger out of her twat and let the feeling wash over her as she gently rubbed her clit. It was only a small orgasm, a few pleasure spasms, a few convulsions in her pussy, and that’s it. Nevertheless, it left her satisfied, her body hot and sweaty and her breathing labored.

They watched each other as they came down from the high of their orgasms and stared blankly. Chris reached for a box of tissues on his desk and wiped the cum off as his sister watched. When he was finished, they looked at each other awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

“Truth or dare?” Chris asked his sister after a long pause.

“Truth.” Jess said, a small smile creeping to her face.

“Did you get off?” he asked, genuinely interested.

“Uh hu.” She said, nodding and let out a cute little giggle. She sat up on the bed, then rose to her feet and grabbed her close. “Well, this wasn’t boring.” Jess said holding her clothes in her hand. She smiled shyly at her brother and he smiled back at her. “Good night.” She said, then turned around to leave, giving her brother his first glance at her sexy butt, wiggling as she walked out and closed the door behind her.

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